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  1. R

    How to shut off 120v baseboard heater? Double pole wall mount thermostat? Single pole wall switch before heater with onboard single pole therm?

    I've planned a 20A circuit serving a tiny half-bath in a workshop. The circuit will contain a few LED ceiling lights, a receptacle (not for tools) and a 350 or 400W 120V baseboard heater. So it would not be convenient to shut off the heater via the main panel. When I'm not working during the...
  2. Dan

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide Step 1: Click 'Video' in the main forum menu Step 2: Click the orange 'Add Media' button Step 3: Select the category for your video (let me know if you can't find a suitable category, or select 'Other') Step 4: Select either...
  3. H

    Neff oven 2 year and two months old,and out of John Lewis warranty,no help either.

    Today the mains tripped, after doing so twice, and checked voltage supply, ie the clock was flashing, but no oven heat. I had previously removed the bulb and changed it first, however, the fault remained. Finally, I removed the bulb and glass cover. The oven has been working ever since and...
  4. Fitzy

    Domestic SWA outer armour not earthed at either end.

    A friend at work asked me to take a look at the electrics in his shed, RCD would occasionally trip out, turned out to be a very loose neutral going in to the RCD. One thing I did notice though was that the 10MM2 SWA entered through the back entry point of both the shed & house CU and neither...
  5. happyhippydad

    How to fit either a single or double socket?

    Evening everyone. I have had a very fulfilling day after finding a nail through a cable on a ring which was touching neutral and earth... however... I also have to fit either a single or double socket to a difficult area. Previously there were 2 single sockets in seperate dry lining boxes side...
  6. F

    LED Bulbs won't work together on same circuit.

    I have two lights on same circuit served by a single switch. Two filament bulbs work fine. One filament bulb plus one LED work fine in either position. Two LEDs will not light up (normally). If I switch on they momentarily light up, then go out, with one bulb nearest the switch going on and off...
  7. S

    Advice required

    Currently working as a Qualifed Supervior under the NICEIC Approved Contractors scheme, been on the tools for 11 years and work mostly on domestic and commercial. However I haven't got my NVQ3 or am2, was always told I didn't need them. What courses are available for me to compete these or...
  8. FatAlan

    Adding sockets to RFC

    Want to add two double sockets to one of my ground floor RFCs. Was initially thinking that it would have to be a FCU to a spur. Would it be better practice to just incorporate them as part of the ring? Sockets will be running a TV and either PS4 or Xbox depending on what FA junior is in to. Not...
  9. Pete999

    Trump / Farage

    I see Donald Trump would like to see Nigel Farage as UK Ambassador to Washington, an idiot trying to get another idiot into positions of power. What's your opinion?
  10. ses

    Domestic Tns?

    Seen a few of these 3 phase supplies with this earthing Cant quite tell if the earth bar is going into the neutral or just being held in place by the cover Seperate 16mm earth comea in with the supply cable no lead sheathing
  11. E

    38A mcb?!

    Anyone else come across one of these? 38 amp MCB. It's an old proteus centaur. Looks very similar to old crab tree breakers. But I've never seen or heard of that rating before.
  12. S

    Domestic Halers or JCC LED

    Looking at changing the lighting in my kitchen to downlighters and narrowed it down to either Halers H2 pro or JCC FGLED6, what is people's opinions on either? its a large kitchen/dinner and will be warm white. Don't need to be dimmable.
  13. B

    Ring Main Breaker Size

    Hi Guys, Recently I had an issue with a ring main in my flat either the circuit was over loaded or the connection at the breaker was poor. Either way it ended up with a burnt out breaker with black scorch marks on the top and melted cables by the breaker. As the flat is rented i'm...
  14. T

    Earth on flat plate light switch

    I need to fit a 2 way flat plate light switch. When unscrew the old light switch, I can see the Earth cable connected to the metal box that sits in the wall. The Flat plate switch also has a space for an Earth wire. So, where should the Earth wire go? Thanks in advance
  15. Pete999

    Domestic Installer

    I have my flak jacket, Kevlar hat on so fire away, as most of you old timers are aware, I'm an old timer also, maybe it's my age, but I'm confused.com. The confusion arises over the title of this post, and probably I ought to know the answer, but would be grateful if someone could clear up my...
  16. S

    Touch/Remote Master/Slave dimmers 2-way wiring

    Hello all, in need of some advice. I have just installed 14 downlights (two circuits of 6 and 8) in what used to be a living room and dining room - the wall has been knocked down in between the two and rsj put in. I have wired for 2 gang two way switching at either end, so either side of the...
  17. B

    Switch spur by a sink

    Just a quick one, I've had a look and can't find a definitive answer! Is their a minimum distance between a sink and spur for a boiler. I've just wired it all up and they have changed the kitchen and fit the sink below the boiler and spur. All I can find is 300mm distance but not sure if theirs...
  18. P

    Voltage Optimisers

    Hi I've been asked about intalling VO4 single and 3 phase optimisers but I have also been looking at the Marshall Tufflex voltis and just wondering if anyone has discovered any pros or cons with either. The voltis seems to be a bit better as it reduces it by a percentage rather than a set...
  19. N

    Domestic 3C&E at ceiling rose.

