1. T

    can I use fresh water to complete a led light circuit?

    hello all. I am trying to add led strip lights to my boat trailer. I have marine grade submersible lights. I will have them running parallel to the bunks to aid in night loading. I know I am over thinking this but I would like to add a device that sense water and then sends power to the led...
  2. B

    Electricity running through water pipe?

    Hey all :-) Hope its chill that I'm here asking questions, I just inherited this old decrepit place in NSW (Australia) and went to wash my hands in the up stairs bathroom sink n got an electric shock. I went and flicked off all the switches, I checked with a voltage tester (the kind that glows...
  3. the pict

    Horstman water heating contoller wiring

    I have two supplies into a new horstman e7 box, 1 from the offpeak water heating one from standard tariff boost do both suppies go to 1 and 2, 4 &5 linked, when wired this way boost RCBO trips ,if I remove the off peak it works albeit no off peak I fitted 2 new RCBO boards a while back but there...
  4. Electrical2go

    Water Heaters Available at E2GO

    At Electrical2Go, we have recently broadened our product range to include water heaters. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial needs, and this expansion allows us to do just that. We are now proud stockists of water heaters from renowned brands like Zip...
  5. N

    Mains water bonding when only couple of inches of copper

    Not sure on this one. Mains water is coming up from the ground in lead pipe in bathroom. 2 inches of copper pipe before the stop tap. All pipework inside the house after stop tap is plastic. Does that 2 inch of copper pipe before stop need mains bonding?
  6. D

    Water heater use stored energy?

    Can anybody advise? I have a 3 rate old style electricy meter with 3 rates (day, night, and stored energy) Storage heaters are completely off at the mains (red fuse) , yet the bill is showing a ton of stored-energy usage 2849. kWh over 3 months. What else would use stored energy? Does the water...
  7. robertl

    Boiling water tap and waste disposal into socket adapter

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice. Just bought a boiling water tap, with a max kw rating of 1.5. We already have a waste disposal under the sink which we use after most meals which is around 13 years old, but have found a link for it which i have posted below. 0.55kw it says it is...
  8. B

    Bonding of external water pipe

    Hello, Carrying out remedial work on a commercial site and I've come across a metal out building that has a water supply to it. The water pipe comes out of the ground behind the building in copper but enters the building in plastic. There is conduit on the outside of the building next to the...
  9. G

    UK How would you fix water pipe in bathroom repaired at previous time using plastic connector?

    How would you fix a water pipe in the bathroom that has been repaired at some previous time using a plastic connector?
  10. G

    Domestic Kitchen heater leaking. Water touches the extension cord. Will I run into issues?

    Hi, would would be your thoughts on this one? On the floor under the sink in my kitchen is a power cord that connects the small undersink water heater to the outlet. It's the heater's power cord connected to a simple extension cord. The coupling of the extension cord lies directly on the tiles...
  11. J

    2x4.8kw hot water with 1x4.8kw source

    I have a 4.8kw solar diverter with 2 x 4.8kw hot water systems. Is there a switch that will only heat one hot water system at a time and switch over? So basically, 1 x 4.8kw line that goes to two hot water systems that only heats one at a time and switches over to the next one when one is done...
  12. stopconsuming

    Domestic How can there be voltage on water pipes?

    Hi everyone, I need some help with an electrical issue I'm experiencing. I recently created a new circuit for an electric oven at my friend's place, and when I returned home, my friend called to say that the two water pipes connected to the boiler were smoking. When I arrived, I first measured...
  13. A

    Kenmore freezer KIF60W4 leaking rusty water from the evaporator

    Hello everyone. Kenmore undercounter freezer - Model KIF60W4 After smelling something funky, I inspected behind my freezer and discovered rust and signs of a leak above the compressor. I've attached some photos. To me it looks like a serious fault and I'm swaying towards binning the freezer...
  14. I

    What under sink water heater?

    I've been asked to provide hot water in a small kitchen, no room for a storage tank, any recommendations on under sink heaters? The largest demand will be a pot wash sink so it needs to be hot and reasonably quick.
  15. P

    Need help to modify an electrical scheme for pumping recycled water

    Dear Forum, I recently joined this forum, and writing for the first time. I like DIY activities, both for hobbies both to fix and repair stuff in my house, but my knowledge into electrical field are very limited. Here the problem: I am doing a system for the recycle of rain water. Briefly, the...
  16. Jurassicsparky

    water damage to small part of installation.

    how extensive should an EICR be following minor water damage to a small part of a domestic installation, water came through one pendant in upstairs bedroom , no other circuits affected?
  17. ancienthistory

    UK Water leak, do we need a "dryness check" before re-testing the electrics?

    Hello, you all helped me out recently when we had a water leak (mostly in kitchen ceiling), and my landlord's contractor was saying the household circuits couldn't even be tested for 28 days after the leak due to a "28 day rule". Thank you so much for educating me about that! Here is the...
  18. ancienthistory

    Turning consumer unit on after water damage

    Hello wise electricians of the world! I am in the UK. Recently we had a water leak which caused some damage in our home, we are currently trying to dry everything out. The water certainly affected at least some electrical circuits (e.g. water was coming through kitchen ceiling spot lights.) My...
  19. S

    Hot Water Recirculator

    I've been having problems with a hot water circulation system. It worked last winter and is connected to a wall mounted thermostat for radiant heating. When I multimeter the switching relay I don't have low voltage across the wires that connect to the thermostat (T and T when checked against...
  20. S

    Current leaking from sealed electrical in water?

    I’m designing a light fixture for underwater lights and everything was going great until I checked for any current leakage. All I have is a multimeter but my meter is reading 90 vac when lights are powered. The bulbs are being supplied with around 120 to 135v and the reading I get from the water...
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