1. Electrical2go

    Low Price Lighting at E2GO

    This weekend we have a selection of our best-selling lights available at a discounted price! Missed out on our offer or looking for something different? Discover our full range of competitively priced products available at Electrical2Go
  2. Alla Musica

    Downlights: Integral Evofire, or JCC Fireguard IP65?

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for downlights that satisfy the following criteria: (1) white bezel; (2) fire-rated; (3) IP65 or above; (4) anti-glare; (5) GU10/MR16, not integrated LED. I've shortlisted the Integral Evofire Recessed (low-glare) and the JCC Fireguard Anti-Glare (IP65 variant). To me...
  3. Electrical2go

    Our Downlight Multipack Deals Are Back!

    Our multipack offers for downlights have returned. Stock up and save for this weekend only! Multipacks include JCC V50's, Ansell Prism Pro's and Collingwood H2 Lite's. To find out more Click Here
  4. Aaronj46

    JCC Toughbay - Emergency Issue

    Had an issue on site where 12 JCC Toughbays (JC 040006) lights over 7 circuits all have the same issue. Turn on - 100% on as expected Power off SL - off/ charging as expected Turn off at key/sw - off/ not charing as expected If you turn rcbo back on and then flick the key sw to on the non...
  5. Rockingit

    Wanted: JCC LED7 in white!

    Does anyone happen to have a JCC LED7 range in neutral, white, left forlorn on a shelf somewhere? I've one that's slowly dying in my own Mum's kitchen that I must have put in around 10-11 years ago so it'll be out of warranty and whilst she's not bothered if the replacement doesn't quite look...
  6. A

    2 way dimmer and JCC V50 cutting out

    Hi guys, just installed new JCC V50 down lights with two 2 way brushed brass dimmer switches from Knightsbridge. When I turn one of dimmers up fully it cuts the light out. And then sometimes they flicker on start up… then if I have one switch dimmed to the lowest and the other is switched to the...
  7. D

    How do you replace a faulty JCC V50 LED Unit?

    Apologies if this seems like a stupid question but one of our JCC V50s has just started flickering and I need to replace it. With other LED lights, you just replace the LED itself but with these it looks like you have to replace the whole unit. Is that correct? If that is correct, and tips for...
  8. suffolkspark

    JCC FGLED6 batch check

    Anybody know where I can check if some fgled6 are part of the good ol bad batches? I've just done an EICR on a property and some numpty has put a JB above every light and 2 core flex into each (NIC domestic installer that has even certificated it!), they arent double insulated so all need re...
  9. Andy78

    JCC V50 recall

    I know these have been mentioned a few times on here so thought I'd put this out there. Apparently recently sold JCC V50 downlights, or at least some of them, are being recalled.
  10. P

    JCC V50 Down-lights or alternatives?

    Hi, I am wanting to fit LED downlight throughout my home. Not only to improve the look of my home but also to save power and be more energy efficient. I already have downlight fitted in my kitchen and bathroom, the kitchen in cool white and the bathroom in warm white. The downlight I am...
  11. E

    JCC V50 downlights or alternative

    Customer looking to change 33 JCC old existing downlights ,with JCC V50 downlights.The ceiling height is 60mm only so choices are limited for fire rated downlights. JCC customer service suggested their JCC V50 fitting.Than I found out that manufactory advices no more than 20 fitting per circuit...
  12. Jim90

    JCC tricked my apprentice!

    As the subject suggests JCC threw in a curveball in a 5ft LED light that completely stumped my apprentice. The back story goes like this. We are on a small commercial job, cushy number installing 40 LED IP rated emergency and non emergency fittings. I gave the task of telling my third year...
  13. O

    JCC Hybrid .............

    These had a poor reputation a while back and were with drawn Anyone got any recent experience now they are back on the shelf? Thanks
  14. S

    For sale JCC LED tilt down lights

    17 x JCC FGLED6 Tilt fire rated downlights for sale. Model number JC94481BN. Left over from a job, I can't return to wholesaler as they have gone bump! High quality down lights 10 year manufacturers warranty (5 year for commercial installations). These sell on-line for £39 each, I paid £32. I'd...
  15. Midwest

    JCC Hybrid9 Downlight

    Anybody fitted any of these yet? Appears they have a detachable connector, greater lumen output than the JCC6, and slightly cheaper than the 10. Hybrid9 | JCC Lighting - http://www.jcc.co.uk/lighting/hybrid9/ http://jcc.5dkhc3q8.netdna-cdn.com/content/uploads/2016/07/JC94901-D-IS.pdf
  16. S

    JCC vs Enlite

    Hello, I've got a load of recessed down lights to fit. We have been thinking of going JCC Firegaurd LED6, but we need the tilt version for this project, which will come quite expensive. Now, at the whole salers we've just been looking at Enlite E8 and they're significantly cheaper, with great...
  17. S

    Zano dimmer with JCC LED10

    I thought I'd give the JCC LED10's a go in my dining room before fitting them in a kitchen refit next week. The lights are fine, a slight delay when turning on, but that is minimal. After fitting a Zano 5-250W LED grid dimmer, and setting it up, the delay is now approx 2 seconds. Far too long...
  18. Midwest

    JCC Warranty

    Not sure if your aware, JCC have changed the terms & conditions for their warranty. For example the FGLED series is now 2 years extending to 10 years (domestic if installed by qualified electricians). And only if the products are from their approved list of suppliers, no ebay ones!
  19. S

    Halers or JCC LED

    Looking at changing the lighting in my kitchen to downlighters and narrowed it down to either Halers H2 pro or JCC FGLED6, what is people's opinions on either? its a large kitchen/dinner and will be warm white. Don't need to be dimmable.
  20. M

    Jcc LED7 downlights warmwhite dimmable

    for sale Jcc LED7 downlights £20 each, brand new boxed 60 available


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