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  1. W

    What should I be charging as a domestic job?

    Hi guys. It would be really useful to run this past you and get a consensus/input from you for what would be a realistic amount to charge for an upcoming job I've been offered. I've been asked to quote for a private job, and I'm stuck with what to charge. Most of the stock will be supplied and...
  2. M

    Anyone heard of company called Scimark making domestic switches, outlets etc?

    Has anyone heard of company called Scimark making domestic switches, outlets etc? We live in a house built by David Wilson Homes who subcontracted electrical installation to Clarkson Evans. I need to source some replacement 13A 2 gang switched outlets to replace a couple that were originally...
  3. TBarton

    Industrial apprentice looking for domestic work experience

    Hi, I’m an industrial electrical engineer apprentice working at a wastewater treatment plant, I’ve been really enjoying the job which I’ve been doing for two years now. However, when I come out of my apprenticeship I feel like I won’t know anything about domestics such as chasing walls house...
  4. B

    Overhead cables between buildings on domestic property

    Hi all. I've recently bought a bungalow. It currently has a armoured cable between the house and garage which spans less than 1 meter. The height of the cable is 2.3m and directly under this is the side gate to access the back of the property. It's old wiring so will be replaced, but I've had...
  5. D

    Some good news for us Domestic badgers

    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/gove-to-announce-plans-to-make-home-extensions-and-loft-conversions-easier/ar-AA1edGwu?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=23dcc33669b9421a8551d0d627f30593&ei=8 more work incoming
  6. A

    IR testing in domestic dwelling

    Hi all, Testing question for you. I'm currently testing an existing domestic installation. The wiring is about 20-25 years old. We have rewired some of the older circuits and added newer circuits too. During my insulation resistance test, over two-thirds of my results were coming out at...
  7. C

    Charging user for socket

    Does anyone know of a way to replace standard 13a double plug sockets with a version that would connect to a user and charge the user’s account? The sockets are in a communal area and could be used for various activities including car charging or vacuuming etc? I’ve seen pubs use a key fob to...
  8. S

    Domestic Service cut out 80 meters away from the installation. Is it OK and Cable Size

    Hi All, I have a client who is developing a plot of land for a single house. Currently, their 100 amp service cut-out is in a cubicle fed by overhead cable, however, this is in the way of the build. Rather than having the cubicle moved before the build and then again once the build is...
  9. S

    UK Multiple Domestic Distribution Units - RCD Topology

    Cascaded Distribution Units. Given how cheap populated distribution boards are; i've started to use them for almost every major junction in my home: Domestic Main Distribution Unit >10mm swa > Garage Distribution Unit > 6mm swa >Spa Distribution Unit...
  10. UKMeterman

    Electrician Eicr required Domestic Newport Wales

    I am looking for an Electrician to do an EICR on a small flat in Newport Wales
  11. sythai

    Grade A... fire detection/ domestic property !?

    Hi Guys Recently finished a new build house, 2 levels/ 5 bed. Wired AICO grade D LD2 system throughout. LABC has come to sign off saying needs to be grade A system. Havent got full details, just to chatted to builder (owner of property) on phone. Did only think this was required on a domestic...
  12. K

    Ceiling rose with 3* single cores

    Hello, I had the floor boards up today and noticed that the ceiling rose for the room below, was wired with 3 singles. Probably the whole house is like this, this is just the first one I've seen. The house is a 1970's house so quite old with regard to the wiring, but I'm really curious what...
  13. S

    UK Housebashing wiring helped

    Hi all, not a housebasher here, so don’t hate. Wiring my house and need advice. Want to mount the CCU just below the ceiling and bring the cables from the floor above. How do a nicely bring the cable off of the beam so they’re on the wall and then will go into the back of the fuse board? Pics...
  14. Spinball

    Is a 35mm cable big enough for a 3-phase domestic installation with...

    ...2 x 22kW EV chargers, 10kW of solar panels + 15 kW batteries and a heat pump for a 4 bed house and a 1 bed detached garage office? Got 3 phase being put in and they're planning on putting in a 35mm cable. Just checking with you experts whether this will be fat enough. Many thanks
  15. HappyHippyDad

    Do we have to fit AFDD's in domestic installations?

    I can't find any really up to date threads on whether we have to fit AFDD's. I am specifically talking about in a domestic premise. I can see that 421.1.7 shows where an AFDD HAS to be fitted (i.e in one of the 4 bullet points), but then it says below ( the bullet points) it is 'recommended'...
  16. D

    UK domestic lighting circuit. - What the........

    About me. Fastidious about wiring. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, extremely good spanner monkey (rebuilt engines, gear boxes). BUT I know my limits and what I am allowed to do according to Part P of the UK building regs etc. Just been in the loft to do some tidying and found a right rats...
  17. littlespark

    Domestic generator with PV?

    Just a query. As people have been asking me about changeover switches and generators. If a domestic house already has PV solar, and customer wants a changeover switch in case of powercut… should the supply to the PV be turned off while the generator is running? Situation; Powercut. Customer...
  18. J

    UK Double pole or Single pole + Neutral for domestic extension supply?

    I've been carrying out quite a few domestic extension first fixes recently which involves providing a power supply installed from the properties mains. I have always just Henley blocked from the properties main consumer unit tails into a 63/80/100A BS-88 fuse Main switch board then from the...
  19. S

    Any info on the proposed DOMESTIC Electrical NVQ3/SVQ3 that's on the horizon?

    Hi Guys and Galls and all in between and beyond! I am currently evaluating my options at retraining and have heard that there will be a forthcoming NVQ3 for DOMESTIC ONLY electrical. Where I live, the amount of industrial/commercial is very small, and the commercial work that IS there, is...
  20. J

    Domestic Confused by Scaddan example in Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers

    Hi, I'm a self-build amateur - I'll be running cables and getting system sign-off/inspection by certified competent person, and am just working through circuit design basics. I'm referring to Scaddan's 'Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers' (16th ed for 18th ed IET), which includes example...
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