1. T

    6mm water bonding on PME

    Hi all, I imagine that this has been asked a few times, but here goes. A customer who is selling their house has been on looking to change the consumer unit. Getting to the gas isnt a problem but the water is impossible without desctruction of some sort. Concrete floors, and the stopcock is on...
  2. telectrix

    Landis & Gyr RWB 2 Channel Programmer Central Heating & Hot Water Timer Module

    HELP !!! i need to replace the above. priced at £225.00, client not happy. what i would like from esteemed experts in heating field is ... what can i replace with at sensible cost. connection wise, there is only L and N in and a T/E back to wiring centre in 3 and 4.
  3. O

    Soundproofing question

    I would like to put foam acoustic panels all over the walls and ceiling of a room to soundproof it, here are the panels: View: https://www.amazon.co.uk/A2S-Protection-Acoustic-Soundproofing-Fireproof/dp/B01GAMP2S6/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=fireproof+acoustic+foam&qid=1590420176&sr=8-9 The...
  4. D

    How to move primary ground at water heater.

    Hello, from North Texas, I am a long time DIYer. I have a question about possibly changing or moving the electrical ground from the electrical load center, breaker box, that is clamped to the cold water copper supply line at the electric water heater. The breaker box is marked "Primary ground...
  5. bigspark17

    12/24v water pump capability

    Im wondering what the capability of a 12/24v dc water pump would be and how far it could push/lift water. I dont particularly need a large volume of water pushed from one holding tank to the other. The system would need to be offgrid as its in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Water is going...
  6. A

    3KW Water Heater Wiring

    Hi all! Quick question regarding a "Zip aquapoint 3 (III) water heater" wiring. Problem is the thermostat (part no. AQ0319) has burnt out / melted at spade connections & the power supply never tripped. The 3kw water heater is fed by 2.5mm t+e from a 16a mcb in consumer unit then directly to a...
  7. N

    cooling 45L water tank as cold as possible? (for no more than $200)

    Hi, what is an economical way to cool water in a 45L tank? i want the water to be as cold as possible. now the water temperature is 35c. - if i get a cheap water cooler like this one: ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1BiiVO9rqK1RjSZK9q6xyypXai.jpg , then connect the cold outlet to the tank and put a...
  8. C

    Conduit/pullout needed for indoor water heater?

    I have a water heater I installed 14 years ago, and its been working great. I just ran romex from the water heater to the leads coming out of the wall. I never installed a box, nor did i run the wiring in any kind of conduit. Now that Im selling the house I want to make sure it will pass...
  9. S

    Volts running through water pipes

    I am currently doing a love job and found that the water pipes have 93.4v running through them? the problem i have is that this is intermittent, for about 5 mins at a time? so live for 5 mins then dead then live again? i wondered if anyone had advice before i take up floor and things. i thought...
  10. S

    Australia Diversity Factor for 3Ph instantaneous Hot Water in AS3000

    Hi, Just a question from AS3000 max demand diversity table C1 for instantaneous hot water. Will it be the same diversity regardless if it is 3Ph or 1Ph or higher current rating or less?
  11. J

    DIY wiring for Wi-Fi water heater switch

    Hey guys! I have another DIY question. I have a water heater switch that I want to replace with a wi-fi enabled one. Below is the back of the switch, together with the current wiring coming out of the wall. The current switch is wired as follows: N1 N2 L1 L2 and 2x Ground. The new wi-fi switch...
  12. A

    Unable to locate water meter/stopcock

    Hello all, just want your opinion on something. I'm currently testing retail stores and I cannot locate the water meter/stopcock. There is a 10mn earth that goes into the ceiling from MET. I have went round with my R2 lead and am getting 0.03-0.04 in kitchen, toilet etc. Like I said no sign of...
  13. C

    How to use a horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater

    Ive recently moved in to a rented property and am unhappy with how high the bills are. Im trying to figure out why - the property is a two-bedroomed flat, two people occupying, everything is electric, storage heaters and horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater. I'm sure we're using the storage...
  14. P

    URGeNT wiring the disconnect to 3000 watt water heater

    Hi, I'm replacing oil water heater with 3000 watt electric. square d main panel. bi pole 20 amp breaker. 12/2 wire to a eaton dp221ngb 30 amp disconnect. I have 118v on both conductors going in disconnect but no power coming out. two 15amp glass type p fuses are in the disconnect. Why is there...
  15. T

    UK switch using water

    I want to use water to switch on a 12 volt buzzer in my car. A container with 2 contacts, when water is added the circuit is made and the buzzer sounds. Is this possible ,practical. Your help will be appreciated
  16. W

    Water heater thermostat

    So i have been having to odd problem when i used my electric boost for the hot water in my own house, sometimes it would not control the temperature correctly and effectively turn into a kettle. I don't use it too often so its never been a priority. My plan was to get a new thermostat tomorrow...
  17. S

    Aquion batteries (Salt water)

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some Aquion battery stacks? I think there are some sitting in a warehouse somewhere after the company went bust two years ago but it is hard to find out where they might be. Thanks all.....
  18. Dan

    Shower Power Booster - Had a drop in water pressure?

    https://www.plumbersforums.net/threads/shower-power-booster-giveaway-competition-ends-31st-december.111068/ There's a deal on these, but even when there isn't a deal going they can be a godsend. These little gizmos fire up the pressure of the water feeding your shower (or other taps)...
  19. T

    Main bonding to water question

    Hi folks, Just wanted to check and see if bonding is required in this situation: There's no bond to water pipework, bond to gas all present and correct There is a piece of plastic pipe at the point where the water enters the building, probably around 100mm in length There is then a mix of...
  20. O

    flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating

    my flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating. the problem seem to be the analogue switch selector. it looks as if it is stuck on the off position and won't move to the timer or on position. Is it that I do not know how to move it??
  21. linuxthefish

    UK Mechanical plug in timer with electric water cylinder on economy 7?

