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  1. S

    wiring a new three-bed house costs?

    Been given quotes and wondered if reasonable. One is for wiring a new three-bed house as around £2,500. Is this a standard cost?
  2. driverman

    UK Rewire cost?

    Hi guys, I'm a retired electrician and been out of the game for many years. A friend of mine is in the process of buying a 1980's property. What would be a typical average rewire cost be of a 2 bedroom bungalow? I know it all depends on what the customers requirements are etc. I've told my...
  3. T


    I've owned my electrical company for around 10 years over this time most of the work has been on a sub-contract basis. I'm now beginning to work direct with clients. But i'll be honest im stuck at what to charge for callout hours and general day and night hours. I don't want to put the tender in...
  4. C

    Energy Costs do do do do do

    Hi, it's time to renew the (gas and electricity) energy contract. I've seen a 31 month contract, that's only £12 a month more expensive than the cheapest 12 month contract. Sounds good to me, anything I could be missing? Thanks.
  5. P

    Claiming training costs by employer

    Hi guys, few months back my company put me on Inspection and testing course and NVQ3 in Maintenance Engineering to get me multi skilled. Agreed to it thinking it's always good to have another piece of certs. But I had to sign the agreement saying I will not leave the company for the 12 months...
  6. S

    Help needed - Kitchen fit (Electrician costs)???

    Hi, I will be getting a kitchen fitted soon and need to find an electrician, about to get some quotes. This is what is required: -Move a couple of light switch down 10 cm. -Move power socket behind unit for dish washer. -Make new socket for extractor fan. -Make new socket for washing machine...
  7. S

    Help needed - Kitchen fit (Electrician costs)???

    Hi, I will be getting a kitchen fitted soon and need to find an electrician, about to get some quotes. This is what is required: -Move a couple of light switch down 10 cm. -Move power socket behind unit for dish washer. -Make new socket for extractor fan. -Make new socket for washing machine...
  8. N

    Lutron LCP128 - Costs???

    Evening all, I'm doing a restaurant refurb and the client is insisting on a Lutron Panel. I have used these previously however I'm more used to iLight or Mode. Does anyone have an idea *Roughly* how much a Lutron LCP128 panel and 2 scene setting touch pads would cost? I'm obtaining quotes but...
  9. R

    shower supplies

    We have been asked to supply 2 new 10.5 kw showers off a memshield 2 3 phase DB. Looking at prices for rcbos we are looking at 90 a piece for mcb and pod. Anyone got any cheaper suggestions? With the highest mcb being 63a sph I cant run an rcd main switch db off for these./
  10. B


    Hey Help please? I'm wondering how other Sparks are doing their bookkeeping. A mate is telling me to look at online bookkeeping software as it will save me a % of my accountancy and bookkeeping costs. Who uses software, or excel, or pays for a bookkeeper to do it? Appreciate the help. Thank...
  11. jaydub

    Start Up Costs

    Hi everyone, this may have been posted before so sorry if that is the case, but... Thinking of starting up by myself and I'm trying to calculate the average costs involved in starting up, followed by the on-going annual costs. I will be setting up as a sole trader and do not wish to grow the...
  12. L


    Evening everyone, What is everyones thoughts on labour rates that you would charge out if you were a business? I have recently started a company quoting for small jobs and charging myself out at £25ph. I live 20miles north of london. Would you agree that this is an acceptable rate? Thanks Liam
  13. S

    Hager industrial recall

    Has anyone else heard of the recall Hager have done on there 3phase mcb? Had the rep from CEF on the phone yesterday to tell me they have been recalled but he didn't know the problem with them, its any mcb that has been installed since July 2016 have just fitted around 30 of them at my work.
  14. P

    Domestic Quote for replacing old storage heaters

    Not sure if this is the right forum but can anyone advise on this? I am replacing 2 storage heaters and have been quoted around £1,100 plus vat for removal/disposal of the old (non asbestos) ones and fitting of the new ones (Dimplex manual not Quantum). I could order these heaters myself for...
  15. G

    Cheapest heating

    What do you think is the cheapest heating system for a house of 200m2?
  16. J

    1st and 2nd fix costs Northern Ireland (Full Installation)

    I have all the chasing done and back boxes set, coaxial in, and Earthing rod installed outside. I would like to know how much individually for 1st and 2nd fix for 20 doubles, 12 switches, 13 ceiling lights, 4 wall lights, immersion heater, electric shower, cables for 3 PIRs, two phone points...
  17. H

    how does sub-contracting work?

    hey guys ive just moved here from new zealand and im gona start sub-contracting to a company next week,, im getting 100 pound a day and was wondering is this before or after tax? and how does this whole subcontracting thing work?
  18. B

