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  1. littlespark

    Recommendations for domestic aircon

    A customer of mine has asked For best air con unit for a domestic bedroom. They already have a tower on wheels type but are looking for something built into the wall. I would think these would be specialist units, but is there a simple out of the box solution? I haven’t visited so I don’t know...
  2. M

    Just saying hello!

    Hi all, I’m a trained telecom engineer, the old stuff with moving parts, relays and electromagnets! My interest now is domestic electrics. I’ve recently converted our garage into living accommodation and it’s been fun doing that. I had the job independently approved which was very satisfying as...
  3. R

    Industrial DB’s in a domestic install

    Hi all, Im after a little advice. Got an install with a house attached to a large double 2 story garage. Garage has a Schneider Acti9 DB in for tools, sockets and lights. Wired to the main house DB with 10mm SWA. The garage has various tools with VFD’s that will trip a standard RCD. Garage...
  4. RutlandFox

    3ph to domestic property, 80A or 100A?

    Customer has asked for DB and new CUs for large dwelling house, WPD are putting in 3 phase to replace 100A single phase and are saying fit 80A main fuses.... Main load on all phases is Tesla wall charger 32A and a ground source heat pump 32A. Given they are both loads that will run potentially...
  5. D

    Domestic extention and smoke alarms

    Afternoon all, Ive looked at the building regs but can't seem to find anything, i remember reading something that said when fitting smoke alarms off a lighting circuit you need to put some form of isolation in, is that correct? I'm also looking to install nest alarms, do they all need to be...
  6. Nelder

    Non Domestic 20A Radial

    Hi, I'm curious to get peoples opinions on this non domestic situation please: A 20A SP&N radial Fed from a 20A MCB 70 degree singles, grouped in metal trunking fails with 2.5mm singles and even 4mm singles. I vaguely remember reading something that, if a cable is loaded to less than 30% its...
  7. M

    Cable trays in domestic installation

    Having house rewired, and thinking of making use of 600mm wide horizontal galvanised cable tray secured between joists in ceiling. Can the cables simply be layed in the tray or do the regs. require that each cable is secured to the tray & what sort of fixings are allowed?
  8. T

    Grouping factors domestic

    Hi all question regarding grouping factors in a domestic house. is there still a need to apply grouping factor Calcs in a 3 bed domestic house hold, I mean do we apply grouping factors for going through joist holes,where there is say 9 cables going through a 32mm hole but length of grouping at...
  9. A

    RCDs in series in domestic house

    Hi folks, just a query about having two RCDs in series. I want to have installed three new external 2 gang 13 amp SSO to IP66. I currently have a 100 amp BG CCU installed by an electrician in 2016 with split load and 2 BG 63amp 30mA RCDs labelled ICE/EN 61008. The supply is what we used to...
  10. N

    Domestic EICR and covid 19

    I am currently on 14 days self isolation and myself and my son have had possible symptoms of covid. My job is EICRs in domestic tenanted properties. what are peoples views on this ? should i refuse to work ,should i ask for risk assesments and method statements with PPE it seems daft i cant...
  11. Markyd

    So are electricians classed as key workers or as doing essential work? (Domestic)

    Half way through a kitchen refurb,clients are moving back in at weekend because of lockdown and i need to get some sockets and the oven working for them is this classed as essential work
  12. EricMark

    Domestic inspection and testing what is required? England-Wales

    When I bought my house we had it inspected before buying to highlight faults, so the inspection and testing done by RICS Chartered Surveyor and the report made. This clearly covered more than the electrics, but it did refer to the electrical installation so included a type of electrical...
  13. littlespark

    Fire in domestic kitchen

    Popped up to see a neighbour last night to look at, and disconnect their old cooker hood. Something on the hob caught fire, and the hood simply sucked the flames up into the extraction duct. Fire brigade, etc etc My question is, has the the hood been improperly fitted? 12 year old house. Hood...
  14. C

    Electrician Electrician required for domestic installation near Honiton

    I own a small cottage near Honiton, Devon. I'm looking for an electrician who can bring wiring up to date. Please contact me. Thank you.
  15. E

    Testing of domestic property.

