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  1. T

    Main bonding to water question

    Hi folks, Just wanted to check and see if bonding is required in this situation: There's no bond to water pipework, bond to gas all present and correct There is a piece of plastic pipe at the point where the water enters the building, probably around 100mm in length There is then a mix of...
  2. O

    flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating

    my flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating. the problem seem to be the analogue switch selector. it looks as if it is stuck on the off position and won't move to the timer or on position. Is it that I do not know how to move it??
  3. linuxthefish

    UK Mechanical plug in timer with electric water cylinder on economy 7?

    I came across a small electric hot water heater under the sink with a moulded plug in my friend's rented flat. He's on economy 7, and wishes to use a mechanical plug in timer to ensure the water is only heated on night rate. The flat is rented so changing the socket to an FCU is out of the...
  4. O

    Gas and Water Bonded together

    Just finished an EICR and there were multiple bonding conductors in the CU, when I tried to work out which was which using continuity with a long lead, I had one that didn't seem to be connected to anything, one that showed a terrible reading to the gas and one that had a great reading to both...
  5. J

    No Water bond

    Installed a cooker circuit on a fairly new house, found a 16 mm main earth and 10mm bond to Gas pipe. No water bond, there is a blue plastic water pipe entering house to stop cock and then copper pipe, lots of internal plastic pipe. Boiler has copper pipe with no cross bonding. The consumer unit...
  6. T

    Outside boxes letting in water

    We have had a few threads on the forum where after installing an IP box with an IP gland it still lets in the water I have just watched the latest efix youtube video with a good IP SWA gland so that you don't get the ingress of water between the two IP components of the gland and the box worth a...
  7. M

    UK Combi Boiler water to hot.

    Hi all, I have a combi boiler when I set the hot water at 60c on the boiler it goes right up to 70c when I run the shower after a few mins, should it do this or have I got an fault in the boiler. the shower is the bar mixer type. Can any one help. Thanks
  8. I


    We have some CHILLER SYSTEM event start for first time use water 700 TDS and than stoped for few month leter, we worry at the isntalation piping and chiller tube will be rust and cholride in stainless the tube, so, how to we keeping for and chemical should be used for that. thanks
  9. bigspark17

    Water heater instantaneous

    Does anybody have experience on instantaneous water heaters suitable for domestic situations instead of cylinders. Something like this in the link? https://www.fischerfutureheat.com/electric-heaters/aquafficient/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwLm0p7il4wIVQ7HtCh0CTgQsEAAYASAAEgL0VfD_BwE
  10. R

    Domestic Wiring for the Australian market - hot water unit

    I purchased an Ecosmart 8 Instantaneous hot water system from Amazon and its really made for the North American market. The wiring says it need two active wires to make up 240 volt and no Neutral, Customer support have also told us this, however in Australia we have one red active wire and a...
  11. B

    Domestic Water on electronics, no breaker drops

    Hi everyone, I rented out an outdoor space for a party and they brought a DJ. Unfortunately there was a water pipe that burst and showered the entire party as well as the DJ stand (just my luck). The DJ is now telling me that all of his equipment is fried, laptops, TV, disk players...
  12. T

    contracting through Thames Water

    Hi all I've got an opportunity that has come up regarding contracting electrical works through Thames Water, this will be working on their private pumping stations replacing control panels etc and providing reactive call outs for power and pump failures etc. I used to work on these jobs...
  13. P

    Earth fault on water pump

    Alright folks, First time poster but im at my wits end! Got a mobile welfare unit which has a small 3kw hand wash in it. The water to the hand wash is fed from a small pump which comes on when the sensor for the hand wash is activated. There is a flying earth lead from the pump which is now...
  14. J

    Water heater safety

    Hi. please can you tell me if i use a 45a 30ma. or 45a 300ma. for an instant water heater 9.8kw. Many thanks
  15. N

    Water Damaged Consumer Unit

    Advice very much needed, as I am worried about safety. We recently had a very bad leak in our bathroom - a pipe under the bath popped off and a whole bath of water gushed through the ceiling, down into the kitchen below. A lot of water ran straight through the Consumer unit (photo attached)...
  16. T

    Water heater problem

    Afternoon everyone, May I pick your brains? I have a water heater only a couple of years old, she keeps tripping the fuse. I have fitted a new 1200w heater element, new thermostat, new 25amp fuse unit and new wiring. Yet she still keeps blowing the fuse when the overnight low rate power comes...
  17. C

    Water level sensor

    Anyone know who supplies these,thanks
  18. C

    Best water pump pliers

    What are the best grips/ water pump pliers for price and quality??
  19. M

    Water Pump requires Type A differential switch (RCD?)!

    I am installing a DAB Divertron 1000 water pump in a rainwater harvesting tank and was surprised to discover that the enclosed "Safety Instructions" booklet states "The differential switch protecting the system must be correctly sized and must be of the "Class A" type. It must guarantee...
  20. W

    Domestic Question. Signal for hot water not getting through

    Hi all, 
 After boosting the hot water for probably too long on our pulsacoil thermal storage, the circuit breaker was tripped and I saw that the timer unit had melted through. 
 I got a replacement unit and have installed it and flicked the circuit breaker switch back on. The water seems to be...
  21. B

    Hot water thermostat

    I am having trouble understanding a hot water thermostat which does not behave as expected. What does the "reset" button do, and is it necessary to use it after adjusting the temperature dial ?
  22. D

    Domestic Water heater wiring extension

    Got red and black type mains wire to water heater switch from fuse box. Mains cable is very short as switch is upside down because cable comes from above the switch and too short to connect otherwise. Water heater switch is in plaster board with back box. Is there a legal way to put some inline...
  23. P

    Domestic pre heating water to combi boiler wih solar pcwer

    Some months ago I remember seeing a advert for basically a squarish seeled box filled with bags that are filled with some kind of chemical that can accept a charge using a voltage from solar pv that are capable of heating water before it goes into a combi boiler saving on your gas {have looked...
  24. N

    How would you add more wires to an RV trailer for an electric water heater?

