1. D

    Ireland Newbie looking for answer

    Hi everyone I have started a new venture as a coffee shop owner and have gone out and bought my machine . Unknown to me the shop unit is not kitted out for three phase . I told the owner of the shop and he said he is at his max and just use a 32 amp socket . This is riddles to me and I don’t...
  2. M

    Hello from Martin, joined today

    Hello everyone. I am Martin. I am a student and joined to the forum to find answers to my questions. Thank you
  3. El Kid

    Hello from newbie - El

    Hi All, I'm El and I've recently started my journey to become an electrician.
  4. Ramos44

    Newbie to this forum

    Hi i am new to this forum and i am finalizing my electric work soon
  5. AintGotAny

    Newbie, Homeowner, DIY, seeking answers...

    Hello all! I am a recent newly-bought homeowner, with some questions about electrical. I am pre-planning, researching, and setting up for an electrical project where I will do most of the work, and I am hoping to find some answers to basic questions. Seems like a good forum here!
  6. A

    Newbie question 240v

    I have a welder that takes 240v. I just wanted to know an appropriate wire size I should use and breaker size. I had been recommended 10-4gauge with a 30 amp breaker but am pretty sure that’s not enough power I’m using an Eastwood mp250i I know I’m not an a electrician
  7. Peteredgar83

    Newbie looking for help

    Hi all, im a newbie to the site, currently studying my level 3. I need to get access to the trainee forum but wont let me start a new thread, any ideas? Cheers.
  8. N


    Hi, Another newbie here. I’m a mature career changer, having worked in HM Forces & the emergency services before. Now working for a ground works company & looking to get trained up as an electrician. Cheers, npg
  9. M

    Hello, Newbie Introduction

    Hi, I'm Martyn, just wanted to introduce myself. New to the industry, due to a covid related redundancy in 2020, have spent most of 2021 at a training center learning the basics. Have passed the following City & Guilds qualifications. 2365 (2) 2365 (3) 2382 2377 2391-52 Based in Essex and...
  10. J

    Another newbie, from Hemel

    Hi to all, Electrician from Hemel Hempstead, also interested in electronics, plc's, HAM radio and valve amplifiers. Joe
  11. M

    Newbie question…wiring a transformer…

    My transformer came in. I’m assuming the “IN” goes to the power cord from the wall and the “OUT” goes to the 12v MR16 bulb? Thanks!
  12. B

    Yet another newbie

    Hello. I'm an engineer and serial DIYer on both cars and my house. Over years I've tackled many projects including a full re-wire and all new plumbing and heating system on my last house. I like to do things properly and neatly, even where the work will for ever be hidden from sight. If it...
  13. S

    Newbie, non-electrician looking for advice

    Hi folks, Hi everyone! I'm Sam and will be owning my first home in the South West soon if the ongoing purchase goes through successfully. Its a 3 bed semi detached built in the 1970s and the current owner is a lovely lady who has lived in it since new but hasn't renewed or changed much since...
  14. G


    Hi there, I'm new here. I specialize in the TV aerial, satellite & CCTV side of things and have done for 20 years. I'm just about to start my Domestic Installer course as I'm forever being asked to move power sockets or "do i know an electrician" as a huge amount of the general public seem to...
  15. D

    Newbie Intro

    Hi all, just a newbie introducing myself. Kind of a DIYer and wanted to learn from everyone and eventually give back someday to other newbies.
  16. M

    Newbie Intro

    Another newbie who has been using the site for research many times. Originally a mechanical and electrical engineer, then been involved in security and fire systems installation and certification and also some electrical installation testing. Hoping to be able to contribute
  17. SteWal

    Another newbie!

    Hi all, at 56 I decided to get the qualifications to be a domestic installer and here I am! Now I just need to get the experience and that’s where I’m hoping you can all help. Thanks in advance. ?
  18. D

    UK Hi all newbie here! Excuse my ignorance!

    I have an industrial metal common 2 way switch (an external box with wire outlet through the top), I want to use this to turn a side lamp on and off, so power would be supplied via a plug (power in) and another wire out for the light (I will only use one of the switches happy for the other to be...
  19. F


    Glad to be part of the forum, hopefully be able to help out with questions.
  20. K

    Please could you help me to retrain the correct and best way that you know?

    Good afternoon, I have always loved things to do with electrics and always wanted to become an electrician. Life throws things at you which led to me becoming a DJ in Majorca instead. Covid 19 has decimated lives and livelihoods in 2020 and has meant I have lost all my work. I am extremely...
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