1. K

    UK Is there a device or a way which will alarm us if a water pump has stopped working?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. We have a waste water pump in our first floor flat. The water pump failed and stopped draining water from the shower. We noticed too late and the water draining through the ceiling in to the property below. Is there a device or something we can do to know...
  2. H

    UK Earth bonding to Water

    Greetings, I am homeowner and looking to confirm if I will need earth boding to water pipes. There is already earth boding near Gas meter and the gas copper pipe enters the house. Water main supply is via blue plastic pipe (MDPE) which then connects to plastic pipes and also some copper pipes...
  3. Z

    Water Temp Gauge wiring

    On the instructions saying Red to battery +12 v White to ignition switch +12 v Yellow to light switch +12 v If these three wires connect them to the ignition switch +12 v will not work?
  4. W

    Water bonding query

    Doing an EICR on a commercial install, there’s a copper pipe comes down a pipe chase with the stop cock fitted onto it, it’s then pvc pipes that come out the other side and these are fitted onto the sink, does it require to be bonded??
  5. G

    UK Should vending hot drinks machines with thermostatic water heaters be classed as fixed equipment?

    I'm looking at a vending hot drinks machine 2.9kW that has a thermostatically controlled hot water tank permanently attached to a water supply that is just plugged into a radial 16A circuit with a 13A three pin plug. The machine is continuously on. The circuit is also used continuously for a...
  6. W

    Water heater query

    Wonder if anyone can help out, my experience in heating is minimal. So house I was working in had a circuit for the water heater, which went to a double pole switch at the water tank. But the water was controlled from a programmer in the kitchen which was supplied from the heating circuit. The...
  7. cliffed

    Electricity & Water Nice

    Lights still on … even though everything else is under water 😎
  8. T

    House water pump keeps needing a reset

    Hi. I have a single phase water pump which supplies our house. It frequently cuts out and needs to be reset (on pump itself). Because of our location (rural Spain) I suspect it is erratic voltage supply. Is there a power regulator I can use in between pump & outlet to overcome this?
  9. R

    UK Static Type Shock Kitchen Water

    Good Afternoon All, I moved into a flat around 2 months ago. A few times only (maybe four times in the two months) I've turned on the kitchen tap, and when I've touched the water I've had a mild static type shock. I didn't pay much attention to it before, but today when it happened I thought...
  10. G

    I need to do a sketch/ sketches to show how to remedy a situation..

    you have discovered a water pipe in a bathroom that has been repaired at some previous time using a plastic connector. please help, thank you.
  11. nedwards9820

    electrical isolation of undersink water heater

    I have taken delivery of an undersink water heater. It is fitted with an RCD on the electrical supply cable which terminates with a euro-plug. I am planning to cut the plug off and hardwire it to a switched fused spur. There is a curious electrical isolation connection that is supposed to be...
  12. M

    Water cylinder thermost question

    I have a customer who has an 18" thermostat in their water tank which periodically requires resetting. I went to replace this but am unable to put a new 18" one in as the tank is very close to the ceiling and the thermostat is withdrawn in an upward direction. I can get the 18" one out by...
  13. W

    Hot water direct to solar panels

    How to connect hot water system to solar panels
  14. T

    can I use fresh water to complete a led light circuit?

    hello all. I am trying to add led strip lights to my boat trailer. I have marine grade submersible lights. I will have them running parallel to the bunks to aid in night loading. I know I am over thinking this but I would like to add a device that sense water and then sends power to the led...
  15. B

    Electricity running through water pipe?

    Hey all :-) Hope its chill that I'm here asking questions, I just inherited this old decrepit place in NSW (Australia) and went to wash my hands in the up stairs bathroom sink n got an electric shock. I went and flicked off all the switches, I checked with a voltage tester (the kind that glows...
  16. S

    Creda Electric Shower no hot water

    Sorry not a question rather a solve.I had no hot water from my electric shower.I was going to buy a new one as it is quite old anyway.When I opened it up for a quick look anyway I noticed something that didn't look quite right.It was a little switch just sort of hanging there.With further...
  17. the pict

    Horstman water heating contoller wiring

    I have two supplies into a new horstman e7 box, 1 from the offpeak water heating one from standard tariff boost do both suppies go to 1 and 2, 4 &5 linked, when wired this way boost RCBO trips ,if I remove the off peak it works albeit no off peak I fitted 2 new RCBO boards a while back but there...
  18. S

    Homeowner - Pushmatic Breaker and Water Heater Conversion

    Hi all, I converted my gas water heater to electric. I have a two pole pushmatic breaker of 20 amps. I am wanting to connect this to a 40 gallon 4500 watt water heater. I currently have a 12/2 wire connected, and get 240 volts when read with a multimeter. I wanted to get input before I...
  19. Electrical2go

    Water Heaters Available at E2GO

    At Electrical2Go, we have recently broadened our product range to include water heaters. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial needs, and this expansion allows us to do just that. We are now proud stockists of water heaters from renowned brands like Zip...
  20. N

    Mains water bonding when only couple of inches of copper

    Not sure on this one. Mains water is coming up from the ground in lead pipe in bathroom. 2 inches of copper pipe before the stop tap. All pipework inside the house after stop tap is plastic. Does that 2 inch of copper pipe before stop need mains bonding?


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