1. Electrical2go

    Low Price Lighting at E2GO

    This weekend we have a selection of our best-selling lights available at a discounted price! Missed out on our offer or looking for something different? Discover our full range of competitively priced products available at Electrical2Go
  2. Alla Musica

    How far do downlight cans affect lamp life?

    Looking through the fire-rated downlights out there on the market, Integral Evofire claims its canless design would let the heat off and hence optimize lamp performance and life. On the other hand, the JCC Fireguard, albeit also rated for LEDs only, ironically, still comes with a matt black...
  3. W

    Downlight Wiring

    Hi guys, super basic question: For a room layout like this, with my understanding that a lighting circuit downlight radial goes from one point to the next (whereas a socket radial can spur off in multiple directions), would this be acceptable, with the first downlight spurring off to feed two...
  4. Rockingit

    Replacement EM downlight with charging light

    Hi all, a very long time I did a swanky grand designs type new build in the middle of nowhere, so in the middle of nowhere that it's a house with a sprinkler system and a variety of other life/building systems to cope with the fire brigade basically never finding it (was a condition of planning...
  5. Electrical2go

    Downlights for Under £7?

    This weekend at Electrical2Go we are offering the Ansell Prism pro (APRIP/1) for just £6.95 ex VAT ! These are one of our best-selling downlights, so stock up whilst this deal is available as the price will return to normal on Monday. Click here to view our Ansell Prism Pro offer Did you...
  6. A

    Kitchen Downlight Wiring

    Hi there I have 8 downlights in my kitchen, 6 on one switch and 2 on another (not sure why), I've replaced the downlights on the 6 and they work fine. The 2 I'm having trouble with. School boy error but as I was untangling the mess that was behind the light I didn't pay attention to the way...
  7. D

    LED Downlight Dims Intermittently

    Hi, I have an a single LED (240v Robust Fixed, LAP GU10 LAD 250 Lm 4w) downlight which is going through a squence (after being on for a while), I ran a lap timer for an example of the behaviour : Dim for 16 secs Fully on for 2 mins 13 Secs Dim for 16 secs Fully on for 2 mins 11 secs...
  8. Electrical2go

    Our Downlight Multipack Deals Are Back!

    Our multipack offers for downlights have returned. Stock up and save for this weekend only! Multipacks include JCC V50's, Ansell Prism Pro's and Collingwood H2 Lite's. To find out more Click Here
  9. Electrical2go

    Mega Downlight Deal - this weekend only!

    Taking place from August 18th to 20th, we're offering an incredible promotion for downlights! You can grab a 10-pack of the Ansell Prism Pro for just £65. Additionally, the H2 Lite and JCC V50 models follow a buy 5 get 1 free deal. 💥 Shop Prism Pro now at a limited time reduced price! 💥 Shop...
  10. G

    Weird LED Downlight Tripping

    Hey all, hoping someone can help with a particularly annoying problem! Have changed a load of LED downlights to the fixed bulb Centorio type (14W, colour adjustable,dimmable with remote) and all 8 are fed from CBUS relay channel. The strange thing is, they work when first switched on, but then...
  11. P

    Connect chandelier to the downlight power point

    Hello, We changed plans with lighting in one zone. Now instead of 4 downlights (square shape of 1400mm side) we want a chandelier. Since downlights are already wired and gyprock installed we cannot wire it up separately to the downlights. I asked the supervisor to not drill holes so we can do...
  12. R

    Mystery downlight brand

    Morning all, does anyone know what make of downlight this is . Cool white 330lm
  13. T

    Random downlight flickering

    Hi Ive never seen this issue in 35years in the trade and wondered if anybody has any idears. The property is a new build and the installation fitted by myself. We have 26 Aurora cx7 downlights on 3 seperate circuits and controlled by various switching configurations. All dimmer switches are...
  14. B

    Earth terminated outside.

    Hi All Seen this on a few jobs now where they have on the Downlight fittings where the CPC is terminated outside the enclosure of the Downlight due to not having a earth connection inside. Does anyone know the reg that states that this is not permitted and earth connections should be inside...
  15. timhoward

    Screwfix VTAC vs Saxby Downlights = nearly identical

    Turn up to look at 2 downlights not working at a recent kitchen job by someone else. Get one out, it's one of the Screwfix VTAC 10 for £70 little delights. Lots of builders seem to buy these. I know from past experience Screwfix they don't sell single units. But I have this eerie feeling I've...
  16. Tommy10toes

    Downlight ID -- advice needed !

    Hi all, I'm struggling to replace the bulb in this outdoor downlight, it doesn't twist out like i'm accustomed to. It's tiltable. I can pull down the unit a bit but not sure how hard to pull as i'm pulling pretty hard and feel like i'm gonna break something. I really can't seem to access the...
  17. T

    Part C, tilting, GU10 downlight?

    Any know of any, both normal and IP rated? Don't like the integrateds but struggling to find these...
  18. G

    replacing downlight fitting - safe?

    Hello all. I have this downlight where the bulb went a while ago and I replaced the bulb myself. I'd never dealt with these type of lights before so I thought the holder had to be pulled out. So I replaced the bulb but then when tried to re-insert the holder, the clips kept flying off, one flew...
  19. G

    help identifying a downlight

    good evening, does anyone recognise what brand this downlight might be? the closest ive found is at TLC but they seem to be out of stock. ☹️ I've got to go and replace it and don't really have the time for the hassle of 2 visits!! Many thanks in advance!
  20. M

    Help with LED Down lights

    Hi there, first time on the forum so if I’m posting in the wrong area or breaking any etiquette I apologise in advance but I’m in a bit of bother. I took it upon myself to install 6 LED spotlights in my mums kitchen before the arrival of the new units and whilst I had great success at the...


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