1. P

    Connect chandelier to the downlight power point

    Hello, We changed plans with lighting in one zone. Now instead of 4 downlights (square shape of 1400mm side) we want a chandelier. Since downlights are already wired and gyprock installed we cannot wire it up separately to the downlights. I asked the supervisor to not drill holes so we can do...
  2. R

    Mystery downlight brand

    Morning all, does anyone know what make of downlight this is . Cool white 330lm
  3. T

    Random downlight flickering

    Hi Ive never seen this issue in 35years in the trade and wondered if anybody has any idears. The property is a new build and the installation fitted by myself. We have 26 Aurora cx7 downlights on 3 seperate circuits and controlled by various switching configurations. All dimmer switches are...
  4. B

    Earth terminated outside.

    Hi All Seen this on a few jobs now where they have on the Downlight fittings where the CPC is terminated outside the enclosure of the Downlight due to not having a earth connection inside. Does anyone know the reg that states that this is not permitted and earth connections should be inside...
  5. timhoward

    Screwfix VTAC vs Saxby Downlights = nearly identical

    Turn up to look at 2 downlights not working at a recent kitchen job by someone else. Get one out, it's one of the Screwfix VTAC 10 for £70 little delights. Lots of builders seem to buy these. I know from past experience Screwfix they don't sell single units. But I have this eerie feeling I've...
  6. Tommy10toes

    Downlight ID -- advice needed !

    Hi all, I'm struggling to replace the bulb in this outdoor downlight, it doesn't twist out like i'm accustomed to. It's tiltable. I can pull down the unit a bit but not sure how hard to pull as i'm pulling pretty hard and feel like i'm gonna break something. I really can't seem to access the...
  7. T

    Part C, tilting, GU10 downlight?

    Any know of any, both normal and IP rated? Don't like the integrateds but struggling to find these...
  8. G

    replacing downlight fitting - safe?

    Hello all. I have this downlight where the bulb went a while ago and I replaced the bulb myself. I'd never dealt with these type of lights before so I thought the holder had to be pulled out. So I replaced the bulb but then when tried to re-insert the holder, the clips kept flying off, one flew...
  9. G

    help identifying a downlight

    good evening, does anyone recognise what brand this downlight might be? the closest ive found is at TLC but they seem to be out of stock. ☹️ I've got to go and replace it and don't really have the time for the hassle of 2 visits!! Many thanks in advance!
  10. M

    Help with LED Down lights

    Hi there, first time on the forum so if I’m posting in the wrong area or breaking any etiquette I apologise in advance but I’m in a bit of bother. I took it upon myself to install 6 LED spotlights in my mums kitchen before the arrival of the new units and whilst I had great success at the...
  11. Megamanmaz

    Megaman downlight bulbs gone, but product discontinued - help!

    Hi there, We moved into a house with a fair few spotlights. They've been going out here and there but now got to a point where we do need to replace them - only to find that they're integrated and the product is discontinued. We have Megaman TH0106d 70mA 4000k 8w. Photos of downlight and...
  12. Placemat

    Can i replace a Downlight with one different to the rest?

    Hi, I've got 6 Luceco downlights in my cellar. One is now flashing on & off. I've taken it out & can see that it's a contained unit, I can't replace the bulb. Is it possible to buy a different Downlight to replace or do I have to buy the same model? Thank you.
  13. M

    LED Recessed Downlight with dim "ring" around the edge

    i walked a model home yesterday and it had been fitted with can lights that had a typical downlight, but the standard downlight trim would also emit a soft glow around the edge as an option as well. Basically the light switch toggled between those options: Downlight on, dim edge glowing only...
  14. M

    Can I DIY replace downlight transformer?

    Yes I know what the answer is and you're going to shoot me down in flames... but I'm tired of calling in a sparky every time one of my downlight transformers die. I've seen how they work and how he screws the wires back in .... how unsafe is it for me to replace one of these myself and match...
  15. J

    UK LED downlight flickering and going on and off intermittently

    Hi all, Have 6 x GU 5.3 LED downlights in the bathroom. Had no issues for 3 years and lights have started flickering and some go off for periods and come back on randomly. Changed the bulbs for new ones but exactly the same. There is no dimmer switch. Just a standard single way switch. HELP!!!
  16. V

    UK Class 1 downlight no earth lazy instal

    Hi all Up in a loft after an EICR carrying out rectifications including this beauty.
  17. HappyHippyDad

    Trying to find a very bright, dimmable adjustable downlight.

    I am building a single story extension which will be a gym. The ceiling will be sloped and higher than usual with 2 x skylights in it. It is an apex roof. I'm looking for adjustable downlights at least 700 lumen (preferably more) and also dimmable.... Or, any other clever ideas for lighting? I...
  18. D

    Are these cables too close to an LED downlight?

    I'm fairly certain the answer is yes. But I've drilled a hole for an LED downlight and unfortunately it's busy with cables. Moving it will be a hassle due to the spacing of the other lights, just before I do - are the LED lights somehow such low temp that I could in fact just keep it here...
  19. DaveEyes

    Downlight Regulations

    I am trying to get a definitive answer to a question regarding the regulations on the installation of downlights. Could you please tell me under what circumstances it is a legal requirement for fire safe downlights to be fitted rather than ordinary downlights. I have a top floor flat with...
  20. L

    Rose Circuit to Downlight

    Hi, I’m new here, hopefully a simple question for the professionals. I am installing down lights in an upstairs bedroom. The plasterer has gracefully removed the lamp and pushed the cables up into the loft. In the loft I now have a cable coming from the bedroom light switch and a second cable...
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