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  1. S

    Working before joining trade association (SELECT/NICEIC)

    I am currently employed full time with a medium sized contractor in glasgow, scotland and am aiming to go self employed at some point in the next year. However my 2 preferred trade associations want you to be trading 6 or 12 months before theyll sign you up. The question is how does that work...
  2. Q

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Joining to NICEIC

    Hi everyone, I am planing to join Domestic Installer with NICEIC. And I am thinking to demonstrate my own home for assessment. I will change consumer unit and install a new light circuit and notify to building control via third party. I just wonder this is acceptable? I know I can ask this...
  3. G

    Notifiable work before joining competent person scheme

    I’ve been offered a full rewire and consumer unit change, in the guidance note it says all notifyable work should be reported to building control or done by a person who is signed upto a competent person scheme. My aim is to sign upto a scheme eventually, I’ve done a domestic installer course...
  4. R

    Joining a cps without 2391

    Morning lads I may be mad but I am thinking of starting on my own. Since completing my apprenticeship I have been working mainly on industrial machinery. I have been involved with design through to commissioning stage of installs. Fault finding and plc work are two of my favourite things. My...
  5. M

    Planning on joining the trade as an electrician!

    Hi All, I'm 26 year old, I currently work in hospitality in a managerial role, and I hate it. I've been wanting to get out for ages but unfortunately with having a mortgage and all sorts of bills to pay it`s quite difficult. I don't have any experience in anything else. I`ve been working bars...
  6. S

    Joining a Union

    Hi All, Just wondering what people's thoughts are of joining a Union whilst undergoing a first year Apprenticeship? I'm a mature student (37) and have secured an apprenticeship through JTL. They mentioned about joining a Union, and I was wondering if you think it's worth joining whilst...
  7. D

    Joining 16 or 25mm Earth Cable

    Hi any recomendations for products which I can use to join Two 16mm Earth cables. Going in a Fairly inaccesable place so trying to avoid Screw based products. Need to move an bonding cable for Copper pipe as boiler been relocated
  8. Midwest

    Joining erthernet cables

    Following on from my other thread IP rated switchcover - I’ve decide to try and relocate the control panel. After a bit of a faff, managed to get to the other side of the old control panel. So my intention is to extend...
  9. N

    Stroma Certification Scheme Delay joining Stroma

    Anyone else had a delay joining Stroma. 5 weeks since my assessment ( passed) and nothing back from Stroma. On contacting them I get fobbed off with “ there is a backlog “ story.
  10. T

    Joining 25mm SWA - two options?

    I was having a debate with my spark today about methods of joining above ground 3 core (E,L,N) 25mm SWA cable. We need to move the consumer unit and with it the meter tails (fused to 80A). This requires an extension of the tails as it is not possible to completely re-run them. He said that the...
  11. HL82

    DIY Help - Joining 2 halves of a cut power cord

    Hello - I bought a corded hedge trimmer today and started using it. In about 5 minutes I had managed to chop through the cable! Rookie error. Here are the cut cable ends (I am in the UK btw) So I need to repair the cable. Having googled around, I could solder the wires together, but I don't...
  12. Baddegg

    Joining different size cable.....

    As per title, went to look at kitchen rewire this evening, no probs all straight forward, as I’m about to the leave lady says while you here I keep getting shocked from this wall when I washed it down? Turns out someone has extended old 4 mm stranded cooker circuit with 2.5 and put a double...
  13. C

    Joining existing cooker cable

    Hi, neighbour has asked me if I would move his cooker control switch for him. Since new position of it is further away,this would require joining existing cable via JB or, as is preferable, running a new cable. Running a new cable is a fairly big job,so do the regs allow a JB to be used in this...
  14. C

    Joining forum long time in electrical trades, electrical product development currently resting

    Hello I have been working with electrical sector since 1980 , timeserved electrical fitter, electrical machine tool fitter, test and development engineer for a large uk shower manufacturer, then an instructional officer in a prison ( a really interesting job). I have struggled to stay employed...
  15. R

    Joining wall between 2 flats, sockets and fire prevention

    On site today and heard the carpenter tell the site manager that all the sockets and switches on the joining wall (flat opposite side) will need to have fire prevention boxes built aroud them. The site manager is having trimber supports added for the sockets and told him there is fire...
  16. M

    Price of joining a scheme

    Hi guys Any idea on the prices for joining different scams...i mean schemes??
  17. M

    Advice on joining UFH wires

    Hi all, I'm attempting a repair on a comfort zone underfloor heating mat. The customer lifted a floor tile and in doing so cut through the cable. Fortunately there is enough slack to complete a join but I have one shot left at this having already tried with butt connectors and heat shrink...
  18. littlespark

    Part P without joining a scheme?

