1. J

    Introduction and looking for guidance on best way into the industry.

    Hey guys To introduce myself Im 29 and been working in offices for the past 10 years and just come to the realisation I find it pretty soul destroying and left my previous job just as this outbreak took hold! I dont think humans are designed to sit in offices for 8-12 hours a day! Decided on a...
  2. DannyJS

    Quick intro...

    Hi All, Quick intro as i've read a lot from a distance but now I am looking to get involved, ask questions and get some advice. Thanks everyone up to this point :thumbsup: I am 33 in Greater Manchester area, completed C&G 2365 L2 & 3 at Trafford college a couple of years ago, recently updated...
  3. M

    Hello everyone:) quick self introduction and question.

    Hi, I've come across this forum, started reading it and couldnt resist to not share my point of view and ask the question. About me: I was always interested in electricians trade. I've worked 3 years as an electricians mate in Poland, 3 years in France, then I come to UK. And I've...
  4. P

    Introduction - MacLaren Electrical - Estimating Service

    Hello everyone, My name is Paul and I am a qualified electrician and electrical engineer based in Inverness, Scottish Highlands. My company, MacLaren Electrical, provide a third party electrical estimating service to contractors in Australia and the UK I will be using the forum to learn and...
  5. Dan

    InStyle LED Introduction Video - LED Lighting by the experts

    InStyle LED Introduction Video @john watts
  6. E

    Introduction to Surge Protection Devices

    Hi Guys just reading this link & thought someone might be interested Practical tips for installing surge protection devices in low voltage panel | EEP -...
  7. M

    New Member Introduction

    Hi Everyone, I'm a self employed electrician, mostly domestic work in my immediate area on the Somerset/Dorset border. I've been with NAPIT since 2005, started on the 16th edition so now have a large collection of BS7671's! Rejoined your forum recently, hoping to find help and support in...
  8. K

    Hi everyone (new member)

    Hi all, I'm new here - thought I'll say hello before asking any questions. I'm Kuba, 30 and I live in London. I’m doing a City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 course and hopefully going straight to work after I complete my training. I've been a pub manager for last 5 years and decided for a career...
  9. S

    New member introduction

    Hi all, Been a regular visitor to this site for sound advice and have now enlisted. Been in the industry for quite a few years in different countries. Thanks to all contributers.
  10. C

    New Member Introduction - Callum

    Hi all, my name is Callum and I am new to the forum. I am not a trained electrician, but relevant experience wise I have a degree in physics and my PhD - which I am nearly finished - is primarily in microelectronics. I have also spent a good deal of time with microelectronics as a hobby. My...
  11. Huwtdec

    Introduction from me

    Hi. I'm just saying hi. I'm here because I am in the process of learning about all things electrical, in the course of working on my house. I'm hoping I can ask for advice here and learn from experienced sparkies! I don't know why my avi pic is me in a balaclava, and I'm not sure how to change...
  12. T

    New member introduction

    New member saying hello been a spark for about 15 years
  13. A

    New member’s Introduction as Electrical mate/improver

    My name is Akinade Ogunwale I am a new member in this forum looking for a job with an ambition company that gives room for progression, I am Electrical mate/improver looking forward to become a qualified Electrician as soon as possible. Thank you Akinade Ogunwale (Email removed by staff)
  14. Jack Bevan

    Hi This is my Introduction!

    This is Jack Bevan from newton. I’m interested in different renewable energy systems like solar thermal, heat pump, and solar photovoltaic. Thank you in advance for welcoming me.
  15. LEricG

    Greetings from Leicestershire

    Hi, I'm Eric from the heart of the country. An amateur DIY'er with very little knowledge of electrical stuff. Just here to get some advice about batteries so I'll swing over now to the DIY electrical forum.
  16. Stephen

    Introduction prior to ask if for advice

    This looks like a great community and I'm hoping to get some advice from people on here. My name's is Stephen and I'm from Wrexham. Thank you all in advance for your patience and help. Stephen :tongueclosed:
  17. V

    Introduction and appreciation

    I have read and reassured myself so many times by taking the time to search and read the threads on this forum as a non member, but relatively new 'qualified ' electrician. I am on the 'mature candidates' NVQ and ECS process toward my AM2. I have so far never had to ask a new question that has...
  18. H

    New member introduction

    Morning all, Fairly new to the forum, have been watching and lurking for a little while. Great forum very informative, have certainly remembered hell of a lot since being here and had one or two nosebleeds going over some calculations. A little about me, currently serving in the armed forces...
  19. P

    Newbie Introduction !!