    Works vehicle

    I realise this could be a slightly contentious issue but next year I'm looking at going on my own, now I need to have a vehicle with 4 seats at least and in order to keep costs down I only want to run one vehicle for both home and work. With this in mind and the fact that I'm a Land Rover lover...
  19. M

    Big boys solar light

    Recently did a job with the lad I work for involving car park lights that are powered by a 12volt battery which is kept topped up by the combination of a solar panel and a wind turbine bolted to the top of the column. Quite interesting, the 6metre columns were already up and We had to lower them...
  20. jason121

    New MCS Certificate

    Just been reading about the new MCS certificate update, interesting read. Any thoughts
  21. D


    Hi guys, would like your opinion on a hourly rate I can work my jobs to. I have been a sparky game in various areas for next part of twenty years, but have decided to narrow my range to domestic, I have recently joined Elecsa and passed my assessment with no problems, but am looking what pricing...
  22. S


    Hi Guys!! Got a potential customer got 4 BIG houses behind some private gates each house costs 4,000 per year on gas and electric.Hes got a (paddock) few acres on the back of his garden (very nice) its classed as farm grazing land he wants me to put together a project so he can have a mix of...
  23. D

    Solar Business

    Hi guys, first post so apologies if its in the wrong section or just plain daft!! Im a 32 year old guy and have been doing electrical work since leaving school at 16 and serving a 4 year apprentaship... I've done it all at some point including domestic/commercial/testing/fault finding - even...
  24. C

    Solar FiT costs half original estimates, Barker admits

    solar fit news | Solar FiT costs half original estimates, Barker admits 5th March 2012 Energy Minister Greg Barker has announced the revised costs of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for solar electricity will actually be half his department's original estimates. In a written...
  25. S

    Commercial Project

    Hi everyone, I have a customer who wants rough pricing on a potentially very large commercial system. I am thinking the best way to provide a rough estimate is just to base the (rough) cost of the job on the return on investment expected. Although i haven't installed any large systems yet so...
  26. R

    Solar pv lead generation

    We have thousands of solar pv leads for able to pay customers across the uk ,moving forward with the new fit rate we see an even greater demand now that initial costs have crashed to the customer,if your looking for good quality leads postcode specific or uk wide then please get in touch.either...
  27. P

    Domestic Part P work

    So just out of curiosity and to keep it anonymous so no one gets in any trouble :90: Have you ever carried out work notifiable to Building control but not actually notified them due to the costs involved.
  28. V

    Solar PV install prices

    Hi everyone Fitted a few of these now however only for the company i work for on a hourly rate I was wondering what the going price per install was? Doesnt matter how far away you live as im prepared to commute to wherever, just wondering what other people are getting payed for doing a...
  29. A

    mcs accreditation

    I recently did a c&g pv course and have the chance to do a couple of installations. Can anyone advise on what gaining mcs accreditation involves and who is it best to go with?
  30. S

    What company and what panels do you use and why?

    As per title really? I have just secured my first pv install and was wondering what panels you guys prefer to use and why? The company near me is Marlec and the supply the bp 185's has any body else used these panel and Marlec? Whats your thoughts?
  31. F

    Total costs to get mcs accreditted and ready to install?

    I'm looking to get into installing pv and have been on a course last year. I remember it seemed like it was going to cost a fortune to start up. I would like to know the exact costs for everything to get me passed my first install and mcs accreditted. Not including the installation costs of the...
  32. M

    Moaning customers..

    What would you guys say is a fair price.. Been aked to wire up a shower. Taken alook this morning, already rcd protected, needs 10metres 10mm twin & earth, 50 amp pull cord switch, mk 50amp breaker, also will main bond water as there isnt one present 4 meters 10mm. easy cable run, approx 2 hours...
  33. S

    DNO Help

    We had decided that we were just going to install domestic pv systems but have been asked to price for 3 x 40kwp systems in the last 10 days. It seems rude to ignore these requests :D but I'm a bit worried about the whole DNO situation and associated costs. At the minute I've got a farm and a...
  34. E

    diverting calls to your mobile

    Whats been your experience with this? do customers prefer to have a landline number instead of a mobile number? whats every1s opinion on this
  35. S

    boiler control pricing??

    AS title really what price do you guys charge for wiring boiler controls? y plan? s plan? existing wiring needing altering?
  36. P

    Minutes for pricing purposes??

    Has anyone got a list of the minutes you get for doing set tasks, for example I have a list stating one bedroom flats should be rewired in 2010 minutes, a 2 bed flat in 2640 etc. I was just wondering if anyone had any further information on these lists. ie: how many minutes do they say it...
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