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  1. M

    DNO UK power networks changed incoming overhead and now have PME TN-C-S but ccu connection to TT

    Hi all. I'm currently training as an electrician so would like your views on this for clarity and if I need to get someone in? I have just moved in to a new (very old) house and on inspection of the CCU I noticed the incoming service cable from the overhead was chard at the top of the dno head...
  2. M

    UK calculating power for a shed

    Morning Again In my last post I was asking whether to TT or not to TT and another question was posse by Strima saying that my allowance of 38 amps was possibly to much. I'd based this on the fact that I only had a slight idea of what the customer was going to do in the shed/summer house. so...
  3. R

    5amp Lighting circuit with no power

    I have a 5amp lighting circuit throughout my flat which should power a total of four 3-round pin outlets. The 5amp circuit also powers two smoke alarms (backed up by battery). It is my guess that the circuit also powers the lights under the cupboards in my kitchen. MCB switch is on. Cycling the...
  4. C

    Normal Power and Emergency Power Side by Side

    Would this be allowed in the UK? Normal power bus duct right next to critical and equipment bus duct? View: https://Upload the image directly to the View: https://Upload the image directly to the FWIW the 15kv essential system is encased in concrete and separate from the 15kv normal system.
  5. A

    Looking to install Schuko power outlet in my Spanish home

    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and mainly here to seek help on something that is probably basic to most. I have been replacing most of the in my home and it was mainly just 2 blue wires for an outlet. Basically I’ve noticed a few hubcaps around my house with wires inside them, but there are...
  6. T

    Need help matching power supply to LED project.

    Hello, I am an artist in Portland Oregon and I need to power an array of 3 watt cob leds (9-12vdc 260-280ma) They need to be strung in strands of 8 (12 total strands) 96 total leds. I would like to run them a little underpowered to reduce the heat and...
  7. S

    Question about Power use monitors-inconsistent readings

    Have any of you used appliance power use monitors to measure how much power a device is using? I recently bought one that plugs into a wall socket and then you plug the appliance into the device and it tells you the voltage, amp draw, wattage and Kwh the appliance uses. If I plug a fan heater...
  8. littlespark

    Power consumption of emergency lights

    This question comes about through a query from my mother. Her church has been closed, rightly so, for the past 6 weeks. She pops in for cleaning etc. She has noticed that the electric meter has gone up roughly 12 units each week. Without taking a special trip over, I’ve tried asking her what...
  9. S

    Intex Spa - No earth wire in power cable?!?!

    Hi I have an intex inflatable spa and the moulded plug is hot to touch after running it for a few hours. I tried it in different sockets but it still gets hot so assume its the plug thats the issue. I cut the old plug off to attach a new one but there is only live and neutral wires. Is this...
  10. B

    Power strip causing PC to turn on unexpectedly

    Hi, for some reason whenever I turn on my lamp it also turns on my PC. I have little to no electrical experience so I would just like some help with resolving this as it is quite annoying. (Both the PC and lamp are both connected to the same Power Strip/extension cord)
  11. T

    Another outdoor power thread... seems the time for it!

    As usual – I preface this with the fact that I will be engaging the work of an electrician to do this.. however, I like to get my head around the works beforehand. This will NOT be a DIY job – I’m nowhere near skilled enough to contemplate such a thing… but with that caveat in mind – humour me...
  12. P

    Wiring car stereo to power supply

    Hello all, I hope I've found the right forum to post in... I am trying to put my old stereo in my new van. The one part I am a bit apprehensive about Is powering the thing up. I have two leads that I believe need power, one that says 12v ignition switched and one that says lighting or...
  13. H

    Curious problem - no power to switched toilet extractor fan

    Our toilet extractor has, or so I thought, been failing (delayed startup, bit intermittent) for some time, and yesterday it finally stopped working. Vent-Axia Silhouette 100T. It's going to be a bit of a pain to replace, so I though I would check the connections first just in case. Imagine my...
  14. A

    Cable for Power to Garage

    Detached garage at the bottom of the garden which had power (due to presence of some old bakelite switches and sockets), but appears to now be dead (will get this checked to confirm, but let's assume it is for the purposes of this question). At some point in the next year or two the garage will...
  15. Lister1987

    Next power tool - 12v or 18v - SDS, Multitool or something else?

    As title. Looking at my next addition - anniversary and crimbo coming up so want to get the pennies saved ahead of time. Currently posses 2 Milwaukee M12 tools; Impact Driver and Combi Drill and love them, get constant abuse at college and home and are a joy to work with. Looking at the next...
  16. J

    Car power folding wing mirrors

    Hi all just joined and looking for guidance and advice on how to do fit power folding wing mirrors. The car is a lexus. I know this car in the u.k didn't come with power folding wing mirrors. But the same model in Japan came with this. So I sourced the wing mirrors cans folding control switch...
  17. B

    So what brands are we all using for power tools?

