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  1. subiram

    Self test emergency

    I tested a self test emergency lighting with three gears .While testing 2 of the gear doesn't passed 3 hour test but 1 Did Wit the same battery ?Why?
  2. L

    emergency Lighting installation

    Hi Guys I've fitted a few emergency lighting circuits to both domestic and commercial installs before, I've come across one I can't get my head round, this is going to be in a small supermarket one of these locals etc the existing lighting in the retail area is installed with three banks of...
  3. R

    Emergency Lighting Indicator Lamp

    I've been asked by a client to 'mask off' the green LED charging indictor lamps within several emergency lights fitted within bedrooms on a project I'm working on. I've searched to see if this goes against any regs or manufacturers instructions but haven't found anything. Has anyone done this...
  4. I

    Emergency Lighting Certification

    Hello Got a customer who needs certification for a monthly emergency lighting test. What would be the best cert to provide them with? The NICEIC certs all seem to relate to an annual test. Thanks
  5. J

    Emergency light recommendations

    Hi folks, Can anyone recommend a reliable brand for emergency lighting bulkheads please? I have a job coming up to replace 30 odd units. I have used JCC in the past, to my cost as they had a high failure rate within the 1st couple of years. I've had good experiences with Ansell products but...
  6. K

    What are the right procedures for dealing with an electrical emergency?

    If one of your coworkers suffers a severe electric shock, your first instinct will most likely be to rush to their rescue. But first, pause and reflect. Because the human body is a good conductor of electricity, the charge that just travelled through your coworker could readily move into you if...
  7. adel romany

    Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?

    Is it possible for Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?
  8. S

    Emergency lighting on minor works

    Hi guys, Been asked to fit 2 lights and a switch, which in reality turned out to be rewiring a multiple PIR setup to a single switch, adding multiple other fittings and emergency lighting (all of the lights were selected and at the depot when I got there) they were supplied by the lighting...
  9. S

    Extra emergency lighting fittings on minor works

    Hi guys, Been asked to fit 2 lights and a switch, which in reality turned out to be rewiring a multiple PIR setup to a single switch, adding multiple other fittings and emergency lighting (all of the lights were selected and at the depot when I got there) they were supplied by the lighting...
  10. R

    Failure of emergency lighting

    Gents, What is your view from this this clause from BS5266? If you have a lobby with that is part of an escape route that has one fitting, I have never seen an additional fitting being added to satisfy this clause. Even in rooms with two fittings, I have rarely seen both being used as...
  11. Weswes1993

    UK Design verification emergency lighting

    Hi little lost on a question for lvl 4 design verification Can anyone guide me to any calculations or formulas Its for a 4.35m x 2.8m plant room with ceiling heigh of 2.2m. To be installing 4x 1700mm twin 58w flourescent lights. Only success I've had with any fluorescent fitting is that during...
  12. D

    UK Emergency lighting regs

    Regarding emergency lighting, does a fire exit door require an emergency light above it or can you use a sticker that illuminates?
  13. C

    Emergency Generator Wiring

    Before I pay an electrician to come check my work, I thought it worth a post here. I don't want to pay the cost of a small car for a whole-house generators I hope never to use, and then have to maintain it. A small inverter generator is enough to get by one, I just need it handy and ready. And...
  14. E

    NEC 2020 Emergency Disconnect Wiring

    I'm starting a new construction single-family residence, I know with the 2020 NEC they require an emergency disconnect on the exterior of the home. My confusion is do I treat the emergency disconnect as the main disconnect, and the main breaker panel would be wired like a subpanel with separate...
  15. T

    Maintained emergency light

    Hi all can a Maintained emergency exit bulk head light fed from non lighting circuit if it is correctly fused and test point provided if no local lighting circuit is available ? so it is lit all the time and would be in the case of a power failure
  16. timhoward

    Bad emergency lighting install

    Two lighting circuits covering various communal areas on two floors of a HMO. The non-maintained emergency lighting that covers those areas is on a separate circuit (actually with the fire alarm). So either of the lighting breakers could trip and the relevant lighting wouldn't come on. Who...
  17. Aaronj46

    JCC Toughbay - Emergency Issue

    Had an issue on site where 12 JCC Toughbays (JC 040006) lights over 7 circuits all have the same issue. Turn on - 100% on as expected Power off SL - off/ charging as expected Turn off at key/sw - off/ not charing as expected If you turn rcbo back on and then flick the key sw to on the non...
  18. S

    Rewiring maintained emergency lights be non emergency!

    Hi So I'd like a maintained emergency light but without the automatic emergency function to trigger in the event of power failure. In other words I'd like a light connected to the mains that has a battery back up in the event of a power failure but I don't want it to come on automatically. Only...
  19. HappyHippyDad

    What is this flashing (emergency?) light?

    Afternoon all... The customer has a number of small green lights in the ceiling that are always on. This is a bed and breakfast/hotel. I had assumed they were emergency lights, although the only emergency lights I have come across before are ones that only come on when there is a power cut...
  20. K

    Location of Emergency Shutoff for Solar Project

    Hi!! I'm trying to complete a one line diagram to appease my electric company (AEP Texas). AEP is telling me: " 1) Please note that the AC Disconnect cannot be connected directly to the meter; it must go thru the service panel. One Line will need to be revised. 2) NOTE: If a side line tap is...


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