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  1. J

    2391-52 past exam papers with answers?

    Hello, Has anyone got any previous 2391-52 exam papers? Haven't got much luck online (without paying). Done one on 'Sparky Facts' but that's about it. Also anyone got any experience on the course and can recommend me what to revise more on? Feel comfortable with the testing itself...
  2. polo1

    Two questions, two answers.........?

    Hi all, two questions, one to settle an "argument", the other for an apprentice's question that I haven't got the (confirmed) answer to at hand... Q1 - First, a three phase DB, with a three phase 32A supply to a three way switch fuse, which in turn serves a three phase socket outlet. Is the...
  3. B

    Fault finding examples and answers

    Has anyone got any examples of AM2 fault finding, MCB trips when calling for hot water? Will this be hot water valve? Motor tenant complains of tingling feeling on DOL? Open circuit on CPC?
  4. V

    2365-305 C

    Fail first exam. Any suggestions what kind of material to study to pass next time. Maybe text books? I found swindon massive and spark website but exams there is with answers a b c d. 305 C is written exam. No answers are given. I think you can pass only with practice the exam with similar...
  5. A

    Help with 2395

    hello all, Failed my 2395 written exam and from wanted help understanding the following questions that came up State two reasons why it is important that the phase sequence is confirmed throughout the installation? State two methods to confirm phase sequence with an installation? The...
  6. N

    17th edition exam

    About to take my 17th edition exam and when I did the 16th edition is was on old fashioned paper (who remembers that). Am I correct in assuming that within the 2 hours I can go back and forth to any questions I have answered to check them and if necessary change the answer. Also do I get the...
  7. G

    Fault finding

    Identify the tests that would be carried out to locate each of the following faults, as reported by the client. a.A circuit breaker keeps tripping, as soon as it is reset, which is protecting a socket-outlet circuit. b. RCD on the outside lighting circuit trips frequently, even though the...
  8. S

    City and Guilds Assigment Help

    Hi everyone, I need serious help here I know theres a post on this before bit everyones answers seem wrong. I need someone who seriously knows what there on about, here is the question Propriety Fixings of the PVC Conduit I need a solid answer for this as I have college tomorrow thanks
  9. J

    Assignment guide

    Hi, i am really struggling to find the relevant books and guidance notes to complete my assignment at Level 3 - 2365. Can anyone please help.
  10. P

    insulation resistance testing question

    If some of the circuits of a shower block for a big site have been tested for insulation resistance during constuction. what is the possible effect that insulation resistance testing the whole installation when completed have on values obtain on completion compared with for those circuits when...
  11. P

    Good insurance company!

    Hi been looking through forum!! so many questions!!so many diff answers!! Fixings?roof loads?earthing TL yes HF no (array) 4kw or 3680kw?type B or C rcbos?invertas in loft? SENIOR MEMBERS ANSWERS REFER TO DTI GUIDE! so can anyone suggest a good company or do i need to refer to DTI GUIDE...
  12. D

    Coursework-HELP PLEASE!!!! SHEET 3

    Hi guys sorry just a few more questions i need help on much appreciated. 1.What do we mean when we talk about ‘decommissioning of electrical systems’? 2. Which three electrical tests are likely to be carried out by a plumber? 3. Which two items of equipment would be used? 4. What...
  13. D

    C&G 2377 Portable Aplliance Testing Questions

    Hi Guys, Practice questions for those studying towards the 2377 Exam. Regards Dichroic;)
  14. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Cscs, ecs & jib cards

    Hi I have noticed a few threads regarding these two cards. My question is as there seems to be a quite a few jobs out there which require this card which one am I able to get to enable me to gain work with the companies who are asking for this? I have looked on the websites but dont think...
  15. O

    Pratical Guide ???

    Hi anybody got a copy of Christopher Kitcher Practicle Guide to Inspection and testing and certification Why well I tried to do Test 1 on App C P179 and found (so far ) 2 claring typos that does not instill me with confidance. First question 3 4 double sockets on a 4mm radial calculate the r1...
  16. T

    2382 Questions.. Where in the book??

    Evening all! I have been doing my 2382 exam simulator.. I did terrible!! Am i right in thinking that ALL questions asked in the 17th regs book can be found in the big red book?? I understand some of these may be simple questions and easy for many of you to answer. But could you tell me...
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