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  1. NDG Elecs

    Quality work probably from Sunderland illuminations.

    Was with the kids in the park today and noticed some T&E snaking up a tree. Loving the cable clips. The second piccy the cable goes underground and reappears just by the small rock to the right. Although it's fenced off I'm inclined to contact the council about it. Shoddy.
  2. Pete999

    Probably not interesting for most, but it is for me.

    Can anyone help? trying to get information on RAF Colerne during the 1970s, specifically the DOE/PSA Members, please help if you can.
  3. Baddegg

    Probably old hat to you lot but this stuff still fascinates me...

    Went to have a look at changing an mcb to rcbo today for another Bathroom fitter and was presented with this lot,it’s had solar panels (that’s the mcb with the interesting bus bar link) and also a new boiler fitted in the last year, second pic is where the main bond was shortened to provide (I’m...

    Competition: We all have that mate who has the world’s messiest van, if not it’s probably you…

    Hi all, We ran a ‘Messy Van Competition’ on here a couple of years back and had quite a bit of fun so we’ve decided to help out those in need by providing the two messiest vans with one of our ‘Van Storage Tilt Bin 4’ units. We’re going to run the competition on the Plumbers/Tilers forums too...
  5. Pete999

    Probably will be a daft question, but being an oldie I'll ask it anyway

    What constitutes an "Approved Electrician "these days? when I was working it meant you had at least the C&Gs B certificate, 27 years old+ with a certain amount of years experience. Is it something to do with being an Approved contractor?
  6. P

    First post and (probably) stupid question on replacing an extractor

    Hi there, first post that I’m hoping my totally novice terminology will make sense to people... I had an envirovent silent 100ht installed but want to replace with a simpler silent 100s (that turned up today). I’ve removed the cover of the existing and notice the power cable has three cores...
  7. G

    What is this box and cable on the side of my house?

    So, after talking to my supplier and talking with the guys at UkPowerNetworks I still dont have a definitive answer to this problem.. The Box: The Connection: As you can see, the cable coming in from outside connects to the board, I was told by my supplier that it is bypassing the...
  8. S

    Wonder how much this would cost to install nowadays using modern Panel Equipment

    Have been working in a building installing emergency lighting. Was taken back by the size of the Main Intake Room. Biggest Intake Room I've ever been in! Like to see other people's pics and experiences of any other interesting buildings etc. Thanks Sam
  9. W

    110v transformer start up current

    I've recently qualified and want to get myself set up with some new tools. I don't really fancy having some tools 110v and some 230v, if I can get away with it I'd prefer to have all 110v. However, I realise this isn't practical for domestic work as the transformer will probably take out the CB...
  10. Leesparkykent


    Ive been thinking of putting a little extension on my house under permitted development....was scouring the net and come across this Augmentory - http://www.augmentory.com/gallery/. Imo it's a brilliant idea. Any one come across something similar?
  11. D

    Wagos and ferrules

    Has anybody used a ferrule in a push fit wagos? I need to cut into a ring circuit to make a spur using singles (in conduit) but only have push fit wagos no good for flex as we know. I don't want to make a special trip in the morning and £20 on a box of latching wagos that I probably won't use...
  12. B

    Motor advice

    Good Evening All Not too good with motors so was wondering if anyone could help me. 110v cement mixer, press on button, buzzing and no rotation. Tried moving via belt, moves no problem. Measured start capacitor and have nothing (though its not been used for some time). Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. E

    A reluctant intro...

    Hi All I've used other forums and have met all manner of keyboard warriors, bigots, hypocrites etc etc and so I really hope this one will be different. I am one of the industry's unpopular castes - 31 years sat at a desk, talking the talk as a commercial property surveyor and have re-qualified...
  14. T

    Old time test instruments.

    This is what we used to use to test ELCB's and loop test with a moving coil meter.
  15. N

    Domestic socket getting warm due to a wood stove

    Hi all, I've recently had a wood burner installed in my lounge. The stove flue goes up through a liner installed inside the original masonry chimney. I've noticed, if the stove is burnt for several hours, the chimney breast warms up a bit. In the bedroom above the lounge there is a double...
  16. polo1

    MEM 63A, 30mA revs, A63HE

    Hi all, I'm looking for the above. Not keen on fleabay, can anyone assist? RCD obviously & sorry for the two pics!
  17. D

    Can I replace these?

    Hello! I am in the process of purchasing a new property which has a vaulted kitchen roof and beams. There are three uplighters on top of the kitchen units - 2 of which aren't working. They are sealed boxes so I need replacements. Does anyone recognise what these actually are and have any...
  18. B

    Diplomat - Hob - No Power ?

