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  1. Pete999

    Can any of the older members rmember the bits and bobs bags the sparkies used to carry

    As per title I can recall the time when I was an Apprentice, before the time of plastic divider boxes for spares, the bloke I worked with would always have a bg of screws and oddments they have collected, and many times had the job of searching for this and that screw, terminal or whatever...
  2. Vortigern

    Napit offers EIS scheme to stroma members for £100+VAT

    Grab a bargain. With the legislation for landlords coming out (July) it would pay to snap up this offer of £100 plus VAT (hang on thought we were out of the VAT zone, I digress) You save a lot as the normal fee is £455 plus VAT. You get to be listed on the NAPIT site so better exposure for...
  3. Lou

    Electrical2Go Still Open 5% Discount for members!

    Just a note on behalf of @Electrical2go to say that they are still very much open for business and are giving forum members 5% off your orders with them. www.Electrical2go.co.uk They wish you all the best and hope you are all staying safe throughout these strange times. If you have any...
  4. 7029 dave

    To all members

    Hi all, I would just like to say ,have a joyful and peaceful Xmas to electricians everywhere. Regards Dave
  5. BulkWorkwear

    5% Off All WORKWEAR FOR FORUM MEMBERS - www.BulkWorkwear.co.uk

    Bag yourself a great deal at Bulkworkwear!!! Intro Offer - For MEMBERS ONLY - 5% off your entire order at www.bulkworkwear.co.uk Please quote 'member5' at checkout to take advantage of our intro offer. Hurry....Limited Time Only Offer! :) www.bulkworkwear.co.uk/
  6. Dan

    Aussie members give us a shout

    If you're an Australian member give us a shout. The forum is now open to you. We hand you guys the keys at midnight UK time so the floor is yours until Midnight AU's time. :)
  7. Dan

    Google Ads have New Settings / Subscribed members new tools

    Okay, so this is part of a wider efforts to balance the books for the forums. We're trialing it out. But it comes with some good benefits as well as a few ads. So read the whole thread please before judging and replying. :) New Ads for logged-in users unless you have any one of the below:- You...
  8. Dan

    Last 24 hours; The spread of members who posted

    4 American, 1 Malaysian, 2 Australian, as well as dozens of UK members, have posted new threads. :) That's really nice to see. I think we're a refreshing change from what is out there already. Keep on topic and friendly peeps. :D I think it's working. Thanks so much to all of you for...
  9. Dan

    Esteemed Tag now only available to Electricians Arms members

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/threads/forum-tags-were-done-now-i-promise.179061/ I said I was done here. Seems I wasn't. I'm not sure of the reasoning behind so many members not getting in the Electricians Arms. But the tag was really meant for Electricians. So I wanted them to go to...
  10. Lister1987

    Ads from sponsors, even for subscribed members?

    I was under the impression that as subscribed members, we avoided all the advertising bumph? Just nptice now that I'm getting sponsor banners between posts on threads? Is it intentional? Was it communicated and I've missed or or has Dan been messing again? 😝
  11. Dan

    Ways to encourage members to add videos to our media area....?

    How can we encourage members to add media to our media area? I'm wondering if you guys can come up with some suggestions. Possible ones. So some tools we have are perhaps the tags system (reward users with a tag?), the reactions system (kinda trying to use that with the new winner reaction)...
  12. Dan

    120 members deleted their accounts on there since we had the option

    120 accounts deleted since having the option. That's not bad. No bans I don't think. Once was extended for life. Can't say who. And 8000 I removed for not logging in for 2 years. So our new figures is under 15,000. We had 3000 login over 30 days. That's not bad. 20% of users.
  13. Dan

    New badge for American members

    @Megawatt is the first to get it. Thanks again for being a member here. :) Click on his name at the start of his post to see the tags.
  14. markythesparky

    Idiotic Schemes and members

    Went to a job the other day and found that an NICEIC approved domestic installer employed by a conservatory company had installed a small CU and run a 4mm 3 Core SWA to run some sockets and lighting in the conservatory. On closer inspection he’d split the tails with Henley block to feed to new...
  15. Sintra

    New staff members are now here.

    Just to let you all know we now have two new staff members @SparkyChick and @westward10 have both agreed to be our new moderators.
  16. S

    Any members on here that like nice timepieces?

    Just picked up a Tag Heuer that a friend was selling on. Any one else have any something nice.
  17. Spoon

    New Members Posts..............

    To the powers that be: Is there a way of changing the current way new members post? At present they have to wait for the post to be reviewed before it gets posted. I'm all happy with that. What I don't like is, when the post is reviewed and accepted it get slotted in when the OP posted it...
  18. buzzlightyear

    short on members come a join us

    had a call from stroma .we rang you last year ,can you remember .mmm. no . you where going to change to us .mmm no . would you like to join us ,considering the your scam has but the price up mmm,. I under stand the price difference between a good steak and a donkey ear . the answer is no I will...