    Hi All I've been to do it second fix at the house where the 1st fix has already been done, all cable runs are visible so I've no problem completing it. 1st fix was done about 2 years ago, it's an unlived in project, the electrician at the time has wired 2 way switches for the hall and landing...
  20. K

    Corridor 2way switching

    Morning everybody, Im new to the forum so please be aware if I don't post in the correct protocol. What I would like to know is can you use two PIR detectors at either end of a corridor as per a 2way switching set up as is now the case ?
  21. J

    rcbo tripping intermittantly

    new installation, RCBO on one socket ring tripping intermittantly, can last 20mins to 1 hour. not worried, I will find the problem just wondering where the rest of you would start
  22. O

    Domestic 2 way and intermediate with a dimmer.

    Hi all, Putting in a a hallway lighting circuit on a new dwelling controlled from 4 points, client wants a dimmer but is happy to incorporate just a 2 way dimmer to save getting involved in master and slave units. Just want to check before the 1st fix that the dimmer could be either the 1st or...
  23. steveberry

    Ring testing

    Hi all can you help to settle a argument. Situation 2 x 4mm in the top of a 32mm. MCB Option 1 This indicates to me that it is either 2 radials in the same MCB, or a 4mm ring. A ring continuity test should be carried out to prove that a ring exists or it is 2 radials. If a ring exists...
  24. S

    online solar calculator

    Hi, I recently received an e-mail (and subsequently cannot find anymore!) which indicated that an online software tool was available for solar PV calculations. The bit which I was particularly interested in, was the wind loading, snow loading reports etc. Has anyone else recently seen...
  25. S

    Lighting circuit with no CPC, fail???

    Hi Guys, Just been to do a Condition report on a 30 year old installation. Both lighting circuits are wired in twin stranded steel cable with no CPC. The insulation test is good, but with the lack of CPC, and brass accessories, would you consider this as 'Satisfactory'. No RCD on lighting...
  26. R

    regarding mcb and rcd

    if my rcd comes with overload protection still can use the mcb and how is the sequence can anyone help
  27. P

    no earth at board

    can anyone explain why and how there is no incoming earth at the board. its a victorian terrace the distributors feed from u/g up the outside of the property,:rockstar: through the loft to the ist floor landing. into a connecting block .the line is fed into a 60a fuse block...the two tails into...
  28. DaveVector

    3 way with dimmer

    Hi Folks, Ive searched through the posts but cant find a straightforward answer to....In a 3 way lighting circuit (with intermediate) can I put a dimmer on either end? Thanks in advance.
  29. H

    SWA or conduit on cage room

    Need to run either SWA or steel conduit in an industrial environment by the room is going to be made from a mesh cage. 8 sockets and 4 wall mounted tube lights. Which would be best to fix to the mesh and what can I use to fix. I am assuming the cage would need to be bonded??
  30. M

    Commercial EPC course - Day 1

    Having had to pay out way over £1000 plus VAT twice in recent months to get commercial EPC`s done I decided enough was enough and I would do the course myself. Started course today in Fleet Hants, very early this morning with only three of us on the course. Both of the others are Domestic Energy...
  31. telectrix

    quick rule of thumb, 3 phase current

    now this is not exact, but comes close. say you have a 3 phase, 400v motor, given the kW, to get an approx. value for the current per phase, (can be done in your head), just multiply the kW x 1.5. e.g. a 20kW motor. I = 30A. ( not allowing for efficiency, pf etc. ) just to give a rough idea.
  32. S

    volex rcd

    hi just a quick one, as far as I'm aware, RCD's (with two poles, specifically the VOLEX VR80 30mA) don't care which side the Line or Neutral go in. Am I right? Or is this model a special case? Can't think why, I know it works on an inbalance betwixt L-N, and the bumpf says you can wire it...
  33. tigerpaul

    RCBO question.

    Had a strange one the other day. I was in a main switch room and had an RCBO connected into a DB, but switched off. From it was a radial in singles to a socket adjacent to the DB. The conductors were disconnected at the socket, if I touched the neutral down to earth, it sparked as though it was...
  34. S

    call your mp's this is dangerous pushing fellas in high winds

    this is mad ive see guys on roofs which should be up there ( hats of to their courage ) I pulled ours down this morning its just not worth it what would a few days cost not the price of a life !
  35. P

    Peak Short Circuit Current value on the SSEG form.

    I've looked at the easy MCS guide on here, and it's not clear, (in my eye's) to what value you place in the part where it asks for this. I've done a pscc test at the AC isolator with my fluke, and it's giving me a reading of 600A. Is this what they want? There's no mention of it on the SMA...
  36. M

    Do I extend the PME outside to a Log Cabin style building??

    Please forgive me in asking this same question which normally results in an arguement......lol I friend of mine needs to have a supply installed (a lighting circuit, a heater circuit and a socket circuit) in a SWISS style log cabin located about 2 metres away from their main home which has a...
  37. T

    SDS Bosch 36v vs makita 36v

    im gonna get one of these sds drills for work but am stuck between the 2. does any1 own either of the 2 that recommends them
  38. D

    3 phase overhead power supply

    Hi folks I need some guidence on this. There's a 3phase overhead power supply feeding exterior accommadation at a hotel. What it seems they've done is taken the cable out at the chimney area at either end and then split the phases like you see on an electricity pole (wish I'd taken a pic). The...
  39. L

    wanted a little help & advice

    hi here looking for a little help and advice i passed my electricians exams ect back in the late 70s done this for 15yrs light comercial/domestic then went installing fire alarms for about 15yrs and the last 5yrs have been doing heating circuits boilers and associated works under the defined...
  40. G

    Bosch or Fein

    Hi fellas as the title says im looking at getting at multi tool either the bosch 240 GOP or the Fein quick release multimaster, so looking for your opinions to point me in the right direction. Also if anyone knows the cheapest deals for either at the moment Cheers Gram
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