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  1. N

    Testing Electricity Meters

    I have been asked by the owner of a caravan site to go round and check all the meters onsite to make sure they are working properly. Has anybody been asked to do this before? What is the best way to test them? I was thinking to plug something in which has a big load and watch the numbers going...
  2. M

    Electricity meters E10 to E7

    Hi all, please help ! Sorry if posted in the wrong section but I am new to this forum....At the moment we are on an economy 10 complex meter that has two MPAN numbers for our electricity, what I would like to know is how hard would it be to change over to an economy 7 meter . I have been told we...
  3. M

    Understanding the electricity supply to my house (pole, underground cable, meter box, etc...)

    Partly cos I like to know everything... Partly because I'm a geek... And partly because we're going to have some electrical work done on the house which has made me curious.... I'd like to know more about the feed to my house... The power lines come to us through the garden and reach a pole...
  4. S

    Save 50% on your electricity bill...?

    Just seen this device being advertised... www . powerfactorsaver . com What do you think to it? Could it work?
  5. darkwood

    What is electricity ?

    Just for my own curiosity I was wondering what members actually think electricity is and how does it flow etc... I was a little bored and decided to clock some educational youtube videos on the basics but I'm just dumbfounded how much misinformation is out there and this is the same stuff...
  6. B

    Industrial what is electricity rating for

    Hello I have seen electricity meter that show rating of 5-30Amp why it is not less than <5Amp
  7. M

    Electricity Meter Certification

    Hi, First time poster, not sure if this post is in the correct section? I am trying to sort out a meter for a friend who has an equestrian business. He has an old three phase supply but no three phase equipment. EON are metering an average of 80kwh per day which I am disputing. The meter is...
  8. P

    FCUs - Electricity needed for 2 Digital showers

    i have recently had one bathroom redone. A spur was taken from a plug in the airing cupboard and put into a switched FCU with a 3 amp fuse as per Mira digital installation. The second bathroom is now being done with another same digital shower next door to the other one. I am assuming I cannot...
  9. A

    Getting Electricity in Garage

    Hi there I am new to this forum, so apologies for my simplicity! I live in a flat and would like to have electricity in my garage. The garage isnt directly adjacent to my flat (its a couple flats along). Inside the garage there is some wiring, lights, mains plugs etc, but they havent worked...
  10. littlespark

    "Electricity - Thats witchcraft!"

    I like little jobs like this. Old school friend texts me, "could you fit a couple of metal switches for me please" He's quite handy with DIY, and old cars, but says himself he's no electrician. "Its witchcraft!" Good to see a do-it-yourself-er NOT attempting electrical work when they're not...
  11. C

    What is a cycle 6 electricity meter/ supply

    Switched energy supplier to SSE a while ago and have chased for a smart meter to be installed. They say they cannot fit one as my current meter (and old first utility smart meter) is a cycle 6 and their meters wont work with it as its too powerful (or the supply is too powerful). I have never...
  12. sparky1508

    Investigation on massive electricity bills

    Hi all, This morning I visited a new client who needs me to find out why there bills are so high. At the moment I can only give a quick rundown of the installation as it was just a general chit chat about the issue. I will be going back to do some proper investigation in a week or so. This is an...
  13. J

    Good evening electricians forums from Norfolk

    Hi, I'm James a Gas Safe engineer from Norfolk,I'm joining this forum with a view to enhancing my very average at best electrical knowledge. Cheers
  14. M

    Intermittent electricity loss

    Hi, Looking for some ideas of what is going on with our electricity. We had a carpenter who managed to drill into a mains cable (house was fully rewired only 2 months ago). He got an electrician out who crimped the broken wire in the wall . however, we are keeping on experiencing intermittent...
  15. Kriske

    Domestic Why is rubber a good insulator?

    Good night/evening/afternoon/morning, forum members. I was wondering what makes rubber a good insulator. I understand less dense materials make better insulators, as insulators absorb/trap heat. But I want to know why rubber is a good insulator. For example, wood makes a good insulator due to...
  16. Archy Styrigg

    Memorandum of guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 2016-09-18

    Memorandum of guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  17. Archy Styrigg

    Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 2016-09-18

    Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  18. C

    Battery Battery Storage & Metered Export

    Evening all Ted kindly posted this link on another thread; https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2016/02/fits_guidance_for_licensed_electricity_suppliers_fit_16_v8.pdf In it, there is reference to battery storage and export metering as follows; 4.31. If the configuration of the...
  19. F

    Advice re underfloor heating systems appreciated.

    Hello everyone, I'm about to start a self build of a 3 bedroom dormer bungalow on Anglesey. The house will be heated entirely by electricity and a couple of woodburners, using PV panels to generate some electricity as well. I am looking at underfloor heating and would appreciate any views on...
  20. D

    Smart Meters and Solar PV

    Hi All I have checked previous threads which are now out of date and have not come up with a definitive answer so I hope you dont mind me starting a new thread about this. My FIT is paid by SWALEC and my electricity is supplied by Eon. Eon now want to fit a smart meter but I am concerned that it...
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