1. F

    Wiring inside a kitchen island - conduit required?

    We are installing a new kitchen and the electrician has supplied the electricity under the base units, there is a spur for a socket that will be installed at the end of the island. The conduit from the floor is not long enough to reach the socket and so I have run the wire as-is in between the...
  2. C

    Adding new sockets in kitchen

    Hello there, we are wanting two new double sockets in our kitchen, one will be below counter to accommodate gas hob and ovens ignition plugs (rated 3amp each) and one above the counter to have occasional use of the coffee machine (1700watts). For transparency we only have a washing machine in...
  3. HoneycombEchoRomeo

    Kitchen Appliances Single FCU to Multiple Appliances

    Hi Guys, I have the walls open (removing tiles from dot and dab walls fml...) Can i connect a single FCU 13a to both my integrated Fridge Freezer and Microwave? or would i need to have two seperate FCUs for this? or would i need a 20a DP Switch? wiring inplace is part of the ring main...
  4. dan231

    Kitchen Lights - adding a dimmer

    I have a kitchen light with is wired to the eat-in kitchen area. There are 3 separate switches (back door, hallway, and stairs) that control both lights. I have 2 questions. All 3 switch locations are 2-pole switches. 1. Is it easy/possible to separate these lights to separate switches? 2...
  5. H

    Earth cable in kitchen - purpose?

    Hi, I had the house re-wired in 2018. I have taken the kitchen out and have found a new earth cable was installed but is not connected to anything. What purpose would this have? Is it for earthing the plumbing? Thanks, Hadley
  6. S

    Kitchen LED Strip Light Fault

    Hello, We moved into our house 2 years ago and until recently the kitchen lights worked fine. The LED strip lights are on a dimmer switch, when pressed (full power selected) the LEDs come on briefly and then go off. On investigation the LED strips are driven by an Aurora driver (this model...
  7. S

    integrated kitchen appliances

    what install should be done for integrated kitchen appliances when- 1 socket is unaccessable, ie on the wall behind the backs of the cupboard. 2 not wanting to move the sockets inside of the cupboards. Should the fuse pop on an appliance getting to it would be very difficult or destructive...
  8. banny07

    UK Heat Alarm in the Kitchen

    Hi guys. I am wiring a kitchen extension and planning to install seprate CU for this. I have two questions if you guys help me finding answers. 1) do I need to install spd for this cu . existing cu doesn't have any. 2)There is no smoke alarm in the property and the owner is not interested to...
  9. B

    Kitchen extractor fan

    Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for a kitchen extractor fan i.e. rate of 60l/s. We're almost finished renovating and we've just been told we have to have one (I know bit late in the day and I'm not happy but we are where we are). There are only a couple of spaces for one to be located...
  10. J

    Two 3 way switches, 1 reg, too many "extra" wires and zero working kitchen lights. (Picture Inside)

    Hey guys. Embarrassed to say but I've been living here for almost 5 years now and I've never had my kitchen lights working properly. Can someone possibly help me with some advice to wire these in properly? The other day I switched out all my old plug in outlets and light switches for new...
  11. PhilCumbria

    Kitchen Ring Main Problem

    Hi all i have a problem on a kitchen ring that has been reconnected by a different firm on a complete rewire. The building has been rewired apart from a kitchen that was joined onto existing wiring. Problem is, one I don't have a ring and two, I get power but then it goes off after an hour or...
  12. I

    Distributing kitchen appliances between circuits

    We're renovating our kitchen, and I have parts of the wall open and can rewire circuits right now if needed. We currently have three 20A circuits serving the kitchen, as follows: *Circuit 1: fridge, microwave, toaster, outlets. *Circuit 2: disposal, beverage cooler (5 cu. ft. mini fridge)...
  13. K

    New kitchen, cookers different place.

    Hi, Before I start any changes that I make will be thoroughly checked over by a professional electrician for official sign-off. I am doing it as I am a capable DIYer and want to save costs while enjoying the fruits of my labour. Having said that I am installing a new kitchen where the existing...
  14. Bobby34

    Kitchen Grid switch method

    Hi everybody, Looking at putting a kitchen grid switch in my kitchen and wanted to see what you guys (and girls) thoughts were about my set up as i've not installed one before. Looking at running a 2.5mm radial just for the sockets and a boiling tap (1500w) theres no large appliances to be...
  15. S

    How many downlights in the kitchen?

    Hi, Having a new kitchen fitted and was hoping for some advice please. How many LED downlights do I need? Will likely be using these linked below (9W, 450lm, 120° beam) I've attached two photos of my...
  16. gm1984

    UK 16a oven on 20a fused spur from Kitchen ring main

    Hi, I've just bought a new built-in 3.4kw oven = 14.8A @ 230v. I'm getting 245v so actually 13.8A. Existing oven plugs into single socket fed from 20A DP switched fused spur. Ring is small (3 double sockets) with 4 x 20A DP switched fused spur single sockets (oven, washer/dryer, dishwasher...
  17. B

    UK Kitchen extractor hood fan not working?

    This Candy CCE16/2X kitchen extractor hood fan is not working, the lights are still working but the fan itself is not. I know there’s a fair bit of grease on there as you can see but will that be the cause & are there any other things I can check myself to find out why?
  18. J

    Indoor PIR in the kitchen

    Hi guys Wondering if you could help. I wanted to fit an indoor PIR sensor in the kitchen which would control 20 led down lights. My kids have a bad habit of leaving the lights on and leaving the room. Is this possible? Can anyone send me a link to any good ones? How easy are they to fit...
  19. E

    New kitchen does it need own fusebox or change just the mains fusebox?

    New kitchen will be installed. Do we need to rewire the kitchen? The fusebox we have is ancient and our electrician has recommended to rewire kitchen then have a consumer unit just for the kitchen electrics as he said things may trip because our consumer unit is old but my builder who covers all...
  20. K

    Pricing help on kitchen refit

    Hi all! I have posted on here before for advice on pricing and received some really great advice so wanted to see if I am still in the ball park of fair pricing. I still work for a company but on shifts so have been doing more and more work on my days off. Still unsure whether to just work out...
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