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  1. FatAlan

    Kitchen refit - sockets moved from wall to units?

    32amp rfc supplying two gang sockets in wall behind kitchen units. At present horrible holes have been cut in the back of the units to get access to the sockets for appliances. New units going in. Whats the best way of extending to a pattress in the back of the unit? In essence Im looking for...
  2. O

    Wiring Kitchen Flush Ceiling Fitting to Looped in Double Switched Rose

    Hello DIY Electrical Forum I am at a bit of a loss to proceed any further than I have done so already with wiring a flush ceiling fitting in my kitchen to an existing twin switched rose. I have basic DIY experience and will proceed only as far as my ability allows and all work will be carried...
  3. B

    Advice on a product - Kitchen lighting

    Hi guys, I'm currently replacing the lighting in my kitchen. There really old. Basically the existing lights are recessed E27 bulb holders so i've throw some modern LED bulbs (8.5w) into them. The problem i've got is the cut out is large (130mm) and none of the modern LED's seem to fit without...
  4. T

    Kitchen installer expanding.

    Hi guys, chances are I might get flamed for this but what the hell.... :p I currently run a kitchen design and installation business and the electrical side is problematic for us, we subcontract so depend on various people across our area however, at times this makes quoting for jobs difficult...
  5. P

    New kitchen electrical safety question

    I've just had a new kitchen fitted and the installer came out several months ago before work was due to start and checked out what needed doing and at that time he never advised me that I needed extra power plugs. He started the work last week and advised me that I would need to purchase a 5...
  6. H

    Run new 32 amp cable to kitchen.

    I am getting an electrician in to fit a new consumer unit to provide an extra 32 amp cable/supply for a new cooker. I cant see how the electrician would be able to get a new cable from the garage where the consumer unit is located to the kitchen. Is it common for electricians to not be able to...
  7. R

    Help with installing new kitchen light.

    Hi, I've been let down by an electrician... twice now. I have a relatively easy install which I can do myself with some guidance. I wondered if anyone can help me out... the single light in the kitchen was a strip light... operated on two light switches. Also there is a porch light that I think...
  8. O

    Kev the kitchen fitter likes wago's

    Saw these today .......... kitchen fitters work ......... and a 3rd party company coming in to test and certify! bear in mind this wont be accessible for long at least these have earth sleeving! Apparently these push fit ones are perfectly good for everything - even joints that may...
  9. Gary Tollison

    Kitchen ceiling lights fire rating

    greetings :) Was curious about the ceiling lights in the kitchen if they were fire rated or not. Google was no help with model info. There’s an F in a triangle symbol on the side, but I don’t know if that means anything. Any ideas? Thanks, Gary
  10. S

    Need Advice - New Kitchen Rewire

    Hi Guys New to forum and enjoying reading the threads, all interesting, so.. Looking to re-wire my kitchen due to re-fit and some of you will be unhappy (understandibly) as I am not a qualified sparky, but I will notify building control and get the work certified and passed. This is simply an...
  11. C

    Commercial kitchen job help

    i have installed some fused connection units in a commercial kitchen, normally in domestics i omit supplementary bonding due to main bonds and RCD protection being in place. Whilst my circuit has RCD protection there are existing circuits with no RCD protection and out of interest to what...
  12. chris83

    Adding to kitchen wiring does cooker circuit need RCD protection?

    Hello all, first post by a new member so apologies for any posting faux pas in advance. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this rather long question) I’m in the process of re fitting my kitchen and was planning on making a couple of minor changes to the wiring installation. All of the...
  13. J

    Need some advice ! can I spur off a kitchen single socket that is coming off a fuse spur ?

