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  1. Electrical2go

    Click GridPro available now at Electrical2Go

    Available now on Electrical2go.co.uk, and be sure you use your forum discount for 5% off. Get in touch if you haven't got yours yet, and we'll get your discount activated for you for all future pruchases with Electrical2Go.
  2. D

    Can’t click ‘complete certifcate’ button on NIC online certification and cant figure out why?????

    Can’t click ‘complete certifcate’ button on NIC online certification and cant figure out why????? its let me complete 3 others but wont let me do the last 1
  3. A

    poor light quality from Click integrated LED downlight

    I've just fitted five Click Interceptor Pico downlight in the lounge to replace Click MR16 fittings but the light is very flat compared to tungsten, the angle is far more than the 90º quoted so the light spills everywhere. What are people's views on these integrated LED downlight as I'm thinking...
  4. S

    Electric heater disconnected but still makes “click” noise

    I opened the circuit breaker to my 240vac electric heater. It still makes a “click” noise every so often like it’s trying to turn on. No heat come out. There is no thermostat. I’m confused. Help resolving this issue would be greattt.. thanks
  5. S

    Noise in wall when switch is turned off

    I replaced a switch and box that feeds a bathroom ceiling fan. Now there is a click in the wall 6 feet away when I turn the switch off. It doesn't happen everytime. What is causing this and how did it result from a simple switch replace?
  6. Idpost

    Replacement LV lamp holder for Click LV450

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get hold of some replacement lamp holders for Click LV540 12v down lights? The lamp holders are rectangular in shape and are fixed to the back of the fitting via 2 small screws. One of my customers has these lights throughout his house and quite a few...
  7. Electrical2go

    October Special 10% Off Click Scolmore Inceptor Omni Colour Selectable LED Downlight

    The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire rated downlights. The Omni allows the installer to select the colour of the light upon installation ranging from warm white, cool white all the way through to daylight. We're offering an extra 10%...
  8. rolyberkin

    Anyone use click mode switches?

    Hi All Bought a couple of click mode white plastic switches and changed one gang in a three gang 2 way to an intermediate. The switches do not now line up (The intermediate sits proud of the other two switches by about 1mm. I have called Scolmore who are looking into it but has anyone else come...
  9. G

    Click Elec Software App Does anyone use it?

    Currently using the Nic Software (The downloaded one.) Looking into getting the Clik Elec App for android as we get free one with our subscription. Does anyone use this?. And do they know if we had three guys with tablets and 3 licenses working on the same site can they test boards under one...
  10. tigerpaul

    Click mini-grid Accessories

    Has anyone used Click Mini Grid accessories? How did you find them?
  11. T

    Anybody having problems with click scolmore gear?

    Evening All, We have been having a few issues this week with faulty gear from click scolmore, blue lugs snapping off the bezels on inceptor micro downlights, mode double sockets only working on one side etc. When I spoke to quality control today I am the only wholesaler in the uk with these...
  12. the pict

    attaching pics

    As above how's it done, as it askes for the URL no idea what that is, but its on my desk top and drag and drop wont work.... P
  13. Dan

    Update: You can now bookmark individual posts :-)

    You can now see a bookmark link in posts. Click it and you can make a bookmark and leave a note. Click on your name at the top of the forum and you have a link To your bookmark list. Any logged in user can use this feature.
  14. S

    JCC vs Enlite

    Hello, I've got a load of recessed down lights to fit. We have been thinking of going JCC Firegaurd LED6, but we need the tilt version for this project, which will come quite expensive. Now, at the whole salers we've just been looking at Enlite E8 and they're significantly cheaper, with great...
  15. happyhippydad

    Click, Hagar or MK?

    I'm a bit fed up with crabtree (specifically their 2g sockets) which has been my choice of white accessory . I have just had a few where the screws are rounding off in the socket (just on the line conductor but that is probably coincidence) and this doesn't fill me with confidence about the...
  16. Leesparkykent

    PM or conversation

    How do you send a PM?
  17. Leesparkykent

    Go to choice of white plastic accessories.

    My 1st choice is Click mode...What I like about the switches is you can change the modules so for example you can have an intermediate and 2 way switch on the same 2gang plate.
  18. G

    Grid Switches for Outside Light

    Hi, I've recently moved house and having some work done to the existing utility room. In the process of removing tiles a sfcu (part of the ring main) has been damaged and needs replaced (it's cracked), this switch is connected to an outside security light. I was just going to buy a replacement...
  19. S

    Identify plate switch make

    A distant customer that wants his accessories renewed has sent an image of the style of switch plate he wants to match. I cannot see a similar model on-line, without travelling many miles just to have a look, I wondered if anyone here may be able to identify the make? The switch keys appear...
  20. N

    Domestic Favourite brand for sockets?

    Hi all, Just interested in what everyone's favourite brand for sockets is with regards to looks and quality. I prefer the look of MK and find Crabtree easier to connect.
  21. B

    Commercial contactor for underfloor heating

    Hi I've installed the electrics for an underfloor heating system. The system has 6 manifolds each with a small pump. There is then a primary pump that pushes hot water through the system from an aerobic digester next door. I have fitted 6 contactor each using a switch wire from the thermostat...
  22. L

    White switch plates

    Hi, I a looking for good quality white plastic 3 to 4 gang switch plates that can be a mixture of dimmers and rockers. I have been to a couple of Electrical stores and they only display the Hamilton range. Are there any other brands worth considering aside from Hamilton? Also, I am looking for...
  23. O

    Another scam??

