1. Benchaffey


    Currently a 3 month waiting time for new applications....
  2. PJH2903

    SPD calculation / Stroma annual assessment

    I've got my annual Stroma assessment next week and the job I am taking them to is a board change. I have not fitted an SPD as by my calculations it was not a requirement (plus a tight customer would not want the extra cost) I don't think it will be a problem but am just looking for reassurance...
  3. eleanor jones

    Trainee Napit or Stroma?

    Napit or Stroma? Completed 18th edition, 2365 level 2 and 3 Pat testing four years later on. Shadowed electrician worked on commercial and domestic with Agency. whom should I join ? Any recommendations? And Why?
  4. Leesparkykent

    NAPIT bought out Stroma?

    Are the rumors true? If it is, I can only see that as being a bit of a blow to Stroma registered......
  5. N

    Delay joining Stroma

    Anyone else had a delay joining Stroma. 5 weeks since my assessment ( passed) and nothing back from Stroma. On contacting them I get fobbed off with “ there is a backlog “ story.
  6. S

    Stroma assessment coming up.

    Morning all. Got my initial Stroma assessment coming up in a week or so. I’m guessing I’ll be verifying chosen circuits with dead & live tests. I’m tying myself up regarding my lighting circuit. The reason being, I’ve done all my loop in loop out etc at switch; this also includes extractor fan...
  7. sham

    NICEIC prices going up, thinking of going with stroma.

    Has anyone considered moving to Stroma, or have you already done so. I've had an email from NICEIC saying that they increased their prices. Therefore I am considering moving to Stroma. Also, Stroma say they do not have an issue with third party certs, as NICEIC told me that they do not allow it...
  8. M

    Stroma Digital EIC & Notification of Works certificates

    Had an electrician completed re-wire on my property but sent me a scanned copy of EIC. I was hoping I would receive a digital one via E-Cert with his details, etc. Can that be not done – he completes on e-Cert and I receive a copy as well to my email? Also, I was on the impression that...
  9. A

    Stroma assessment can anyone help

    Just wondering if anyone has recently done the stroma assessment for CPS scheme. Im doing it on a consumer unit changed in my house. What exactly is he/she going to be inspecting?
  10. T

    1st Stroma assessment

    Hi everyone got my 1st assessment coming up with Stroma / a governing body just wondered if anyone had any tips with regards the whole process as I’d imagine I’m feeling the same way everyone else did when they and their 1st assessment! Any tips will be appreciated Thanks
  11. rolyberkin

    Stroma 18th edition exam

    So having spent the last three or four days adding quick find tabs to my new 18th edition book and highlighting relevant passages it was taken off me by the Stroma invigilator and I was given a brand new book for my exam!:-( I was told that Stroma do everything by the book and above board so...
  12. Michael James thomas

    Stroma is it possible to fail assessment

    I'm the NIC QS and Electrical foreman for a shopfitting firm and one of the subbys who has now come on board full time .He can't fill out a test cert at all didn't know where to bond water and doesnt know when an Rcd is required or not so uses RCBOs on every thing has no real knowledge of the...
  13. M

    has anyone heard of STROMA

    keep getting contacted by STROMA about joining them and using there services for electrical certification , they seem to be implying that they are the new and improved NAPIT service, has anyone else had contact from them
  14. Loki

    Thinking of Joining Stroma

    Hi Everyone, As the title says I'm looking at joining Stroma & on looking on this forum I noticed users mentioning the following documents are required. A complaints log A Health & Safety Policy A completed risk assessment for the job your using as the assessment I've spoken to Stroma today...
  15. Sparky10

    2391 V NICEIC - Whats the point in 2391??

    Hi Guys, A debate at work and im slightly confused and thought maybe someone here may shed some light. What is the point in doing your 2391 Testing course? Apparently to be NIC Registered you do not need to have 2391 Inspection & Testing & You are able to sign work off. However if you have...
  16. M

    Stroma Assessment questions

    Hi Everyone, I have my first Stroma assessment coming up, i qualified from college a few years ago and have been working building up my experience until i felt ready to go for sign off. I'm preparing for my assessment and have been reading about what to expect. One of the things that i have...
  17. Benchaffey

    Stroma Certification

    Evening guys! Anybody a member of this ? Never really came across them before but have noticed a few local electricians are members, apart from it being fairly cheap , has anybody got any other pros and cons for them? I have been mulling over Napit/NICEIC and came across this and wondered if...
  18. happysteve

    Stroma assessment went well - thorough, but good.

    Eh up :) Just had my Stroma CPS assessment this afternoon. It went really well! The chap was very thorough, but having all the paperwork ready for him on the kitchen table (and a recently-boiled kettle) helped. :) Nice to have an intelligent technical conversation with someone - actually...
  19. P

    stroma assessment this week

    Hi All I have my Stroma CP assessment on Wed. I have been looking in the forum and notice a few threads on the health and safety and complaints procedure they have not requested it then I called them should I have one incase and is there any model /templates around . Wish it was all over its...
  20. Murdoch

    18th Edition email from Stroma

    So got an email today from Stroma outlining the changes planned for the 18th Edition: What are the proposed changes to the Wiring Regulations? Part 1 has been amended so that a statement has to be made on an EIC if using non-approved equipment. Part 2 has been expanded and amended with many...

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