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  1. H

    Yet another newbie

    Experienced DIYer, rewired two houses (and certified by qualified electrician) way back in the day when you could do that. Electronics I'm comfortable with - plumbing I hate! (Why? Because if you get something wrong with electrics it goes "pop" and you know about it; a plumbing fault...
  2. A

    DIY enthusiast intro

    Hi, DIY enthusiast here. Learnt a lot of valuable information for my last house renovation project. Here to learn 😊
  3. D

    Ireland Newbie looking for answer

    Hi everyone I have started a new venture as a coffee shop owner and have gone out and bought my machine . Unknown to me the shop unit is not kitted out for three phase . I told the owner of the shop and he said he is at his max and just use a 32 amp socket . This is riddles to me and I don’t...
  4. MrKaris

    Kitchen circuit wiring question. newbie DIY. #help

    Hello. I am new to wiring and could use some help getting this circuit wired in the kitchen . I am trying to get the source power to the GFCI and then through a switch to have the garbage disposal protected by the GFCI. I also have a switch that I would like in for the above sink light. Lastly...
  5. M

    Hello from Martin, joined today

    Hello everyone. I am Martin. I am a student and joined to the forum to find answers to my questions. Thank you
  6. El Kid

    Hello from newbie - El

    Hi All, I'm El and I've recently started my journey to become an electrician.
  7. Ramos44

    Newbie to this forum

    Hi i am new to this forum and i am finalizing my electric work soon
  8. AintGotAny

    Newbie, Homeowner, DIY, seeking answers...

    Hello all! I am a recent newly-bought homeowner, with some questions about electrical. I am pre-planning, researching, and setting up for an electrical project where I will do most of the work, and I am hoping to find some answers to basic questions. Seems like a good forum here!
  9. A

    Newbie question 240v

    I have a welder that takes 240v. I just wanted to know an appropriate wire size I should use and breaker size. I had been recommended 10-4gauge with a 30 amp breaker but am pretty sure that’s not enough power I’m using an Eastwood mp250i I know I’m not an a electrician
  10. Peteredgar83

    Newbie looking for help

    Hi all, im a newbie to the site, currently studying my level 3. I need to get access to the trainee forum but wont let me start a new thread, any ideas? Cheers.
  11. B

    A newbie basic (and probably stupid) question!

    Hi. I'm completely new to solar but am getting a system for my house with solar panels, an inverter and battery and, of course, will still have a mains supply from the grid. I aim to provide my electricity needs as much as possible from the solar and from the battery (charged from the solar or...
  12. N


    Hi, Another newbie here. I’m a mature career changer, having worked in HM Forces & the emergency services before. Now working for a ground works company & looking to get trained up as an electrician. Cheers, npg
  13. M

    Hello, Newbie Introduction

    Hi, I'm Martyn, just wanted to introduce myself. New to the industry, due to a covid related redundancy in 2020, have spent most of 2021 at a training center learning the basics. Have passed the following City & Guilds qualifications. 2365 (2) 2365 (3) 2382 2377 2391-52 Based in Essex and...
  14. J

    Another newbie, from Hemel

    Hi to all, Electrician from Hemel Hempstead, also interested in electronics, plc's, HAM radio and valve amplifiers. Joe
  15. M

    Newbie question…wiring a transformer…

    My transformer came in. I’m assuming the “IN” goes to the power cord from the wall and the “OUT” goes to the 12v MR16 bulb? Thanks!
  16. B

    Yet another newbie

    Hello. I'm an engineer and serial DIYer on both cars and my house. Over years I've tackled many projects including a full re-wire and all new plumbing and heating system on my last house. I like to do things properly and neatly, even where the work will for ever be hidden from sight. If it...
  17. S

    Newbie, non-electrician looking for advice

    Hi folks, Hi everyone! I'm Sam and will be owning my first home in the South West soon if the ongoing purchase goes through successfully. Its a 3 bed semi detached built in the 1970s and the current owner is a lovely lady who has lived in it since new but hasn't renewed or changed much since...
  18. G


    Hi there, I'm new here. I specialize in the TV aerial, satellite & CCTV side of things and have done for 20 years. I'm just about to start my Domestic Installer course as I'm forever being asked to move power sockets or "do i know an electrician" as a huge amount of the general public seem to...
  19. D

    Newbie Intro

    Hi all, just a newbie introducing myself. Kind of a DIYer and wanted to learn from everyone and eventually give back someday to other newbies.
  20. M

    Newbie Intro

    Another newbie who has been using the site for research many times. Originally a mechanical and electrical engineer, then been involved in security and fire systems installation and certification and also some electrical installation testing. Hoping to be able to contribute


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