1. dmitry1

    USA has anyone used Fluke model-41 power harmonics analyzer

    if anyone has had any experience with fluke-41 analyzer, please let me know. i am thinking of acquiring this lower cost ac line analyzer to check power quality in residential environment (research power trips, power spikes, breaker tripping....etc, and most importantly to log all that)
  2. M

    Power supply for doors

    30 magnets (doors NC) is connected to an I/O device in a cabinet. Will a 10A power supply to the cabinet be enough, when each is drawing 95mA. Or should one get a bigger power supply to be safe?
  3. T

    Essential starter power tools?

    I am looking to slowly start investing in some quality power tools and wondering which tools I should start with? Keen to hear which brand/model is deemed superior to others and why, although i'm sure there will be a range of opinions on this topic. I assume sticking with one brand makes sense...
  4. S

    Western Power massive supply fee

    I have applied for a 15kva single phase supply on my site. There is a 11kV 3 phase service in the verge. The soil is light/sandy with crops/grass. Western Power have quoted £27,000 for a pole mounted transformer installation saying that I need to dig 135m for 3x70mm2 earth for the 11kV and 120m...
  5. P

    Changed a switch, and now there's no power to other rooms.

    I installed a motion sensor switch in our laundry room. It works. But, now the lights in the next room won't work, and a couple power outlets down the hall don't have power. Posting a photo of the box. Please let me know what other useful info I can provide? Thanks in advance.
  6. I

    Domestic Power Shower Installation

    Hey, What's the standard way a power shower is installed, I've done electric showers but not power shower before. Also is a fan mandatory in a bathroom
  7. S

    C&G 2339 Electrical Power Engineering. Training

    Hi. I'm a domestic electrician with about 8 years under my belt doing Domestic Electrics only. Lately I've decided that I'd like to do more training to work on power distribution. Overhead lines etc. I've seen some online courses with a few practical sessions for around £3500. I don't mind going...
  8. M

    No power to CU or meter after resetting RCD

    I was working on a lighting circuit connected to a 3 phase board. The board has a single RCD effectively acting as the main switch. After tripping the RCD by cutting a wire (the old circuit isolated via MCB but Neutral still connected reason), I found that the power to the board didn't come back...
  9. Hellengeek

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?
  10. D

    USA 230v european motorized pencil sharpener in 110v usa outlet bogs down

    Have a 220v (wired for Sweden) motorized pencil sharpener (Boston X-acto model 41). Since its a motor it does not work right, bogs down in 120v usa power outlet. What do i need maybe a transformer?
  11. UKMeterman

    Uk power networks have a 71 year old linesman, short film

    UKPN have a 71 year old linesman who is still on the poles Being an overhead linesman is 'a different world' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-kent-50347091/the-dover-man-maintaining-power-lines-for-over-50-years
  12. Matt

    TT and Isolated power supply question

    Hello, This might be a daft one, but hell. I recently spoke with one of the qualified sparks on my site. He was installing an ISP (isolated power supply) cabinet for a bunch of circuits. As I never seen one of these before I became interrested and asked him about what it was and how it works...
  13. Q

    No power on Hyundai i10 (2011)

    Hyundai i10 (2011) Hi PROBLEM I had a problem a few months back, where I couldn't start the car. I used my spare key & fob and all was well again. This morning the spare set wouldn't open the doors, although a light was emitting on the fob. I changed the batteries in the 2 fobs, but still no...
  14. C

    Wiring of AC power entry module

    Hello, I am building a panel for an instrument. Its power entry module fits a standard computer cable (bottom of the drawing below) and features an on/off switch. At its back, there are 4 connectors, numbered 1 to 4 below. How should they be wired? Many thanks for any advice.
  15. A

    External Power

    Hi, New to the forum but fairly competent DIY enthusiast. I have recently moved into a house which already has an external circuit in the basement (protected by a circuit breaker, max load 40a) powering 4 external double sockets, this is run off the main RCD protected circuit board for the...
  16. K

    Disconnect, grounding and mechanical protection requirements when bringing power to a chicken coop...

    Hi, I want to bring 2 x 20A (@120V) to a chicken coop. It will be powered from my garage panel which will require 140' of cable. 85' in the garage along 2 walls, and 55' buried between the garage and the coop. I used a few voltage drop calculators and it looks like I will need a 6/3 to stay...
  17. N

    There was mirror with led lights,with no switch for the light from the power source .can rocker switch be use (240v Ac power soutet

    There was mirror with led lights,with no switch for the light from the power source .can rocker switch be use (240v Ac power source)
  18. K

    Protection against open/loose neutral?

    Hello friends, is there such a thing as a "smart meter" that I can install on my backwoods house that will trip if it detects a loose/open neutral? If so, where can I get one? Thanks very much
  19. B

    How to get power?

