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  1. nicnic66

    Single Cable calculation for hot tub?

    Can anyone enlighten me on why my max Zs for this cable calc is so high? What am I missing?
  2. robertl

    3 phase 2 speed motor from single phase

    Hello everyone I have just bought a new lathe, (used) its on its way to me from other end of the country now. I have only just realised i may have an issue. The machine is 3 phase and i was intending to go down the VFD route but because its a dual speed motor im not sure i can. See attached...
  3. C

    Single Phase AC MOTOR stuck

    I am trying to fix a single phase ac motor but need some help. When powered on and put off load, motor humms but doesnt rotate, its sort of magnetically locked because even trying to rotate by hand it very hard to turn (motor was removed from housing and therefore I have stator and rotor...
  4. P

    UK Cooker hood

    I've got a cooker hood extractor, it only has a live and neutral cable, I've only got a single socket to install it. Can I put a 13A plug on the end of it?
  5. M

    how to make a single phase generator tns

    how to make a single phase generator tns
  6. S

    UK Large single phase motors in the UK

    Why is it that I could easily find a 10HP 220V single-phase motor for sale in the USA but in the UK I nobody has anything larger than 5HP?
  7. J

    Lights Blinking - 2 Lights on a single switch

    Hi there. I'm looking for some help- hopefully an easy one. I have 2 lights on a single switch. The lights are connected back to a 2 gang 2 way switch which has another set of lights that are switched to the 2nd switch. I've moved the location of one of the 2 lights by extending the cable...
  8. H

    208V Single phase wiring from 3 phase 4 wire disconnect

    I work in a location that was once a Machine shop showroom. We have 208/230/480 etc in the building. I need to install a temperature chamber that requires single phase only 208V or 230V supply. I have a 100 amp rated disconnect literally in the exact location this needs to go. I've read for...
  9. Dilwyn

    Can. I run 3 phase motor off single phase 4 wiresABC

    Can I run a 3 phase motor. Off single. Phase 3 Black wires ABC 1 earth wire. Any info. Would be great thank you.
  10. Joe9009

    Where to connect power cord to induction single phase motor 240v

    (I would want it to run clockwise) Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  11. D

    Need 2-gang, single receptacle box cover for two 220v, 20 amp receptacles

    I have two 220 volt receptacles (one L14-20 and one L6-20) that I want to mount next to one another in a standard two gang switch box. This would mean I also need a 2-gang, single receptacle box cover (two round holes next to one another, one in the center of each gang. I can find a 2-gang...
  12. C

    UK Changing single sockets to doubles?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if it's possible for me to change a couple of single sockets in a bedroom to double sockets?
  13. M

    Add GFCI outlet off single pole switch (source from light)

    Greetings! I've got a single 12/2 wire coming into an outlet box that is connected to a single pole light switch used to control a vanity light. The light is the source in this setup, which I understand is turned on and off due to the interruption of the current via the switch. I'd like to...
  14. H

    Reference method for the old sheathed single core cables run in attic spaces with insulation

    Good morning I am just wondering what reference method is suitable for the old single core sheathed cables if they at some point enter an attic space under insulation.ive had a read through the regs book but still unsure Cheers for any responses Harry
  15. D

    3Phase wiring into single phase supply

    I'm looking to install a traditional coffee machine which has total power 3300w and the wiring supplied with it is brown L1, black L2, grey L3 & Neutal with earth. How would this need to wired to operate on a single phase 16Amp supply?
  16. R

    How to shut off 120v baseboard heater? Double pole wall mount thermostat? Single pole wall switch before heater with onboard single pole therm?

    I've planned a 20A circuit serving a tiny half-bath in a workshop. The circuit will contain a few LED ceiling lights, a receptacle (not for tools) and a 350 or 400W 120V baseboard heater. So it would not be convenient to shut off the heater via the main panel. When I'm not working during the...
  17. W

    Single phase motor reverse rotation

    Brook Crompton Parkinson single phase PD90S (from the 70s) 240v 11A 2850rpm 50hz I'm using it for polishing metal with a tapered spindle adapter and buffing wheels. I've got 2 questions. 1. (This photo was taken with all the wiring in its original position.) I've managed to...
  18. D

    3 phase to single phase with no VSD

    So basically I’ve got a 3 phase motor that I’d like to use to hook up to my cable stripping machine. The motor was salvaged from an old site and I know it works. I know the easiest way to connect it up to a single phase supply would be to use a VSD but those are expensive. I was wondering if...
  19. D

    USA Single Pole 3 Gang Smart Light Switch Wiring Help

    I'm trying to replace old 3 gang light switch to new smart light switch. It's single pole with one breaker (switch board). Smart switch requires 4 wires (black, red, green and white) but my old switch only have 3 wires (black, black and green) I connected black(top) to red(line) and...
  20. M

    Question Regarding a RCD on 3 Phase, with a single phase sub-circuit

    I am installing a micro-brewery in our barn in France; as you can guess that, means that I am a brewer, not an electrician :-) I did 'fess up to being a DIYer when signing on. The brewhouse runs on 3-phase, both for the 12kw heating elements and for the pumps. All use a delta configuration i.e...
  21. J

    UK Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a single outdoor socket that has a removable fuse. I need to put 3amp fuse in it. Cheers

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a single outdoor socket that has a removable fuse. I need to put 3amp fuse in it. Cheers
  22. D

    Single phase 240v motor starter & overload with on/off switch wiring?

