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  1. D

    Alternator use for micro hydro

    Hey. I'm setting up a micro hydro system and thought some guidance would be nice to avoid unnecessary experimentation. This is my first version but the idea is to use the water to push a pelton wheel to turn an alternator. However with this first test i am only reading about 2 volts off the...
  2. OnlQQker

    50 to 100 MICRO amperes (Everything Seems To Be Electrical)

    50 to 100 MICRO amperes? Would that be the same amount from say a watch battery or something? Just studying from the link below as night time isolation is all the time I have at the moment and I know their are some highly intelligent peeps around here that could put this in layman terms...
  3. telectrix

    work in progrees in Micro Brewery.

    s title. soon be up and brewing.
  4. F

    Off-Grid micro grid system using SMA hardware

    Hi Guys, We are working with a client who has for a number of years used a 10Kw Bergy wind turbine for household power...with lead-acid batteries( which did extremely well) plus a 10Kw generator as a auto backup service. The new power system will see a proper micro grid in place with a new...
  5. Spunkywads26

    Micro teach session for job interview

    Hey Guys, I have recently decided that I would like to take up an ambition of mine and start my path into teaching. I have booked onto an assessors course and applied to a few posts for college lecturers. I have just had a response saying that my application has been successful and now I have...
  6. S

    micro switches bypass

    hi guys,i have a jet bandsaw with a knackered micro switch,not the on off. trying to get a replacement is nigh on impossible unless i wait 12 weeks!!! before i get anyone to look at it locally,is it possible to bypass the switch seeing as it only operates when the door is closed? thanks for any...
  7. S

    Z-Wave Micro Dimmer installation

    Hi guys, I have an Aeon Labs Micro Dimmer for lights. The instructions tell me to install this behind the wall switch and this is probably by far the easiest place to install it, however, I have a feeling there isn't going to be enough room behind the switch. The main power comes into the...
  8. S

    JCC vs Enlite

    Hello, I've got a load of recessed down lights to fit. We have been thinking of going JCC Firegaurd LED6, but we need the tilt version for this project, which will come quite expensive. Now, at the whole salers we've just been looking at Enlite E8 and they're significantly cheaper, with great...
  9. G

    heating controls

    Hi folks looking for a bit of advice, my boiler fires up when there is no call for heating or hot water, the motorised valves for the heating and hot water are both closed but boiler still comes on, i thought that when the motorised valves are shut this cuts off the suply to the boiler and...
  10. D

    Domestic Occasional rcd tripping with microwave.

    Hi folks. Called out to micro tripping rcd occasionally. Customer bought new micro, but that is doing the same. I said, get the new one replaced ...just in case, which he did. Still the same. Only ever happens with the micro Tested rcd and n-e, l-e, rcd testing ok on 0.5, 1X and 5X. Cant...
  11. The Solar King

    Solar Edge, Micro Inverters, Leap of Faith?

    We have been looking at a job with considerable shading on what would be the main location of panels. It is a big late Victorian Semi where we can probably get ten panels on one side and a further 6 on the flat roof above. Nearly all the shading comes from a chimney stack located on the outside...
  12. J

    Solar Edge (or other micro inverter) advantage when shading is minimal?

    Just wondering about your thoughts on whether I lost a job to a technically deficient but more expensive design. Basically a customer has a fairly large tree due west of his roof but has been convinced that the shading is severe so he should go for a more expensive quote using micro...
  13. P

    Solar Wdge monitoring

    Would it be worth asking for these on a roof with zero shading? Kind of like the idea of being able to monitor each panel and the fact it's ethernet. This bluetooth for SMA really doesn't impress me.
  14. E

    Micro inverters - Check with DNO

    I have been advised by WPD, my DNO that they are sending a letter advising all customers who notify with micro inverters that they must be disconnected untill a G83 compliance certificate can be provided for the whole install. A generic one for the unit is not acceptable. I have not done a...
  15. M

    Smallest number of panels in a string and the effects of shading on HIT panels

    We're busy collecting quotes at the moment, we've got an awkward install in that we have very little space on the roof for PV, and slight shading issues, I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of what we might be able to achieve. At the moment it's looking like we can fit no more than 5...
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