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  1. J

    ATL Practical Training...

    Hi Chaps, I've been working as a mate/labourer with my dad (spark) since I was 15. I'm now 21 and need to get my qualifications. College was out of the question this year, due to up front financial requirements, so I looked around a bit and stumbled across ATL Practical Training. I know...
  2. T

    A good sparky works with one hand in his pocket

    Hi fellas, I'm Tom and I'm new to the site, be great if we all could get along and share work experiences, work advice etc. The above quote is an old one I believe my old man told me it. Thanks for adding me to the site there is lots of useful information. Tom PS anyone noticed how...
  3. D

    Installation cert went missing

    My electrician had been filling in an installation certificate in a house and finished it. It was for a complete installation . He left it in the house which was still a bit of a building site. When we returned, the certificate had been lost by the customer. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  4. gutterball

    spot the fault

    went to change a light fitting on found no earth to lights, client said last spark to look at fault on lighting circuit couldn't find the problem so left cpc out of board. took me about 15min's to find it.
  5. vini

    Compensation for customer

    Have any of you ever tried to help a customer get compensation from another spark who left a shoddy job? Customer out £1,500 for a part rewire, no certificate and spark not prepared to finish the job or pay back any money.
  6. O

    Retraining advice please

    Hi First post here so hope this is in the right place Back in the seventies and eighties I was a jobbing Spark on mainly industrial installation work. I did a full apprenticeship and hold a C&G Electricians Cert and the college Quals I did at the time. I havent worked as a spark for 20 years...
  7. M

    elec looking for work

    Hi everyone I'm a 16th ed spark also with P.A.T testing, EAL domestic installers awards, courses completed on alarm and central heating systems,cscs card,tools and car. Looking for any electrical work in north-west or even any elec mates work just to get on site. Have been working as spark for...
  8. S

    arc in light switch

    Hi just replaced 4 existing mains downlights ina bathroom with a fan. When switching the light switch off there is occasionally a very quick spark. changed the switch still happens. The lights and fan are only drawing 1.5 amps the most or do i have to take account of the whole upstairs lighting...
  9. V

    MEM 45 amp push button breaker

    Hello any/everyone I'm trying to get hold of one of these. anyone any idea where i could pick one up? cheers
  10. R

    Just wanted to say hi

    Hi, my name is Richard, I am in West Sussex and have recently completed a domestic installer course. I am now concidering my options, do I set up as self employed, shadow a spark or sign up to an agency. Any advice will be gratefully received. I would also like to thank everyone at...
  11. S

    Really I am 'now required to register on a competent persons scheme' ??

    check this link out Electrical Installation - Burnley College Adult Courses Didn't realise that I had to register LOL
  12. D

    Jib wage

    Hi I just wanna know where I stand with my wages. I have recently become an approved spark.My company is a member of the JIB and have told me that due to the current climate I will not be getting the rate, despite having 8 sparks on that rate and recently taking on an approved spark giving them...
  13. rmaynard

    Domestic Should this job have been done

    or should the spark have walked away???? went to a boiler change today that had been wired ready, the spark that had doen the work had a dis agreement with the owners about the way to run the cable, the owners didnt want mini trunking and they wouldnt pay out for the wall to be chased and made...
  14. J

    PIR or not to PIR ?

    does anyone know why/how a PIR done by a 2391 spark (not part of a scheme) is acceptable to LABC and yet an installation cert done by the same spark(for notifiable work) needs to be backed up by membership to a scheme ? I understand that some work is notifiable , would it be acceptable to supply...
  15. T

    Costing of EIC & EICRs......

    I have been asked to test my friends renovated property, fully rewired, and said i'd do it for £100. He is a qualified spark but i did check his 1st fix work to verify his workmanship and all seemed ok to me. It has if i remember - 3 rings, 2 lighting circuits, cooker, smoke alarms, 2nd small...
  16. B

    Loft conversion circuits

    Hi all, Advice please... I am considering having my loft converted but only want to pay for the shell and do the rest myself. Times are hard!!! I have an old cu that is wire fuse. Will i need to change the cu box and have all the current circuits tested or is there a way to have a secondary...
  17. B

    Redring shower turns on when hand blender turned on!

    Hi all! I am from the plumbing forum, but thought I would ask if anyone has seen this before? I had a quick look at a Redring 9.5 expressions shower that had totally stopped, yesterday. Then the owner said it starts & pulses when his wife uses a hand blender in the kitchen! Couldn't believe it...
  18. O

    Passed my AM2...

    ...but I'm not quite sure what it entitles me to exactly :/ All I really know is that it was essential on the road to becoming a qualified spark. Anyone feel like enlightening me? Also, how long after the AM2 does it usually take an employer before they will sign you off? Thanks. :)
  19. D

    UPS and three way bypass switch...

    Don't know if anyone can give some insight on this: UPS and a three way bypass switch:<br>Position 1 - &nbsp;Normal (UPS Power)<br>Position 2 - &nbsp;Bypass &amp; UPS (Mains Power / UPS On)<br>Position 3 - &nbsp;Bypass (Mains Power / UPS Off)<br><br>What could overload the UPS and cause it to...
  20. R

    Change of work

    Hey there, I am a 3rd year part 1 apprentice atm, working for a domestic company based in ipswich, currently i am half way through my nvq and have another year left in part time college for testing and fault finding and two written exams. I am looking to move into either industrial or...
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