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  1. DannyJS

    Job interview for prison spark. Advice please?

    Morning, I have an interview for a local prison, position is maintenance spark (mate/supporting the electrician). Anyone on here worked on electrics in a prison before? I am after any last minute advice on what types of electrics are involved? Any nuggets of knowledge that would help me...
  2. Vortigern

    Portsmouth spark needed to check electric boiler out

    Ex has flat in portsmouth with electric boiler. Packed in quoted 3k for replacement. Need someone to check element to see if it needs replacement rather than replace whole boiler. Anyone up for that?
  3. T

    Want to start as a spark.

    First post guys, so treat me gently. I'm looking to change career in to being an electrician. I've been on and off assisting my old man with a wide variety of electrical work on my days off for the past 5 or so years, such as domestic installation and the odd bit of commercial installation. As...
  4. T

    Wasted Spark Coil Pack Fault

    Hi Everyone I recently had a coil pack fail highlighted by a misfire on cylinder 1. I took out the plug, turned over the engine and sure enough no spark on cylinder 1. I then checked the spark on cylinder 2 and it was perfect so i swapped the plug and lead on cylinder 1 and 2. The fault stayed...
  5. RutlandFox

    Junior spark required part time derby stoke

    Pm me if interested for Saturday 5 and 12 Oct £110 per day, east midlands
  6. M

    Trying my best not to drop another spark in it

    Hiya lads I was asked to have a look at wiring in a recently installed kitchen as some of the appliances tripping the rcd when on. The kitchen was supplied and fitted by one of the national companies with a bird in its title /logo (shouldn't name and shame overpriced rip off crap). The customer...
  7. Jay 1987

    Electrician uses 1,000 volts to his advantage Now he has copyrighted his electrical design, and is installing for £380. What’s our Thought’s on this ?
  8. John Matrix

    Only classed as a good spark if I can run jobs???

    Im looking for some general opinions on this. Im very good as an Electrician on the tools and have Lots if experience. I’m very conscientious and like to do thing properly. I have Ran some decent sized jobs in the past and got them over the line successfully. But as I have recently said to a...
  9. Cableguy337

    Electrician Newly Qualified level 3 spark looking for experience.

    Hi I am coming to the end of my level 3 city & guilds qualification and am seeking to gain some hands on experience within the field as soon as possible. I am 29 years of age and am very serious this is the path I want to take. Not some wishy washy teenager. I have a basic knowledge of...
  10. M

    Ford Transit petrol/lpg No starter motor no fuel pump no spark ?

    I have a 2003 ford transit petrol that has just had a replacement engine fitted The van was started and ran for a few miles without any problems I stopped the van and went to get a coffee when i returned to the van it did not want to start, thinking it was just fuel and a flat battery i went...
  11. O

    Another house sale scuppered by some lazy lying spark

    An old customer has just rung me about her rewire ........... done by a spark who has failed to provide any certification or Part P notification Her buyers want to exchange this week but won't without the necessary documentation He's promised her certification for months now and a search on...
  12. Jay 1987


    Hello everybody So I met a guy last night who has just recently completed his nvq3. Fast forward we started speaking about the type of work he likes, whether it be domestic, commercial etc and why? We then moved onto the more interesting topic of wages !!!! To My surprise he revealed that he...
  13. H

    Can a maintenance spark transfer to installation work?

    Hello people, I’m 17 currently in an apprenticeship with a company doing maintenance work which I’m enjoying, just wondering is it possible to later on in life transfer to installation work or is it once you have either a maintenance/installation qualification that’s all you can do. I seem to...
  14. Baddegg

    Diversity calls check please........

    15.2kw range cooker has already been installed and a 10mm t&e run back to the Cu via this switch,(havnt seen cable route yet but I’m told on the phone it’s all in trunking and doesn’t pass through any insulation but will check this)apparently the previous spark that won’t connect it to the Cu...
  15. BruvDunk

    Old spark now lurking in biomass

    Electrician for many years who slipped into EC&I/ Maintenance and eventually Biomass STL, but keeping my feet in the water on all things Electrickery!
  16. Michaelwgroves

    Spark gone missing after EICR and no report

    I've been called by a client to fix a problem exposed by EICR. Spark put new light and fan in shower, also moved shower switch above bathroom door. Customer wanted EICR, but spark got his mate to do as he can't do EICR. So I'm suspicious he's not part of CPS, below might make you think the same...
  17. gnuuser

    docs orders limit to spark work!

    after latest visit to cardiologist they put me in for surgery and implanted an internal heart monitor, and i may have to have an ICD (Implanted Cardioversion defibrillator) doc said i can do some electrical work but absolutely no live work at all(even low voltage) and i am limited to what...
  18. R

    Royal Navy qualified spark, but is he qualified?

    Hi all, Little question? I have a mate working with me, management are questioning his quals? He has 2391 as well as 17th, but cant prove his installation quals. He qualified in the Navy and he needs to prove their civvy equivalent? Can anyone help point us in the right direction please?
  19. Rom

    Replacing UPS batteries produce a spark

    I'm having some problems with my PC's uninterpretable power supply. It came with two 12v 9Ah batteries that aren't charging anymore so I've decided to replace them with higher capacity batteries that are 12v 12Ah. The old batteries were connected in serial (plus to minus) but if I try to connect...
  20. K

    Perforation Spark Detector

    Work in a plastic bag manufacturing company. Perforated spark detector which counts bags has gone kaput. I think it’s the inductor which generates 10kv volt through bag perforation which then sends the signal back to the counter is faulty. Can’t find replacement board. New ones too expensive...
  21. B

    Young spark after advice

    Ive been working as a sparkys mate since 2014 mainly on commercial new build and recently started doing my own jobs after completing C&G 2365 L2+L3, done my part p, unsure whether to book 17th as 18th comes out soon. Works decently coming in, main issue im having is not knowing where to route...
  22. JK-Electrical

    No Wonder The Joiner Is Angry!

