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  1. eleclio

    Stupid Orange Box

    How do I get rid of this "Dismiss" and this stupid orange box at the bottom of the screen. I find too many adverts show on my phone when I access this site and I'm posting this from my laptop as its a pain to access this forum via my iphone. Therefore I had to wait until I got home to access...
  2. Lister1987

    Stupid question time...

    How does an earth leakage clamp meter differ from a clamp meter (if at all). Both tend to test IVR so are we just talking sensitivity, resolution and range? When does one become the other (if at all).
  3. C

    Do you ever feel so Stupid

    Had a great job with an old mate of mine,he wasn’t to sure how to connect ufh heatmiser wireless system. Did all the hard graft,conectted all,fuse blowing in Boiler. Theres no earth fault so a dead shout somewhere,refitted boiler fuse,they had a spare one,blew 3 amp on switch spur.things are not...
  4. Pete999

    No question Just stupid practices

    Many, Many Moons, ago back in time, I worked for the SWEB, started off doing small jobs, a plug here a water heater there, now that was a farce get given a piece of paper with a job number, go to stores get a carrier bag with all that some numpty Surveyor decided this was what you needed to get...
  5. M

    Rcd rating....may be a stupid question

    ....what mA is this rcd??
  6. Pete999

    Stupid things you have done whilst away working

    Got sent to the Seychelles for a job once, yes more like a holiday, heard it all before, anyway where are the Seychelles? smack dab in the middle of the most Shark infested Ocean in the World, used to go for a dip in the mornings, got odd looks from the locals, wasn't until the barman warned me...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Stupid positioning of consumer units...

    Called by a customer yesterday as the cover on the consumer unit has come off and they were panicking. Agreed to call in this morning. Its a new build house, the consumer unit is located immediately adjacent to the side door. When it opens the door handle/ lock bangs into the cover. Over time...
  8. M

    Domestic New consumer unit -I think I've done a very simple 'stupid' - help please.

    I've just swapped out an old consumer unit for a new one - like for like in terms of circuits. One lighting circuit will not set. I've disconnected the earth on that circuit and it still won't set so I would appear to have a live-nuteral short. However I did nothing to that circuit at all...
  9. P

    First post and (probably) stupid question on replacing an extractor

    Hi there, first post that I’m hoping my totally novice terminology will make sense to people... I had an envirovent silent 100ht installed but want to replace with a simpler silent 100s (that turned up today). I’ve removed the cover of the existing and notice the power cable has three cores...
  10. gnuuser

    see anyone driving stupid!

    you guys and gals see many twit drivers? being fire police I see the results of many pileups, and most of them caused by people driving like idiots. too high a speed, passing illegally or in unsafe conditions, ignoring warning signs, and worst of all driving drunk! I don't want to see people...
  11. JK-Electrical

    Thank You Mr. Wetpants, You Inconsiderate Imbecile

    I've seen some really bad plumbing installations over the years, but this one really takes the biscuit. I went to do an EICR yesterday afternoon, but had to abandon the job as I was unable to gain access to the main switch, or even remove the cover from the board. Completely unacceptable...
  12. A

    Stupid question, sorry

    Hi guys I hate to ask but I've removed a shaver socket from my bathroom to pvc the walls and for obvious reasons need to reconnect it but I can't remember where it was, will a stud finder show me?
  13. B

    Chances Of Work

    Hi There, I am currently doing my Level 2 electrical installation course and really enjoying it and most certainly carrying on to do my Level 3 in September. I am currently out of work but lucky enough to have supportive parents to fund the course for me. I was just wondering what are the...
  14. darkwood

    Callouts you should never have been called to!

    Just been called out to a customer saying the hot water is luke warm at best and been like that a week now, so after asking a few questions over phone to save a trip I decided I needed to go out and check it out... It was a simple set-up on inspection supply to a mechanical 2hr boost timer only...
  15. S

    Fuse characteristic

    Hi, I'm currently studying for both my 2394 and 2395 exams and I've been thinking of scenarios to test myself of certain theories, I thought of one where a garage board would be fed with a 13a fuse spur with only a 1.5mm armoured buried under ground. So I started thinking about fuses etc and I...
  16. J

    2002 Vauxhall Corsa FOR SALE

    my car on autotrader... 2002 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.0i 12V Club 3dr Hatchback
  17. M

    Hello from Essex!

    Hello there, my names Mark, I'm currently coming to the end of my first year in college doing Electrical Installations, NVQ. I joined the course very late, so I feel as if I have missed the basics. So get ready for some stupid, stupid questions that I'm too afraid to ask in college otherwise...
  18. J

    Ze testing using a MFT 1553

    Am I correct in thinking that when doing a Ze test using a 1553, the dial needs to be set on the 'Hi' setting in the green loop section of the dial settings? Cheers
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