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  1. gazdkw82

    Downlight suggestions

    I need to install around 40 downlights in an upcoming job. Iv not had to install this amount at once before and I'm looking for fire rated and dimmable. I'm conscious that the LAP ones you can get from screwfix and the likes are cheap but may come back to bite me in the rear. Iv looked at the...
  2. K

    UK 35mm Downlight

    Anyone know of a junction box that will go through a 35mm hole. I have to install e.ergency downlights. Cannot gain access above ceiling. Cheers
  3. D

    Downlight and LED tape opinions

    Hi All, I'm looking for peoples opinions on down lights, what are peoples preferred - Warm white Colour changeable Large beam angle I'm also interested in what LED tape you are using, ideally tape that can go at 90 degrees. All to be fire rated. TIA Dunk
  4. P

    Not sure what downlight type this is?

    Hello, I am new and desperately seeking advice on some integrated downlights. The connector has made it seemingly impossible for me to buy some replacements. It is a Luxna integrated luminare style, so the whole thing has to be replaced when failed. It's warm white, 240v, 10w and IP65 (the...
  5. D

    Fit a downlight into soffit but wasn't wood!

    I drilled into a soffit to fit a downlight. The soffit wasn't wood, growing a bit concerned it's asbestos. Few questions: 1. If it's not wood, what other building material could it be? It's a thin, dry almost plasterboard like sheet. 2. If it were asbestos, would sticking the downlight in the...
  6. J

    Recommend me a LED downlight for this room

    Below is a photo of the kitchen in my new build house. It will have 900mm high worktops in a U shape at the end of the room. Can you recommend me a good quality LED downlight? As you will see the ceiling is high so I guess I will need something with a bit of power and a decent beam. My...
  7. M

    Downlight circuit switch

    Some advice please: I have 6 x GU5.3 low voltage down lights controlled from a single switch in my office. Each down light has its own transformer. I want to ask an electrician to add a 240v double spot light with its own switch at the end of the existing daisy chain as per the attached...
  8. A

    poor light quality from Click integrated LED downlight

    I've just fitted five Click Interceptor Pico downlight in the lounge to replace Click MR16 fittings but the light is very flat compared to tungsten, the angle is far more than the 90º quoted so the light spills everywhere. What are people's views on these integrated LED downlight as I'm thinking...
  9. Zdb

    Enlite LED downlight fault 🔥

    I came across these images on the Facebook group ECUK and thought I would share them with you guys. The sparky said that these are in his own house that he put in. Quite worrying actually as Elite are my go to make/model and I've also put them in my house.
  10. H

    Changing downlight bulb

    Hi, One of the downlights in my bathroom started to flicker and I tried to turn it around. Is this possible to change? How?
  11. M

    Anyone know a downlight to this spec?

    Client has changed their mind after I've already cut 76mm holes for GU10 downlights. Now wants integrated fittings where they're difficult to reach above stairs but only want about 400lm per light (could be a little more or less). Anyone know a nice 4000k, about 400lm, significantly over 76mm...
  12. M

    Downlight hole converter

    Has anyone come across a downlight converter plate that is universal and accepts adjustable LED downlights? I most likely going to need to change some old 4" - 5" spot downlighters in the next week and while I can find plenty of hole converter kits they all seem to be brand specific and all...
  13. robd

    Need some downlight covers for loft...any recommendations?

    Morning all Been to a job that's got old non fire rated downlights, LEDs retrofitted but nothing to a) stop things from sitting directly on top of the lamps which still get fairly warm and b) to allow the insulation to be laid properly in loft without covering and touching said lamps. Looking...
  14. J

    LED Downlight Removal

    Hi all, I have 15 downlights in the kitchen but need to remove one due to getting rid of an aga and needing to install a new cooker and extractor hood - the hood is going where one of the downlights is located. I've replaced plenty of these over the years, but wanted to check the best way of...
  15. L

    Downlight installation

    Hi all, I have a job to wire some downlights in a domestic property and have a couple of questions. The fittings are Luceco 230v 6w LEDs and the customer wants them fitted with dimmer switches. Can a standard dinner be used as I know the earlier LED fittings required a different type. Also when...
  16. happysteve

    Domestic Anyone recognise this downlight/bezel?

    Eh up hive mind, All I have is a photo from the client, and knowledge that it's about 90mm diameter and in a kitchen. I've trawled through Google images, Screwfix, CEF etc and I'm slowly going cross-eyed. Any ideas? :)
  17. captaincaveman

    Fire rated downlight - How to tell?

    Doing an EICR today, in a multi occupied house, I was chatting to the landlord advising him to get fire rated downlights in the celar bedroom thinking the existing ones weren't such. I then showed him in the toolstation catalogue options for them - to come across one new fitting which doesn't...
  18. E

    LED downlight issue 1x keeps cutting out

    Can any one help? Just been to a customers house and in a loft extension there are 6x LED downlights (cob). The last downlight in the circuit seemed to be cutting out when the dimmer was at the minimum so I replaced the standard LED for a varilight dimmer so the minimum could be adjusted...
  19. D

    Domestic Bathroom downlight insulation coverable + exisiting CPC cut

    Pleased to find this forum, my 1st post! I will get an electrician in for this to make sure it's safe and tested but I want to understand what's right before getting a quote/posting a job. Previous owners had downlights installed in the bathroom but a later test certificate identified the CPCs...
  20. O

    HELP! Down light installation??