    Hello Everyone I am trying really hard as a homeowner to learn as I go and just want to do the right things. I removed this from an older treadmill and I am trying to get it to get power. I want to use it for a halloween prop I unhooked the motor speed controller from it and just want to...
  20. D

    Garage Power Supply Problem

    The power to my garage is supplied by a fused spur in the house. When switched on the fuse in the spur blows and the RCD trips! I found that a live wire had loosened and was hanging out of its connection! Could this be the cause of the problem?
  21. C

    Power to turnstile

    Got me thinking,maybe too much,power to turnstile,card controlled,for exit & entry. 16 amp,Rcbo protected. The turnstile is external,fixed to metal fencing,would this need main bonding,the power of local DB inside property.
  22. G

    Power to shed

    Hi Guys. Hopefully straightforward question with a similar answer. My Mum is having a power supply put in from her CU in her bungalow to her shed and greenhouse. She has had a sparks come round and quote and is coming round later this month do do the job. I have asked about the job and...
  23. F

    How can I power windows when car is unlocked?

    Hi folks, I've finally got around to registering on an electrical forum and asking a question that's been on my mind for a long time. Back in the good old days of manual winding windows, if you were sitting in a friend's car you could raise and lower the windows as you please. But these days you...
  24. J

    Power to shed...

    Currently a trainee.. Looking to send power to my shed and currently planning... I'm looking to have a second cu in the outhouse and understand I have to dig atleast 600mm deep... Anything else that I need to consider or be aware of? Much appreciated!...
  25. A

    Power to my shed

    Hi guys Looking to upgrade the power to my shed, currently use a extension cable. I have 2 spare spaces in my consumer unit in house so hopefully be able to add to it for the shed, which would have a 4way or 6way consumer unit in it. Would be about 25-30m run of cable , would 6mm t+e be enough...
  26. C

    USA Good volts but low power output

    I'm having a problem with the electric running to my shop. I have electric, but when my compressor or chop saw is running, the lights go extremely dim, and the saw is not running at full speed. The compressor is struggling when it is trying to build up. I've checked the voltage at the circuit...
  27. S

    power windows

    Added power windows to a muscle car and the motors run too fast I cannot change the gearing is it possible to reduce current to slow the motors down? Thanks in advance
  28. A

    UK Power networks responsibility or not?

    Im currently in a dispute with UK power networks about who is responsible for the incoming earth? Now, i know under normal circumstances the owner has to take responsibility for the external earth, if an earth has never been provided via the normal channels (TNS, TNSC). This particular...
  29. T

    New UK Power Supply - Unbelievable quote

    I've been looking in to upgrading the mains supply to a large house that has since been split into 4 flats and add a new ryefield board etc. UK Power have confirmed we have a cable right outside in the footpath that can be used no problem. UK Power have also confirmed that we will have to dig...
  30. J

    Bathroom extractor fan with continuous power

    This must be bread and butter stuff for any qualified electrician which I'm not so please bear with me. I've just installed a Nuaire extractor fan in the bathroom. It has continuous trickle mode plus up to 30 minutes run on timer but I'm unable to take advantage of these because the fan is...
  31. UKMeterman

    Didcot power station 33KV incident 18/08/19

    Didcot power station cooling towers were demolished today, in the process there was damage to a 33KV substation. The strange thing is that there was signifcant flashover on the 33KV network causing alleged damage and injury to the public. Some videos here What do people think was the...
  32. L

    Depth of power cable?

    Unfortunately last weekend while digging up tree stumps I managed to go through the power cable for the local scout hut. SSE are now billing me £330 for fixing it! However a neighbor thought I might be able to argue it as it's only 200mm below the surface. As it was installed with the scout hut...
  33. S

    Using a Chinese product on Uk power supply

    Hi, I've just purchased a new projector. It's a Chinese product (Xiaomi MJJGTYDS01FM Mijia Laser Projector TV 4K). It comes with a Chinese plug so I had to buy an adapter, on the adapter packaging it says to ensure the device is duel voltage. I'm not sure that the projector is, all it says on...
  34. D

    3 phase power

    I work in Broadcast television as a broadcast systems designer. I have seen in recent months a trend that is worrying (not sure if it is legal) that in a 19" rack there could be several phases wired to power distribution outlets (normally via IEC connectors) This means it is imperative that...
  35. J

    Power Consumption of Solenoid Valve

    I have a 24VAC 50-60Hz solenoid valve that has a power consumption of 125VA (Pull in) and 12VA (Hold in). This is connected to the output of a 230v to 24VAC transformer, however the secondary side of the transformer has two 75VA rated power outputs and the solenoid valve is only connected in...
  36. G

    Dyson DC21 Motorhead no power

    Hi Peepz I got a Dyson DC21 Motorhead. Today the suction stopped working, however the motorhead still works, the brushes spin. If I remove the motorhead & try the switch then its like no power. There must be power coming through as the motorhead works. What can it be & is it common? is it...
  37. 8


  38. J

    Am I liable to pay

    I rent a property in the UK. All of the sockets in my house were tripping, even when all sockets were switched off. An electrician came out, sent by the estate agent who manages the property. They determined it was an appliance of mine that tripped the power. He said something about why the...
  39. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  40. mapleman

    Domestic Signs on power adapter.

    I am total noob in electric things. I've got one question. What is that sign on Dell PC power adapter? What is it and how to test it? Is it class two with earth? Help! Thank you.
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