1. Empire

    TT Zs measurement

    Morning all, I’m slightly confused with a submain TT out building radial extension. Earthing arrangement to property is TT outbuilding has its own local spike and 16mm to submain board. Zdb to local spike is 6.5 ohms Pssc of 4mm sub main feed 0.6 ohms r1+r2 of radial circuits is 0.3 ohms...
  2. T

    PFC measurement question

    Hi folks, I'm carrying out an EICR on a 3-Ph board which cannot be isolated fully - only certain circuits at certain times. Supply protected by 3x 88-2 fuses. When carrying out PSCC/PFC, I'm getting a small spark at the probe on the neutral bar/MET intermittently. Can anyone explain this? The...
  3. F

    Domestic Ze measurement with a PV system connected?

    Hi, I’m new to this site and wanted some advice on the following, I have a db with a 4kw PV system feed into it via a 16A cb. Gn3 tells me that a generating set which can feed in in parallel to a dB will effect the ze measurement. How can I carry out the ze, pefc and pssc test with this system...
  4. DeanoRN

    Hycontrol-level measurement industries.

    Hi all, Just a quick question i have been offered a job with a company called Hycontrol, has anyone got any experience with level and pressure management products and silo protection products? i cant find out much about this kind of industry. Ive been told it's quite a niche specialised...
  5. soms

    Earth loop impedance measurement affected by dimmer switch

    Working on a job today which included a very simple new lighting circuit. The lighting circuit a very short run from a distribution board to a single switch position, which then supplies a single luminaire. The customer wanted a dimmer switch to control the fitting. To crack on and perform the...
  6. D

    PFC on EICR

    Came across a PFC result on an EICR today of 10KA. My meter is calibrated and I carry out monthly checks with a check box to ensure the on-going accuracy of the equipment and all tested fine up to today. Im not sure if I should quote my customer for C type R.C.B.Os with a higher breaking...
  7. H

    Loop method using Fluke 1653

    Hi all! I tried to measure earth resistance by loop method using fluke 1653 at MR system (TN) in hospital. But got abnormal results. The primary (upper) display showed 0.16 - 0.2 (loop impedance) and secondary - 0.0 - 0.1 (earth resistance) Is there some limitations using this method? Cant find...
  8. B

    For Sale Megger LTW 425

    http://www.test-mete...dcXmBoChmzw_wcB Same as the above, it's a year old but has only been used 3-4 times tops. I don't think it's in calibration still, but I can arrange to have it calibrated for anyone interested. Key specs below: Will post some photos when I get home later. I think...
  9. G

    External earth fault loop impedance Ze

    ​Can any one explains what are the three methods to find External earth fault loop impedance Ze please?
  10. S

    Fluke 1654B loop measurement - how does it measure the Re bit?

    Hi Guys, I've just swapped over to a Fluke 1654B MFT and I have a question about measuring the Re using the loop test function. Anyway, on the full caffeine loop test there is a little button where you can toggle the lower display to swap between PEFC measurement and the Re element of the Ze...
  11. P

    method for measuring the voltage drop

    hi, if we need to measure the voltage drop from a main cu to a sub cu in a outbuilding, what method can be used to verify the voltage drop
  12. P

    earth fault loop three methods?

    when confirming auto disconnect of the supply it is necessary to determine the external earth fault loop impendance of the system. What three methods can this be achieved? So the external earth what loop impendance is the supply companies end is that right?
  13. rustynails

    Fluke Memory

    Is anyone able to tell me how the memory works on a Fluke tester. Does it store sets of results? Allowing you to work during the day doing 2 seperate jobs, then later in the evening do the paperwork without getting data mixed up.
  14. the pict

    pfc/psc manual calc

    When calculation Zs how do I arrive at the PFC for that circuit, I know the tester works it out but whats the calculation formulae Pict
  15. L

    Ze testing

    evening i am fillling out my logbook and am asked what the purose of doing a Ze test is can anyone tell me please thanks
  16. U

    megger 1553

    hi all.........need a few pointers just purchased a 1553 and wondered about the pscc, pefc, pfc measurement? Am i right in saying that for pscc measurement: hi pfc range on loop test red to phase black to n pefc measurement: red to phase black to n green to cpc highest reading is...
  17. S

    circuit resistance

    could someone give me some help calculating a circuit resistance for a single phase circuit as it would be entered on a minor works cert if tested? the circuit in question is a supply from a 2.5mm T&E 30m long going to fused spur then into 1.5 T&E 15m Long. 1st is the calculation done as...
  18. S

    Turn up to work with one of these!

    ...and see the bosses face!!! he he VINTAGE MEGGER UNIVERSAL EARTH RESISTANCE TESTER on eBay, also Meters, Test Measurement Equipment, Electrical Test Equipment, Business, Office Industrial (end time 22-Nov-08 20:13:05 GMT)
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