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  1. J

    MCS Guide is under review

    Consultation is here - been extended to 15th, to allow access to IET COP
  2. P

    Wet Under floor heating manifold and multi room stats...

    Evening chaps hope you’re al keeping well. Quick tech help question, I’ve got two large high spec new builds to wire up early summer and they’ve both got wet underfloor heating my task is to wire it up obviously. I’ve never done one before and it’s also got 5 room stats upstairs alone. Have any...
  3. T

    Voltage drop under load

    Hi, has anyone encountered a similar fault... TN-C-S supply with old wylex fusebox. Last night, customer experienced total power loss whilst in the shower (electric), nothing tripped and no fuses blown. Customer pulled out fuses to check them and then replaced them all but could only get some...
  4. M

    Best under cabinet led strip lights

    Hi guys Doing my kitchen and want to put the led strips under the cabinets and also the kick boards. Any recommendations for any? The one for the kick boards would need to fit round a u shape so would ideally be flexible to bend round. Cheers guys
  5. S

    UK Driveway light

    Ive got a driveway light on armoured cable. The cable comes into the house under the stairs. Can I put a plug on this cable and plug into a RCD socket.
  6. P

    Consumer Units under stairs

    On a new build can you still fit a CU under the stairs.
  7. C

    Under ground wires to shed

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to run electricity out to my shed to run a workshop (table saw, miter saw, dust collector, some lights and some other small power tools) . There used to be a hot tub that was gone before I bought the house thst has a 100 amp double post breaker (I think that's what its...
  8. K

    Can i run led under cabinet lights off a ring circuit spur?

    Hi I'm fitting a new kitchen and as the light circuit isn't that easy to get to I want to fit a spur off 2 different sockets. My thoughts were to run a spur from each socket and fit a fused switch to feed low voltage led under cabinet lighting. 3 leds under each side. would this be acceptable or...
  9. RapsterUK

    Kitchen under cupboard lighting wiring

    Hi all, we recently moved into a house that has a recently fitted new kitchen. One thing that was never finished was the under cupboard lighting (under the top cupboards to light the worktops) We were told the wiring was already there and connected to an existing switch. There is indeed wiring...
  10. S

    Are 30mA split load consumer units non compliant under 18th edition

    Hi All, Just wanted to see what peoples opinion is is installing a 30ma Split load board compliant/ non compliant under the 18th Edition or you have to use RCBO's for each final circuit? BS7671:2018, Page 155 regulation 531.3.5.2 is a note which says on TN systems which states " Exept where...
  11. M

    Using IEC cable under concrete floor

    Hello I've been asked to supply power to the middle of an office floor to supply the table with power, only a small office but they don't want trip hazards but the don't want floor boxes so to keep there costs down for them instead of it being permanent in case they move I thought of chasing...
  12. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  13. A

    UK Plug under leaking sink

    We have rented a house where the landlord had installed a single socket directly beneath the water feeds and plug to the kitchen sink. the socket is mounted on a loose hardboard partition in the back of the under sink unit, which is not an integral part of a carcase unit. The dishwasher was...
  14. S

    Under floor heating over 3kw

    Hi guys Being to a job today where the builder has installed some electric under floor heating Total area is 20.5 m2 The mats are 150w per m2 The total load is just over 3kw. He has first fixed the wiring and checking it he has used a socket wired off the ring main to spur off to a switch...
  15. S

    Earth wire loose under sink - advice

    Hopefully a very quick question. Whilst looking under my sink this morning I noticed the Earth wire between the hot and cold pipes is no longer connected. I can't recall if it ever has been but I'm assuming this has come loose and I should reconnect it? If I do connect it should I take any...
  16. G

    Hardwiring under cabinet lights

    Hi all, I want to add some under cabinet LED’s to the kitchen and hardwire them to a light switch. We had our kitchen newly fitted out sometime back and the electrician has already wired to a spare switch we have and left the other end of the wire in a junction box on top of the cabinets. This...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    What lurks under the floor?

    Customer sent me a picture of some cables that lead to a socket, needs them socket is below a window that will be knkcked through to make a door. Apart from the lovely spider in the picture, if you zoom in there is some thing with a bright green eye staring at the camera!! WTF is that...
  18. P

    Newbie from the land down under

    Hi Folks, I am well passed the sell by date at 77 but often do some electrical work providing I know what I am doing I was a pro guitar player over 45 years. I repaired all my equipment over the years and made a few circuits. I have just returned to the UK due to health issues...
  19. S

    RCD tripping under high load on 2 circuits

    I’m in desperate need of someone with great fault finding knowledge. I have a dual rcd consumer unit as seen in picture. The left hand side rcd trips when anything with a high output like a tv for example is turned on in any sockets protected by the left rcd. The left rcd also trips when trying...
  20. M

    Garage feed under neighbors drive

    Hi chaps A client's neighbor has given permission to pass an swa under his driveway to reach my clients neighboring semi detached garage. New build nightmare scenario with shared driveways. An agreed level of making good the driveway shall be confirmed probably by third party as my client...
  21. C

    Domestic SPD requirements under 18th edition.

