1. A

    Kitchen/utility rewire appliance consumption

    Currently planning a new rewire for my kitchen and want to get things right first time when it comes to appliances consumptions and circuits. Unfortunately I don't have the wattage of appliances as some not bought all yet but will go for worst case to be safe. the oven will be on its own...
  2. V

    Kitchen Trunking Question Please

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this is a silly question. I am supporting my mum with some small home renovations, in preparation for a care home. I am trying to do what I can myself to help her with costs. Can I ask if cables that have been run around the ceiling of a kitchen within dated trunking, is...
  3. V

    Kitchen Junction Box Question Please?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry in advance if this is a silly question. There is a junction box in my mother's kitchen, on the wall above her kitchen cabinet. It looks like one of these: Can I ask if it is unsafe to have these in kitchens...
  4. J

    Kitchen rewire - old ring main - new radial

    Hello, Last year I had some electrical work completed in my house (New CU, SWA for garage, downlights) I informed the electrician that I will be renovating the kitching at some point so he ran a new kitchen radial circuit for sockets and hob and oven circuit. These are on seperate RCBOs, which...
  5. MrKaris

    Kitchen circuit wiring question. newbie DIY. #help

    Hello. I am new to wiring and could use some help getting this circuit wired in the kitchen . I am trying to get the source power to the GFCI and then through a switch to have the garbage disposal protected by the GFCI. I also have a switch that I would like in for the above sink light. Lastly...
  6. S

    Grid Switches radial wiring acceptable or not?

    Hello Electrical world. Looking for thoughts and opinions. Currently planning out my kitchen re-wire for new kitchen. I was originally planning on having my washing machine 9.1A, tumble dryer 6.5A, dish washer 8.5A on there own radial circuit. Total current 24.1A, protected by a 25A circuit...
  7. P

    Running wire around ductwork

    Hello all, I'm renovating my kitchen and had a question about running wire around ductwork. In attached pictures - I need to have a receptacle and a dedicated dishwasher line to the right of the ductwork. However, there is no good way to avoid the ductwork without running about 40 feet of...
  8. J

    UK Kitchen Wiring-New Build ring vs radial

    HI All, I am building a new house (self build) and have my part P so am running the cabling. My reading of the regs says that any appliance of over 2KW should not be supplied by a ring main and should have a 4mm radial. (BS 1363) My questions are really around this- - It seems all of my...
  9. A

    Kitchen electrical dishwasher

    Hi, I was just wondering if I have a dishwasher on a circuit of its own so I'm looking to put a double socket beside the fused spur in kitchen used for the dishwasher is it ok to just spur of the dishwasher fused spur straight into the double socket.
  10. D

    UK How is this Electrical Plan for 6m kitchen ext in London?

    Hi, Could you please give advise on the suitability of this plan for the kitchen extension (based on the UK regs)? Thanks.
  11. nick9one1

    shock from metal lightswitch in kitchen

    UK here. I've noticed the light switch in out kitchen gives a small tingle when you use it with bare feet. I ran an extension from another socket in the house and found that that there is 240V between the switch and earth from the socket. I tested resistance between the known good earth and...
  12. S

    Loading on an existing Kitchen and living room 32amp ring final

    Bit of advise if anyone has time.. I have a customer who brought a new kitchen from wrens. Customer has had the route to the kitsch redecorated 6months ago. I’ve found a route which means 25meter going externally and I quoted to supply new 6mm and ring circuit. They are supplying Oven (13amp...
  13. U

    UK New consumer unit required for updated kitchen

    Hello all, I'm in the process of having my kitchen refurbished and I'm looking for advice on my current setup as I have been told that I will require a new consumer unit in order to connect the new induction hob and oven. The oven requires 16a and the hob is 7.2kw It looks like he intends put...
  14. B

    6mm kitchen sub-main

    Howdy All, just after a 2nd opinion as i'm doubting myself. I went to a property to look at replacing the ccu, I noticed what I thought was a 6mm cooker circuit on 32a But found it was feeding another ccu in the kitchen (Extension) I couldn't open the ccu as it was boxed very tightly!! it has...
  15. D

    UK Drilled into wire in kitchen

    Hi all - been an idiot / schoolboy error - drilled into a wire that drops down to a fused spur socket in the kitchen (for washing machine I think) - blew 30A fuse for downstairs sockets and tripped RCD. The wire is behind plasterboard. Any advice on what the repair should be would be appreciated...
  16. deamonata

    Requesting a check on electrical wiring in Kitchen

    Hi there, We're currently in the process of getting a new kitchen fitted and I wanted to double check the new wiring that has been installed before I plaster over it. To clarify the electrics have been organised by the fitter so as fair as I know the electrician is part P certified but I was...
  17. P

    Which is Better: 15 Amp Split Circuit or 20 Amp Circuit in Kitchen?

    Hi there. I am a doing some DIY kitchen work. In Ontario Canada, code allows either a split 15 amp multi-wire circuit or a 20 amp circuit (each with two receptacles allowed on the circuit). We only need GFCI if 1.5 m from a sink, so the outlets I am installing do not need GFCI protection. Is...
  18. S

    Kitchen batten light

    Happy belated Xmas everyone. Need a little help with faulty kitchen light….does not fully light up and have taken the cover to see if I can replace the lighting strip but have never done this before and need a little help. Would I need the motor element aswell? Where best to source it from?
  19. A

    Hob/Oven Circuit issue

    Hi all Some advice on this would be great. Due to wire a kitchen from scratch and in a pickle over the designing of the oven and hob circuits due to having to carry out first fix before appliances are agreed on due to time restraints. My original thought was to run a 6mm cable on a 32amp...
  20. M

    New kitchen install over existing wet underfloor heating

    Hi, I'm getting renovations done to my home, including an existing extension which already has wet underfloor heating. We are moving a kitchen to this area from another room and plan an island with induction hob. We've just been told that it wont be possible to fit a hob on the island without...
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