1. N

    Motion triggered battery powered dimmable COB LED light

    My view on life, in any field, is not to produce more but to consume less. Everybody told me this is a very eccentric weird mentality. Perhaps they are right. Nevertheless I have to build my project to make a highly efficient, extremely low drain, motion triggered 12V battery powered dimmable...
  2. King Mustard

    Can I use a dimmable LED bulb in this table lamp?

    We have just bought this dimmable (three-stage) lamp. The descriptions states: "Bulbs required 1 x golfball SES small edison eco halogen bulb" Do you think it has to be an E14 dimmable "eco halogen" bulb? Or do you think I can I get an E14 dimmable LED bulb?
  3. R

    Dimmable Light Issues

    Hi All. New member. I have a perplexing issue which I am hoping someone might be able to help with. I have two suspension lights which are installed. Both are relatively high-end LED. I have linked both of them below. Arrangements Square Small lamp | Suspension | Flos -...
  4. M

    BC led, around 3500k?

    Got one of those awkward customers. 3000k is too yellow, 4000k is too white. Has anyone seen anything in the middle? To go in standard BC fitting pendants and put out about 800lm, and dimmable. A search round my usual go-to's (CEF, QVS, TLC, Screwfix, Amazon) has been unsuccessful.
  5. Y

    Domestic Green Brook Dimmable Ceiling Pull Switch - DIMPULLSW-C

    Hi, I have just purchased the above product but the installation instructions are a bit vague. Please would you be able to tell me how to wire this fitting. I have attached a picture of my existing product and also a picture of the new fitting. I'm not sure where to place the live and...
  6. S

    Best Quinetic Dimmable Combo

    I received some great advice on another thread where I was advised by many to buy Quinetic. I'm liking the look of the dimmable receiver and switch. Is it any good? They'll be powering downlight leds. Also what are your favourite led gu10s and from the point of view of dimmable does it matter...
  7. P

    Switching of suspended dimmable led fittings

    Hi, I am installing 12 x suspended LED fittings in an office. They are on two switches. The fitting itself comes with a 5 core cable. How do I switch this. Do I need on/off and momentary switch or something else. See attached pic. Any ideas gratefully accepted.
  8. D

    Dimmable LED Candle Lamps

    Recently replaced a single pendent (Dimmable LED GLS lamp) with a 5 arm chandelier style fitting which client wants candle lamps (No shades and would agree, candle lamps would look best). Existing dimmer is an Aurora LED (Green) but the dimmable lamps he (client) supplied (off the shelf at a...
  9. G

    Dimmable light woks fine in shop, but not at home??

    Hi, I purchased a dimmable touch table lamp in B&Q a few weeks ago. I ensured I purchased the correct dimmable G9 bulbs, but on getting it home, discovered that the touch function only turns the lamp on. It doesn't cycle through the various dim levels on each touch, and the only way to turn...
  10. Richard Cook

    Replacing bathroom pull switch with dimmable pull switch

    Hi folks, I’m replacing my bathroom pull cord switch with a quieter one (that has a dimmer function that we’ll probably never use) and the original one had the live to COM and neutral (with brown sleeve) to L1. However this new pull switch has a IN L and N and a LOAD L and N and I’m a bit...
  11. B

    Dimmable LED lamps buzzing

    Hi all, Hoping someone wouldn’t mind answering a quick question for me. I have 2 dimmable touch lamps in the bedrooom. I have fitted them both with LEDs which are dimmable. The dimming function works fine and there is no flickering, however there is a buzzing noise from the lamp when not on...
  12. Dean Theobald

    Dimmable Driver With 240v Output!!!

    Hi everyone!!! I need some help. I’m looking for a dimmable 1-10v driver with a 240v input and 240v output. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Many Thanks
  13. S

    Looking for 'Warm Glow' dimmable ceiling downlighters.