    I came across a small electric hot water heater under the sink with a moulded plug in my friend's rented flat. He's on economy 7, and wishes to use a mechanical plug in timer to ensure the water is only heated on night rate. The flat is rented so changing the socket to an FCU is out of the...
  22. O

    Gas and Water Bonded together

    Just finished an EICR and there were multiple bonding conductors in the CU, when I tried to work out which was which using continuity with a long lead, I had one that didn't seem to be connected to anything, one that showed a terrible reading to the gas and one that had a great reading to both...
  23. J

    No Water bond

    Installed a cooker circuit on a fairly new house, found a 16 mm main earth and 10mm bond to Gas pipe. No water bond, there is a blue plastic water pipe entering house to stop cock and then copper pipe, lots of internal plastic pipe. Boiler has copper pipe with no cross bonding. The consumer unit...
  24. T

    Outside boxes letting in water

    We have had a few threads on the forum where after installing an IP box with an IP gland it still lets in the water I have just watched the latest efix youtube video with a good IP SWA gland so that you don't get the ingress of water between the two IP components of the gland and the box worth a...
  25. M

    UK Combi Boiler water to hot.

    Hi all, I have a combi boiler when I set the hot water at 60c on the boiler it goes right up to 70c when I run the shower after a few mins, should it do this or have I got an fault in the boiler. the shower is the bar mixer type. Can any one help. Thanks
  26. I


    We have some CHILLER SYSTEM event start for first time use water 700 TDS and than stoped for few month leter, we worry at the isntalation piping and chiller tube will be rust and cholride in stainless the tube, so, how to we keeping for and chemical should be used for that. thanks
  27. bigspark17

    Water heater instantaneous

    Does anybody have experience on instantaneous water heaters suitable for domestic situations instead of cylinders. Something like this in the link? https://www.fischerfutureheat.com/electric-heaters/aquafficient/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwLm0p7il4wIVQ7HtCh0CTgQsEAAYASAAEgL0VfD_BwE
  28. R

    Domestic Wiring for the Australian market - hot water unit

    I purchased an Ecosmart 8 Instantaneous hot water system from Amazon and its really made for the North American market. The wiring says it need two active wires to make up 240 volt and no Neutral, Customer support have also told us this, however in Australia we have one red active wire and a...
  29. B

    Domestic Water on electronics, no breaker drops

    Hi everyone, I rented out an outdoor space for a party and they brought a DJ. Unfortunately there was a water pipe that burst and showered the entire party as well as the DJ stand (just my luck). The DJ is now telling me that all of his equipment is fried, laptops, TV, disk players...
  30. T

    contracting through Thames Water

    Hi all I've got an opportunity that has come up regarding contracting electrical works through Thames Water, this will be working on their private pumping stations replacing control panels etc and providing reactive call outs for power and pump failures etc. I used to work on these jobs...
  31. P

    Earth fault on water pump

    Alright folks, First time poster but im at my wits end! Got a mobile welfare unit which has a small 3kw hand wash in it. The water to the hand wash is fed from a small pump which comes on when the sensor for the hand wash is activated. There is a flying earth lead from the pump which is now...
  32. J

    Water heater safety

    Hi. please can you tell me if i use a 45a 30ma. or 45a 300ma. for an instant water heater 9.8kw. Many thanks
  33. N

    Water Damaged Consumer Unit

    Advice very much needed, as I am worried about safety. We recently had a very bad leak in our bathroom - a pipe under the bath popped off and a whole bath of water gushed through the ceiling, down into the kitchen below. A lot of water ran straight through the Consumer unit (photo attached)...
  34. T

    Water heater problem

    Afternoon everyone, May I pick your brains? I have a water heater only a couple of years old, she keeps tripping the fuse. I have fitted a new 1200w heater element, new thermostat, new 25amp fuse unit and new wiring. Yet she still keeps blowing the fuse when the overnight low rate power comes...
  35. C

    Water level sensor

    Anyone know who supplies these,thanks
  36. C

    Best water pump pliers

    What are the best grips/ water pump pliers for price and quality??
  37. M

    Water Pump requires Type A differential switch (RCD?)!

    I am installing a DAB Divertron 1000 water pump in a rainwater harvesting tank and was surprised to discover that the enclosed "Safety Instructions" booklet states "The differential switch protecting the system must be correctly sized and must be of the "Class A" type. It must guarantee...
  38. W

    Domestic Question. Signal for hot water not getting through

    Hi all, 
 After boosting the hot water for probably too long on our pulsacoil thermal storage, the circuit breaker was tripped and I saw that the timer unit had melted through. 
 I got a replacement unit and have installed it and flicked the circuit breaker switch back on. The water seems to be...
  39. B

    Hot water thermostat

    I am having trouble understanding a hot water thermostat which does not behave as expected. What does the "reset" button do, and is it necessary to use it after adjusting the temperature dial ?
  40. D

    Domestic Water heater wiring extension

    Got red and black type mains wire to water heater switch from fuse box. Mains cable is very short as switch is upside down because cable comes from above the switch and too short to connect otherwise. Water heater switch is in plaster board with back box. Is there a legal way to put some inline...
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