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  1. D

    Where can i purchase Light strip for dimplex fire

    I have a dimplex fire and the strip light keeps shutting down after about 10 minutes, how do i replace them and where can i purchase them
  2. D

    DIY LED strip stairs

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some guidance regarding installing some stairs lighting. I have quite limited knowledge regarding all stuff electrical, so please forgive my ignorance. I just moved into a new house and I want to add LED strips under the nosing of each step. The way I have the...
  3. R

    Advice on installing LED strip lighting

    Hi guys, DIYer here hoping for some help and advice. I am redoing my kitchen and plan to put a 5m strip of LED lighting below the units above the plinth. I want to make this dimmable and connect it with lighting cable to a 3 way light switch (along with existing wall light and undercupboard...
  4. J

    LED strip lighting

    Im after some LED strip lighting for a garden project but I'm getting lost in a sea LED strip lights everywhere, prices seem to range from a few hundred to over £1000 for the kit i require, can anyone recommend a reputable seller? Thanks
  5. S

    DALI compatible LED driver and LED strip.

    Good evening all, I have a job to do fitting multiple sections of dimmable LED strip to be controlled by a DALI lighting system. Can anyone recommend LED drivers and strip that are DALI compatible? I would be grateful for any guidance/assistance. Thank you
  6. C

    Power injection in to addressable LED strip lights

    Hi, new member here seeking a bit of advice. I want to run 4 x 5 meter addressable RGB LED stips around my living room skirting to form a continuous 20 meter strip -don't judge me lol. The LEDS will be controlled by a NodeMCU flashed with WLED and powered by a 5V 12A 60W psu. All 4 strips will...
  7. T

    Dual white led strip spdt switch

    I am looking to install some 12v led strip lighting in my touring caravan. I want the option of warm white or cool white. Is it possible to not have faf of a controller and remote etc but wire in an on/off/on switch to select between the 2 white colour options. I could run 2 lengths of led strip...
  8. J

    Voltage drop on rgb LED strip

    Hi! I’ve installed an rgb strip light to a friends house with a dropped ceiling and I did expect some voltage drop but not as bad as it is, the problem I have is 1. I have ran 2X 2 core 0.75mm2 cable from the carcass unit where all the sockets and less driver is in, into the wall and comes up...
  9. S

    1 CCT LED strip controller by 2 independent controllers

    Hi guys, I have a problem that I can´t solve with my lack of electrician knowledge. I have a situation, where I have one temperature changing 12V LED strip and I need to controll it from two different spots. To be exact, that CCT strip is behind my bed and I´d like to put one controller on each...
  10. A

    [HELP] LED strip with Sonoff switch

    Hi all Need advice on my current LED light setup with Sonoff switch. Can I check if the Sonoff switch should be connected as highlighted in the picture? TIA.
  11. S

    Outdoor Led strip light

    Hi all I’m new here. I’ve just installed 25m of ip68 led strip lights round my garden. 8w per meter. They came on just a plug top. Installed it all then plugged in brilliant. Just what we wanted. Now I’ve cut the plug off and gone through a photocell. But now when they come on at dusk they...
  12. B

    LED sequential strip in car, problem!

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie playing around with the car. It makes me so happy to take things apart but with no knowledge I most of the times struggle to put it back together lol. Anyway, decided to instal a strip inside my headlight. I hooked it up into standard H4 turn signal cables and the...
  13. G

    LED flex Strip lights fixings?

