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  1. N

    Domestic Replacing a Legrand grid switch

    I have a bank of DP Legrand grid switches and one has become faulty. Is it easy to replace? Thanks.
  2. C

    What is this? Faulty component

    Hi, I’ve come across a Faulty bathroom fan which is linked with the bathroom light, went up into loft and the equipment in the loft is what is faulty. Power getting to it, but not passing through. No switches on it etc etc, it’s a blanked off backbox. Picture attached below Thank you in advance
  3. M

    Faulty Electric Meter - HELP!

    Hi all, Having a bit of a nightmare with my electric meter in my currently empty property. Despite no electricity being used in the property the meter has been constantly moving forward at more and more of an increased rate as the weeks go by and nights draw in. Nearly 100 units were used in...
  4. E

    Help replacing faulty dimmer switch

    Good evening all, Looking for a bit of a help, seems a relatively small task (hopefully). My property has a dimmer switch which no longer works, I purchased a replacement today although I'm now not certain that I will be able to use this as the connections are labelled differently from the...
  5. Ali-C-123

    Faulty Oil Burner Controller

    Chaps and Ladies. New to this forum but thought I’d pass on some info having used the forum myself in the past as a lurker. Been to a job today, not a job really but a mate. Oil boiler not firing. No lockout or anything. Bit of background I changed the solenoid coil and control box back in...
  6. J

    Faulty Air source heat pump

    My NIBE F2015 air source heat pump which is only 7 years old has an apparent fan motor failure. The fan turns freely and the motor starter capacitor has been replaced but the unit will still not run. Any suggestions for a fix?
  7. C

    an interesting wall switch (faulty)

    A client currently has a wall switch in the bathroom which is no longer operating, the switch operates on the detection of heat from your hand. to get around the regulation for wall switches in bathroom they installed a SELV switch which currently sits behind the tilling, you operate the lights...
  8. S

    Faulty Extension Light Circuit

    I had an extension fitted and a single circuit added for the light. However, the light will only operate from the MCB and not the switch. As soon as I introduce the switch into the circuit and operate it from there it trips the MCB and will not stay on. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
  9. TonyJohnson

    Faulty outside lights with PIR

    Recently i've fitted 3 outside lights with PIR, next to customers front door and one on my own garage, the £30 to £45 ones from screwfix...they last between a week and 6 months then go faulty... so i have to keep going back... any ideas..
  10. M

    Is it safe to turn on a faulty electric cooker?

    Heyy so I just turned my electric cooker on and it made a hugee bang and tripped the electricity in my entire flat .. I flipped the switch and restored my electricity, but is it safe to try and turn my cooker back on? Thanks!
  11. N

    When materials go faulty after install

    Here's a typical scenario. Not sure what I should be doing or what I'm doing wrong. Lets say your installing 10 battens with tubelights for a customer. You do the job and customer wants you to supply all parts including the battens and tubes. You go and buy the lights from your supplier...
  12. A

    Help for Led Panels needed

    Hi Everyone Has anyone had any problems with 600x600 panels. I fitted some for a client and after a couple of days they have started tripping the MCB.They are on the same circuit but 2 switches and sometimes they seem to be fine but at times they would trip the Mcb. I have tried to isolate the...
  13. Dave

    Can you feed 2 radials from one fused spur

    Before I start, I know this is not usual but I want to know if it's against regs. I'm testing a conservatory ring, feed from a fused spur. There's a Live-Neutral IR fault between two of the three sockets. The cable is embedded in the conservatory bare block wall. If I just disconnect the faulty...
  14. C

    Dol starter

    Never really touched on motors always been domestic, any ways il cut to the chase, got a job dol starter 3ph not stopping on em stop button, am I right in assuming it can only be the dol stater is nakered, and just replace it, or could it be deeper and be overload setting wrong etc etc. Also to...
  15. CorpusCallosum

    Dimmer switch light fixture problem

    Hi all, I've just moved into a rental house and am having a nightmare figuring out what type of light bulb to use in the ceiling fixture in one of the upstairs rooms. The bulb that's in the fixture now works, although does not dim (if I turn the dial at the wall). It also happens to be a very...
  16. Rocboni

    ERBAUER ERT576SDS 36V sds drill

    ERBAUER ERT576SDS 2.8KG 36V 2.0AH LI-ION SDS PLUS CORDLESS DRILL Excellent drill with great reviews on screwfix, never been used or out of box, with all original packaging. Fast charger, 2 x 36v 2.0Ah batteries, depth stop looking for £235 Postage £10
  17. N

    Help with faulty fluorescent light.

    Hi guys, first post on here. I've recently fitted 4 new high frequency control gears into 4 old fittings. I've removed all the old gear out of the fitting with the exception of the lamp holders and fitted 4 new 70 watt twin electronic ballasts. Completed necessary wiring within the fitting, new...
  18. M

    Would you replace this RCD?

    This is a new RCD, came in the CU. The max disconnection time I need to comply with is 400ms (Table 41.1 TN ac 230V). From a new RCD I'd expect something roughly in the region of 30ms (for a 30mA fault test). What I'm getting is 234ms (x0.5 there's no disconnection and x5 it's a 13ms...
  19. S

    Legal Advice

    I have a client who says an RCBO failed in a consumer unit I fitted. They want compensation for the repairs undertaken by another electrician. They never called me first to allow me to rectify the problem. What rights do they have to compensation does anybody know? I would of happily undertaken...
  20. S

    Security Light Fault

    HI Guys, Just wandering if anyone else has had any problems with a Lumineux 30W LED Die Cast Aluminium IP44 Flood Light complete with PIR Black. It is installed direct from the garage lighting mains feed to a local Switch for isolation inside the garage. This is a Brand New Light. Worked...
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