    A friend has added a socket off the back of a single socket that is coming off a fuse spur in the kitchen will this be ok ? Thanks for the help
  14. J

    New kitchen rewire using a new board

    We are having our kitchen moved to a different part of the house. I have asked that the wiring for the new kitchen be using a new consumer board. The old kitchen will be changed into a bedroom. What changes need to happen to sockets and wiring of old kitchen. Also in the new room where...
  15. R

    Domestic Buzzing from kitchen lights

    Please can you help? I have 2 lighting circuits installed in the ceiling in the kitchen - newly installed. Both on separate circuits with independent switches It is 8 recessed LED fittings For each One set is silent when on The other set has a pronounced buzzing sound when turned on. This...
  16. Z

    Advice needed on running a 2.5mm cable in kitchen.

    Hi guys, I just needed some advice on running a 2.5mm cable. As I'm still a trainee doing my college course, I thought I'd ask the experienced guys on how I can do this. I have made the video on youtube to explain exactly where the cable needs running. Here is the link. Any advice is...
  17. R

    Kitchen 3 gang isolator grid

    Hi guys. I've had my kitchen 're fitted and in doing so 're wired. The hob and cooker both off of 32 ampseperate breakers in 6mm cable. The rest is on a socket loop 2.5 mm cable in to a 32 amp breaker. But linked into the loop is a 3 gang isolator grid for cooker hood fridge and washing...
  18. C

    Adding socket on to kitchen ring-no rcd

    Hi all, I was asked today to add 2 extra sockets on to an existing kitchen ring, however the board is an old wylex with the push in MCBs so no rcd protection. To add the extra sockets would it require A board change/rcd isolater? Thanks
  19. T

    Kitchen appliances - grid or switched sockets

    Currently pricing up new electrics for a new kitchen. I am not a spark nor do I intend on doing the work - I am simply saving some time and money by speccing exactly what I want prior to getting quotes. I have the following appliances on dedicated circuits: Fridge freezer (fed from B20 MCB on...
  20. D

    Domestic Kitchen Lighting Changes

    I’m a retired Electrical Engineer (was MIEE when I worked) and worked on electrical systems in nuclear power stations so I consider myself competent to perform electrical work. However, I have never been registered to perform work on domestic electrical installations. A friend asked me if I...
  21. C

    Domestic Kitchen - full rewire

    Greetings everyone We are rewiring a house and have reached the kitchen. We have run a 2.5mm cable from consumer unit which will connect as ring for over worktop sockets, and in the same ring we plan to run spurs (switched and fused) for: 1. washing machine 2. dishwasher 3. boiler 4. gas hob...
  22. I

    Require additional cooker spur in kitchen

    Hello, My electrician is currently wiring a new kitchen and has wired in a cooker switch to a cooker fused spur shown in the attached photo for the electric cooker oven. He has used 6mm flex wiring for the circuit. The cooker hob is gas. He has installed a B32 for the circuit back at the...
  23. Kitty0307

    Kitchen rewire and new main board

    Hi, We have recently purchased an 1800s 3 bed terraced house and have been told we need the electrics looked at. The main board has not been changed since the 1960s and we wanted to find a competent electrician who can get this done for us over the next few weeks. We're in the Scottish...
  24. E

    Is a non-fused switched socket spur allowed in Kitchen?

    Can someone please confirm if a single spur off a ring main is allowed in a kitchen? My plumber has said you cannot have spurs in the kitchen, must all be ring main? Use: To create an extra socket under the kitchen cabinets, 6" off ground, will be used for single ELV DC Alexa PSU as limited...
  25. C

    Replacing a kitchen wall fan

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the forum and I'm replacing a wall mounted extractor fan in the kitchen. The existing fan wasn't working when we bought the house, but it is wired on twin and earth cable and is switched off and on by an isolation switch (no pull cord). I assume that it didn't have a...
  26. D

    simple kitchen Light fitting

    I’ve changed an upstairs light before with success, now I’m changing the 2 kitchen lights, currently the living room light or kitchen light won’t come on now, everything else ok. I changed how was before. 1st pic is the old fixture. 2 black wires to blue/neutral, should be ok Green yellow to...
  27. T