    Hi, Hoping you all can help me wire up my single phase 240v induction motor. Can someone please explain or even better sketch out where the wires need to go, I have a fair idea already just want some good advice before I continue. Switch is CK-5 10A 250v - SWITCH Thanks in advance!
  23. simpson93

    Looking for contactor that fits in single box

    Afternoon all, As title suggests I’m not sure if such a product exists but I’m looking for a 20amp contactor that is mounted into a single box/patress Reason being another sparks has wired 2 ufh mats 1800w each onto a single spur (14-16amp)
  24. R

    Three phase or single for new installation?

    Hi all, I've just registered to seek a bit of advice and am sure I'll be looking for lots more help soon. I've just bought a plot of land near Hastings that I'll be building a workshop on for personal hobby use - there's no other building on site. I'll be doing some welding as well as having my...
  25. S

    1mm single around lighting circuit

    Just carrying out a EICR . Lightning circuit has a separate what looks to be 1mm single around all points. This has no mechanical protection so should be 4mm. Coding this has a C3. installation is still safe for continued use. Bit I’m struggling with is what section the C3 should fall under. If...
  26. G

    Dimmer switch single pole, no lights

    Hi guys. Sorry for the sad post but I thought this was a simple plug and play... So I have two light switches in my basement living room controlling one light fixture each independently. They are pot lights and too bright so I decided to buy replacement dimmers for both. Again each switch is...
  27. N

    Wiring a single ballast

    I am wanting to wire in a new single ballast. Unfortunately (as you will see from the photo) the old broken ballast does not have the contacts exposed. There are two pairs of wires (one pair for each end of the light tube) but I have no idea which of the numbered contacts (1,2,3,4) to use for...
  28. D

    Single phase board use with 2 phases

    Hello guys new in this forum. In my 19 years as an electrician I've never seen this. Looking for any thoughts on this. Been asked to install a few new circuits In a domestic garage. There is a granny annex on top of this garage also. Supply is 3 phase in to a 3 phase isolator. From there...
  29. E

    Is it okay to have a light switch and SEPARATE dimmer on single lighting cct?

    Is this a common requirement for a dimmable light switch?... I know there's push on/off dimmer switches, but it seems inevitable to me that the dimmer setting changes a little (i.e. the knob rotates a bit) whenever it's switched on/off. I want the lighting level to be controllable (i.e...
  30. MarkRibbands

    Three phases in single domestic kitchen grid box. OK or not?

    I'm fitting a small kitchen in my remote office/workshop with a limited, existing, supply (3 phase/20A MCB on a long 4 x 10mm SWA). I need to think carefully about diversity and load balancing. My proposed solution is to install individual final circuits for every appliance (Small hob, Small...
  31. C

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer.

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer. It is in the way of having a splashback installed. How easy would this be to move a few inches to the right and replaced with something a bit more...
  32. U

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?
  33. R

    Advice on wiring into an existing single light, 2 switch circuit

    Good evening guys, New to this forum but seeking some advice if possible. I am in the process on installing downlight in my bedroom as the single light is just not enough to cover the room, and am hoping to daisy chain them together. My current set up is a single light fitting with 2 switches...
  34. A

    New Single Module AFDD from Wylex is Launched

    Just saw this I know loads of people say they do not work etc etc but it is good to see a single module. I think i am going to get one and try it out
  35. J

    Single Phase or 3 Phase

    I´m about to renovate a market stand into a snack bar and need to know if I´ll need Single-phase or 3 phase power supply. The stand is very small 11m2 and will have an electric 4 hob, extractor fan, a couple of small fridges, 1 small freezer, coffee machine, microwave and toaster plus lights...
  36. M

    Single phase induction motor schematic

    Hello, I've found an old motor originally designed for operating jealousies. Could you help me read and better understand the following schematic? As far as I understand, it is a single phase induction motor, there is 47 uF capacitor connected to it in order to start. There are 3 contacts...
  37. L

    UK Converting single pendant to downlights

    Hi guys, Wanting to replace single pendant for 5 downlights in dining room, there's no loop in/out at the switch or pendant so I'm guessing there a junction box somewhere for all the lighting on ground floor, i was thinking of taking pendant and using it as the first DL using robus quick fit...
  38. P

    Need Advice on Single LED Purchase

    Hello, absolute noob in LEDs and plugs/connectors. I need to buy a single, small LED that connects to the connector shown in the picture below. A 3.3V battery powers that plug. I'm looking for the brightest LED available that can be connected to this connector, or maybe two small LEDs if they...
  39. pirate

    Double single malt

    Tel, what is a double single malt? Is it a single malt x 2, or a double malt? I can't post this in the thread you mentioned it on...something to do with sockets not working. Please help! (Confused of Glasgow)
  40. S

    Two Meters- How do i change to Single Meter?

    HELP!!!! I have a dual occupancy house that is unoccupied for most of the year- holiday rented for about 12-15 weeks a year - so my electricity use is zero most of the time- most of my rather huge bills is produced not by consumption but by 2 sets of daily supply charges all year. Given I pay...
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