    Got this today by email: Congratulations xxxxx. You've got it. Your Business We've been told you've got what it takes to become a Which? Trusted Trader. Dear xxxxxx, We're delighted to let you know that our members have recommended xxxxxxxxxxx to join our Which...
  24. R

    What are your favourite brand for LED lighting?

    Hi all just wanted some feedback what your best brands are for LED light bulbs, downlights or related products please? I have found that Aurora & Robus are the big players in the LED market, be good to get your thoughts in terms of quality and costs. Cheers Rob (forum rookie)
  25. infinity

    Chrome engraved grid switches

    I need some engraved grid switches for a kitchen, and they need to be Chrome- brushed to match existing, i can only find the usual white MK engraved grid switches i can't seem to find anything online either, has anyone ever used these or know where i may source some? Thanks
  26. L

    Domestic Relay problem with air horn

    Hi, I am trying to fit an air horn to my boat (same as car electrics but without the ECU). i think the relay is wired wrong because without relay it works & with relay it wont. i put a tester on all connections & the switch is providing 12v when pressed & the constant from the battery is also...
  27. E

    2 gang DP light switch

    Hi guys, quick one, Anyone know where I can get a two gang double pole light switch that will go into a single box? For outside lights . Without using grid. Neutral run to switch. Search Google and fleabay and all I got was 2G sockets and two gang two way switches! Cheers boys! And a merry...
  28. B

    Remote cooker switch?

    I don't suppose anyone knows of a remote cooker switch? i.e. actual wiring and switch can be hidden behind the cooker and controlled from a switch elsewhere? It will be on a 32A circuit. It needs to be relatively small, say fit in a 35mm 2G backbox sort of size so I suspect that rules out a...
  29. S


    Looking for a 2 gang light switch that has a 2 way switch and an intermediate on it, black nickel. Mind has shut down, can't find anything on the tinternet, but admitting, I can't recall ever hearing of one :confused5: ... Suggestions?
  30. A

    Home Easy wireless switching?

    Has anyone used the Home Easy wireless light switches? I did a one day NICEIC/Click course, which mainly promoted the Click wireless range, but, the prices charged for their equipment is astronomical, so seeing this Home Easy kit, which is 20% of the Click price, and looks physically the same...
  31. F

    Domestic 3 module grid switch in a 1g box. Do they exist?

    good evening Ladies and Gents. A, lets say, 'friend of mine' has fitted a 25mm 1g box to house three grid modules (Two LED dimmers and a standard switch), the crazy dude thought he had seen a 3 module grid set up somewhere so never thought to check it out during first fix !! However, my...
  32. S

    Domestic chrome sockets

    Hi all does anyone know where I can find a chrome flat plate socket with chrome switches (not black or white insert)
  33. J

    Domestic 3 gang switch options

    Hi, I'm wiring a 3 way lighting circuit along side 2 x 2 ways. I need a 3 gang switch that contains 2 x 2 way switches and 1 intermediate to suit all circuits and look like all my other light switches. Does anyone have any experience if switches of this type are freely available? Can I pick...
  34. sythai

    VW Transporter 2008 45,000miles *many extras* for sale

    Selling my van if anyone is looking..... have attached PDF with full spec, please click here ======> VW T5 swb 2008 45,000 miles Reflex silver Many extras (No pictures just yet as in process of de-sign writing it and full valet being done) Cheers Sy :tank:
  35. M

    iPhone and seeing pictures posted?

    Well I can't so how do I see the pictures posted on my I phone
  36. M

    Domestic Downlight installation

    Guys DIY alert here. So I about to install 3 sets (different circuits) of 3 downlights (9 lights in total) in my living room, the ceiling is down at the moment and I want to run in the wiring. I have already decided to use the click flow (ones with cable clamps) connectors to connect from...
  37. A

    Domestic Engraved Grid Switch

    Hi Guys & Girls, I'm getting ready to rewire the kitchen and want to install engraved grid switches (Don't want an engraved cover plate), just looking to find out your opinions on best manufacturer and cheapest prices. Cheers in advance
  38. P

    Sanyo 235w/240w 16 panel kit?

    Ok i no u will all be looking thinking yes please!!!!!!!!!!! But i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyone got a full kit? Scaffold up today!!!! Supplier said (they cant get it) havnt told client yet!!!!!!!!! £500 down all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas???????????????
  39. Amp David

    4mm radial to grid switches

    Looking at quoting to install said radial for kitchen appliances. Can anyone say if they've ever fitted the Click Min Grid modules with 4mm looped into each switch. Click tech say max 3x2.5 or 1x6mm, but want to hear real world advice or experiences
  40. R


    Customer having kitched rewired, wants isolator switches marked up for Dishwasher, Washing machine and Tumble dryer, anybody know where I can get theses from, preferbly MK ones if they exist. Thanks.
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