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  1. P

    adult learner looking to become electrician

    good morning, wondered if i could pick the forums brains. i was apprentice electrician 30 old years ago but only done one year.is it possible for me to enter the trade as this stage in life. i believe...
  2. CMB4

    Adult Apprenticeship Course

    Iv been working for my dads company as an electrician for 11 years now. I decided to start the adult apprenticeship course to get my cards but is there any point in this course if I can go and do an NVQ3 and get my gold card with XS training or someone similar.
  3. R

    Electrical Adult Trainee Liverpool and North West

    Hello, I am really keen on getting some training whilst I am waiting to study my Level 2 course at college. I have enrolled on a PAT Tester course in February. I have my own car, plus I am immediately available for work. I’ve got 7 GCSE C a HND in Computer Science and also a BSc(Hons) in...
  4. darkwood

    VR - Warning! - Adult content ahead

    Has anyone had the opportunity to view x-rated content on a headset, PS4 now has compatibility with its Littlstar media app' and you can sideload off a USB stick, the big Porn industry leaders are using extremely high quality equipment to give a shockingly realistic experience My immediate...
  5. S

    Adult trainee 2nd yr

    Looking for a job as I have just been made redundant any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. gatuka

    help needed what am i doing wrong!!

    hi everyone I not long finished college . i did a level 2 and 3 city and guilds, 17 edition , 2394, 2395 which i found challenging, i also have ECS card (adult trainee), have my own hand tools, can drive both car and truck (c license ). i have been applying for jobs i even offered to work for...
  7. G

    Finding an apprentice

    Has anyone recruited an apprentice from the local college ? Is it worth a phone call or do the lads already generally have jobs ? Tia
  8. beatboaby924y

    Supervision of apprentices/adult trainees

    Hi Guys, I was hoping for your thoughts about the supervision of apprentices/adult trainees? I had a discussion with someone today about this subject and was hoping for some of your views on the subject. Should apprentices/adult trainee's be working along side an electrician or approved...
  9. F

    JIB card

    Can anyone tell me what type of JIB card you can get, if you have the following qualifications 236 level 2, 2330 level 2 & 3, 2382, 2391 and an ecs card, but no bloody nvq. Ta.
  10. G

    Ecs & jib

    Theres always a lot of confusion with regard ECS & JIB matters, hopefully this will help out a bit.:) Also, the ECS card has a new website, with a lot of useful and more importantly understandable info on it. Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) card
  11. G

    what am i on the JIB pay scale?

    im an adult trainee 26yr old on a 2330 adv course so will be in my last year of college next year. I wanted to know what catagory i come under in the JIB pay scales i.e. senior trainee, or adult trainee. And if anyone knows what the JIB rate min should be for me?
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