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw these photos.....
  23. M

    Progressing spark seeks help & advice :)

    Things have progressed to the point where I could really do with some helpful advice. So here I am Thanks in advance Chris
  24. littlespark

    Self employed spark wanting to broaden his skills...

    I'm looking to further my knowledge in CCTV, alarms and door entry systems. I am already working as a self employed electrician but would like to specialise in the electronic security fields. I've installed systems in the past, but what do I need to be 'certified' ie which courses should I take...
  25. F

    Maintenance spark without NVQ - what can/cant you do?

    Hi all, first time poster! Was doing a bit of a job search today (have recently come out of the motor trade :eek:) and came across an advert for a general maintenance person for a care home, doing odd jobs inside out (including PAT testing patients electricals they bring onsite) I have a...
  26. einstein

    approved spark looking for work nationwide

    Hi Looking for commercial/private domestic work ideally testing & inspecting nationwide, preferably with a van and digs paid, 12hours / 7 days kind regards
  27. Jet Electrical

    Electrician Looking for a full time fully qualified spark in Lytham/Blackpool/Fleetwood

    Afternoon, advert below. £17/hr We are looking for an experience electrician to join our team based on the Fylde Coast. The electrician will need to have 10 years experience, with at least 5 years post-qualification work. The work hours are between 8:00am – 4:30pm Mon-Fri. Uniform will be...
  28. L

    Hourly Rates for employed spark??

    Hi guys, Just wondered what the average hourly rate is for a PAYE employed spark. Ive worked for local government for a few years and they are not the best for good rates of pay. Been offered a start for a private firm for around £13.50/hr. Is this anywhere near the mark?? Not...
  29. RCD-joe

    Domestic electrician(void property's) to railways. From a to b what's required

    Looking to go from void property's in the domestic side to railway work and try earn some decent dough any help would be appreciated. Based in Glasgow.
  30. CDB

    New Spark in South West

    My journey to becoming an electrician is probably as long as some of you have been working as electricians. My experience with electrics started when i worked as a system engineer for a sound company regularly 'playing' with 128 amps! During this time I started the BTECs towards becoming an...
  31. 247 handyman

    How to check if a fuse feeds a ring final or 2 radial circuit

    Hi guys. I need to check if I have a ring or 2 radial running from a fuse. I have an old wylex fuse box in which someone has put a blue 15amp fuse in a red 30amp carrier. If I disconnect the 2 cables and check for continuity of the 2 lines then the 2 neutrals will this tell me if I have a ring...
  32. P

    Recommend an outdoor LED light for above back door and above patio

    Hi all Looking for recommendations on some outdoor LED lights to fit above my back door and also above the patio door. Not sure if they should have sensors fitted, wouldn't want them switching on and off all night, lots of cats in the area! Any opinions on good brands? Looking for something...
  33. O

    Running a shed from an extension lead - Part P

    Hi all! First things first, I'm not a qualified electrician but I consider myself competent and very safety conscious. I've been tinkering with electronics for a long time. But I need help :D I've wired up my shed/workshop with 4 double sockets and a light fitting. Sockets are on 2.5mm cable...
  34. M

    Intermittent electricity loss

    Hi, Looking for some ideas of what is going on with our electricity. We had a carpenter who managed to drill into a mains cable (house was fully rewired only 2 months ago). He got an electrician out who crimped the broken wire in the wall . however, we are keeping on experiencing intermittent...
  35. S

    Mystery wiring - seen anything like this before?

    Hands up, I'm just a domestic spark, but the gym where I train wants to put in a boxing ring and these are in the way. The cable is sheathed and I haven't taken the whole thing to bits but I've never seen anything like these twenty terminations. Apparently the building, which is on a racecourse...
  36. gordy ere

    meeting with my mp on friday [EICRs]

    Hi , meeting mp because I want to highlight the unfairness of the Scottish Governments Guidance in favour of companies who are registered with Napit . select, Elecsa and Nickit. Also to highlight bias against self employed electricians,as laid out in annex A of this guidance any of you guys got...
  37. J

    Train 4 Trade Skills course issues

    Im currently at a stage where I have been working on site now for a year as a electricians mate whilst undertaking the last part of this course. It has come to my attention that the qualifications obtained through the course, I will unable to obtain a trainee card let alone a gold ECS card...
  38. R

    New JIB rates

    I just got this sent to me if anyone is interested , applies from January 2016
  39. C

    Elex powertool discounts

    Yesterday I set about modifying a battery tray when my angle grinder went spark spark fut. my decent one was robbed several months ago. I need to do the job on Monday and get the poor guy some reliability in his lighting. I want/need a cordless and have Bosch stuff so it seems an obvious...
  40. S

    Domestic rcd problem

    hi just left a job where a spark has had the money for a rewire and not supplied a cert and there is a fault when the sockets in the house have any thing plugged in it trips the rcd on the other side of the board I have tried ir on the kitchen ring and its good back there inda morning but any...
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