1. M

    No power to a 2009 Hyundai Tucson stereo

    My 2009 tucsons stereo doesn’t turn on? There’s a small red power light that turns on but the screen itself displays nothing.
  2. Mr305worldwide

    How to power headlights?

    Just want to start off by saying that I have very little electronic knowledge. I'm a headlight geek and been wanting to mess around with headlights from cars, say the HID system that I pull off of headlights or LED headlights. I recently found an entire LED headlight from a car wreck. The thing...
  3. F

    Phillips Hue Installation - How can I use the power but not the switch?

    I currently have 2 ceiling lights in my living room that I wish to replace with 2 Phillips Hue lights. The current lights are turned on and off together via a 2 gang switch with the second switch operating the light in the conservatory (which has a Hue bulb) I would like to remove the current...
  4. G

    How much solar power generated today?

    Hello Our 4kW solar system generated 4.4kWh today (Sunday 13/03/23) compared with our neighbour’s 6.4kW system which generated 19kWh. Clearly, even taking into account the systems’ size difference, our neighbour’s system appears to have massively outperformed ours. Both systems face, more or...
  5. G

    Hard Wiring External Power Strip

    I'm putting up a pegboard in my garage. There is one outlet behind where it will be. I bought a 12 outlet strip to mount on the wall. There will only be a 1/2" space between the wall and the pegboard, so if I plug the strip in, the plug will stick out too far. Is it safe to cut the plug off the...
  6. M

    Power Shower Feed, external run legal??

    Hello, hello, long time listner, first time caller... So, I have an issue in a house I'm trying to get ready to rent. The plumber has installed a power shower despite my asking him to install a mixer type. He's not gonna come back and fix it, and I havent paid for shower. The issue I have is...
  7. R

    Radiator power cable.

    Hi, is it acceptable to extend the power cable to a wall radiator as in the attached picture. The cable was contained within plastic conduit.
  8. timhoward

    Stable power source - UPS?

    Would a small UPS, running on batteries, be a suitably stable 230v 50hz supply while I do some tinkering with the loop calibration settings on an old Robin 1610? Any better idea's that don't cost a lot? This is entirely a hobby project and not worth investing in lots of equipment for,. My copy...
  9. UKMeterman

    Seen on Linked in urgent power engineer needed data center Sweden

    Urgent requirement for an electrical engineer to join a data centre project in Sweden Monday. We will provide you with a 1 bedroom fully furnished apartment, Car, Flights, Visa & €550pd. Email applications to [email protected]
  10. U

    Are replacement Aurora Power One PVI 3.0/3.6 inverters still failing ?

    My original inverter installed in 2012 was replaced by ABB in 2016 after failing with a E031 error, my replacement is now getting around 6 year old mark i’m wondering if the replacements have the same issue as the originals ? The replacement unit is well out of warranty now and ABB no longer...
  11. S

    One plug suddenly lost power.

    Hello, So I noticed my fridge had lost power, disconnected it and tried a hoover in the same socket and this also wouldn't work. I tried the fridge in a different socket and this worked fine. I checked the main fuse box and nothing has tripped. The RCD is still in the on position. I tried...
  12. L

    UPS 16amp power supplies

    Hi chaps Customer has asked me about installing a mains supply to a 16amp UPS on their server. The UPS hasn’t come with a power cord, the customer has searched Amazon for a 16Amp IEC C19 lead which comes with a 13Amp plug top, should it be supplied directly to the CU on a 16amp RCBO on a...
  13. C

    Canada How can i have power flowing in a circuit where 1 item works but rest of chain does not?

    There is power flowing. I have checked with multimeter. One light on the line works..even replaced the switch it is connected to. Rest of line still down. Been down for months since a large storm although no indications of lightening strike. Replaced breaker on Sunday...no dice. On Tuesday power...
  14. D

    Power Supply Fuse Help ?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask a question that I am sure will be easy for you, because I am not sure of the answer, but I am sure it is very easy for someone who is knowledgeable enough. Input 100-240V. 2.5 A - Output 24V. I have a 5A power supply, Should the fuse I need to connect before the...
  15. JoeMagin

    Powerline Adaptor and power bands

    Hi, Just been looking into powerline adaptors and just wondering how they work. I read that they operate on far higher frequencies to mains power, but if that's the case why don't you have to separate band 1 and 2 like in other applications? Just hoping to find out the reasons Cheers Lads
  16. E

    How to understand power ratings and interaction with fuses

    Hi there I have a few questions related to the power ratings of certain devices and how this interplays with the fuse. The reason I am asking this is whether I can safely add new plug sockets off an existing 3A fused spur (I plan to only use these plug sockets for low power devices). The...
  17. M

    Can I hardwire, or must I use Panasonic VL-SWD275 power supply?

    Purchased a Panasonic VL-SWD275 video intercom from Australia to replace my 2-wire intercom in the US. The Panasonic VL-SWD275 requires 220v and 24v DC at 6amps. I purchased and installed a Zerone AC 100-240V to DC 24V 6-9A Switching Electricity Supply Module 150W step-ups transformer into the...
  18. N

    Tap existing switch to power three new switches

    Hello, We have three bedrooms without lights in their closets and we'd like to add a single light to each. There is an existing 20 Amp circuit that is currently only powering 4 recessed lights and a vanity light. The 4 can lights are connected to a switch in one of the bedrooms. Can I tap into...
  19. I

    Shore power plug fitting

    I know this is a long shot but I am trying to find a simple electrical component that does not seem to be available. Wondering if anyone here has seen one and could post a link to it. I am looking for a recessed flanged covered male 15 amp shore power receptacle that I could mount through the...
  20. D

    Domestic Power Jack 12 volt LF inverter

    I bought Power Jack 12 volt LF inverter few years back, Can I modify this inverter to 24 V or better 48 V inverter? Possible???
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