1. martino


    I'm new to this forum and just saying hello. I'm currently completing the City & Guilds 2365 level 3
  2. R

    Sorry.. Just posting an introduction as a Old but New user member!

    Hey all.. Electrician based in Bristol! The best city in the UK! I hope all my fellow Sparks are battin above average and rockin life presently! Cheers!!
  3. Lexi R

    Considering retraining as an electrician

    Hi all, just posting my mandatory introduction thread! I'm in my early 30s and not enjoying my desk job and I'm considering chucking it all away and retraining to be a spark - hence my account here. Don't really have much else to say, currently I'm just reading through the regs and such and...
  4. 1974_Saab_Sonett_Project

    Introduction to the Forum

    Hi Everyone, I have been (slowly) restoring my 1974 Saab Sonett for MANY years as a body off full restoration with a mix of OEM and resto-mod type details. Every component has been (or is in the process of being) rebuilt, upgraded or modified as I go. One of the last pieces to the puzzle has...
  5. I

    New member introduction:

    Hello and thank you for accepting me. My name is Ioan and registered for some tips and help when I'm gonna start city e guilds lvl 3 and the project that is included in those 3 weeks. Followed the city e guilds path, graduated lvl 2 and 18 edition. Currently I work as a shift engineer. Hope...
  6. L

    Introducing myself

    My online name is LittleTyke. I joined the forum yesterday. I am 77 years old, male, retired, living in Lincolnshire. I have been doing various forms of DIY for 60 years, although for advanced electrical, plumbing and heating jobs I call in a professional. In the past at a different address I...
  7. Stoatally

    Another new retrainee introduction thread :-)

    Good afternoon. After 20+ years in technical training based around motor vehicle I want to retrain to be an electrician / electrical engineer. Currently reaching the end of my lelv 2 installation and just completed 18th edition. Applying for some apprenticeships, which resutls in some raised...
  8. R

    New member introduction

    Hello all! DIYer in Maine, USA hoping to tap into the community resources and education of professionals to help me with my home projects in a safe and responsible manner.
  9. derekmay

    Just a little introduction

    Just a DIY er, know's the basics, but a little bit of help sometimes is always welcomed and grateful.
  10. A

    Hi all, new member introduction

    Hi Everyone. New member here, retraining to do domestic electrical work. I've been reading through the forum for a while now so thought I'd join and get involved. I decided to retrain earlier this year to get away from the office environment and do something a bit more interesting and hands on...
  11. jaffa183

    Introduction of an aspiring Electrician

    Hi All Im Craig a 43year old Repair Technician with 17years exerience in this field, As electrics and electronics have always intrested me i decided to take the plunge and retrain to become an electrician so this is my story so far. I started my journey on the Trade Skills 4U step 1 which i...
  12. J

    Hello there, introduction time!

    I recently signed up to the electricians forum and Lou said why not introduce myself in the welcome forum, so here goes! My name is James, I spent most of my working life in 3D animation and VFX but after passing my domestic installer qualifications in order to work on my house wiring, I have...
  13. T

    Introduction: New guy in the forum

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself to you all since this is the 1st forum I have ever made an account for! so bare with me haha. I've been working as an electrical trainee for 5 months in the commercial sector, currently working towards the EAL NVQ Level 3 electrotechnical...
  14. M

    Hello, Newbie Introduction

    Hi, I'm Martyn, just wanted to introduce myself. New to the industry, due to a covid related redundancy in 2020, have spent most of 2021 at a training center learning the basics. Have passed the following City & Guilds qualifications. 2365 (2) 2365 (3) 2382 2377 2391-52 Based in Essex and...
  15. S

    New member introduction

    Hi everyone I’m Julie. Just introducing myself as a new member. I’m not a qualified electrician but have enrolled on a level 2 domestic installers course for September at my local college as I love making lamps and have done some basic wiring. I make furniture as a hobby but would like to get...
  16. T

    Just another new user introduction

    Hello all, I currently am experienced pulling network cable and am slowly stepping up into higher voltages (dc and ac). I have already modified my electrical outlets in my old small home to include to include grounds, have also installed a solar power panel, ran the cables inside to a deep cycle...
  17. C

    Adult Apprentice Opportunities

    Hi Everyone New to the forum hope everyone is well ! I'm based in Glasgow And currently looking to change careers, past few years i have thought about this and decided to take the chance of trying to find an adult apprenticeship. I have currently rang SECTT and waiting on a date for a pre...
  18. H

    Introduction, domestic spark

    Hi Thought it was about time I introduced myself, spark working in bucks. I enjoy reading the threads. Thanks
  19. A

    Hello introduction time!

    Hello, i have just joined. So happy to be here
  20. S

    New member introduction

    Hi, New to this forum so just an introduction


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