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  1. S

    Main Bonding - Multiple Buildings

    Could somebody please put me on track. Main bonding conductors are sized relevant to earthing conductor (TN-S / TT) or PEN conductor (TN-C-S). On a large installation (Industrial / Commercial) with multiple buildings containing Extraneous parts should ALL the bonding conductors be sized the...
  2. F

    Earth Bonding In A Bathroom

    Hi Electricans, I am a homeowner with an earth bonding question I am receiving conflicting advice upon and hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. A few years ago I had a full bathroom replacement via my insurance company and a bathroom installation company they supplied...
  3. D

    EICR Coding Confusion wrt Supplementary Bonding

    Yes, it's another EICR coding question - hurrah! :blush: Inspecting a small 1 bed 70s ex-council flat that was going well. Main Bonding had been put in place in advance and most of the tests were as perfect as you could get. Seriously, if you wanted to set up a 'perfect' test rig I don't...
  4. D

    Verifying water bonding

    Adding a socket in a house where the downstairs bathroom fitters appear to have boxed in the original stopcock and 'moved' it sideways into the garage, but not moved the original bonding cable. It's now firmly inaccessible behind the toilet. The cabling at the consumer unit is also unclear...
  5. M

    Protecting outside bonding terminals

    Morning! Going to be working near the coast and will need to fit earth bonding outside. I originally chose stainless lugs to bond the copper cables but it appears that stainless and copper are not a good mix due to corrosion so I will stick with the standard copper connections. I have seen...
  6. Pretty Mouth

    Supplementary bonding requirements

    Evening All. I've been having a debate (argument) on a FB group with another well respected spark, and my old tutor. The subject of discussion - supplementary bonding. Their opinion is that it is required throughout an installation, where ever the conditions in 415.2.2 cannot be met without...
  7. Pretty Mouth

    Bonding conductors and their sheaths

    Hi all. I have a gas pipe to bond. The client isn't keen to have the cable run internally, so I plan to run it around the outside of the building. In conduit is one option, but will look at bit ugly IMO, so am considering clipping the 10mm direct. Anyway, it's thrown up a couple of basic...
  8. R

    Earth bonding to gas in a large block of flats

    Hi, just doing an inspection on a large block of flats. All the gas metre are in a single store cupboard on the basement floor. All are 10mm bonded there within 600mm. There is no earth bonding to the pipes entering the flats themselves. Is additional bonding required within each of the flats ie...
  9. GBDamo

    Bonding bother.

    The present small job is in a unit, one of 40, in a single story Victorian mill. The construction is cast pillars and beams in a roughly 6 meter grid I cannot find any evidence of the steel being bonded, the site is huge and it seems unreasonable to spend days sorting this for a few sockets...
  10. W

    Bonding Gas and water mains.

    Hi guys, I need to bond the gas and water at a friends house..never done it before as I worked mainly on sites. My times just out, where’s the best place? Gas meter is outside in a Box so would I just clamp onto the metallic side just before it enters the house? And the water, not entirely sure...
  11. S

    earth bonding in shower room.

    Hi everyone ,thanks for letting me join. A little about myself first, only do part time work now as getting to that age 60+;) been in the trade for 3o+ years doing contracting ,council,shop fitting and factories. Yes there has been a lot of changers since i was on the tools, some good and some...
  12. Vortigern

    Equipotential bonding of spa in garden, yea or nay?

    Been asked to look at outdoor socket for spa. A brief perusal of M.I. recommends the installation of equipotential bonding in 2.5mm² solid copper. Now apart from the idea of non flexible cable, what purpose may it truly serve. It is supplied with a cable that has a 10ma trip in it. However we...
  13. Wilko

    Domestic Properly priced EICR is good value

    Evening All I’m doing a few EIRCs for the rental market and I thought I’d share my recent experience. I was asked to inspect a 2 BR flat, just on 5 yrs old. The flat is in excellent condition, it has always been rented and has the original EIC and the most recent gas safety cert. Both...
  14. J

    Earth bonding

    A friend may put his house on the market. He had a new CU fitted 8-10 years ago. Double RCDs. An earth cable goes from the incoming supply to the CU. The CU is under the stairs. I noticed that the gas outlet pipe is bonded to an adjacent water pipe that disappears under the floor in a cupboard...
  15. G

    Advice on Bonding for Gas Cert

    Thanks all - looking for some perspective on this.... Friend had complete GCH system installed for a renovated rental property and was all certified at the time. At the annual inspection for the gas cert, the checker stated the bonding was in wrong position and quoted 100 to move it (which was...
  16. J

    Supplementary bonding

    Would this barrier require supplementary bonding to the cable tray?
  17. D

    Testing Ze when you cannot disconnect the bonding?

    I was recently watching John Ward's video series on Electrical Installation Testing. In the part where he discusses measuring Ze, he states that you only test the earth connection to the cut-out and need to disconnect it from the bonding and the CU to do this correctly. In his example diagram he...
  18. M

    UK Earth bonding on a gas meter

    Evening all, new to the forum. I have a question regarding the location of the earth bonding clamp on a gas meter, I know it is supposed to be within 600mm of the gas meter but the problem is the CU is located in the kitchen in the rear of the property and the GM is located diagonally opposite...
  19. F

    Ireland ET101 earth bonding - mechanical protection

    Good morning, I'm looking for answers to these two questions about Ireland ET101 standards, since I can't seem to find specific indication: - Should the metal frame of a plasterboard wall /drywall positioned inside a room of a building be earthed as a main equipotential bonding? - Wirings...
  20. J

