1. littlespark

    is regular Cat5e cable usable outside?

    notice i didnt say "suitable outside" rather than me buying a drum of external cat6, running it between house and shed, with an outlet socket at each end and a couple of short patch leads for the modem and computer end..... can i just use cat5e with rj45 terminations directly, but cover it...
  2. Dan

    Regular members wanted!

    We have three forums that were all UK. We now have them open to the world and appear in international search engines (as in when searching in USA, rather than just like we used to). Our tile forum has around 50% of its traffic from USA now. And active members really...
  3. adel romany

    Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?

    Is it possible for Mixing Regular Power With Emergency Power in Same Raceway ?
  4. D

    Help with a Double 3 way switch and 2 regular 3-way switches

    Hi, Need some help with an odd setup. I have a large room with many lights that i separated into 2 sets. In Box 1 there is the 14/2 power in, 2 regular 3-way switches and 2 14/3 wires out to the box at the other side of the room. In Box 2 i only was able to put a single gang box so i got a...
  5. D

    Electrician Jobs Commercial Electrician South East London/Kent, Regular Part Time day Work offered

    Hi Got a steady flow of national contracts that need to be delivered on a monthly basis. Haven't got an engineer based South East/Kent area. Would sooner someone local pick it up rather than an engineer travel it. Works are testing and remedial works. Mainly office based sites. We get plenty...
  6. jjustinia11

    Can I convert a 30amp sub panel to a regular 120 circuit?

    Hi All, I am new to the forum. I have a small 30 amp sub panel that once powered a green house, some lights and 1 regular 120-v outlet. We have since removed the greenhouse and it's associated wiring and now the sub panel is an eye sore and in an unsafe location as it is low, at outet...
  7. L

    Regular blowing of 13a fuse.

    Hello I’m a floor fitter looking for a bit of advice. I’ve recently bought a floor grinding machine that has a standard 13a plug. When the machine is up and running, it runs at around 2kw. My problem is when I first fire it up, the motor quickly draws a load more power and regularly blows the...
  8. H

    Am I stupid to replace a AFCI breaker with a regular breaker

    Long story short: I had a electrical problem on a circuit that powers our backyard lights and outlets a few months ago that fried the circuit breaker too. Electrical problem was fixed and I had an electrician swap out the breaker for a new one. At the time, he offered to replace it with an...
  9. Dan

    Are lorry drivers (or lack of) having an effect on any of your regular supplies?
  10. A

    Why not use a latching relay to power the headlights instead of two regular relays?

    I was wondering why why not use a latching relay to power the headlights instead of two regular relays? It seems less complicated to me.
  11. littlespark

    Remote switch that looks like regular switch?

    Possible job coming up where customer wants wall lights in a fully tiled bathroom. Backs onto cloakroom, so they dont mind cable routed through partition on cloakroom side. Bathroom switch is regular wall mounted 1 gang 1 way for ceiling fitting. (neutral in back box) but too far away from the...
  12. S

    DIY question: replacing dimmer switch with regular light switch

    Existing dimmer switch wiring in attached picture. Hot and neutral in, ground wire, extra red wire that, I believe, carries the signal voltage. This controls a dimmable LED overhead light fixture with only hot and neutral wires. I want to replace the dimmer with a normal, single pole light...
  13. H

    A 32amp hot tub and a 40amp sauna on a regular, domestic 80amp supply

    Hi all I’m new here so hello and thanks for looking. I’m looking for what is, I’m hoping, a quick bit of advice. I’m having an 8kW sauna heater fitted and also want to buy a hot tub. I’m going to get someone in as I need a new circuit, consumer unit etc. But hot tubs have a long delivery wait...
  14. pirate

    How many of you use a Leatherman or similar multi-tool or EDC on a regular basis?

    Idly wondering if many use such a tool... I find mine very useful for odd tasks, and a godsend for certain others, like when you are back up the ladder and you need a knife/file/scissors/small screwdriver. Many are one-handed operation and give you just the tool you need from time to time.
  15. K

    Shower digital mixer valve compatibility with regular fittings

    I have a pretty basic question on suitability of a shower digital mixer valve. Checked with the the manufacturer Mira, who insisted that it should only be used with their shower heads, etc. Asked why, looked around, etc but can't seem to find a clear answer why. Basically I have read the manual...
  16. N

    EICR - 2 boards, 1 with an off peak split and one with regular supply

    Hi there, im looking some general advice related to this eicr. im a bit lossed here, so would it be 2 eicr? or do i just splice two sheets together with the relevant information? on a seperate not i also noticed today when i had a wee look that his main water bond cannot be verified, is this a...
  17. E

    LED drivers (DALI) regulary fail

    In a new building about 400 TCI LED drivers of type 122692 were installed. This concerns DALI drivers. The vast majority of these drivers are in a dimmable setup (DALI). The problem now is that drivers regularly fail. In itself not the end of the world, but there is the programming costs every...
  18. A

    Clap on/off light switch that can be used inside a regular switch

    Has anyone done this before? Its a gimmick I know but I always wanted to do it. I can see some sound activated switches but nothing that specific to claps, unless its a DIY one. I dont see how a DIY clap switch can go into a wall.
  19. B

    2 gang socket with usb watch for them

    Horrible 2 gang switched socket with usb. Its very flimsey and has 2 earth terminals on the back for each socket that ARE NOT CONNECTED (by not connected I mean to each other each individual connection goes to one earth pin only) so watch for them. No suprise its from china on Ebay. White...
  20. H

    Converting a regular light fitting to an emergency fitting?

    I have a light fitting with 2 x 70w T8 tubes in it. The ballast is a regular tridonic ballast for these lamps like this one Tridonic T8 Pro High Frequency Ballast 2 x 70w. How do I convert this fitting into an emergency fitting? Would I be able to do this with the above ballast and wire in a...


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