    I have a possible job coming up where a neighbour of mine in Scotland is buying a property in England. Its a flat, and he thinks it needs a full rewire. Until I've seen it, I cant say what all needs done. Since starting self employed, I haven't joined a scheme yet as the costs are too much at...
  19. Loki

    Stroma Certification Scheme Thinking of Joining Stroma

    Hi Everyone, As the title says I'm looking at joining Stroma & on looking on this forum I noticed users mentioning the following documents are required. A complaints log A Health & Safety Policy A completed risk assessment for the job your using as the assessment I've spoken to Stroma today...
  20. S

    Joining some biggies...

    Hey all, need to redirect some half trunking and subsequently the cables inside on a job soon so will need to extend them. Have no problem with the 2.5/1.5 singles as I will use my much loved wagos (let the arguments begin..), but there are some 16mm and the 10mm singles to join too. Ideally...
  21. Rabbitvxr

    Newbie joining the trade

    Hi all.. Im Rabbit (Ryan on a sunday :rolleyes:) and from the almighty central Scotland lol Currently a sparkys mate with 7 months on the tools (with my mate funnily enough lol) but going for my apprenticeship in the form of an adult learning course at night after june, just missed out on...
  22. SJD

    Joining a cable to be buried in a wall

    Now and again, I need to join a cable that is buried in a wall, sometimes in a stud wall, sometimes to be plastered over. Sometimes when someone has drilled through it (last one was a kitchen fitter who should have known better), or sometimes to extend a cable e.g. to move an accessory lower on...
  23. L

    Wagos vs Crimps vs junction boxes?

    Whats your thoughts on Wago's? Always preferred a JB or crimps myself. Wago's just don't seem right to me. There a lot quicker but don't seem so secure. Whats your guys thoughts?
  24. D

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Joining Napit

    Hey. Im new to the forum! Heyy! I want to join Napit. I hear they require previous test certs and references from previous customers to join. I am joining Napit in order to write certs... How would i have any previous forms? Having never issued a cert to a customer, i also have no references...
  25. J

    What do I need to join Elecsa?

    Hi all, Just wondering what the requirements are for joining elecsa. I have 2330 and 17th edition and almost a year on site experience. Do i need to finish my NVQ3 before I can join? Also what can I do if I`ve lost my evidence pics for some of my NVQ? (PC world said my hard drive was corrupted...
  26. G

    inspection this week

    inspection this week should i be worried ?
  27. P

    getting back to work

    I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2004. It's now under control with med's. Thank's to it my memory has been damaged (Don't worry I know the difference between live neutral; a plug and a light). I was looking for a copy of the 17th edition to go and do the course when I came across a digital...
  28. S

    Business Networking

    Has anyone ever been to a business networking group? Are they useful or just a load of waffle?
  29. B

    IR TESTING - advantage of connecting L and N?

    GN3 states that it acceptable to connect L and N together and IR to earth in a situation where all wires cannot be disconnected from accessories i.e a row of fluo's But what is the advantage of doing this rather than just individually IR testing between first L and earth then between N and earth?
  30. F

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Advice for joining napit pls

    Hi folks, am in the process of joining napit awaiting my dreaded "site visit "" and would like to know what to do about my notifiable work regarding the process of notification to buidings control ?will the assessor need to see that the work has been notified to builings control and...
  31. BigSi

    SafeContractor Scheme

    It’s been suggested I look into joining this scheme by one of the construction companies that I work for. I’ve been trawling through their website, but can’t find what exactly they need from you? It seems to be a case of applying and paying the fee, then they tell you what they need?
  32. C

    Hmm, which scheme?

    Am baffled. Looking at joining either Elecsa, NIC or Napit. The only one I can't quite work out price-wise is NIC. Elescsa also seems very cheap at £350 for the year. Any ideas??
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