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  1. freddo

    Kaba/Gilgen Combi-Scan Internal Manual

    Hi, does anyone have the set-up manual for the above over door dual sensor? Many thanks, Freddo
  2. P

    bathroom extractor fan internal grille - fire rated?

    Good Evening, I'm going to fit a 4 inch inline extractor fan in the loft above the bathroom. I'm guessing the internal grille has to be fire rated just like a down lighter has to be? i only ask because the website i bought it off doesn't sell any fire rated internal grilles even though it...
  3. N

    Van- internal step ladder mounting

    Hello, Is there a product available (not a DIY solution) to stick our step ladders to the (internal) roof of the van. Instead of lying on top of everything. Have seen 'Jet Rack' on US sites. Looks a bit pricey and a bit of unistrut on top. For those that have this, what have you used?
  4. E

    UK I can see the internal cables, is this safe?

    Hi. I’m a non-electrician looking for some guidance. I hope you can help. My mum has had two new down lights installed in the bathroom. I’m also putting insulation around and over the lights. I’ve got a down light protector for each light but I have a question about the wiring. Firstly, in...
  5. D

    Internal floor sound insulation and cable derating

    I'm looking at adding 100mm of sound insulation in an internal floor with 9x2" joists. The house has been rewired at some point so there are cables running unclipped in the void of the floor. Most of these are 2.5mm for the sockets, and also some for light fittings. Plastic radiator pipes are...
  6. O

    Bayonet lightbulb socket 'locked' by internal do I unlock?

    Hello I am a non-specialist and have just encountered a problem with the lightbulb socket for my hallway pendant light. It's a standard bayonet light fitting hanging from the ceiling in the landing, but when trying to replace a light bulb I seem to have accidentally 'switched' an internal lock...
  7. M

    Outdoor socket to internal switch

    Hi folks, I wonder if someone could enlighten me as to whether or not I could install an outdoor double RCD socket and wire it to a a pre existing internal switch? The switch itself would have been intended to be connected to an outdoor PIR and its in a new build house. The switch is wired...
  8. DC-backfrom the past

    Cconnection oven zop37982xk

    does anyone know the connection details or have a wiring diagram for a Zanussi internal wiring for oven zop37982xk Its has three contacts for the mains connection, marked 4 5 6 4 is obviously earth as its marked 5 and 6 are a lottery. I realise it might not make too much of a difference...
  9. J

    internal house hallway, 2 way lighting, customer wants to retain 2 way light switches but add aPIR

    Hi Guys, customer's house hall has 2 way light switched circuit, I have been asked to add a separate PIR to the existing light circuit to allow the lights to come on when PIR is activated, he wants to retain the existing 2 way switches as overall on/ off control when required independent of...
  10. J

    Delivering PAT training to internal staff

    Hi, My company are looking to have some PAT training delivered to some of our facilities staff and before I look to sign off on this I was wondering if there is any qualifications I would need to deliver the course (the one I have been forwarded is not accrediated but the learner would get a...
  11. C

    Internal drainage pipe help

    If a cast iron internal drain pipe terminates outside into a clay drainage point is this still classed as extraneous conductive part. I am being super careful as an NICEIC inspector had me box off a soil pipe on a PME system earlier last month and dont want to come a cropper again.
  12. N

    Honeywell G4 - Internal Speaker Volume

    Hi All I've just replaced an old alarm system with a Honeywell G4. I've noticed that the internal speaker is much louder when the bell strobe is on. For instance, if I turn the strobe on in the engineering mode when I press the button the keypad beeps through the speaker are considerably...
  13. captaincaveman

    Cooker internal colour codes

    Hi guys. Don't think I've come across this before and feel I'm loosing the plot. I'm planning to check with the manufactures on monday morning but wouldn't mind any opinions. I was checking out a tripping RCD on a new cooker range install earlier. The gas engineer / delivery guy refused to wire...
  14. K

    Cables run in cavity between block and brick of an internal wall

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of building a side extension. I will be putting in 2 new rings and 2 new lighting circuits. To get them from the CU to the extension I wanted to run them in the cavity of the old external wall (now internal because there is an extension on the other side)...
  15. kevyn