    New Sponsor. Special 10% discount code off Van Tilt Bins for forum members

    Hi, We're delighted to be back as a sponsor of the forum. We sponsored a couple of years ago and really loved the feel (and friendliness) of the forum and members. We're going to try and be more involved this time around so we're starting with an exclusive discount code off our tilt bins range...
  20. Pete999

    For the aged amongst members

    I'm sure there are many members, who have been in this industry for more years than they care to remember, and consequently are feeling the ravages of bad knees, elbows, backs etc, well I'm one of them. I was wondering if any one has bothered to adressthe ravages of old age, and over indulgence...
  21. Pete999

    Mainly for the more aged Forum Members

    Been reminiscing through the Red wine mist, and it took me back to October 1962, for the younger Members, the Cuban Missile Crisis (I urge you to watch "13 Days" Kevin Costner film). It was a time when the West nearly came to blows with the Soviet Bloc using Nuclear Missiles, or Armageddon as...
  22. Pete999

    Older members, what do tou get up to?

    As the title suggests, for those of us who have retired, or cut back on their working practices, taking into account drinking smoking and unrelated activities. Myself I have become a volunteer for Age UK, although nothing much has come my way just yet, I have also expored the possibility of...
  23. GMES

    Staff announcement / Banned & Old members

    Hi Guy's As members of various forums a few of you will know that another forum is to close down soon, After a Discussion with Dan and Other Admin I am here to let everyone know that an olive branch as been offered to all Banned members that all are welcome to re-join the Electricians forum, the...
  24. Gavin John Hyde

    Changes to test-meters discount for forum members

    Most of you will know that test-meter have for some time offered a discount to forum members but had to stop the open advertising of a 5% code as too many non forum members found it via google. They will most of the time still offer a discount if you email them and then order over the phone...
  25. butchtaylor909

    Introduction to the forum members

    Hi everyone just a quick post to get me started. i live up near Manchester and i have recently qualified as an electrician after doing 21 years military service. Looking to get some real work and getting my NICEIC application moving and maybe set up on my own. Any helpful advice is appreciated.
  26. S

    Missing forum members of old.

    Hey guys: Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Glennspark, Lenny & trev ?
  27. F

    electriciansforums.co.uk Forum Sponsor

    It’s been a pleasure working with the forum as a sponsor over the last the last few years and long may it continue. When we initially sponsored www.electriciansforums.co.uk back in 2010, we introduced a generic discount code ‘ELECFORUM’ for all forum members that would deduct 5% from the net...
  28. B

    Pictures needed

    Anyone got any pictures of before and after work need some for my college portfolio Cheers
  29. GMES


    Just a case of curiosity really, but I have noticed a lot of regular members that use the forum on a daily basis leave their Avatars blank ( No Picture ) and was curious why so thought I would create a little poll. I personally recognise a lot of members by their Avatar without the need to look...
  30. Dan

    Update: Member Map Added - Find where our members are from!!

    User Map - http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/usermap/ You can get to this page by clicking the "Members" link in the main orange navigation bar.
  31. GMES

    Say hello to our new Moderator

    That's right guys it gives me great pleasure to announce that @Leesparkykent Is now a Moderator for the Electricians Forum. Lee has been a Great contributor to this place for quite a while now and is always willing to help out with threads and other members so it only seemed right to make him...
  32. Dan

    Top Posters Of The Month

    Top Posters Of The Month is active, you'll get a badge for the following month when you win. I've removed admins from the counts now so it's between members only. A lot of mine are automated posts and it's unfair to count those. Good Luck
  33. Lou

    Not Allowed To Link To This Website (electricians boards) closes, we welcome EB members here

    We realise Electricians Boards has closed. Don't want to go into why and whatnot. But we'd just like to say that members (and staff) there are welcome here any day of the week. We're a friendly bunch here.
  34. Dan

    Record online today

    .... At least a record whilst being on the new software. 966 logged in users in the last few hours.
  35. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Fined for misuse of NICEIC logo

    Builder fined for misuse of NICEIC logo
  36. S


    Hi guys.. Can an anybody advise to my best route to becoming fully qualified. I completed my 2330 level 2 a couple of years ago and have 4 years experience in the industry. Looking to get my gold card.. many thanks matt
  37. Marvo

    How The DIY Area Works And The Step By Step Guide Rule

    Although this is primarily a trade forum for electricians we get lots of requests for DIY assistance so this DIY section of the forum was made specifically to accommodate those DIY requests. Where any information is given here, it is done so with no implied or guarantee of accuracy. As a...
  38. B

    Commercial digital timer instructions for mem at1p

    Hi All, Can anyone help me find a link to .....MEM at1p timer Instructions (how to program same) Many Thanks BFK
  39. G


    Recently there's been a lot of talk about scheme registration,and the need to be a scheme member to do part P work,now while a lot of sparks disagree with the way that the schemes infer that the only sparks that do a good job are scheme members,which incidentally we know not to be the case as...
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