    Hello, I am looking for some help if possible please, I am buying a new build property in the near future and the building company want payment per down light. Instead of paying this I am looking to install the lights myself. There will be around 6-8 in the kitchen, 2 in the downstairs...
  21. S

    Downlight spacing calculator

    Hi guys. I was just browsing looking for any hints/tips on spacing for downlights and came across this useful calculator: Hope this is of some help to somebody.
  22. Wayne nightingale

    LED Downlight Driver

    Hi everyone, I’m Wayne, this is my first post so i hope someone can help me with my problem, before my head explodes. Ive recently bought some cheap and cheerful LED downlight and the drivers last a couple of weeks then burn out. I’m wanting to do away with the individual drivers and use 1...
  23. Gavin John Hyde

    downlight for angled ceiling suggestions

    planning a job where i am fitting down lights in the kitchen, part of the ceiling is angled. The other downlights on the level ceiling are blocked out by a person stood at the sink when washing up etc. The ceiling is between 35-40 degrees. a normal light would shine out into the kitchen rather...
  24. Gakure

    Halogen to LED downlight replacement.

    Hi all, I have been asked to quote to replace existing Halogen 12V with LED downlights. Do you guys have any recommendation, there are 37 of them. I have seen some at Scewfix for £89 park of 10 and kews they have H2 for approximate £12 + VAT. *would you charge per light or on hourly rates.
  25. J

    led downlighting wiring help

    hi I just wondered if anyone could help at all I’m installing led down lights in my bedroom I’ve taken the original lighting/mains cable back into the loft which will be joined in a junction box and then run my cable from that to the first downlight and then run the second light of the first,the...
  26. mhar

    Web site / suppliers list of downlight hole cutout sizes

    Is there any resource anywhere or any point of reference where you can search for a downligt by hole cut-out size? Looking for non integrated gu10 fittings for existing 82mm holes. It takes forever going into the spec of each downlight
  27. Robert Townsend

    Rcd protection for shower downlight

    Hi some advice not a spark but need an answer to this. I want an LED downlight in my shower. Do I need additional RCD protection for this ? The consumer unit circuits are protected by one RCD in the unit. Not sure if I need a local RCD fitted for a new light fitting direct above...
  28. P

    Dimmable downlight recommendations?

    Looking for 4 fire rated, low voltage, dimmable downlights for a small bedroom but there's so many to choose from. What would yous recommend?
  29. Colin McLauchlin

    Philips Coreline LED Downlight 22w 3000k Excess Stock Sale

    I have 16 brand new Philips Coreline LED Downlights 22w 3000k (EOC 85224800) which are in a 4oook labelled box. An error from the supplier but hats off to them as they let me keep them at a discounted price. These are excess stock for me so happy to let them go for £25 each plus VAT and Carriage...
  30. B

    Down lights and transformers

    Hi , just looking for some advice on some downlighting and where I stand , a client has provided me with 4 transformers with thermal cut out for there 4 down lighters which are not working , upon inspection of the 4 the down lighters themselves are not fire rated (ground floor flat) (2 story...
  31. G

    Insulation coverable downlight

    Hi, I've got a customer who wants downlights installed in their kitchen/dinner. However the ceiling has celotex or equivalent insulation installed above it. Has anyone come across any suitable downlights that can be covered by celotex? Also just to make things harder there isn't any access from...
  32. grimysparks80

    Problem with downlight

    Ive been to a job recently where I had 1 downlight at the end of a circuit start flickering several hours after its been turned on. It had a loose cable which I tightened and it worked fine for another few hours then started again. this time I checked the wiring to the other downlights. Didnt...
  33. Electrical2go

    October Special 10% Off Click Scolmore Inceptor Omni Colour Selectable LED Downlight

    The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire rated downlights. The Omni allows the installer to select the colour of the light upon installation ranging from warm white, cool white all the way through to daylight. We're offering an extra 10%...
  34. B

    2nd floor flat non-fire rated downlight

    Hi Guys, Just after a bit of advice, Just done a EICR of a second floor flat nothing major to report just a few C3's But... What i was wondering there a few downlight's (Gu10) in the property Kitchen/Living room all of them Non- fire rated do they need to be fire rated as its in black of...
  35. S

    Downlight advice - joists / spacing guide

    What are people's methods of installing downlights?? Rule of thumbs?? Spacing?? I installed 14 today in a kitchen. 2 banks of 7 at just over a metre apart. 650mm from walls. Problem is joists. felt like it took an eternity just to mark out as I would inevitably land on joists somewhere along my...
  36. J

    Downlight earthing For housing

    i am doing work in a void property for the council, there are downlights installed into a wet wall ceiling in the kitchen ( put in by previous tennant ) they are wanting to keep, when going round each downlight the earths were chopped away so went round sorted them all but i am getting no earth...
  37. D

    Which driver for this downlight?

    Hi all, I hope you're well! I managed to get the attached downlight cheap from IKEA. I didn't realise the led transformer and leads were so expensive as I only need one of these lights. I've taken a picture of the label showing the specs. Is there a simple LED driver I can safely connect this...
  38. jackhammerJIM

    Tilt downlight recommendations

    Good evening all . I have a large ceiling sloped at 42 degrees i need to install 4 down lights in the requirements are LED tilt to 45 degree dimmable 45 - 60 degree beam angle approximately 1500 lumens each warm white this is in the realms of a commercial downlight but it is for a domestic job...
  39. Billwah

    Downlight hoods for upstairs/ loft

    Hi all, Have been asked to replace some ceiling lights in a customer bathroom; they're after LED downlight. Now customer has some IP65 mains LED downlight which are fire rated (closed, can design). Do I need to use fire hoods in the loft? The insation is deep enough to bury the back of the...
  40. B

    Led Downlight Recommendations

    After some LED downlight recommendations, have been looking at Ansell Orbio 360 and Enlite E5/E5, like the look of the E5/E8 Any good or bad feedback, any other suggestions. Need to be dimmable. Thanks.
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