1. S

    Current leaking from sealed electrical in water?

    I’m designing a light fixture for underwater lights and everything was going great until I checked for any current leakage. All I have is a multimeter but my meter is reading 90 vac when lights are powered. The bulbs are being supplied with around 120 to 135v and the reading I get from the water...
  2. N

    OSO hotwater boiler_Issue heating the water

    I currently rent a flat, which uses an OSO hotwater boiler to heat the water but it seems there is an issue heating the water and I thought to ask here in case anyone would have an answer before I ask my landlady to call an electrician. Attached is an image of the boiler on Pic1 and on Pic2 is...
  3. R

    Horstmann Electronic 7 Water Heater - not working

    Hi all, Yesterday I returned home to no hot water after a few days away. After a brief inspection it seems the fault lies with the Horstmann Electronic 7 Water Heater. The display is still visible but the controller is completely unresponsive. If I select either of the following buttons...
  4. R

    Water pipe/ meter ground

    This is my first post and I hope I explain it correctly/ Simply. 1100sq foot single family home, 100 amp service. I am having an electrician replace the front part of my service entrance from the weather head to the meter socket. The main panel was updated about 10 years ago and is not in need...
  5. G

    What is this small voltage between spa water and natural earth ground?

    I've noticed a strange voltage reading between the water in my spa and natural earth ground. The reading varies between .35VAC and .7VAC. My wife noticed a small shock from the water after inserting her finger in the spa while standing outside the spa. I tested the GFCI and it is working...
  6. Rockingit

    Need to find a solution to heating water

    Not quite as daft as it sounds, this follows from my thread a day ago. I need to find an electrical (ideally, gas could also be an option...) to heat a plastic bath tub of water to around 45C, and then maintain it. I've rejected the idea of using those deathtrap looking immersible elements...
  7. bobmeades

    Oil verses economy 7 electricity for heating a hot Water tank?.

    With rising energy costs small differences in cost, are getting larger. So assuming a well insulated tank & not much water being used during the day Washing up & face wash then a bath in the evening would the immersion heater on Economy 7 be enough & comparison of cost with oil. Thanks.
  8. Midwest

    120V from water tap to true earth

    The other night, neighbour knocked my door. She said she'd gone to use their outdoor tap, and she thought she'd got a shock. Went and had a look, and they have one of those Rolec tap pods, with combined water tap and electrical socket. I've not been trading for a few years now, but I got out my...
  9. W

    Water Heater wiring query

    Just wondering if someone with more experience can enlighten me, called out to a bar today. Plumber was in to replace immersion element but FCU was faulty and wouldn’t switch off . Noticed that both the top and bottom elements were being supplied from the local ring circuit and were constantly...
  10. S

    No hot water Hortsmann 7

    Hi, my mother has been without hot water for 4 days now. She lives in a sheltered accommodation and 3 different repair men have been and not resolved anything. The electrician keeps saying it’s not a electrical issue and it needs to dealt by the plumber or heating engineer….the plumber came...
  11. D

    Bonding to domestic water pipe (plastic)

    Good afternoon one and all. I, like many non-electricians are having issues regarding the need to have domestic water pipes (plastic entry to the property) bonded prior to an EV charger being installed. I have read a number of articles on this forum which quickly leave me behind with the...
  12. S

    Main water bond? Stop cock metal but plastic afterwards.

    Is there still a requirement to bond the main water if everything after the stop cock is plastic? Cheers
  13. W

    Bonding gas and water

    is it okay to bond the gas and water at the boiler?? Gas meter is tricky to get to, was going to just take a 10mm to water pipe at boiler and just loop across to gas supply at the boiler
  14. W

    Upgrading water heater

    I currently have a well water set up. I have an electric water heater (50 gallon / 240v / 30 amp breaker). It is on its way out and I would like to upgrade to a tankless water heater (electrical would be the easiest / although I do have propane on the property). The tankless water heaters that I...
  15. N

    Earth Cable Submerged in Water - How Serious Is This?

    Hi. I know very little about electrics but this can't be good. I recently noticed that a hard-to-get-to drain at the back of my house which takes rain water and runoff from washing up and clothes washing has become blocked and now seems to be almost constantly submerged (please see attached...
  16. Diocm7

    Water 7 Horstmann Clock

    Hello , I recently moved to a flat with a old model of this water timer installed. I dont know if the clock is set up correctly and dont understand what time should I put in the winter time/summer time. Can someone clarify it for me? Also since the clock does not rotate but in the manual says...
  17. D

    Selecting the right on-demand water heater for my DIY Jacuzzi in tub

    I have a regular sized tub. I would like to be able to heat the water to a certain temperature. I've been looking at on-demand heaters for this small project. Not sure if that's the best way to do this. I'm also open to other methods of accomplishing this. If I do add an inline heater, I'm...
  18. U

    Is boiling water on a Baby Belling-type cooker safe?

    Dear Electrical Experts. Hokay, I know the question sounds stoopid - but here's the thing. I've not had an electric kettle for awhile because they kept blowing the mains circuits - the last 2 went rabid, if you turned them on the mains instantly turned off. I live in a one-room flat...
  19. C

    Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz heater always 'on' - doesn't turn off according to pre-set times on clock

    Hi all, I have quite an old Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz water heating system in my flat (installed around 2007). It's been working fine until the last month, now the water heater always seems to be 'on'. The clock is set to the correct time, and even when it is the middle of the day when the...
  20. Z

    Prepping for an On-Demand Hot Water Heater - Amps

    Hi folks. I'm asking so that I can do some planning, and then hire a local electrician to do the work. WHAT: This is my first question, ever, on this forum. I've joined so that I can understand better what I have in my home so that I do not run the risk of putting too great a load on my...
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