    Had a chap around yesterday evening to give me a quote for some plasterboard work. Seems he also has recently qualified in his testing capacity. Without naming names here is his profile " i have been in the electrical trade for 9 years, I qualified 5 years ago and passed my testing and...
  16. B

    Tools used when rewiring domestic property.

    Good Morning. Can anyone tell me what tools would be used when cutting channels into plaster when rewiring an occupied home? House has solid walls, not plaster board and electricians used jackhammers to channel out, without extraction. I know rewiring is messy but the house was like a building...
  17. O

    UK Domestic Installer quals

    Hi All, I know this has been asked many times over but my situation is slightly different. I have been work on oil rigs since leaving the army. I was a Temporary installation electrician in the Army and have been a systems electrician on the rigs. The short of it is I'm s ick of the rigs and...
  18. J

    Recently signed up for a Domestic Electrical Installer course, need help.

    Hello, I'm 19 and recently signed up for a domestic electrical installer course and like an idiot I haven't really researched it that well beforehand which I know I should have. My dad is an electrician in Germany and he seemed pretty happy with it so I just went for it. My question is...
  19. W

    Domestic fire alarm issue

    Hi all I have a small problem with a job im doing, 2 first floor flats above a shop with separate landlords area for the 2x flats which is a small stairwell out to a door on the street I have first fixed both flats, they will be each on their own single phase supply from the communal landlords...
  20. Robc77

    Domestic installer

    Is there any point doing the part P, fundamentinspect and test and 18th, if you want to be a domestic installer? Or is there a better route?
  21. A

    Advice transferring from domestic to industrial

    Hello, I'm 23 years old and I have 4 years experience in the electrical world. (3 as an apprentice and 1 after I qualified) Next week I start my new job, but I am going from domestic to industrial. I've had experience with containment systems, SWA, FP, and a little bit of MICC and SY. In the...
  22. L

    Domestic installer and other works.

    Im a domestic installer for around 4 years now. Have a few contacts from schools that have small electrical jobs that need to be done Such as Replacing emgency light fittings installing new circuits. Emegency light testing, replacing ballasts. Changing broken light fittings. Am i legally...
  23. S

    Recommended CCTV systems for domestic use

    Just a quick question, what CCTV do you recommend for use outside the home. There are so many out there and I want something decent quality to install for a customer. Also, how do you price for installing CCTV cameras. My customer wants 2 cameras. I don't want to supply something that has poor...
  24. C

    C Type MCB’s in domestic install.

    Recently completed a new install on an outbuilding using C type MCB’s to supply a lighting circuit for LED spotlights and soffit lights, some existing external decking lights etc and power for 5 sockets using C type MCB’s. A few weeks have passed since I have tested and signed off the job the...
  25. MarkRibbands

    Three phases in single domestic kitchen grid box. OK or not?

    I'm fitting a small kitchen in my remote office/workshop with a limited, existing, supply (3 phase/20A MCB on a long 4 x 10mm SWA). I need to think carefully about diversity and load balancing. My proposed solution is to install individual final circuits for every appliance (Small hob, Small...
  26. Baddegg

    Scope for Stroma domestic installers....

    Popped up my corner shop this morning and the owner grabs me and says he’s been waiting to see me.....takes me out the back and asks can I change the consumer unit for him, straight forward enough job except the unit encompasses his flat above (domestic) and 2 rfc circuits in the shop below...
  27. N

    Steel conduits acceptable for earthing in domestic property ?

