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  1. N

    Seaward PowerTest 1557 MFT for sale

    Seaward PowerTest 1557 for sale This was my first test meter purchased in April 2018. I have since upgraded. Great first little tester to start out with. It’s out of calibration as of May 2019. Only looking for £50 and will post nationwide. Comes with all leads and hard carry case.
  2. sam400

    Couple of tools for sale

    Have a couple of bits for sale. Don’t do much install now so don’t have a need for them anymore. Prob going to be a £5 each to post or you can collect from bexhill. I’ve priced them at approx 1/2 what I paid for them. Whia torque screwdriver in case, used about half a dozen times. In good used...
  3. Electrical2go

    UK NEW Super Rod SRFERRET Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool added to our end of Season Sale

    Super Rod Ferret Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool Click here to visit Electrical2Go Now - Don't forget to PM us for your exclusive 5% discount code (for Forum members only) The Cable Ferret is a Small lightweight IP67 Rechargeable USB charged wireless 720p camera...
  4. B

    Retirement sale

    Hi all, I have recently retired but still have lots of stock, including a wide selection of MCBs RCBOs RCDs, cable, and a box of assorted electrical bits. The attached MCB list is accurate, the box list may not be quite as accurate, as it is a work in progress. If anyone has a specific...
  5. Baker1988

    UK Mira Advance Flex Shower Unit

    Selling a brand new Mira Advance Flex 8.7KW Shower Unit. It’s all boxed and never used. £100 pick up from Hull as don’t want to wait 30 days for it to clear in PayPal.
  6. B

    Book sale

    Hi, I have some electrical/electronic books and related publications for sale at very reasonable prices, these are old but a lot of the content is still relevant today. I have been retired for some years now and these are just gathering dust. If anyone is interested please contact me and I...
  7. M

    Megger mft1711 for sale

    I have a megger mft1711 tester for sale, in decent condition, still got the plasticky bit on the screen, comes with all leads and original case, it's just not getting used anymore, plus I could do with the moolah. Not calibrated though, in macclesfield, cheshire £300
  8. happyhippydad

    Homebase clearance sale... worth a look..

    My friend let me know last night that Homebase were having 70% of certain things. Usually you just ignore these sales as they are a con. However, this time it is very good. I've just picked up £175 of MK switch gear for £50. MK sockets £1.65 MK 50 A pull switch £4.95 MK fused spur £ 2.10 etc...
  9. S

    4mm solar cable for sale

    We have a number of 100m drums of solar cable for sale, we have a couple of larger ones as well - possibly 1000m. They are left over from various jobs. But we have no need for them any more as no longer doing solar. 100m drums - £20. Available from our Sheffield warehouse. We also have...
  10. PJH2903

    For Sale Megger MFT1730, Just calibrated.

    I have an MFT1730 available for sale. it is in pristine condition and has just come back from being calibrated. Open to sensible offers from the group before it goes on eBay next week.
  11. Pete999

    DeWalt Recip Saw for sale

    110Volt Dewalt Recip saw complete with 23oV,110V TX £110.00 PM if interested. Lots of cable as well, you will need to visit and make me an offer for the cable, includes 900 m of external Cat 5 cable, 3 by 300M drums, need to get rid of so sensible offers only. Sorry can't manage to dig all the...
  12. Pete999

    For Sale ACT Battery tester 12Volt SLA and Car Batteries from 1.2 AH -200AH

    As title complete with soft case and instructions PM me if interested £150:00. Pete
  13. H

    MFT for sale special price?

    I’m looking to purchase a MFT, that can do all the required tests. Hopefully I can save a small fortune and strike a good deal prior to shelling out a wedge. To that end... (waffle over) Is there anyone on here with such an instrument for sale?
  14. sam400

    Current Regs book for sale

    Blue one for sale in the celophane, purchased from Denmans so genuine book. £50
  15. J

    Industrial 13th - 16th Edition IEE regs for Sale

    I have 13th (front cover missing), 14th (2 editions), 15th & 16th (3 editions) of IEE Wiring Regulations for sale.
  16. S

    For Sale - Merlin/SquareD MCB's/RCBO's, MR30 Pod & Aico Detectors

    Hi all, Is anyone interested in the following list before it goes on Ebay? All brand new, left over from previous jobs: 1 x MR30 Pod 1 x Aico Ei261 Carbon Monoxide 3 x Aico Ei100MRF Radio Module 1 x Aico Ei3016 Smoke 9 x Square D iKQ SE10C325 TP MCB's 25amp Type C 2 x Merlin A9D11816 RCBO 16a...
  17. sjhall

    Megger 1730 for sale..........