    Hi I’m Paddy I’m 35 .. late starter .. just started the 2365 Level 2 at college .. going good so far .. looking forward to gaining priceless knowledge and a bit of a laugh .. based in Reading so any job offers welcome !! Pair of hands for the weekend up for grabs !!
  20. L

    Introduction to the forum

    Hi all. Back on the tools after a 3 year gap, and so glad to be back. Cheers all Luke
  21. Sparksaflyin

    Me in a nutshell (with minimum of 20 characters)

    Morning again fellas. I’m being promoted to introduce myself so I thought I’d better. My names liam and I’m an electrician (obviously) from Leigh on sea. I’ve recently started my own business and am in the process of revising for my 2396. I want to move more in the direction of designing, so...
  22. H

    Introduction : Harry

    Hi all. Name is Harry. Not an electrician but involved in multiple property projects. Currently rebuilding my own home. Decided to join as always looking for good resources in my area. Rgds Harry
  23. J

    Newbie introductions

    Hi there Just joined the forum, I’m on here seeking domestic installation knowledge. I’ve been an Industrial Electrician for 12 years mainly attending breakdowns and carrying out rountine maintenance with Installation work making up about 20%. I’ve just been moved onto a shift pattern which...
  24. Jonathan Rust

    Newbie Introduction -- and any firms hiring in Essex?

    Hello everyone, happy to be here. I’m new to the industry and eager to learn. I was running my own window cleaning business and then helped out by brother with a kitchen rewire and house extension and enjoyed the work so much I decided to change career. I've now finished my C&G 2365 levels 2...
  25. B

    Introduction and Safety protection socket

    Hi i am from Mauritius and I am really happy to be here. I think will learned a lot from all you my friends. I want to make a safety socket with RCD for my workbench, so that i can connect the apparatus under repair to the socket and if something goes wrong the rcd connected to socket will...
  26. Leroy Merlin

    Introduction... newbie

    Afternoon all, just wanted to say hello. Preston based and new to the industry after deciding on a career change. Currently working on my 2365 (yep, one of the pay now and get certificates in 9 months ones) I'm hoping that I can get a foot in the door and then graft my way to full...
  27. Captain Black

    Hello World... Another introduction from a newcomer.

    Hi all, Just thought I would do as requested and put a short bio. Have only been sparking for a relatively short time (10yrs), compared to some of the others I see on here. Made the move over after a career in I.T Networking, WANs not LANS, when the company I worked for tanked and I decided...
  28. H

    New member introduction

    Hi all, a new member/Old DIYer here to ask a question. I've done some of my own home installation in the past but the biggest was installing a storage heater ringmain on a new consumer unit. I have one simple question to ask and later another not so simple, both of which are really asking...
  29. Ben Upton

    Web developer introduction

    Hi everybody, I've just joined the forum, and posted in the new member introductions but thought I should also post here where it's more relevant. I'm a full-time web developer looking to eventually branch out on my own. I have relatives in the industry and an interest myself, so helping...
  30. D

    New Trainee Introduction

    Hi, my name is Dom. I’m due to start an evening course for C&G Level 2 in Electrical Installations at my local college this September with the intention to progress to Level 3 & NVQ etc. I’m 24 years old and have been self employed working with a couple of electricians as and when they need me...
  31. Crocy

    Introduction for new but older person

    Quick intro thanks for letting me join help would be most help ull especially just trying to start as an older electrician especially with all new regs know inforce
  32. Lily Osborn

    Introduction Peps :)

    I am Lily Osborn, a professional tailor. I am also part-time private tutor. See y'all around :) Lily
  33. S

    Testing for a new user

    Posting for the first time & just saying Hello!
  34. A

    Newbie introduction!

    Hi folks, just introducing myself as a new member to this forum. Fully qualified sparky who also does some A/V and CCTV work. Data cabling specialist! I hop to contribute to this community!
  35. R

    Introduction: Old, not obsolete

    Hi All, I'm a capable electrical DIY'er with decades of professional experience in Broadcast and Communications Engineering. In the course of my duties I have had reason to design and install simple electrical distribution systems but profess only a rudimentary knowledge of domestic electrical...
  36. T

    A bit of introduction about my self

    Hello,My name is Tasos Ombashis.I am from Cyprus and currently working as an electrical site engineer in London. I did my bachelors in University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and my masters degree in University of Liverpool.
  37. B

    A little introduction.

    Happy new year everyone, My names Ben, I am 30 years old and I live in a small town called Darwen which is in Lancashire. I have an interest in electrical work and have an NVQ Level 2 in Electrical installation. I am however looking to gain more experience in the industry as a sparks...
  38. S

    A wee introduction to the forum

    How you doing guys just joined, always looking to learn and to also to pass on some information I've picked up on the way. Approved spark with a recently picked up 2394/5. Based near Glasgow. Rico.
  39. L

    Introducing myself to the forum..

    Hi, I've just joined the forum. Not qualified yet but hoping to start a course soon at the ripe old age of 41. Complete career change. Looking forward to being part of the forum. Regards, Lee Harrison
  40. F

    Introduction and needing advice please

    Hi All, After years working as a Personal Trainer I decided that it was not for me anymore. As like quite a few people I've seen on this forum, I'm also looking for a career change. I'm 33 years old, always liked to do hands on work and would like to start my level 2 ASAP . I have a few...
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