    Hi quick question, I need to removed some LED tape lights I fitted under my kitchen cabinets a while ago in order to fit some profiles. The adhesive they originally came with is not sticky enough to reattach them. Does anyone have any suggestions what to use? Thanks in advance Graeme
  14. J

    Strip lights. Connecting sections together

    Excuse a basic question. But just wondering on people's suggestions for installing LED strip lights under cabinets attached. On both the left and right cabinets there is an existing light. Guy wants replaced with strip lights. There will be three sections, one for left side and two for right...
  15. O

    240v DC! led strip lights

    A client asked me to fit some LED strip lights, 1m long, easy enough, they bought them, probably on Amazon, 3 pin plug with 6 inches of wire and then a very small plastic enclosure about the size of a switch, then another 6 inches of wire directly into the strip lighting. I needed to extend the...
  16. B

    Power strip causing PC to turn on unexpectedly

    Hi, for some reason whenever I turn on my lamp it also turns on my PC. I have little to no electrical experience so I would just like some help with resolving this as it is quite annoying. (Both the PC and lamp are both connected to the same Power Strip/extension cord)
  17. M

    LED light strip with motion sensor for bathroom mirror backlight

    Hi, We are doing a bathroom renovation and I can't find a light or a mirror with light that I like. I would like to buy a simple mirror that suits the style I am going for with a wooden frame, and then mount that mirror on a MDF background slight smaller than the mirror. I would like that MDf...
  18. M

    Best under cabinet led strip lights

    Hi guys Doing my kitchen and want to put the led strips under the cabinets and also the kick boards. Any recommendations for any? The one for the kick boards would need to fit round a u shape so would ideally be flexible to bend round. Cheers guys
  19. dlt27

    LED Strip lighting supply cable

    Hi all, probably being really thick so apologies if I am! Just wondered why led strip comes with such a thin supply cable? For eg 10m x 9.6w = 96w \ 12v = 8 A. So ideally not accounting for volt drop etc a minimum of 1.0mm csa needed. Why does most led strip come with a supply cable of maximum...
  20. X

    Does anyone know where i could get a led strip light set up that is powered by a force sensitive resistor/weight sensor?

    Ultimately for my project im making a lamp which will be powered by the weight of an object. So i want to power the whole led strip lighting solely through placing an object on the weight sensor pad. If anyone knows where i could buy a setup like this or how i could go about making it myself...
  21. M

    Animating LED Strip

    Hi New to LEDs, curious to how you’d go about getting LEDs on a strip to flash one after the other. Small strip, 3-5 LEDs. Ideally with a minimal amount of components. (Ive got a small area to work with) Thanks
  22. D

    DIY led strip glasses - Need some help!

    Hello forum. I am new here and seeking some expert advice. I am trying to make some DIY led light strips that will be controlled via DMX. The lights are these: 20/30/100 LED Battery Micro Rice Wire Copper Fairy String Lights Party white/rgb | eBay -...
  23. P

    LED Strip RGBW - How to split for parallel wiring?

    I'm looking to install some LED lighting strips to light some display shelving. It will consist of one driver going to a controller which will then be split into 8 x 1m length strips. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea on how to split the power from the controller to each strip i.e...
  24. N

    Fire rated LED profile

    Hi, I am new in this forum thanks for adding me. I did try to use search option with not much luck. I work at Heathrow as an electrical guy but have not much domestic experience. Builders building my loft extension and not clear the ceiling roof must be fire rated or not. My property is in...
  25. A

    240v LED Strip Light on Mains switch

    Hi all, Hoping for some guidance, which would be much appreciated. I currently have some Florescent Lights under my kitchen cabinets operated by a light switch and would like to replace with LED strip lighting. I have purchased some 1 Metre 240V LED strip which is fitted with a 3A UK plug...
  26. K

    Car led strip

    hi guys , can anyone advice me how many diode i should use for fitting my led strip in my car. i connected via 3 Key 12V~24V Switch DC 8A RF remote control Dimmer LED Wireless Controller and i want also to connect the power from the door switch but it disable the controller . i know that i can...
  27. S

    LED Strip Lighting Installation - Some Specific Queries

    Dear all - I am looking to install some LED strip lighting (it will be wall-mounted near the ceiling, behind some uplight coving). The plan is to pull the power from the mains under the floor and chase the cabling into the wall (brick wall, no studs), to then be cemented/plastered/polyfillered)...
  28. P

    Domestic LED strip light support clip

    My aluminium LED strip light has fallen down. The plastic support that it clipped into has cracked apart. Does anyone know what these support clips are called so that I can buy a new one? If you know of a better type of clip to use please let me know, these ones are really flimsy. The...
  29. D

    Help with fitting an LED commercial ceiling strip light

    Morning all I'm hoping for some help and hopefully not too much abuse I have a strip light that went down at the bakery so bought a replacement...different brand but assumed it was fine. All except I am an idiot and didn't check whether it was an emergency light or not (the one I am replacing...

