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  1. D

    UK Bathroom Cabinet Wiring

    What's the best way to present a couple of cables coming out of plastered wall to Bathroom cabinet. The cabinet is just supplied with some chocolate block to connect lights & shaver socket. I'm running cables in plastic trunking but not happy with just having cable sticking out of tiles when...
  2. M

    Best under cabinet led strip lights

    Hi guys Doing my kitchen and want to put the led strips under the cabinets and also the kick boards. Any recommendations for any? The one for the kick boards would need to fit round a u shape so would ideally be flexible to bend round. Cheers guys
  3. S

    Is a socket in a cabinet outside the zones in a bathroom?

    Got a customer who's wanting a washing machine and tumble dryer in the bathroom. Normally the solution is to hard wire into FSUs but he's come up with the solution of kitchen units and a work top with the sockets in the void between the wall and the back of the units. Could this be argued to...
  4. A

    Additional cabinet lighting

    I have an end off loop lighting circuit. 6 ceiling down lights from 1 switch (pic 1). I would like to add 3 additional cabinet lights to the same circuit of of the same single switch. Can I spur the cabinet lights from existing downlights (pic 2) or will they need to be added to the series (pic...
  5. K

    Can i run led under cabinet lights off a ring circuit spur?

    Hi I'm fitting a new kitchen and as the light circuit isn't that easy to get to I want to fit a spur off 2 different sockets. My thoughts were to run a spur from each socket and fit a fused switch to feed low voltage led under cabinet lighting. 3 leds under each side. would this be acceptable or...
  6. J

    electrical back box install in a kitchen cabinet

    Hello Can please someone tell me if that (see pictures) is safe to do? That will be for the electrical hub. Thank you
  7. P

    Lights in led bathroom cabinet not working. Any idea what to do

    Led Lights in bathroom cabinet not working, any idea what to do
  8. G

    Hardwiring under cabinet lights

    Hi all, I want to add some under cabinet LED’s to the kitchen and hardwire them to a light switch. We had our kitchen newly fitted out sometime back and the electrician has already wired to a spare switch we have and left the other end of the wire in a junction box on top of the cabinets. This...
  9. R

    Domestic Vintage display cabinet lighting

    Can someone please advise how I can get this plug to work into a UK power socket? We have just bought a Vintage 1970s display unit which has lighting built in and this very small plug attached. Can someone please advise what I can do or need to get this working? Do I need an adapter?
  10. J

    Domestic Under cupboard lights installation using socket mounted under cabinet

    Hi all. Some advice sought. I have 2 lights under my cabinets they plug into the wall sockets below them. I now want to hardwire the lights as i got a new cooker hood fitted and the spark pulled the power cable out so its now accessible to use. Previously it was hidden. So it looks like a...
  11. P

    wiring under cabinet strip lights supply or load

    hi Wonder if anyone could give me a bit of advice. I have taken out my old fluorescent lights from under my cabinets and I'm replacing them with low wattage led strip lights. I have 2 in total. I have my mains supply cable which comes from my Light Switch and this cable runs to under my first...
  12. P

    9W LED Cabinet Striplight

    Have I bought 4 of these and they all plug into the mains I have 2 questions on these and I would be very grateful for any advice received. I have tried on Google first but cant find...
  13. Spike1947

    Kitchen Cabinet Downlighters info

    Hi I have just changed my ELV Cabinet Down lighters from ELV to 240v because the transformer kept blowing the fuse (5A), I put these in over 20 years ago, so they have had a good go, as you can see from the pics, they are not located inside the cabinets, there is a pelmet and flat board joining...
  14. S

    Domestic Under and upper cabinet lighting

    Hi, Hope someone can help. We currently have under cabinet lighting installed in our kitchen (by the developers when buying the new build). Keen to extend this lighting to above the cabinets, there are additional unused connections available in the current electrical supply. Struggling to...
  15. happyhippydad

    Ikea under cabinet lighting....

    Hello all.. I am wiring a new kitchen/extension. The customer is supplying the under cabinet lights, see link UTRUSTA LED worktop lighting w power supply White 40 cm - IKEA -...
  16. R

    Under cabinet lighting installation

    Hi, thanks in advance for any advice. I had our kitchen redone a year or so ago, and at that time hadn't got in the under-cabinet lights, so the fitter left some terminated wiring to allow me to connect later. I just wanted to check what was in the realms of sensibleness before I installed...
  17. S

    Adding switch to bathroom cabinet light.

    Trying to replace an old bathroom light fitting that had a pull cord with a light from Ikea that fits over a cabinet. It looks great, but because it hasnt got a switch it would be permanently on! Not very practical. Is there an easy way to add a switch, perhaps a sensor one? presumably switch...
  18. T

    RCBO trip when cabinet lights switch on

    Call out for tripped 20A RCBO on TT system, 3 Halolite T4 fluorescent cabinet lights (class 2) on 3A FCU from radial socket circuit, trips occasionally when lights are switched on. Circuit tested including IR, all results good, RCBO tested including ramp test, all good. Connections checked...
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Under cabinet lights issue

    Been a bit baffled by an issue on my mates kitchen under cabinet lights. She has 4 lights, they are around 12 years old, the house was her mums but she inherited it, 2 work fine with no issue, the other 2 have intermittent flickering, she has replaced bulbs on a couple of occasions and still...
  20. R

    Bathroom Cabinet Replacement

    Hi All, I'm replacing an illuminated bathroom cabinet which is supplied by one cable from the existing lighting circuit to the bathroom. It switches with the rest of the lights. I hope to replace it with a cabinet with lights, demist and charging socket. I will need it to be livened all the time...
  21. S

    Under cabinet strip lighting, Upgrade to LED

    Hi I have under cabinet strip lighting. The old 2 pin lighting. I want to buy LED. Question . Can I just use the same powere cable that I used before. I have enclosed some photos . If anyone can advise , it would be much appreciated Thanks Steve
  22. A

    Cabinet lights from ring or light circuit?

