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  1. stephen fenton

    Can't seem to find the answer, 18th edition tommorow ; )

    A circuit with a 10mm 70*C thermoplastic copper live conductor has a maximum final temperature of 160*C. If a fault current of 600A flows through the conductor, the time taken to reach the final temperature would be.... ? got all the rest just cant seem to locate this one! cheers in advance.:)
  2. S

    I'm sure there is an easy answer!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!! In short ... I've had a mid life crisis and bought a catering van. It has a full size domestic fridge onboard. I need to keep milk cold from home to event site. I'll hook up at home and chill fridge till I leave. Am planning on using an inverter to keep fridge...
  3. P

    What's the answer to this problem?

    There's been a few posts on here recently regarding poor workmanship on installations. Some have said it should be illegal for anyone other than a qualified and registered electrician to carry out wiring and testing. While I agree with this to a certain extent, how would it be enforced? Anyone...
  4. vecadesa

    2365-305 C

    Fail first exam. Any suggestions what kind of material to study to pass next time. Maybe text books? I found swindon massive and spark website but exams there is with answers a b c d. 305 C is written exam. No answers are given. I think you can pass only with practice the exam with similar...
  5. Vortigern

    Why do desktop power supplies and GPU's keep blowing?

    I'm not an electrician but I some clever heads together - http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/im-not-an-electrician-but-i-some-clever-heads-together.117521/ Some of you may remember the above thread where the guy had umpteen blown power supplies and GPU go into melt down. I have now been...
  6. darkwood

    Brain busters

    Right guys and girls, I'm kickstarting a thread that asks what appear to be quite simple to moderately complicated questions within the realms of what we observe daily to science and space. These questions are designed to initially seem simple in solution, that is until you actually start...


    Thank you for accepting me to forum. I studying to my Inspection and Testing exam which is already on Saturday. Any advices??? LOL
  8. B

    Maximum disconnection times

    Hi does anyone know max disconnection times on tn-s system for: 16A radial 6A lights 32A distribution Cheers
  9. PLW

    What is the difference between Electric Charge and Electric Current

    I understand that electric current is the flow of charge or electrons. would I be right in saying that electric charge is the ability of matter to experience force, such as attract and repulsion.
  10. N

    Introduction & Advice wanted

    Good afternoon, I've currently got a metal and plastic recycling facility, we normally just take in plastics but are licensed for metals. We've recently recieved some transformers to be recycled, from what I know, 500KVA Dry transformers, they weigh about 1500kg each and I've got 3 with all...
  11. W

    Worried Student

    Hi, I am currently doing a Level 3 City and Guilds course in Electrical Installation, I have a written exam next week and really need some help, if I fail I will lose my job, my past exams have all been multiple choice questions. I would be most grateful for any help or advice. Thank you
  12. J

    Do you need an earth rod for an outbuilding?

    Do i need an earth rod if i am running a supply to a shed/outbuilding ? The incoming supply to the house is tnc-s
  13. D

    Too many calls!

    I was wandering what people do when they're busy as hell and have phone call after phone call from potential customers. Do you stop what your doing, answer every call possible and arrange visits for quotes until all your evenings are booked up for the next few weeks? not to mention all the time...
  14. S

    Commercial Fuse rating

    Hello I have a question , when looking at a cartridge fuse that say's , 32A (32SB3) , and at the side it says 550V AC 80kA ( BS88.2 ) , can this be used as a 32A on 240V supply ! . SpotBot
  15. N

    17th edition exam

    About to take my 17th edition exam and when I did the 16th edition is was on old fashioned paper (who remembers that). Am I correct in assuming that within the 2 hours I can go back and forth to any questions I have answered to check them and if necessary change the answer. Also do I get the...
  16. R

    Rcd protection on adding 1 light

    Just a quick one. I have added an LED floodlight off an existing light on an outside wall and the circuit is not rcd protected. Do I need to fit an rcbo on the circuit or not. The cable is clipped direct through a loft space.
  17. R

    BS7671 Amendment Question (Regarding Shower Rooms & Tests)

    Hi all, long time no see! So I have this question that I need to answer for an assignment but there is an issue. I have a copy of the BS7671 Wiring Regs Amendment 3 (which has amendment 1 & 2 removed from the introduction). Question 1 asks : Which zone no longer applies to a shower room? The...
  18. G

    Pv on rcd

    Hi guys doing a solar iboost as a subby the other day and noticed that the Pv supply had been connected to a shared RCD, situation was TT supply feeding 2 dbs at the origin each with a 30mA main switch RCD. I was always under the impression that this was incorrect but read through the Dti guide...
  19. S

    City and Guilds Assigment Help

    Hi everyone, I need serious help here I know theres a post on this before bit everyones answers seem wrong. I need someone who seriously knows what there on about, here is the question Propriety Fixings of the PVC Conduit I need a solid answer for this as I have college tomorrow thanks
  20. 8

    MFT 1720 up for sale

    Hi guys. As a regular user of this forum, I just though I would share the fact I have put my MFT 1720 on ebay, the terms on ebay are as shown, but however will consider ending auction for any sensible quick sale offers...
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