    Fault on kitchen ring

    Hi all. Had a phone call about a tripping RCD. The customer had narrowed it down to the kitchen ring. When I go there,it was indeed the kitchen ring causing the tripping. Firstly checked the usual,nothing plugged in to any of the sockets. Checked the connections at the sockets,these were all...
  28. R

    Pricing Kitchen rewire and consumer unit upgrade with bonding and Cert

    Good evening people. I'm about to price up a kitchen we wire for a friend I've done work for mates before and know how it goes. Anyway, was hoping to get some guidance as I'm an improved and steadily taking on larger jobs myself. Job: Kitchen rewire. 3 sockets 3 single sockets chased in 4...
  29. leep82

    Smoke/Co alarm recommendations

    other than aico can anyone recommend any? Im looking for mains powered with battery back up and will require a combination of smoke, heat and Co detectors. Nothing against aico have used them many times amd will do again. The customers on a current job have asked about alternatives as they dont...
  30. C

    Fuse board in kitchen EICR

    Hello guys I will not be carrying out EICRs for friends and family ever again as my judgement has become some what cloudy. Thoughts on the below breakers in a commercial kitchen covered in grease? i have suggested new fuse board ?
  31. Spike1947

    Kitchen Cabinet Downlighters info

    Hi I have just changed my ELV Cabinet Down lighters from ELV to 240v because the transformer kept blowing the fuse (5A), I put these in over 20 years ago, so they have had a good go, as you can see from the pics, they are not located inside the cabinets, there is a pelmet and flat board joining...
  32. I

    Run power to kitchen Island - pyro cable through ufh screed - East London

    Hi, I have an open plan flat and want to get power to a kitchen island. I really want to avoid getting it through a pole from the ceiling. It's a new build approximately 13 years and has under floor heating. I believe it is electrical under floor heating, and from making a drill hole under a...
  33. S

    Domestic Under and upper cabinet lighting

    Hi, Hope someone can help. We currently have under cabinet lighting installed in our kitchen (by the developers when buying the new build). Keen to extend this lighting to above the cabinets, there are additional unused connections available in the current electrical supply. Struggling to...
  34. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  35. S

    adding fused FCU to radial circuit in kitchen

    Hi, I am fitting a new kitchen and would like to know if it's ok to connect switched 13amp FCU onto a radial circuit. The kitchen has a radial circuit with 4 x double sockets fitted - 2.5 twin and earth cable. I would like to add 4 x 13amp switched FCU's - one from each double socket so as I can...
  36. Z

    Installation of kitchen unit downlights.

    Hi guys Its your trainee sparky here. Just a quick question, If I was to install downlights in a kitchen unit to illuminate the worktop, where would I get the supply from? A guy I was speaking to who isn't a sparky said its best to get it from the nearest kitchen socket to where the lights...
  37. K

    Leak in kitchen, no lights old fuse wire

    Hi there, I'm after some advice. Last week we had really heavy rain and it leaked in through me kitchen roof. On the inside of that roof I have a chrome bar light with 4 spots. The morning after there was a bang, the fuse had gone on my lights (old electric meter, still on the old fuse wire) . I...
  38. M

    No cpc on lighting and no neutral continuity on kitchen ring

    Hi All, I recently replaced an old rewirable fuse board for metal split load rcd board. However on testing prior to replacement I noted that one of the lighting circuits doesn’t have a cpc. I’ve put this in the EIC for the new board that no cpc for lights, advised client that needs rewiring and...
  39. A

    4 gang kitchen socket plate

    looking to put 4 sockets in a drywall box in the kitchen, it's not wide enough for four in a row. Is there a square type like the attached one but without the module slots?
  40. W

    Kitchen appliance switches

    I will be redoing my kitchen (new cabinets, new appliances, and complete re-wire) and I'm trying to work out the best way of doing switches for built in appliances. I planning to have three appliances (not including the ovens and hob). These will be a warming draw, vacuum draw and extractor...
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