    Hello. Bro currently has a half-dozen old R80 ceiling downlighters in his even older flat. He's having the ceiling reboarded and is also looking to advance at least one part of his life to the 21st century, so would like LEDs there as a replacement. A must is that these new lamps are...
  14. P

    Dimmable downlight recommendations?

    Looking for 4 fire rated, low voltage, dimmable downlights for a small bedroom but there's so many to choose from. What would yous recommend?
  15. Dave Jenkins

    Dimmable LED Downlights that will not dim...advice please

    Now, over the years, I've fitted loads of LED downlights - 100s if not 1000s by now - just like you guys/gals probably. They always work, but this week they don't: Four 5W dimmable LED downlights. Varilight 100W dimmer - minimum load either 0W or 10W depending which spec you read. This dimmer...
  16. T

    Mini dimmable downlights

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone knew of any "mini" recessed downlights that are dimmable. Looking for something that's ideally no bigger than 50mm diameter in brushed Chrome. I can't seem to find anything and the customer wants ones that are smaller than normal. Cheers, Tom
  17. E

    Help with dimmable LED panel lights

    Hi all, To be clear I am still new to the job and this is the first time I've dealt with this situation. I'm installing LED panel lights in a suspended ceiling, I've used dimmable drivers connected to the switched live and neutral on the input. And live and neutral on the output. I've...
  18. O

    Buzzing GU10 LED's

    So I changed 10 x halogen MR16's for 10 x Megaman dimmable 5.5w LED's along with a VPro dimmer (rated up to 10 LED's) When the lights are switched on, they are silent but after 10 -15 minutes they start buzzing - the lamps, not the dimmer. I swapped the dimmer for a standard switch today, and...
  19. M

    LED lights from dimmer flickering. Load is below dimmers minimum rating.

    Hello. So I've learned a lot about dimmers on this last job. The customer wanted everything downstairs on dimmers and boy has it been a learning curve. I've split a lighting circuit and the customer has asked for 2 x st64 led bulbs on pendants to be put on a dimmer. The problem is they're...
  20. simpson93

    Dimmable flood light

    Afternoon all, looking if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a dimmmable 10w flood light (integrated) Well aware I could use older style with dimmable lamp but looking for something that looks a little better. Cheers
  21. D

    LED problem

    Recently fitted a Saxby dimmable driver and a GE brand dimmable 7watt LED lamp. When I turn the switch on, the lamp does not illuminate, but if I remove the lamp and re-insert it into the lamp holder It illuminates. When I try to dim it, the dimmable lamp just goes out and will not switch back...
  22. L

    Non dimmable led strip and dimmable light on same dimmer switch

    Hi Was wondering if anyone can shed some light here . Have a customer who has had work done on his flat. They have installed an led strip around a ceiling bulkhead (non dimmable) and a pendant style led (dimmable) light in the centre of the bulkhead which run off the same supply and controlled...
  23. T

    Led Dimming

    Hi all Just a few questions regarding dimming LED lights. Digital and analogue. Came across a few problems when changing from fluorescent tubes dimmable to LED dimmable. 1. Light fittings are digital dimmable with fluorescent tubes. Changed to digital dimmable LED. But now when switching the...
  24. J

    dimming led's

    haven't really use much LED before! any reason why one of these: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/VLGJP100WMG.html will not work with 6 of these: https://www.downlights.co.uk/click-inceptor-micro.html and then another dimmer to control 1 of LED-Filament Bulbs | Energy Efficient Lighting...
  25. D

    Domestic Down lighters on photocell and PIR

    A friend has asked its possible to put 3 spots in a bulkhead outside his house so they're dim between dusk and dawn then turn on full when movement is detected through a PIR. I've searched for a dimmable photocell but haven't had any joy. The spots will obviously be IP65 and will be LED, again...
  26. S

    shower extractor downlight - can you get them in GU10

    Hi im not to clued up on downlights but have changed the whole house to led every spot light in the house is gu10 which is great but in my bathroom 5 are GU10 an the shower extractor is MR16 the problem is she wants them to dim - just wondering what I do next do they even do a gu10 extractor...
  27. A

    dimmable GU10 LEDs

    Does anyone have recommendations? I've tried the Screwfix LAP 5w ones, they are ok but don't dim right down. Is this the same with others such as Sylvania? cheers
  28. S