    I'd always been a Makita kinda guy but i must say i'm not impressed whatsoever by their recent stuff, from about 2016 onwards. The chucks on the cordless drills are absolutely dreadful and the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. They used to be my go-to but all i can assume is they've...
  18. L

    radial circuit to power washing machine, dryer and dishwasher

    Now chaps, Will a radial circuit on a 20amp rcbo be enough to power a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and fridge freezer? At the moment the radial has a 2 gang to power 2 appliances and a 1 gang to power fridge freezer, possibility of spuring of this circuit to power an extra appliance...
  19. W

    New Zealand should i earth my steel garage work bench to the power point next to the bench.The bench is constructed of timber but has a solid steel top,cheers

    Should i earth my garage steel bench top,it is constructed of timber but has a 3mm steel top,
  20. U

    Big Increase in Electrical Power for Electric Furnace

    Hello; I have a confounding problem with my electrical power consumption at my cottage north of Toronto. I completely close up the cottage for the winter, only leaving the electric furnace on in the basement, with the basement mounted thermostat set to its lowest setting (ie. about 40 oF)...
  21. I

    Need help with power outlet wiring

    Hey there i hope someone can give me hand here So i have a light on/off switch which i want to change into a power outlet switch, the thing is i'm a bit confused with the wiring. The Light switch has - 2x red wires, 1x green wire, 1x white wire, can i even change it into a power outlet...
  22. Brainwash

    New light switch turns off power to circuit

    Hi all! I tried to replace toggle light switch for a rocker switch, but got no power from that breaker once it was flipped back on. So, I re-installed the old switch and everything works fine... until I flip the switch. This cuts power to everything on that circuit, (but, does not trip the...
  23. B

    What power cables go into light

    Hi. I have two red, two green and two black cables. The greens look like did shades. I want to put up the light. The light has a E by the green and an L by another hole. Is it - green wires both into the E, black wires in the L and one red into each hole?. Thanks alot.
  24. Z

    Aurora power one 3.6 not start

    Hi everyone. Hello from Poland My uncle give me inverter Aurora Pvi 3.6 He told me when disconnect Pv panels the cable made a short circuit to the ground I open it. Inside its nothing burned (I think)😃 When I connect to AC grid inverter not start. No errors, no message BTW it's dead 😂 Maybe...
  25. M

    Creda Advantage 550C No Power?

    Evening Guys, A little bit of advice if that's ok, We have a Creda Advantage 550C model shower was working fine earlier today, gone to use it this evening and its just not working. there is power to the breaker (pull cord) but when i press the buttons they click but nothing?? I know its not...
  26. happyhippydad

    No power to immersion

    Morning all. I have just been to a house where there is no power to the 13A FCU feeding the immersion. I believe I have found the corresponding MCB in the CU although it is difficult to be sure as there is only continuity on the CPC, it is labelled water heater. There is no continuity from...
  27. Joe9009

    Where to connect power cord to induction single phase motor 240v

    (I would want it to run clockwise) Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  28. Risteard

    Power Grab?

    I'm by no means a fan of the Daily Mail, but I thought this article was extremely interesting... The COVID-19 Lie
  29. K

    AEG ceramic hob wiring.

    Hi I have an AEG ceramic hob and it is 6.4kw nominal power can I use H05v2v2 ff heat resistant cable.
  30. G

    Need electrician advice - Replaced light switch successfully, but no power in other areas connected to same breaker panel switch

    Yesterday, I replaced a light switch (as I've done several times before). When I turned the breaker panel back on, the light was working - but now the other lights connected to that same breaker panel do not work. I re-checked all connections and reset the GFI (the outlet works) but no luck with...
  31. N

    Power from Summerhouse to shed

    Hello all, I have two wooden buildings in the garden, one is our summer house and the second is a kids playhouse that has been converted into a rabbit hutch. I'd like power and lighting for the rabbit hutch, taken from the summer house, which has its own consumer unit in it with one spare...
  32. C

    USB Power Outlet on Switch

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to put in two Power Outlets with 2 USB sockets on either side of my bed upstairs. I bought some of these: TopGreener USB Power Outlets but when I go to install them they only have a screw for a Hot, Neutral and Ground wire, but the current outlets have Two Hot wires...
  33. M

    Frequency power fluctuations

    Hello! What's the implications on frequency fluctuations on 3 phase power? From transformer to feed the lighting dimmer rack. We use Fluke power logger and recorded a frequency fluctuations from 50hz to 0hz in almost every 5 secs interval. It's random, different day and time. What may have...
  34. A

    Problem with sensor no reason out signal when power on

    I have photoelectric sensor (6-36 V), PNP, NO+NC and when I power it for first time, it generate output signal with no reason (there is no object to detected) What is the reason for this and how to deal with this problem?
  35. N

    how to apply power to sunroof motor?

    Hi there, I have a 1992 Mercedes and what I'm trying to do is take my cordless drill (12v, 18v, whatever) and apply power to the sunroof directly on junkyard cars. I want to run the roof forward and back to remove parts from the various area of the sunroof system. The connector on the motor...
  36. S

    UK the power of a household 10amp light switch

    theoretically, if i had a regular everyday 10amp 1 way switch. could i wire it to turn on 22x100w light bulbs at 230 volt supply all at once? OR 255x typical 9w led bayonet?
  37. T

    Using an inverter for home backup power

    I’m interested in using a high-capacity inverter as home power backup when the grid goes down. I see that there are high-capacity inverters such as this one: AIMS Power 6000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 120/240VAC Output, PICOGLF60W24V240VS -...
  38. I

    UK Replacement oven power requirements

    I'm replacing our oven, and want to make sure the new oven does not exceed the power requirements of the old one, but I can't find it. Our existing EOS66SS2 shows only the following information: Nominal voltage 220V - 240V ~50Hz Power connection: 13 A automatic bipolar switch with protected...
  39. W

    Led power

    Hi, if I have 3 led strip lights on 3 separate led drivers and I’m taking power from a double gang socket will I need 3 switch fuse spurs. can it be done on one switch fuse spur. thanks
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