1. rolyberkin

    2D led replacement for bulkhead with emergency option

    Probably a silly question but is there a plug in option for 4 pin 2D emergency/maintained bulkhead using the existing control gear and batteries, if I plug in a 2d 4 pin LED bulb what will happen??:)
  2. C

    Hospital Emergency Power System

    Anyone have a one line diagram of a typical UK or EU hospital? How are the emergency branches divided per code? How many ATSs? What is typical?
  3. B

    Emergency lights or standard

    emergency lights not coming on when breaker is switched off, are these wired just for use as normal lights rather than emergency??? Sorry not done much emergency lights before
  4. C

    emergency lighting layout drawings

    Is there any software that will enable a rough drawing of a building layout which can combine photo metric data? Possibly a free software from a lighting manufacturer?
  5. P

    Annual emergency light test

    I replaced the emergency lights in a small block of flats about 6 months ago, but the last time I did a 3 hour emergency light test was a year ago. Common sense says that I don't need to test the new emergency lights until they are a year old, but any clarification appreciated?
  6. M

    Emergency Lighting query

    It's been a while since I tested emergency lights and I just wanted to clarify something. If the lights not working and the green LED light is off, is this an inverter and if the LED light is off and the lights still not working is this a dead battery?
  7. P

    Emergency Lighting Mains Indication Light

    Good morning all, I have a question about emergency lighting and the requirement of an indicator light stating that it is on mains power and charging. The centre that I work at has been refurbed and new LED type emergency lights installed at very high level, I don't know what MCB's control them...
  8. S

    Emergency Lights On Seperate DB

    Hi guys came across something I've not seen before and has me puzzled. I've tested quite a few emergency lighting systems over the years but I'm working in a older church with the emergency lighting supplied from a individual consumer unit wired in Pyro. The rest of the Installation is split...
  9. I

    Emergency light & fire alarm testing

    Hi all, I occasionally being asked to do fire alarm testing and emergency lighting testing. I work mainly on domestic installs but wondering what sort of qualification/competency you must have in order to carry those tasks. And is it any specific schemes like NIC/NAPIT does have to be involved...
  10. C

    Emergency Lighting - Understanding

    Kindly refer the attached Image. There are 2 Places at which I can give reference signals for Emergency lighting. 1. At MXC 2. At LTC (Unswitched & Switched) What is the difference between the above two? why there is a need to provide input at two different locations?
  11. Rockingit

    Hospital 'emergency' Zs when on back-up generator

    Hi all, been a while - hello! A question for the collective brain - I'm about to do a series of inspections on an ANIMAL hospital. This in itself has always vexed me as to how to apply the special location medical rules as 1) a critical life-threatening operation is the same whether it's...
  12. B

    Trainee Emergency lighting for a beginner

    could someone please post a diagram for a 2-way keyswitch operated emergency lighting circuit. Circuit includes one emergency light and 3 normal lights Thanks in advance
  13. tuckermot

    Commercial New maintenance man emergency lighting

    Hi as part of my job I have started doing minor maintenance in our warehouse and office block .I have a light out in the office which is a ceiling light that sits in the suspended ceiling .It operates as a normal light and when power is turned of for that lighting circuit the light also has a...
  14. R

    Emergency power cut switch

    We have a battery operated device that needs to operate when there is a power cut, in effect like an emergency light fitting would. Can any one help with a switch that will be triggered when power to the property is lost so that the battery operated device will run the frost protection device...
  15. B

    Emergency light wiring

    First year apprentice here, want to put a non maintained emergency light in where the consumer unit is going onto the lighting circuit for the new kitchen we’re doing with a switch too, would I do this by coming from breaker to emergency light fitting as this is the closest with L-N-E then out...
  16. J

    Emergency lights typical circuit

    HI Just joined I am looking for diagrams of a typical emergency light circuit
  17. D

    Emergency light won't switch off - correctly wired new lights.

    Hi, here's a good one - replaced 15 E-lights recently, (tube type replaced with Newlec led type), and noticed one of the old outside Thorn 2D E-lights was on when driving past a few days later. The Thorn lights are all up to spec and function as they should. Went to investigate and it seems that...
  18. happyhippydad

    Which putty for emergency fix of water pipe?

    Evening all, As you can see from the title I have not had a good day. For the second time in my 6 year career I made a small nick in a water pipe whilst taking up the floorboards (using multitool). i thought i was prepared from the last time as I bought some clamps. However, they could not fit...
  19. OttoF

    Emergency Bulkhead Operation?

    Today I've been working with an old emergency bulkhead with 26W 2D 4 pin, and 6W florescent tube. When I replaced the 2D bulb, only a faint light could be seen coming from it. I assumed because there had been some physical damage to the fitting, that a component inside was bad. As I went to...
  20. D

    Is this NICIEC extractor fan installation safe?

    Hi, Quick Q from a newbie. I had a NICIEC registered electrician install an isolation switch and extractor fan in my downstairs bathroom. I’m now replacing one of the down lights and found what is a surprising mess of wires in the false ceiling, all joined together with a terminal block (centre...