    Domestic Halers or JCC LED

    Looking at changing the lighting in my kitchen to downlighters and narrowed it down to either Halers H2 pro or JCC FGLED6, what is people's opinions on either? its a large kitchen/dinner and will be warm white. Don't need to be dimmable.
  29. C

    Led dimming

    Hi guys new to the forum, have a question, just been out to a job to quote it, customer has 8inch box across the room between chimney breast above the bed with LED down lighters in, nice JCC Non dimmable ones, customer wants a single down lighter to be replaced to a dimmable one, no problems so...
  30. R

    Dimmable LED downlighters.

    Can anybody advise on the following. Have 4 5w led gu10 bulbs with a v pro series dimmer rated for low wattage lamps. The bulbs are dimmable but when the dimmer is switched on as soon as it is turned down the bulbs flicker badly. Any advice appreciated.
  31. 1Justin

    Which dimmer for CFL. Silent?

    Can someone suggest a single module grid dimmer which is: A) Quiet B) Works with dimmable CFL (leading edge needed I think) C) Works on 88W CFL load? I've spent all afternoon on this one, and have come up only with ones I know are either noisy (Varilight V-dim) and those I have had had LOADS...
  32. J

    aurora led

    Hi, anyone had any problems with aurora i 10 led non dimmable downlights ? Fitted 3 on a job 4 weeks ago and have now had 5 pack-up within the last 3 weeks. Fitted loads of the i10 dimmable ones and had no problems, supplier swaps them no problem but becoming a problem for customer and me :( Jay
  33. happyhippydad

    Any advice on LED MR16's?

    Hello all.. Just brushing up on my knowledge of LED's and getting to grips with Lumens/lux, SMD, angle etc etc etc.... What is your experience of LED MR16's? In particular I wanted to know if it was worth fitting them? One of the main reasons for buying an LED is the length of time it is going...
  34. i=p/u

    12v LEDs

    We installed 30 x 12v down lighters in a kitchen a while back and the guy just asked me today would i put in LEDs , I know you can get 12v LEDs m16 but have never used them or checkled them out or I could remove transformers.... anyone any experiences with 12v LEDs
  35. M

    Dimmable LED bulbs?

    Anyone any advice on wether or not too use them. Have heard some bad reports about them?
  36. B

    remote controlled lighting

    can anyone advise me on how you would wire up 8 downlights to be controlled by a remote control? also can the downlights be low voltage leds? any help would be appreciated
  37. P

    Dim and dimmer

    Bit of an issue with some dimming controls. My company were asked to install some dimmable lights in a studio. This would of been straight forward until the main contractor wanting to speed up the job asked for the downlighting cutout size so they could prep for our arrival.. Turns out the...
  38. C

    LED 'Dummy Load'

    I'm having no end of issues with a current install. What I've got is two 3gang dimmer switches from Lightwave RF. Gang 1 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x4 Gang 2 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x6 Gang 3 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x2 Gang 4 -...
  39. J

    flashing led

    I have replaced 7 12v 50w halogen downlights, (removing transformers) and replaced with GU6WW downlights. The new GU10 base lamps have built in drivers so I don't believe I need extra resistance on the circuit. They were fine - but have now started flashing, all at once. An interesting one...
  40. T

    Can All LED's Be Dimmed?

    Can any LED lighting be dimmed with the correct dimmer module? Specifically, this Dimmer Switch with these LED lights? If not, then can the aforementioned dimmer switch be used with the LED lights, or is this likely to damage the lights themselves?
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