    Hi all, I haven't done domestics for a while and have been asked to install an 18th edition CCU to a small terraced house ( 2 floors Ground and first). I been told that I need to install a SPD? Can someone confirm this is the case and are there any exceptions. Haven't done my 18th but will be...
  22. sparks1234

    Wiring down under

    I did have a little chuckle when I was in New Zealand and managed to find this in my hotel room, shut the door quick on it though
  23. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Wiring to Garage under floorboards SWA Required?

    Hi, My Garage is attached to my house and currently there is a standard 3 core cable running from my consumer in there. I have just had my consumer upgraded/replaced and starting renovations on the bedroom directly next to the garage so would like to replace the cable as well. As the cable...
  24. K

    Under cupboard lighting - help!

    Hi all, I bought a Taylor Wimpey new build and had under cupboard lights put in the kitchen. 3 years on and the first one has gone out but when I unscrewed the casing to see how to change it, I am completely baffled! Can anyone tell from the pic what I need to do/buy to change this, or do I...
  25. Barnaby Stedman

    Running under block & beam

    Has anyone had any experience with running rfc's under a block and beam floor on a hardcore base?
  26. C

    Notifiable under Part P

    installed 10mm swa and 60A kmf from domestic 100A Farm house to supply static caravan for holiday let use. TT'd the caravan etc... Doing installation cert for install and eicr for existing caravan. Would you notify either? Cheers.
  27. A

    Routing new cables under floorboard

    Hi guys after a second option here In the process of a rewire and I’ve lifted upstairs floorboards on the landings suss out my route for new upstairs ring, lighting and boiler circuits. The joists within the landing have a 25mm hole for existing up and down lighting circuits and no room left...
  28. rustynails

    Current generation under control

    You've all seen people on YouTube overloading twin and earth cables, JW etc... How are they generating current and how are they able to control that generation?
  29. alban moffitt

    Running Cable under floor with UFH?

    hello all, seeking some advice on how to run cables underfloor with ufh as well. i am quoting for a complete house rewire as they are doing some substantial works and the electrics are in poor condition the floors consist of hardcore then sand then dpm sheeting, celotex on top of that with wet...
  30. R

    Under bathroom floor rewire?

    Hi there, We have had an electrician work on a fix price job to rewire the house. He has routed all of the cabling under the bathroom floor. I expected that he would routed another way which was more difficult, but wouldn't have gone under the bathroom floor. Is anyone able to confirm if this...
  31. Soulcraft Electric

    Domestic Recommendations for traditional CCTV under £200

    Hi, A customer is looking for a traditional CCTV system with a purchase price between £100-200. Ideally 1/2 cameras (720/1080) with associated PVR. It's a total minefield at this price point... Any thoughts?
  32. B

    BS 7671 max surface temperature under fault condition ???

    Can anyone give me some clarification on the following. I am installing some Osram Planon Plus led light panels into a temporary building and have been told the transformers need to housed in an enclosure as they do not have the correct markings for BS7671 "max surface temperature under fault...
  33. D

    Supply and meter under a sink?

    Hi All, I want to start by saying thanks to the experts on here that give advice. It’s been really helpful looking over past posts. That said, I haven’t quite seen this issue before so I wanted to ask. I am about to buy a new house, and one of the things that has been flagged as an issue is that...
  34. J

    Domestic Under cupboard lights installation using socket mounted under cabinet

    Hi all. Some advice sought. I have 2 lights under my cabinets they plug into the wall sockets below them. I now want to hardwire the lights as i got a new cooker hood fitted and the spark pulled the power cable out so its now accessible to use. Previously it was hidden. So it looks like a...
  35. D

    Running 10mm T+E under celler joists.

    Hello, Whilst doing some building works I have access to the inside of the stud wall to which the consumer unit is fitted, so full and easy access to all the cabling there. This wall is soon to be tiled. In the future I will want to put power into a garage at the end of the garden. I happen...
  36. James Harrison

    Electrician Unidare Storage Heater with Under floor air flow broken

    Hi, I'm trying to help my elderly dad who has a Unidare Storgae system with underfloor air circulation. The motor appears to have stopped working. Can anyone help. I'm in Winchester, Hampshire. Many thanks in advance.
  37. P

    wiring under cabinet strip lights supply or load

    hi Wonder if anyone could give me a bit of advice. I have taken out my old fluorescent lights from under my cabinets and I'm replacing them with low wattage led strip lights. I have 2 in total. I have my mains supply cable which comes from my Light Switch and this cable runs to under my first...
  38. N

    Cables under concrete base or under screed?

    The floor of the kitchen will be filled up with: 1) Concrete, on top of which will go 2) insulation with pipework for wet underfloor heating system, on top of which will go 3) screed. Can the armoured cable run under the concrete base or does it always need to go above concrete base and under...
  39. Baddegg

    Pub project now under way............

    As per previous thread a wile back the pub build is now under way and upto roof level,just wanted to check my proposed electrical feed if I can please? Earthing is TN-S not TNCS previously thought,(customer has now cleared the meter cupboard!) Anyway loading in the pub is as follows 1 x 32a...
  40. Gavin John Hyde

    SDS drill for under £30! Curious

    Browsing the screwfix page for some drill bits, came across this sds drill for 30 quid. Made me wonder if its actually any good? If you have a simple job and need something quick it might do the trcick. Likewise if you need to put a fan in and need to core a hole. Anybody got one? Interested to...
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