    Consumer Unit internal links

    Hi all, I am looking for somewhere that supplies internal consumer unit links, as my wholesalers say they cannot get them and I do not want to buy a whole consumer unit just for the links. I have thought about using meter tails but as the consumer unit I need them for is fairly busy they wont...
  16. B

    Internal Mains Electricians Required

    Internal Mains Electricians Required call Brian Taylor on 01698324664 or email [email protected] Long term contract opportunity with Global Infrastructure Service provider with £100 million plus turnover! Working as part of the internal mains division, running new connections to multi domestic...
  17. N

    megger 1730 mft

    Hi all anyone know what error code 29 is on a megger 1730 mft ? thanks
  18. I

    telephone extension

    need to put 2 extra phone sockets for sky boxes am i right in saying you only use 2-5 , is 3 needed or not , cheers
  19. D

    Bitron entry-phone wiring

    Hi chaps, Thankfully this is my own cock up, not a clients... Took the entryphone off the wall in my flat while I redecorated, making careful notes of which terminals the cables went to. Unfortunatly, when disconnecting, an internal wire to the buzzer popped out of it's terminal and I've no...
  20. P

    Domestic Neff circotherm oven fault

    Hi I am new to this forum so apologies if I have not structured this post correctly. Question: I have a Neff double circotherm oven model U1524. It is 4 years old. We have recently noticed that although the oven is working the temperature in the main oven is significantly below the set...
  21. A

    Mcs QMS - Internal Audit

    Hi guys I am currently in the process of applying for Mcs Accreditation and am creating my own QMS document as opposed to buying one in. One area we have not previously done but are now looking into is the internal audit section. Just posting to see if anyone could maybe help out and point me...
  22. H

    what's wrong with my megger mft1552?

    As soon as I turn my mft1552 onto ohms or irt, it constantly bleeps at me and flashes 72v. When turned to rcd test it doesn't bleep but just displays less than 100v.I bought it in January and got it calibrated then. It has only been used once since.Please help as I'm getting nowhere talking to...
  23. rainstorm

    Worcester Greenstar 40cd1 / Y Plan

    Evening all. Getting a little confused with regards the wiring for a Y plan when there is no controller to wire to (an internal programmer is being fitted). Since the main feed is wired into the boiler, then a switched live, switched neutral and boiler demand is taken to the wiring centre (no...
  24. L

    s plan heating system with pump in boiler not out side what do i do ?????

    Iv done a few heating systems now but no where near an expert yet but im a bit stuck because all the s plan systems iv done in the past have an external pump but this system is a vaillant boiler with an internal pump. So just need to know how to alter the wiring from external pump to internal...
  25. L

    s plan heating system with pump in boiler not out side what do i do ?????

    Iv done a few heating systems now but no where near an expert yet but im a bit stuck because all the s plan systems iv done in the past have an external pump but this system is a vaillant boiler with an internal pump. So just need to know how to alter the wiring from external pump to internal...
  26. S

    megger 1552 weird display

    Hi tried to do a Zs at a house today and my meter displayed "fus" NEVER seen this before. Not in the manual. Not the fuse symbol because thats ...different. Can anyone shed light? The funny thing is I have not used it since it was calibrated last week.
  27. M

    Wylex Breakers - What's the problem

    They have all disappeared on a recall. But Wylex wont say what the problem is. Nor will they allow you to take back one you have brought. Anyone know more? Martin
  28. B

    Is my megger banjaxed?

    Hi all, I'm getting an odd reading from my megger 1552,when trying a zs it is showing >500 and the fuse symbol is showing. I have got new fuses,with the same result. Has the tester somehow got fried from greater than 500volts?
  29. S

    House Alarm - help please

    I havent long lived in my current house and my upstair's bulb blew this morning and tripped the mcd for the upstairs lights which set my alarm off :confused: So i inspected further to find the alarm is wired into the upstairs lights mcb shouldn't this be on its own mcb as there is room for one...
  30. J

    Changing BT to NTE5 Master Socket?

    Hi all, i have a question..... is it easy to change a BT socket to an NTE5 Master Socket? I've never done any BT stuff before so its all new to me! any help / advice is much appreciated. (the sooner the better :) ) Cheers!
  31. U

    can i incorporate external sockets in to the same ring?

    Hi, I wanna know if I can incorporate a few outdoor sockets in to the same ring that will be feeding all the internal sockets, or does it have to be seperate - internal/external
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