    Bonding swa and the regs

    Hi guys got a few questions on the regs. Do we have to bond both sides of SWA cable if we are using a core for earth. And if so would it need a banjo and fly lead when going into a metal enclosure? Also does the fly lead back to the panel/CU have to be connected to the MET? Thank you guys
  21. T

    6mm water bonding on PME

    Hi all, I imagine that this has been asked a few times, but here goes. A customer who is selling their house has been on looking to change the consumer unit. Getting to the gas isnt a problem but the water is impossible without desctruction of some sort. Concrete floors, and the stopcock is on...
  22. A

    Structural steel bonding clamps

    Hello All, I am working on a kitchen extension which has 3 Universal Beams bolted together which sit on block-work. There is no direct connection to earth. However when tested it has a path to MET of 2kOhm. As a result I plan to bond this steelwork. The design of the room means these beams...
  23. J

    Industrial and supplementary bonding

    Hi guys I’m still working towards my NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance within an industrial environment pumps and process equipment. I know this question may be a bit vague but I’m confused about supplementary bonding in my working environment. Here are a few of the things I’m confused...
  24. J

    Earth bonding metal balcony

    Last year I had a large cast-iron balcony constructed with steps down into my garden. The balcony is bolted into the walls and also into the pavement where it meets the garden. Is there a requirement to earth this? If so, should it be a separate 10mm CPC direct to the CU or could I link it to...
  25. D

    TL inverters And array frame bonding

    Hi again. Right, I am seeing very mixed reactions and comments about the below question, I am just hoping to find a basic answer and reference please. If you are installing a TL (fronius primo 3.6 in my case) to a domestic property, in the loft space with 16panels already installed on the...
  26. J

    Bonding steel conduit around plastic switch

    Any recommendations? I have 25mm steel conduit going into 20mm reducers feeding a plastic time guard switch and then returning to steel conduit again on the other side. An earthing nut is too chunky. I think I need those smaller flat brass plates you get on SWA cables. 1588093418 Found them -...
  27. M

    Clarification on gas bonding please

    Hi. Could someone please clarify bonding requirements for me please. I know requirements are to have a seperate 10mm earth bond conductor for water and gas or that these can be in one cable if looped between each other. I have been working in a couple of properties lately that are in residential...
  28. M

    Bonding combi boiler gas pipes

    From my understanding you need to run both a 10mm earth from CU to water stop clock and seperate 10mm to gas, exception being if cable is uncut can link both gas and water together. In a scenario where been asked to change consumer unit but getting to gas pipes of combi boiler is practically...
  29. J

    Supp bonding needed with RCD + testing supp bonding

    Hello there all, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have been doing more and more EICRs lately, if someone could actually trawl through my long question and answer it then I shall be eternally grateful I have tested 3 electrical installations in the last week with no RCD devices, all...
  30. W

    Bonding Metal Railing

    Hi, I'm taking swa out of the shed and fitting it along a metal fence with metal fixing band. Swa goes into a wiska box then flex from the box to a light that's bolted to the metal fence. Circuit is protected by rcd. Does the fence need to be bonded at all? I'm guessing it's an extraneous...
  31. Pretty Mouth

    Why are main protective bonding conductors sized as they are

    Hi all. Hope you are all well and virus-free. This question is not how to select main protective bonding conductor sizes according to the regulations. That I understand how to do. What I am asking is: Why do the regulations require such a large CSA for Main Protective Bonding conductors...
  32. H

    Max continuity reading for bonding

    Good evening I was always taught the gas and water bonds should have a continuity ideally with a maximum of 0.05 ohms, is this a exact maximum or a rule of thumb and if it was higher than this what coding would we give it? I had a look through the codebreakers booklet but could not bit see an...
  33. C

    Sub main & bonding conductors

    Installing Swa 35MM 4 c,to new school block. This supply will come of a MPB,nearby,to me the supply to this MPB does not comply. Concern once again are the size of the bonding conductors realative to the the Main REC supply. The drawing we have,have no input on this, it’s a Tncs system,& earth...
  34. E

    UK Main Bonding Dilema

    Hi guys, just looking for a few thoughts on this one. This is a pretty big property with the gas meter situated in a small outhouse. There is no power in the the outhouse. The supply pipework comes out of the ground in copper into the meter. Then exits the meter in plastic and goes below...
  35. A

    Unable to locate water meter/stopcock

    Hello all, just want your opinion on something. I'm currently testing retail stores and I cannot locate the water meter/stopcock. There is a 10mn earth that goes into the ceiling from MET. I have went round with my R2 lead and am getting 0.03-0.04 in kitchen, toilet etc. Like I said no sign of...
  36. D

    UK Static/Tingle from shower/towel rad.

    Hi, working in a property a couple of years old. Earthing System is a TN-C-S. Customer’s daughter/wife have both complained about receiving a “slight tingle/static sensation” when using the shower in only one of the bathrooms (when touching the shower/or towel rad). I’ve checked the incoming...
  37. T

    Bonding question

    Alright folks, Looking for a bit of advice with supplementary bonding - pictures attached for context. Bit of background - I'm in the process of repairing some metal bollards: I decided the best option was to rip out the old guts which comprised of some old fluorescents complete with all the...
  38. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  39. W

    Moving equipotential bonding, Minor works>

    Hi, I was having an disagreement with a work mate, a client has been told that their bonding (gas) is in the wrong place, (it is). This is the only job we have to do there and obviously after moving it and carrying out the required continuity tests, would you issue a minor works certificate...
  40. K

    Industrial I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a tota

    I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a total of 354 Stansions 102 Beams, all connected to the Porlins, the place is to be used to seat 120,000 persons. I am not in doubt of the importance...
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