1. S

    Any info on the proposed DOMESTIC Electrical NVQ3/SVQ3 that's on the horizon?

    Hi Guys and Galls and all in between and beyond! I am currently evaluating my options at retraining and have heard that there will be a forthcoming NVQ3 for DOMESTIC ONLY electrical. Where I live, the amount of industrial/commercial is very small, and the commercial work that IS there, is...
  2. J

    Domestic Confused by Scaddan example in Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers

    Hi, I'm a self-build amateur - I'll be running cables and getting system sign-off/inspection by certified competent person, and am just working through circuit design basics. I'm referring to Scaddan's 'Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers' (16th ed for 18th ed IET), which includes example...
  3. M

    Industrial electrical engineer turning domestic

    I am currently 10+ years apprentice served industrial electrical engineer looking to do some domestic work, I currently hold level 3 2365 and 18th edition and currently working on my HNC in Electrical Engineering. I am doing to 2391-52 later this year. Is there anything that I am missing or...
  4. V

    Wiring colour convention UK2022 domestic situation

    UK 2022 based regs question. Hello, I have a new extension and the builders electrician has required much of the house ( not asked for ) and replaced previously working wiring ( installed 2018) with new. As a lot of the switches are hanging off the walls and nothing much is working yet I...
  5. L

    SP/DP RCBO's for domestic .Do you have a preference ?

    Ive seen a few guys happy to fit both and a couple of others who only fit DP's . Do you have a preference ?
  6. D

    Split Con Domestic SubMain

    Now we used to see a lot of this when we did new build flats etc But I think this domestic sparks is the first one on Youtube that I have seen use Split Con cable on a house board change
  7. Dartlec

    B3 MCBs in domestic installation

    Going to fit an 'boiling' tap for a plumber next week so asked for a pic of the CU and got this: which is all rather odd. Doesn't affect what I want to do, but the first time I've been B3 MCBs being used and can't think of any reason why someone would choose them over the standard B6 The...
  8. L

    An EICR on domestic property

    I've had an EICR done on a property via a letting company I use, (they didn't inform us this was taking place), next thing an invoice comes through the door for £180 for a full EICR, and an estimate on the back for £708, for replacement of consumer unit and fault finding for inadequate earthing...
  9. P

    Energy monitor for domestic checking

    I am looking for options to monitor a home installation for a day or two to find out what is causing suspiciously high bills. Ideally I would want maybe 4 channels recorded for at least 24 hours and to separate the total demand from at least one circuit (e.g. sockets) to help narrow down the...
  10. UKMeterman

    Domestic Crabtree loadstar suitible as a domestic CU replacement

    I have a job which is needing a new CU. What would the general view about a new Crabtree loadstar SPN 125A board being used as a domestic consumer unit. I know it will work, I was just wondering about the inspection and how some may argue it some how not right. Thanks
  11. Spike1947

    Appliance Test Forms ( Domestic Use)

    Hi I am going to do some Appliance testing for a Charity shop, could anyone comment on it please, been out of the game for awhile ow, just had my PAT tester callibrated . no I don't have the 5th edition, will prob get it, but just for domestic items you would find in a charity shop I not sure I...
  12. Mickael


    Hey guys - I am in the process of buying a flat, and just got the electrical installation report. Seeking for feedback on the following: - THE FIXED WIRING IS IN FAIR CONDITION FOR ITS AGE. THE PROPERTY DOES NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH BS:7671 AS AMENDED DUE TO THE CODES LISTED ON PAGE 2. THE PROPERTY...
  13. A

    Multicore cable domestic question

    Need some advice. I have a 12meter 24Vdc cable run…. Current 3Amps. I require a 1.5mm cable 6 core for supplying led strip lights outside due to volt drop. The cable will be passing through stud work with rock wool insulation fitted. What 6 or 7core can I use in this install, are there...
  14. K

    Electrician Weekend Domestic Work

    Hi Everyone, I have recently completed my Part P, 18th Edition & Initial Verification course. I am looking for weekend work in an around Uxbridge (10-15 miles radius) for practical experience. I am generally good with most aspects of electrical installations and would be good as an electricians...
  15. R

    Electrician Domestic Electricians Wanted

    RMS Facilities Management is looking for domestic electricians for the new build housing sector. Send your CVs to [email protected] Job title: Electrician Reporting to: Head of Facilities Management Retail Merchandising Services has expanded the services it offers to our valued partners by...
  16. Trap2lover

    Industrial to domestic

    Hi As an Industrial electrician for 20+ years I was wondering what I need to do domestic installations and sign off work. I read some things on part p, but that left me confused as they come and Inspect your work, but I can't start notifiable work without being part p? Thanks Neal
  17. S

    Domestic metering Issue

    Morning all, I'm currently rewiring a flat I've just bought which had the CU and old meter in a surface mounted enclosure that the previous owner built. the problem is it's in quite a narrow hallway and it sticks out quite a way. I have changed to consumer unit to a recessed one. The issue is...
  18. H

    Jumping from Commercial to Domestic

    Fellow sparkies, General Q I’m 21 with 3 years experience just coming out my time. I have my level 3 and NVQ ; portfolio)done just need to complete my AM2. I’m a typical commercial sparks doing plenty of work with metal containment, SWA cables that sort of works. But I have been thinking about...
  19. B

    what do i need to become a domestic installer

    Hi Guys/Girls For a bit of background i completed my Level 3 in requirements for electrical installation (BS7671) many years ago and was 17th Edition. Regrettably i left the trade to pursue other things and have decided i want to be a domestic electrician again. I understand that i need 18th...
  20. P

    Hi guys ! what do I need to get registered as an domestic electrician?

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