    Like new, this is / was my apprentices Hard case All leads are as new Only issue is one of the croc clips was lost and replaced with the wrong colour new one. It's like new, my old apprentice barley got passed turning it on. needs cal as that's out of date. £450 POSTED
  18. B

    Kewtech KT63 used up for sale...

    got a kewtech KT63 for sale used couple of times bought it from a mate to help him out of trouble. Comes with box full leads papers £280
  19. PJH2903

    For Sale Kewtech KT65DL MFT for sale

    I have a little used Kewtech KT65DL MFT for sale. Includes case, 2 sets of leads - fused and unfused, software and calibration certificate until May 2019. Specs are available here: KT65DL Digital 8-in-1 Multifunction tester | Kewtech -...
  20. K

    For sale AEG microwave/oven

    Got brand new AEG combination microwave/oven, model kmk761000m. It have small scratch on the handle and missing bush. AEG could not bother to send engineer to replace those two and send new oven instead. Nice oven but large turkey may not fit RRP £800 but I'll take £350 for it if anybody interested.
  21. ses

    For sale everything as business downsizing

    I've decided to downsize my business after constant problems with staff and subcontractors I have the following for sale please message me for pricing or make me an offer Little Giant Ladders 5 rung Van Guard 3m dual opening pipe carrier Fluke multifunction tester and leads x 2 will...
  22. Gavin John Hyde

    Used step ladder for sale

    Found an old but fully working ladder... any takers? Can put your tools and materials on aswell. Good for working at height and tray work. @Pete999 this looks like the sort of thing you would have had during your apprenticeship!
  23. camerabloke

    Tool bags for sale ....................

    selling a few things. Anyone interested in them before I eBay? All offers considered as long as it’s not paid in groats and 3 cans of stella
  24. S

    Various Test Equipment for Sale

    Having served my time, worked in both domestic and industrial, DNO networks and finally finishing off in metering before retirement I have several items of test equipment which may be useful to someone entering the trade. Megger 1710 MFT Fluke Phase Rotation Tester 9040 Fluke 117 True RMS DMM...
  25. O

    Another house sale scuppered by some lazy lying spark

    An old customer has just rung me about her rewire ........... done by a spark who has failed to provide any certification or Part P notification Her buyers want to exchange this week but won't without the necessary documentation He's promised her certification for months now and a search on...
  26. Massive1

    Kewtech test leads for sale

    As per the title. Set of Kewtech test leads with main plug and Kewtech carry case. £23 free postage.
  27. S

    For Sale - Wago's Various Boxes

    I've got the following boxes of Wago's for sale, all new in box: 2 x Boxes of 50 222-413 3 x Boxes of 100 221-412 1 x Box of 100 222-412 4 x Boxes of 25 221-415 5 x Boxes of 50 221-413 Offers welcome. Postage £5 Cheers.
  28. D

    For sale Solar Crimp Tool

    Solar Crimping Tool: £15.00 (Paypal only please) Brand new never used. • One crimp tool complete with two interchangeable die heads • Die heads can be easily switched by hand • Die head MC3 & MC4 both suitable for 2.5, 4.0, 6.0mm2 connectors • Ratchet to prevent tool accidentally opening •...
  29. L

    For sale: wylex RCD 80A 30mA

    Pallet full available. 24 to a box... Make sensible offers please. Collection or available by post.
  30. Andy5678

    1651b fluke for sale. Give me an offer

    Would like to test the water, see if I can get a good price, or will just hold on to it. I currently use an issued one from my work. Bought it new in 2016 for a couple of jobs and haven’t used it since. Calibration will be out of date. This is still like new and has been stored in the house.
  31. L

    I'm putting tradecourses.co.uk up for sale

    Hello guys, Its been years since I've posted on this forum. If you track back to the first posts, you'll notice that Me & Dan were the two people who originally set this forum up in 2007. Anyways, around the same time, I bought tradecourses.co.uk and after 10+ years of owning it and moving to...
  32. E

    645 just came up for sale

    miss mine, quite cheap to get these now! BMW 6 Series V8 645i 7 6 5 Modified M6 rep | eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-6-Series-V8-645i-7-6-5-Modified-M6-rep/153131204471?hash=item23a754bf77:g:ljwAAOSwhgFbZCsG think ill be visiting engerland this weekend
  33. L

    For Sale- Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac (2018 version)

    Im selling my newly purchased Tech Pac, its only been used for a week but im not getting on with it. I prefer my OT-XL bag as i can get to my tools faster without undoing zips etc. I did use it for 4 days on site so there is a bit of dust but no real damage or wear and tear. I have the sales...
  34. the pict

    Motorcycle for sale zzr600

    2005 mot till Feb 19, 17463 miles, well tidy for year looks black but deep purple PM for more info located Scotland Isle of arran
  35. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Amprobe AC 50A Earth leakage clamp meter

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £90.
  36. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Kewtec KT71 PAT Tester

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £150.
  37. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger MIT 320 Ins & Cont Tester

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £210.
  38. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger RCDT 320 RCD Tester

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located Chippenham, Wiltshire, will post. Offers around £190.
  39. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger LTW 325 Loop Tester (2 wire)

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located Chippenham, Wiltshire, will post. Offers around £225. :)
  40. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger MTB 7671 Test Box

    In full working order, excellent condition, all booklets & CD. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, will post. Offers around £200 :) PM if interested.
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