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  1. M

    UK Is a seperate FCU required for spur?

    Hi all, I am looking to add 2 spurs off a ring main socket and the 1st is a 3 gang socket with a 13A fuse (see pic). The 2nd will be 2 gang. Will I still require a seperate FCU or will the 3 gang socket fuse cover this requirement? I beleive it will but just want confirmation. Thanks.
  2. F

    Spur from socket to a FCU

    Hi. First post! I have a socket on a ring which currently is occupied by a plug which operates my boiler. I would like to use this socket for something else. My idea is to spur off this (I've checked this isn't already a spur) to a 13amp FCU which my boiler would be wired into (no need for...
  3. D

    Would this be acceptable

    Hi all I have a customer who wants LED lights around his newly built garden wall. He wants 12 in total currently there is already a existing outdoor socket in the garden which is fed from the ring final circuit via a FCU At present he would like to keep the outdoor socket. He doesn’t want...
  4. M

    Running permanent extension lead from FCU socket?

    I have installed a new dishwasher, unfortunately the new cable will not reach the socket. The socket comes from an FCU, but is impossible to get at to add an additional socket. Can I run a permanent extension lead (appropriately 50cm) to plug in the dishwasher? thanks people:)
  5. L

    what connection to make for the fan switched live wire in a fcu

    can anyone help with the connection for the switched live from the bathroom fan in this fuse box. it is the unconnected yellow wire with a red sleeve and i assume it goes into the top right OUT connection with the single red wire. Thanks in advance
  6. S

    Spur from a spur cable??

    Hi All, I'm adding a new double socket in my living room, which I had intended to tie into an existing cable (that goes to an existing double plug - see pic) using a 30a junction box and create a spur. I've added the socket, run all the 2.5mm t+e behind metal shielding in a channel at the...
  7. A

    Kitchen appliance FCU

    It isn't a requirement for FCU's to be used for kitchen appliances ie dish washer or washing machine is it in a new build? I was thinking of just putting a double socket in a cupboard and plugging in the two appliance but have read about using FCU's and was wondering if this is a requirement or...
  8. GBDamo

    125V L-N on cable at FCU

    Was called out to a wall heater not working, took FCU off and both L and N supply cables had snapped off. This is a spur off a ring. I have not tested the ring as cannot isolate but all plugged in equipment is performing normally. Voltage on the exposed ends L-N was 124V, L-E 238V. My...
  9. kingeri

    Domestic Surge protected FCU ...

    So I have been asked to provide surge protection to a group of sockets in a PC area within a house. The sockets (7 doubles) are presently supplied from an FCU off the ring final. An easy solution would be to replace the FCU with one with surge protection built in. Problem is, they don't seem...
  10. P

    Wifi controlled FCU suggestions

    A customer has a couple of storage heaters on an economy meter and wants to be able to control both (seperate timer FCUs for each heater). They ideally want wifi controlled FCUs, but there isn't much on the market and the reviews aren't great (I usually use timeguard standard timer FCUs). Any...
  11. J

    Switched FCU with LED indicator

    Hello all, Im looking advice. I'm a diy'er. I have just replaced an old double socket and switched fcu with new stainless steel ones. My previous fcu would have the neon light lit, when switched on. My new one has the led lit when either switched on or off. It's lap brand from the screw fix...
  12. R

    Vent-Axia install from fCU

    Hi all I need your help my old vent Axia went busted and i needed a new one . I bought the same model VA100 and wire it up . That where the problem begin, on the terminal block on the vent got L. N SL so I conect the blue cable to the N terminal the Brown to the L terminal and the black to the...
  13. A

    Electric fire circuit issue

    I have been given from a friend an electric fire as seen attached. The fire comes all as one with fire surround and hearth with a power cord and 3 pin plug at the end. The fireplace is rated at 2kw. As far as I was aware this is ok to just plug into my downstairs ringmain. Am I correct With...
  14. C

    Domestic Bringing ring to regs standard, and other things

    Hi all, new to forum but excited to get in the thick of it. I've done some domestic electrical work in the past as my dad was a HV sparky when he was younger, and I have done a fair bit of LV microelectronics in my line of work. I have just bought my first house and done some things already...
  15. L

    Immersion wiring and amp sizes

    set up for immersion goes like this for me.... Option 1) 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 20amp DP isolator > flex from this to immersion. But how is this set up..... Option 2). 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 13amp fcu > flex from this to immersion Are both fine?
  16. E

    Loft Sockets added to spur( FCU)

    Hi there looking to fit 4 double sockets in a loft , there are no existing sockets wired from the loft so it will require a cable to be rsn into the loft , im wondering if i spur off a socket can i then connect the 4 new sockets in a radial from the spur assuming the original socket circuit is a...
  17. Daniel Shepherd

    Domestic Two fused spurs from one current socket?

    Hi, I'm doing some work on a room I want to convert into an office space. It currently has three sockets in it. One has two neutral and two live wires connected to the socket, the other two have 3 live an neutral wires (this wiring is done circa mid 60's we think. I plan to add about 2000kw...
  18. P

    FCUs - Electricity needed for 2 Digital showers

    i have recently had one bathroom redone. A spur was taken from a plug in the airing cupboard and put into a switched FCU with a 3 amp fuse as per Mira digital installation. The second bathroom is now being done with another same digital shower next door to the other one. I am assuming I cannot...
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