1. DannyJS

    Quick intro...

    Hi All, Quick intro as i've read a lot from a distance but now I am looking to get involved, ask questions and get some advice. Thanks everyone up to this point :thumbsup: I am 33 in Greater Manchester area, completed C&G 2365 L2 & 3 at Trafford college a couple of years ago, recently updated...
  2. L


    Hi All, newby to the forum and site, I'm and Australian hotrodder with minimal electrical knowledge and will be asking Auto Elec questions for help by you learned auto elec guys. All help is appreciated and thanks in advance, cheers Leprod
  3. M

    My introduction :)

    Hi every one New to the forum. I would like to change careers from optics to electrical installer. Is the correct route to start off with 2365 city and guilds courses? Could anyone advise how to go about it? Thanks much appreciated
  4. BulkWorkwear

    Intro - - Workwear Print & Embroidery

    Hi Guys! We're a new sponsor on the Forum. We are a UK based online safety workwear supplier. We offer Brand Identity Application on Workwear & much more. This includes Print & Embroidery at a fractional cost compared to our competitors. We take pride in providing high quality safety...
  5. ThatMatt72


    Hey all, Just thought I'd say a quick hello, as I've joined up today. Look forward to putting the world to rights!! Matt
  6. Mike Lee

    Domestic Introduction to the forum

    Hi all, just saying hello. I have signed up as I have a specific question that I would like some advice on. I live in france and have actually wired one house with some help, one house buy myself and re-wired my current house. The first two required signing off by the consuel here in France...
  7. C

    New Member Introduction - Callum

    Hi all, my name is Callum and I am new to the forum. I am not a trained electrician, but relevant experience wise I have a degree in physics and my PhD - which I am nearly finished - is primarily in microelectronics. I have also spent a good deal of time with microelectronics as a hobby. My...
  8. Huwtdec

    Introduction from me

    Hi. I'm just saying hi. I'm here because I am in the process of learning about all things electrical, in the course of working on my house. I'm hoping I can ask for advice here and learn from experienced sparkies! I don't know why my avi pic is me in a balaclava, and I'm not sure how to change...
  9. S

    Intro from a newbie and technical advice needed!

    I am a qualified maintenance electrician working in the natural gas industry, as such I have some specific training in electrical installations in explosive atmospheres. Just finished my HNC in Electrical Engineering and now looking to climb the ladder in my organisation. My question is - I...
  10. Markyd


    Domestic Installer....Self Employed....Just to say Hi and enjoyed this forum for a while now....
  11. C

    Introducing myself to the group

    Hello all Ciaran from Nottingham here, just mooching around the site to see what's happening with a view to contributing in the coming weeks. Cheers.
  12. V

    Introduction and appreciation

    I have read and reassured myself so many times by taking the time to search and read the threads on this forum as a non member, but relatively new 'qualified ' electrician. I am on the 'mature candidates' NVQ and ECS process toward my AM2. I have so far never had to ask a new question that has...
  13. J

    Newbie intro, advice appreciated

    Hi all, I'm in the process of trying to change career from a council desk job to (eventually) electrician. Started off with a "training provider" who promised me the earth but delivered Skegness... Managed to get my 2365 lvl2, 2377, 2392 lvl2, and 2393 which I've found out since is essentially...
  14. D

    Intro and question about my current electricians advice on Underfloor heating

    Hi all, I have had an electrician round doing some rewiring. Whilst most seems good i have had a few problems with him crossing lives and neutrals, connections coming apart and a broken pump (blew whilst he is working here says it was nothing to do with him though). I am trying to persevere...
  15. D

    Hi, brief intro, autoelectric hobbyist

    Hi everyone. For those interested in introductions, I gained 12V experience building 12V weather sensors during my PhD in climatology, and nowadays I have completely rewired a Toyota LandCruiser during its conversion to a live-in expedition camper. So I'm not an electrician by trade, but have...
  16. Ben Upton

    Intro from new member - Web developer

    Hi everybody, I've just joined the forum, and it's great to be a member! I'm a full-time web developer looking to eventually branch out on my own. I have relatives in the industry and an interest myself, so helping electricians with their websites/online marketing is hopefully a good fit for...
  17. D

    Intro and advice on apprenticeships

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, stumbled across this forum whilst looking at apprenticeship reviews online. Just had some questions I was looking for some help with. I want to start an electrical installation apprenticeship this year, I was looking at going through Nottingham college...
  18. J

    New to the Forum, short intro

    Hi, Jovan here from London 7 years exp 26, self-employed, Completed apprenticeship, 17th ed, 2395, 2396 (midway through). Commercial & domestic.
  19. R

    Newbie intro and question about qualifying.

    Hello everyone, first post to the forum so please be kind! I'm posting to request some advice some guidance in regards to qualifying as a domestic installer. Apologies for the long post but I wanted to provide as much info as possible so as to get the best advice as possible. Firstly a bit of...
  20. nbwriter

    Intro: Old School Technician (That Researches Everything)

    Hi Guys (And Gals) I am not a qualified electrician. But, I did work as a hardware/software technician with various companies for about 6 years. I still work in general maintenance (for a company) today, so I'm sometimes called upon to fix general electrical faults like lighting failures and...
  21. M

    Intro and a few questions

    Hi all, Just posting to quickly introduce myself as well as to ask a few questions. To quickly summarise I am in the Army and by trade I am an electrician. Just assuming nobody here has much knowledge of how the army actually use us trade wise, they don't. Unless your on a construction tour you...
  22. G

    Introductuio & question

    Hi, Rewired a house around 40 years ago and now helping a friend to rewire another - it will be Part P certified once complete. Have a query re two-way switching. I completely understand what's happening using either the 'conventional' method or the conversion method ... but the latter...
  23. dinger809

    Just a quick intro of me

    Hi all, first post on here although been watching for a while. Approved, gold card carrying electrician and proud of it. Been doing new builds, (domestic and commercial), refurbs and changing LAMPS for years now. Still learning every day and enjoying the posts on here
  24. R

    Hello All, quick intro

    Hello all, I am currently making a change in career used to be in Insurance, and couldn't deal with it any more. I'm 5 weeks away from finishing my qualification and will then be out looking for work! I am from Essex (romford) and will be looking for work in the surrounding area or in...
  25. J

    Newbie Intro. Thanks for having me :)

    Hi there, jamrod3030 here, just joined... based in Hampshire, have worked in video for live music for a long time, trying to broaden my skill set to make myself more useful for touring and have just done the C & G level 2. Hoping to do Level 3 in the autumn. Anyway, just wanted to say hello.
  26. R

    Hi, New member Intro

    Hi Just giving my new member intro. Industrial electrician 4 year apprentice NVQ level 3 236 pts 1,2 & C 17th Edition BS7671 Level 3 ONC mechanical engineering C & G Level 2 F gas UKATA non licensed asbestos works
  27. M

    Newbie introduction and looking for experience

    Hi, Recently completed Trade Skills 4U bronze course as a new career direction. So are looking to gain practical hands on experience and would appreciate any advise or work with someone who could do with an electricians mate. Permanent, temporary or on a as needed basis. I live in the...
  28. Gaspirate

    Introduction from The Gaspirate.

    Greetings all, Just joined up to benefit from the wisdom of others. Recently qualified with 17th Edition, Part 'P' and Test & Inspect and 3 months as Electrician's Mate. Too late in life really and a total newb. I insist you make me into an expert (or competent person at least!). Regards...
  29. P


    Hello everybody, looking forward to dipping into the huge font of knowledge that exists on this forum. Phil.
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