    First of all hello I'm New to the forum :) I have a Diplomat hob it would seem separate from the oven For some reason after last night's cooking session it'd no longer powering up. At first I thought it may be a fuse so I've tried all of the fused switches by the oven to no avail. They all turn...
  19. A

    Questions about XS Training

    Hi all, I have finished my C&G 2365 and 17th Regs in my college last year. And I have looking for a job ever since, but there's no hope. Luckily, I have a chance to work along a sparky for work experience. In this forum I have come accrossed quite a lot of people like me who has completed...
  20. H


    Anyone got any books they want to sell or hand off to a better home? I'm particularly looking for the guidance notes, and (I have GN3 in yellow already) don't particularly want to part with £30 per book. Just thought a member might have a slightly older version they'd been willing to part with...
  21. C

    100mA RCD Incomming NOT TT but PME

    Hi as the title suggests, I know of a Fuse Board, that has a 100mA RCD incoming However its not a TT system its a PME system, I've only been in the trade 2 years now so im still green, did it used to be the case that 100mA was the standard instead of 30mA protection for Domestic Dwellings...
  22. G

    Help pricing

    Hi all, I'm just starting out alone and want to do domestic only jobs, im initially going to focus on the smaller jobs as I also work full time elsewhere (the hope is I can eventually leave the "elsewhere") but still build up my profile and gain experience / confidence during my days off and...
  23. P

    finishing another's work

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on whether to finish another guys work or not. Got a phone call to go out and have a look at completing a rewire. Woman who owns the flat is very upset with the situation, her ex brother in law (supposedly fully qualified) started and nearly finished rewiring...
  24. L

    Domestic 3 core feeding 2 lighting circuits sharing a neutral

    Hi can any one help please doin some work on a house and one of the problems on the test report is there's a 3 core feeding 2 breakers ( red feeding downstairs lights and yellow feeding upstairs lights) and only the one nuetral. Now if I could rewire it I would cables concreted into the floor...
  25. Dan

    Survey: Agency workers stop ‘level playing field’

    Electrical contractors say difficult to compete for contracts with firms using agency workers Read the full news article
  26. J

    What's with the IR Port on the Fluke 1652c??

    Hi, Does the Fluke 1652c have an IR port on the front to upload data. As it looks like it is an IR port but there's is no info on it? thanks anyone willing to answer :) James
  27. 1Justin

    socket fronts on brick slips?

    The job I'm on requires socket fronts to be fitted into brick slips behind kitchen worktop. Kitchen is not built yet. Thinking ahead, any nice solution to IP4X requirement against the rough brick fronts which would look tidy? (Yes, mastic etc work but nasty, and rather not need to use any sort...
  28. Sonia Norman

    voltage tester

    Hi I am probably going to sound stupid asking this question but here goes. I have just bought a new LAP voltage tester. when testing my plug sockets using a socket test connector I am getting a reading of .410V. Now this is where I will probably sound stupid but I was expecting around the 230V...
  29. telectrix

    job ad. spelling

  30. 5

    Wylex RCBO,s

    would a modern Wylex RCBO fit onto an old (probably the first RCD main switch wylex board) with NB30 breakers. got to fit one for a shower and do question the compatibility? many thanks in advance.
  31. amlu

    short time/one day van insurance

    Hi, can you recommend some short time insurance for a van? Got my mate helping on the jobs, will be nice if he can drive my van, for some emergency materials etc...
  32. L

    Lightning Protection annual inspection form

    Hi, I am currently doing Lightning Protection Annual Inspection. Could you please give a direction where can I find a template (form). Thanks Lax
  33. D

    Opinions on panels

    Anyone got any thoughts on '327W BenQ crystalline' panels v 'Sunworld Sunmodule 250W mono black' v 'Solarworld Sunmodule Plus 250W poly'?
  34. D

    Best answer in a job interview ever!

    Just left the office in bits, stomach ache from laughing that much! We're taking on another lad due to extra workload (great times) and i've just sat in on an interview. My manager asks the question 'what's the recommended distance between detection in a corridor less than 1m wide' He shrugged...
  35. R

    course soon hv switching

    hi folks, i am about to go on an HV switching course, as a bit of a warm up, i have been given a HV Switching schedue to write. Does anyone know where i can find some info online for this as i am very new to HV operations? as a headsup?
  36. sparkymalarky

    Megger 1552 Neck Strap/Carry Strap

    Hi men, Probably a bit of a stretch considering anyone who has one probably uses it. Does anyone have or know where I could get a spare strap for a Megger 1552/1500 range? I have bought a spare MFT 2nd hand but it doesn't come with the strap which is frustrating. Any ideas? Cheers lads! John
  37. P

    Domestic Cooker installation woes

    Probably in the wrong forum but I cant seem to post elsewhere. I'm installing a new high-end Siemens cookers in my kitchen - a regular oven and a combination one. I've got separate spurs for each back to the fuse box via isolation switches. The oven comes with a mains cable that plugs into...
  38. uksparks

    Board Change

    Hi, Went to look at a board change this morning, all seems fine, nothing untoward, only thing was on the downstairs ring the CPC continuity was higher than I would have liked. r1 = 0.39 rn = 0.41 r2 = 1.44 I was half expecting around 0.75 ish, how far over the expected do you accept without...
  39. J

    working in holland ?

    can anyone help with finding out the requirmnts for working in holland i do mainly commercial/ industrial installations and im looking for a start on a site out there can anyone point me in the right direction thanks if not holland maibie somewhere else
  40. U

    rating of RCD

    Hello guys Ive got a transportable weather testing station that has mainly electronics in it with two racks of 13amp sockets for the computers to run on. The fuse board in the unit is part of the factory fit and has a 300 ma rcd protection the unit is based in a rural location with a TNS...
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