1. D

    FCU with two outputs

    I have an FCU, through my conservatory wall.. it was intended to be for a pond pump, but, can I, have a set up where I can use the same FCU, but switch between the pond pump and a light in a lamp post thing? I appreciate any advice!
  2. I

    Spur for fcu next to double socket.

    Grateful if someone could offer some advise, I'm struggling to find a definitive answer to this. I have a double socket, it was on the ring main but due to short leads after decoration the ring was joined behind the socket using 3 way wagos and short leads run to the socket, so it's effectively...
  3. D

    FCU to pond pump

    Hi all, Thank you in advance... So I had an electrician put in some FCUs on spurs to a couple of outside lights.. this one was in readiness to feed a pond pump. I'm very reluctant to question the experts, but I wanted to put an LED FCU on, and found this.. I really don't think it can be...
  4. D

    A spur off a ring with FCU (UK)

    Hi guys, newbie posting! Does the following sound ok... Existing circuit: SOCKET on a ring -> spur to SWITCHED 3A FCU -> SWITCH -> hardwired FAN Proposed: A new UNSWITCHED 13A FCU will be inserted between the SOCKET on a ring and the SWITCHED 3A FCU (which protects the FAN to 3A). Then that...
  5. W

    Spurring off FCU supply side

    Hi, apologies for the basic question In a radial circuit, is it permissable to spur off the supply side of an existing fused connection unit? As above, 3A FCU is feeding a floodlight, is it okay to spur off the supply side of the 3A FCU to feed a 13A FCU, isolating an outdoor socket? Cheers
  6. N

    40a MCB to 2 gang socket - want to spur off to FCU at 13a for freezer over winter

    Hello everyone, We had an electrician over, who fitted a 40a MCB in the house consumer unit to supply a new build garage. It's underground SWA, in conduit also. He temporarily fitted a 2 gang socket so we could use power tools whilst we complete a fitout internally, although in that use case...
  7. oracle

    13A FCU connected to the kitchen ring supplying an outdoor junction box,

    I found a 13A FCU, connected to the kitchen ring supplying an outdoor junction box, providing two SWA 2.5mm radials. Unconventional? yes. One radial 3m long to IP56 socket, and one radial supplying garage unit, lightning and power.
  8. popeyedwazza

    UK Can you have 3 13 amp fcus in series on its own radial 16amp with each supplying single socket

    Hi everyone. Im new here... I need advice on wether it is safe and okay to have 3 × 13amp fcus on its own radial with each having single socket to supply a.... 1st) fcu at 13amp-fridge/freezer 2nd) fcu at 13amp-washer/dryer combo 3rd) fcu at 13amp-Dishwasher They will be protected by 4mm...
  9. Backtoschoolelec

    FCU Spured to outside Lighting

    Can I ask a question and make sure I’m not missing something…. Have had outside decking lights in my garden put in by an electrician, using a FCU as the switch for them spured off an existing single gang socket. Fused a few times over winter, Likley due to water or moisture in the lights or the...
  10. Backtoschoolelec

    Wiring single gang/usb into a FCU to external decking lights

    hello all have a couple of questions re-some decking lights. I have fitted by Electrician around 10 years ago, He’s spured off an existing single gang socket and added in an FSU to control the lights. had nothing but problems with a is a lot to do with either garden creatures, chewing through...
  11. N

    Swapping out 2 gang for 2 FCU on 32A radial final

    Hello everyone, Back again after receiving great advice for the bathroom a few months back. This time I'm making a mess in the kitchen. We have a 32A MCB to radial final which goes to a cooker control switch which also has an integrated 1 gang socket. Off of this is a double socket which...
  12. J

    Loft light from Boiler FCU

    Hi all, I’ve recently had my boiler moved from the kitchen to the airing cupboard upstairs. (Changed to combi) Prior to this the hot water tank was in the airing cupboard which was being powered from its own circuit on the consumer unit. There was a shower pump powered from an FCU running from...
  13. J

    Garage Electrics - Fitting a light and another socket with fused spur.

    Hi all, I have recently bought a house. The garage is at the end of the garden and has a double socket. The socket is on the ring and not a spur. It has 2 live, 2 neutral and 2 earths. It was basically falling off the wall so want to replace it. The garage has no lighting so I want to fit a...
  14. HoneycombEchoRomeo

    Kitchen Appliances Single FCU to Multiple Appliances

    Hi Guys, I have the walls open (removing tiles from dot and dab walls fml...) Can i connect a single FCU 13a to both my integrated Fridge Freezer and Microwave? or would i need to have two seperate FCUs for this? or would i need a 20a DP Switch? wiring inplace is part of the ring main...
  15. KevinH

    20A DP or FCU for 1.5kW storage heaters

    Done a few EICR's recently and having a blonde moment regarding storage heaters. All storage heaters in the property are rated at 1.5kw and fed by 1.5mm HR flex, circuits are individually fed in 2.5mm T&E by individual 16A MCB's. All perfectly normal, except that each one is isolated locally...
  16. E

    RCD FCU usage since amd 2

    Hi, anyone know if RCD FCU's are now considered to meet the requirements of additional protection since the 18th amendment 2 ? Are they now deemed suitable for use for an extra light so I dont have to fit a stand alone rccb or replace the CU. ??
  17. S

    Can you connect an FCU directly into a ring main?

    Hi, Can you connect an FCU directly into a ring main? Rather than splitting the ring main and installing a JB I would rather fit the FCU direct. Cheers
  18. S

    I need advice on fcu for UFH

    I've had a electrician say i need to come from fcu but its going on a dedicated rcbo do i need fcu
  19. D

    Minor works testing FCU

    Hi wondering if someone can advise me on something.. Im installing a few outdoor lights, will spur them off a ring via fused spur. question is when i’m testing do I take the max zs values of a 3/5a 1362 plug top fuse or zs at light fitting and use max zs for the mcb? Please explain in detail...
  20. H

    What is notifiable and FCU questions

    Hello my name is Hanson and I am new to these forums, I am a retired plumber. I recently purchased a freehold ex local authority 3 bed property for my own use, everything appears fine except for two minor issues. Cealing hights through out is 7ft 10inches. Bedroom 1, the largest of them has...


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