    Evening Just been to quote for a consumer unit upgrade. Found that the board was from circa 1960 and wiring looked original also. No alterations have been made with exception of a few faceplates renewed in the kitchen. Red and black single cores going into an adaptable box at the back and...
  28. B

    Replacing switch on a domestic heater - DIY question

    Hi. I want to replace a faulty switch on a heater circuit but need some advice - photo of circuit attached. Heater has 2 simple on/off switches - one turns a 1Kw circuit of heaters on, the other a 1.5kw circuit of heaters on, both can be on separately or together to give a possible 3 levels of...
  29. N

    What are my options next just got niceic Domestic installer

    Hi all just got my niceic Domestic installer assessment passed what should I do next. Ive only got my 2365 level 2. Passed the 18th edition and building regs exam for part p been working for some one for 18 years how hard is it now to go alone
  30. B

    Clips melted in domestic 60’s 3 bed

    Evening all, found a strange one today, pulled a few ceilings down in a property and found that the clips had melted! Not just on one circuit, it’s on 2 Different lighting circuits, a radial and the gf ring! Going to do an ir tomorrow morning just ran out of time today. Any thoughts or seen it...
  31. D

    UK 3 Phase PME to domestic building?

    Good evening all.. I have recently installed a new 100amp 3 phase supply for a domestic premises with outhouses. The incoming 100 amp supply is PME and approx 30 metres from the main dwelling, a new metering cupboard was built for the new head and meter. I installed a small sub board and two...
  32. C

    Unsatisfactory Domestic EICR - Should I rewire or spot fix

    Hi All, I am about to buy a 1930s house for which I have got a Unsatisfactory rating for the Domestic EICR. I am now in a bit of fix in deciding whether I should go for a complete rewire or just fix the issues raised in the report. I am also planning a back extension in the next 6 months and...
  33. L

    Am I legally allowed to change a light switch on domestic without Part P?

    My friend rents out a house to someone and the light switch needs replacing like for like. This is obviously a simple job but as it is rented would need to be officially done by someone qualified. I am an industrial electrician and have an NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance and have been...
  34. B

    Domestic electric fires

    I recently purchased a Dimplex Yeo 20 electric fire, and I'm trying to find out what type of original bars are fitted. Dimpex went site is very poor so no luck there likewise with Amazon questions when raised after purchase from them. My question is are the Infra-red silicon elements advertised...
  35. Pete999

    Fusing SPDs in a Domestic Insrallation

    Question Can anyone, direct me to the correct sizing and fusing of SPDs used on a Domestic installation? I asked the question at ELEX earlier today, but all I got was nonsensical techno babble from the Chap on the stand, to be honest I don't really think he knew what I was on about. I ask...
  36. A

    UK Domestic electrical

    Hi everyone I don’t really post things on here but here goes I’m a qualified spark and have recently passed my testing course I currently work for a company doing commercial and industrial but wouldn’t mind going into domestic but mainly new builds spoke to a few sparks and they all say it’s...
  37. Dannyboybl00

    Pro Electrician West Sussex Qualified Electrician - Matrick Electrical Services Ltd

    West Sussex Electricians - Matrick Electricial Services Ltd I’m an East Grinstead based electrician and have lived in the area for over 30 years. I’ve been involved in the Construction Industry for 20 years and have Project Managed and Site Managed around the UK for almost 18 years. During this...
  38. M

    Only 2 brands for domestic type A rcd/rcbo + type 2 spd in board??

    Looking around I'm wondering if I'm going mad. Would have thought type 2 spd next to main switch and type A (not type AC) rcd/rcbos would be the standard everyone should be looking for now (even if it's just recommended and not strictly required in domestics). But only Wylex and Schneider seem...
  39. W

    Codes domestic eicr best practice

    Hi just looking for any tips and knowledge. When carrying out a domestic eicr I’ve noticed a pattern such as often No metal board No rcd protection Not to ip 4x or 2 x I’m still picking up on things to put and don’t want to get into a habit of jut the same ones. Any other recommendations in...
  40. E

    Branching out to the domestic world

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice... Time-served (Elec/Mech), 18th edition, 2392 Initial Verification, 12 years experience in industrial environment with experience in domestic work along the way. Looking at starting to build up a bit of a client-base/reputation in the domestic world with the...
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