    LED strip battens for a photography studio

    A customer of mine has some LED battens he wants to use as background lighting for a new venture of his (studio photography) .. I wants to know if you can get dimmers that'll work with them... If so I'll supply & fit...
  31. E

    LED Strip light minefield!!

    Hi everyone, Well i'm having a slight issue with choosing the correct type of strip lighting for what i need. I have created a bare brick wall feature in my living room either side of my fireplace. I will be running an aluminium channel with a milky diffuser on both sides of each wall to act as...
  32. Ric Arthurton


    Hi, my names Ric. (Apologises for the essay) Im new here but with only one question, or problem! Ive purchased an RGB LED strip to go behind my TV and to avoid bending the strip round the 4 corners of the TV, Ive also purchased L Shape RGB Strip Connectors. Now since purchasing Ive noticed...
  33. Morris19911

    Led strip lights on ceilings

    Looking for info on led strip lighting on ceilings with the coving profiles. How would you hide the driver and the cable to the strip light. Would you have the driver above ceiling and just chase the cable from driver to led strip into the wall so it comes out of the wall above the coving. I'm...
  34. P

    wiring under cabinet strip lights supply or load

    hi Wonder if anyone could give me a bit of advice. I have taken out my old fluorescent lights from under my cabinets and I'm replacing them with low wattage led strip lights. I have 2 in total. I have my mains supply cable which comes from my Light Switch and this cable runs to under my first...
  35. G

    LED Strip Lighting Requirements

    Hi, I am looking for some advice on what would be required for LED Strip lighting in my kitchen. The electrician ran cables from all the points (4) to the light switch. After looking online, I think I will need the following, and the electrician be able to connect it in the following manner...
  36. D

    LED strip lighting, DMX decoders, power supplies,!

    Hi all, I'm not an electrician so I need help! I thought this would be a fairly straightforward job but there's so many options, I don't know which to choose. Basically, we have boxed around the edge of our lounge to allow for downlighters and LED strip lights to reflect off the ceiling. We...
  37. M

    Replacing (old) hard-wired LED strip

    Hi, I need to replace the "8w SMD LED" for a light in my rented apartment but there are 2 issues. firstly, I can't seem to find a replacement and secondly, it looks like it requires some hard wiring. Saxby Lighting Ltd Model 46395 Any advice on either of those points? Pictures attached. Thanks!
  38. Z

    Dose This Power Supply Consume 500w for a short RGB LED Strip ?

    hello everyone ^^ so I bought 1m RGB LED Strip with a power supply to use for my fish tank as you can see & the information on the power supply is : Input voltage 110v / 220v 50 60Hz Work temperature -55 -+ 110 C Max Power : 250w / 500w 1p raiting 1P68 so my question is dose it really...
  39. J

    Tumble Dryer Drum Earth Strip -- DIY strip OK to use

    The earth strip on our tumble dryer needs replacing as the drum spindle has worn through it. A replacement strip is around £10. As the strip is a thin piece of copper, about 2in long and 1/4in wide, £10 seems way too much to shell out. I've made one from a copper pipe clip (cost 14p). Would it...
  40. N

    LED strip light bathroom instal

    Hi I want to install an led strip light under my bath panel. I have purchased an IP67 rated light but now I need to power it. I was planning on channeling up the wall to the loft where I have a power strip I can plug into, I will then be sealing this channel and tiling over it to seal back. Is...
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