    So, this is my situation, and I'm just wondering what a real electrician would do. I don't have any money right now and can't call anyone, so I'm just living without hot water and using the RV campground's bath house. My propane water heater broke, and I didn't like using propane anyway, so I...
  25. N

    Living in an RV, interested in solar panels and electric water heater

    Hello, I'm here to ask a few questions about how an electrician might do something. I might or might not learn to do things myself, depending on how much free time I have in the future. I'm living full time in an RV and reading a book about wiring from Lowe's Hardware. I just noticed this forum...
  26. Michaelp

    Ways For Water Tank Level Indicator

    We have a water tank 10,000l litters ,about 2,50 meter height. We need to have a multi-level indicator about 50 meter from there.We already have a Cat-6 cable from the Tank to the area. We are looking a smart way for reading the level in the Tank.We saw the ultrasound system but is cost...
  27. J

    Domestic Input water temperature for electric shower

    I have a solar pv system that has an Iboost fitted to send excess generation to my hot water tank. Combined with my solid fuel back boilers we almost always have hot water. I also have a cold mains fed 11kW shower - not a power shower. I would like to feed the shower with luke warm water via a...
  28. C

    Water bond, Insulated Section.

    Afternoon Gents, Came across a nice scenario today. Water pipe comes from the street, into the kitchen through a concrete floor. 100mm of copper behind a kickboard where it comes through the concrete 300ish mm of Plastic Pipe, 100mm of copper then stop tap. 90 percent of the installation is...
  29. P

    Instant water heater

    I would like to remove the gas central heating boiler et al in my house. I'm going to install electrical radiators. Does anyone have any advice on instant water heaters. Ideally i'd like to slot one in the existing combi position and just use it for hot water on demand. Any info on types etc...
  30. F

    Domestic Gas & Water bonded to 1 x 10mm cable?

    I have read this previous thread (2012): gas and water bond, can i use 1 x 10mm cable? - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/gas-and-water-bond-can-i-use-1-x-10mm-cable.66838/ I have a situation where the gas and water enter the building parallel to each other. The gas meter is some 3...
  31. C

    Water heaters in new school

    thoughts on this,on drawings, water heaters are on a ring main circuit,dedicated to the heaters,there are 4 of these. Listening to spark ninja this could prove a problem with the overloading & balancing of this ring. Why would consultants decide on a ring ,instead,like the good old days,all...
  32. D

    Domestic Burnt out water heater switch

    Hi all, just joined EF hoping to solve a problem. I live in a 3 year old flat in a block and my immersion heater stopped working. I have discovered the problem to be a burnt out switch (photo attached). As you can see it's pretty bad to the extent that the plastic has melted. My question is why...
  33. B

    Domestic Mira Advance 8.7KW, very poor water flow rate

    Just been to see a friend who has a Mira advance 8.7 in his flat. Flow rate of the water is terrible, he was saying he had looked online and seen they do 11KW showers and was asking if he could change if for a bigger one. Does anyone have any experience with the Mira Advance? Is the water flow...
  34. GBDamo

    Water, water everywhere........

    Four jobs today, First Job, Washing machine, Error 01 - no water, turned on water - winner. Same place Tranny gone for under plinth lights - replaced - winner. Had to tear myself away as the leggings the young lass was wearing were downright immoral. Then it all got a bit wet. Second Job...
  35. P

    Double immersion hot water tank.

    Dear all, Has anyone come accross a double immersion hot water tank. How did you supply it 2x16A circuits. Maybe a 32A circuit split into 2 with 2x 20A double pole switches. I have only come across singles before, so im trying to find the best solution as i only have 1 spare way at present.
  36. P

    Domestic Tankless water heater upgrade

    Hi, everyone. I have a shower room that currently has hot water provided by a 7kw tankless water heater. The room is plumbed for hot and cold water from the domestic hot water (oil fired), but the pipe is so long (more than 60m) that it's barely warm by the time it gets there, hence the heater...
  37. T

    Main earthing Conductor also bonds water

    Domestic TNCS, main earthing conductor runs to water pipe, bonds via clamp with label, cable is continuous, then runs on to MET in DB. Seems wrong, but cant find specific reg to say so....any thoughts? Thanks, Timotei
  38. Brahman Naren

    Domestic Walkover paving lights - more hassle than it's worth?

    Hi All My first post here, and looking for advice on a full home renovation that is about to start. They are kicking off with some garden work whilst the builders knock down half the house, so I suspect this will be question 1 of many questions over the next year. They are about to start the...
  39. happyhippydad

    Which putty for emergency fix of water pipe?

    Evening all, As you can see from the title I have not had a good day. For the second time in my 6 year career I made a small nick in a water pipe whilst taking up the floorboards (using multitool). i thought i was prepared from the last time as I bought some clamps. However, they could not fit...
  40. B

    Water ingression - testing requirements

    Quick ? We all know that if there has been water ingression then the circuits showed be fully inspected and tested before being re-energised. However does anybody know the reg or legislation that states this please? Thanks Billy
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