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  1. S

    How would I power 3 GU10 LEDs from one plug (power cable)

    Just need some help on how exactly to setup the wiring for this
  2. C

    Hospital Emergency Power System

    Anyone have a one line diagram of a typical UK or EU hospital? How are the emergency branches divided per code? How many ATSs? What is typical?
  3. R

    Industrial Single phase power all thats avaiable for new workshop build

    Hello Everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a new workshop, i'll explain. I am planning on building a metal / woodworking workshop (mainly aluminium and stainless steel) for boat work, refurbishment and boat building. I am a marine engineer to trade and i am planning on...
  4. TonyMitchell

    Temporary Power - Voltage stability affected by Photographer's Strobes

    Was at a small event recently providing generator power & distribution to the usual line-up of PA system, bar refrigeration, coffee stall, etc. plus a photographer's tent. The photographer had two budget Godox studio strobes. I place a multimeter at the distro on AC voltage min/max and check...
  5. J

    Increase power consumption on sunny days

    Hello- I have a recent solar panel installation at my home in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Specs: 9.6kWp, 24x 400W panels (Canadian Solar), 8.2kW inverter (Fronius 8.2-1). I have installed a Schneider Electric IEM3255 smart meter which measures power in/out of my house along with the built-in...
  6. D

    (Help!) cant power AC fan

    I've recently bought an ac fan and I cant figure out how I should power it, Ive tried to power it through a phone charger, nownIm lost, sorry if I sound dumb, I dont know anything about electricity
  7. C

    Domestic Wattage from a Power Extension

    Hello, I've damaged 2 power supplies for my computer, these were both new. It may just be a coincidence or I may have a faulty power extension which is an old 2 meter, 13 amp, 6 way, with surge protection (although the led indicator for this has dimmed over the years and is not visible when...
  8. L

    Extra power points

    Hi there new here I have been fitting a new kitchen and I want to extend the power supply in kitchen we only have one double socket on one wall and one on another. So I am wanting to ad a single socket below work top for washer with an fcu above work top to isolate. And the same for gas oven so...
  9. C

    Power track in offices

    Giving a hand to some sparks on a real nice job..but.. Anyone fitted the power track system,bus bar & the plug off’s to sockets. It states they are 3 metre lengths,if over then these leads need to be fused. It’s a 63 amp system,with a 40 amp Rcd,also plug in 1.5mm flex,can’t get my head around...
  10. F

    Schneider power logic 5100

    Hi I’ve been asked to retro fit one of these units, it’s not something I’ve done much of and the only one I’ve done is a Eaton which came as a kit whereas this would be fitting it into an existing board. Is it possible to retro fit or does it need to be fitted as a kit? The eaton one was...
  11. Charlie_

    Concealed Power Supply

    I need to get a 110v supply from a wall, through a door frame and into the glass rebate of a door.. Has anybody successfully done this? I want it to be concealed so the little boxes with flexible conduit are no good. I’m thinking of using power transfer hinges. It’s to power smart glass in the...
  12. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Power to top of garden from house

    Hi, We have a well at the top of the Garden approximately 80 metres away. I would like to run some cabling underground approximately 6 metres and then along the bottom of my fence/wall the rest of the distance. At the well I am powering a 700W water pump which will be connected to an external...
  13. captaincaveman

    Cable method for sumerhouse power

    Hi guys, I'm just looking over a job putting power to a summer house but am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to lay the cable. The cable length from the house is 50M going up the house side wall, across a patio, up a 10m wall (onto a balcony garden) then across a balcony...
  14. G

    ELECTRAK and similar power tracks.

    I've been putting some new floor boxes in on am existing electrak system. The floor boxes come pre-wired with 2x DSSOs and a data plate. There is also a 5m pre-connected steel flex conduit. The flex and assembly is wired internally with 4mm singles. The plug (taps in) is not fused so...
  15. S

    Inspection champers/manhole for power cables

    Hello guys I want to install underground 5 core 16mm cable and Ethernet cable I want to feed power and data from an old building to a new one. Just in the foundation phase now so it is good time to install conduit and inspection chambers. Can you recommend a small and compact chamber in...
  16. J

    Which power cable do I use with a 1400w power supply?

    Hi, I bought a Bitmain Z11 ASIC miner and it is not supplied with the power cable and unfortunately I have minimal electrical qaulifications. The power supply for this machine is 1400 watts, has an input voltage of 176-264v 50/60Hz and is rated 15A MAX. Output is 12V - 115A MAX I thought about...
  17. AlmondSauce

    Outside power - shallow depth

    So today's job was going to be to run power to the shed. Dig down a couple of foot, line with sand, lay SWA, bury in sand, add topsoil, lay warning tape, rest of top soil, job done. The actual list of events turned out to be "Dig down half a foot, hit solid chalk, swear a bit, dig the rest of...
  18. S

    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    Hi.Have an question. It is possible that when turning on oven make a 0,5-1second power spike,without tripping fuse or breaker? I ask because when my mother in kitchen turned on oven,diablo 1 crashed to desktop on my old laptop. Nothing get tripped etc,lights not. So it was coincedence that game...
  19. H

    Identify +KEY Key-on power

    Hi I posted this question yesterday but it appears to have disappeared. I'm trying to find +KEY in a 15 way Tyco auto connector. Unfortunately the circuit diagram cable colours do not match those in the connector. Also the pin number for +KEY shown is not correct. I know that there are several...
  20. J

    Strange design of Induction Hob power input, advice please

    Hi, hope everyone is enjoying Easter! I have boon looking for an induction hob recently and found one on ebay for £25 and close by so I bought it, yay!. It was purchased as defective, its a 5 sone hob and the two left zones did not power up. A bit of research before purchase shows there were...