    Hello, I have a dilemma about wiring my cabinet led lights. I can do it from ring via switched fcu on 3amp (this option may be risky if some bright spark tries to put bigger fuse) or wiring from main light switch via fcu 3amp (this option adds extra cable in already crowded box) I have a...
  23. B

    Gun cabinet door contact

    Hi, Could do with some advice on using a door contact on a Gun cabinet, I sceptically tried a normal magnetic door contact to see if it would work but it thinks it’s always alarming no matter whether the door is closed or open. Does any one have any suggestions or recommendations on how to get...
  24. rustynails

    Under cabinet LED lights issue

    Hi all, I have a problem with two sets of 12V LED under cabinet lights. Set 1 is a set of 6 lights under the kitchen cabinets. Set 2 is a set of 4 lights above in glass cabinets. The problem is set 2 flicker/pulse every 20/30 seconds whilst set 1 is on and only when set 1 is on. I have IR’d...
  25. P

    Kitchen Led under cabinet lighting

    Hi i hope someone has the answer to this. Ok we have just had a new kitchen fitted and i have installed under cabinet lighting 12 volt. It is Led strip and 1 side cabinet is 1.6 meters long and the other side is 2 meters long. I have 2 power supplies 1 for each side. they are 12 volt linked to...
  26. J

    Commercial Grounding a Wall Mounted Data Cabinet

    I have recently taken over in the IT side of a medium company and one of the things I have noticed is a terribly installed wall mounted Data cabinet. I have spent the weekend sorting it all out so it all comes up to spec but wanted to clarify on some points. It is currently mounted on the wall...
  27. G

    2 dis boards off one cable?

    hi there. Starting a job soon to install 2 6 way dis boards in outside cabinets. At the bottom of the hill there is a Scottish power main switch installed. I was wanting to run a swa from there to first cabinet then run another swa from cabinet to other cabinet. From SP to first cabinet the...
  28. J

    cat6 network cabinet

    quote for a job that they want 4x tv positions and 4x wifi spots then a central cupboard to house a network cabinet + switch for tv aerials they want 1x twin coaxial+ 2x cat6(1 for internet, 1x for hdmi) from tv to cabinet cupboard and 1x cat6 from wifi spots to cabinet cupboard so in total...
  29. Midwest

    Small joint box

    I'm about to do a kitchen refurbishment, where my client is buying socket faceplates, lighting etc, I know! They have bought some under cabinet lighting under cabinet round light in cool white 6000k -, which only has a 75mm of lead. I had thought...
  30. F

    Cutting Slots In In Metal Dist Boards

    hi lads what ru using to cut slots in metal dist boards consumer unit my old jigsaw has justgiven up on me many thanks paul
  31. Hellmooth

    Under cabinet LEDs

    Looking for some led under cabinet lights, looked at these from tlc, have also fitted the LED tape which I was impressed with, looking for similar ideas, cheers!
  32. J

    Cooker Hob Isolation switch location

    Hello there I need to move an existing combined cooker switch/ 13 A socket in a new kitchen, as the hob will be directly below the existing location. There is not enough 6mm cable to allow me to move it around 50cm to the left of existing position. To avoid replacing the whole 6mm cable, one...
  33. i=p/u

    Commercial Adding meter to cafe circuits

    As above been asked if we could put the cafe on its own meter but I'm nearl certain it has other circuits on same dis board. Cant get look until Monday. And know maybe need to move circuits around ( crimp and adjust ) to own board, is there any other way ?? Just asking.
  34. P

    sockets on kitchen island.

    Hi. Does anyone know if you are able to install a double socket to the side of a kitchen island. Building regs say you should not fit any on kitchen units. Dont really want to carry it out only for the inspector to say take it out.
  35. W

    industrial test cert

    hi,i generally do domestic but have the opportunity to quote for a small industrial job.a mate of mine is the boss at a fabrication company and they have manufactured a steel cabinet to house pumps and equipment.the customer has asked for domestic services comprising of lighting and a frost...
  36. S

    Cat 5/5e/6 installation and termination

    Hi, brand new to this forum, in the process of starting up my own business. Has anyone any experience with cat5 (low voltage) installation? Never done it before with previous company, would like to know more info about it or if someone could tell me where i can find info about it, such as...
  37. C

    Problem with Power Cabinet blowing fuses

    Hi there, I have a ----y problem as follows: I have a ABB disconnect switch Fused at 60A, supplying 3 phase 575V(North America) to a Power Cabinet. The Power Cabinet has several motors and a 6000VA transformer, that steps down the voltage to 230VAC/120VAC single phase. The Cabinet...
  38. N

    kitchen lighting circuits

    Hi all, If I were to have in my kitchen, 4 ceiling downlighters on one half of the ceiling, 1 pendant the other half of the ceiling and finally under-cupboard lighting, would/should they all go on separate circuits? Bearing in mind the downlighters and the pendant need independent switching...
  39. B

    mains tails through cavity

    what is the norm now as in the past tails were taken through caverty but i seem to rememder this has change am i right
  40. V

    *Light switch problem* please help

    Hi I've just installed under-cabinet fluorescent kitchen lighting that can be switched on/off from a 2 Gang 2 Way Rocker switch that also operates the main ceiling light. However – I can’t turn on the cabinet lights only, without having to switch the main light on. I would be very grateful...
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