1. B

    How do I attach switch back box in lathe and plaster wall

    I'm installing smart modules in my light switches which means I need to replace the existing 25mm back boxes with 47mm ones. Downstairs all walls are brick and plaster so I've managed to deepen the back boxes with an SDS drill. I was expecting the same upstairs but some of the walls are lathe...
  2. C

    Is it safe to attach a plug to a 230v 13w LED striplight

    Is it possible to attach a plug to a 230v 13w LED under unit light and if so what size fuse should I use? This is to use as a desk light under a unit but without chasing wires? If possible, what size fuse should I use? 3amp???
  3. S

    Attach pull cord to LED strip light

    I have a wardrobe with no lights or mains socket in it, I would like to put an LED light strip in there and somehow connect it to a pull cord switch and for power, I’d like to use batteries, probably 4xAA in a battery case which would have a positive and negative wire coming out of the end of...
  4. J

    Where to attach neutral/ground in breaker panel

    Installing an over the range microwave, ran the (yellow) wire to the box, but where can I attach the ground and neutral wires? The one bus on the right is full, the second bus on the right is empty, but can I use it? Nothing else is attached to it.
  5. G

    What Code for this one?

    What code would you attach to this gem, I gave it C2. These terminals are contained within steel trunking but are also part of a live 3 phase cct. See picture. It is installed as a 100 Amp 3 phase ring with these terminals every few metres. Distribution boards are connected from these terminals...
  6. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  7. Amit Saxena

    Sweden-How do I get these wires out to attach to my ceiling light

    Hello all! Probably a noob question, but really appreciate your help with this. I am trying to fit a ceiling light and need to get out the existing electrical fitting to be able to screw in the base plate of the ceiling light I bought. Below are the pictures of the existing electrical fitting...
  8. P

    Attach 1 double socket to CU

    Hi, my Consumer Unit is in a cupboard in my hall. I would like to install 1 double socket only in this cupboard. I was wondering if I could run the cable to feed this socket from an already occupied 16amp mcb or 32amp mcb from within my CU?
  9. diyterry

    The big question, teabreaks

    Sitting here having a cup of tea and a chocolate hopnob or two set me thinking, what do people do in their teabreak, assuming they have one that is.
  10. J

    Bathroom mirror wiring wrong?

    I have a new bathroom mirror with lights which works ok but makes a constant buzzing noise whether it is turned on or off. It wasn’t installed by me, but when I remove the front I was surprised to see that it has been wired using 2 electric wires - see attached photo. As a complete novice I...
  11. M

    Help! Absolute novice doesn’t know what he is doing

    I am not an electrician but fitted a few light fittings and thought it was pretty straight forward but that is the extent of my knowledge. This one, however, wont turn off. Just moved into a new build and took previous light fitting from my other house. When i have fitted it, the light wont turn...
  12. O

    Which Publication is this?

    This picture was sent to me by a plumber - so I'm guessing its some form of plumbing or gas safe regs He was saying the bond HAD to be within 600mm and that my regs (BS 7671 AMD3 were wrong!) So I was wondering is this is the document above that needs changing to reflect the proper description!
  13. S

    Pink cars, would you consider one?

    Tempted to test this out......
  14. S

    Old Storage Heater

    Hi, Can anyone identify this storage heater manufacturer. It has a small label DA83 series C. Dark Brown in colour size is 960mm x 670mm. Cheers
  15. M

    solar controller

    looking at replacing this unit anyone recommend an upgrade or direct replacement ?
  16. D

    Ceiling Wiring Confusion (4 wires)

    Hello forum, I'm stumped about how to correctly and safely wire up a new light fitting and stupidly didn't take a picture of the existing ceiling rose set up before removing it. I was wondering if someone here could help me out! I've attached a picture of the four wires that are coming out of...
  17. T

    Culina track lighting, anybody used it? From LEDHUT

    I recieved Culina track lighting today and don't feel it is safe to install. I have shown the manufacturers instructions with a detail from the page which seems to only refer to the track lighting. Not the light fittings that I ordered. As you can see from pics the bulb holder is floating around...
  18. S

    Wonder how much this would cost to install nowadays using modern Panel Equipment

    Have been working in a building installing emergency lighting. Was taken back by the size of the Main Intake Room. Biggest Intake Room I've ever been in! Like to see other people's pics and experiences of any other interesting buildings etc. Thanks Sam
  19. N

    Stuck on light fixture! Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I know little about electricals apart from wiring a plug! It's something I've wanted to always learn even just the basics so I am grateful for any advice. I've had a 3 bulb ceiling light fixture for a few weeks now. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. It's...


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