1. C

    Tool picture that was posted here

    A few days ago I came across a pic that showed channel lock pliers "feeding" two small wrenches a bolt. Really wholesome picture and as such I was wondering if I could share it on some other forums. With that said, does anyone have it? I can't seem to find it.
  2. G

    Still seeking help with starting issue.

    I posted back in April about a wierd starting issue but unfortunately got no replies and the issue is still ongoing and driving me nuts ! I have a 2011 Ford Ka 1.3 tdci. The car starts first turn of the key but the battery light stays on and the electric power steering doesnt click into action...
  3. Dan

    Last 24 hours; The spread of members who posted

    4 American, 1 Malaysian, 2 Australian, as well as dozens of UK members, have posted new threads. :) That's really nice to see. I think we're a refreshing change from what is out there already. Keep on topic and friendly peeps. :D I think it's working. Thanks so much to all of you for...
  4. T

    Thanks to the person who first posted the attached

    Hi just to say thanks for the below PDF a couple of weeks ago. Can't find who posted it but anyway I am sure you know who you are. Thought I would post it again for anyone else who is going to sit the update/exam, a good resource. It was brilliant in the 18th Ed. exam. Really made getting to the...
  5. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Posted for trainee access area but no response

    Anyone able to help cheers. Cheers HW
  6. M

    New member first post. load on dimmer leds flickering.

    hi guys. I e just
  7. D

    Thermodare Night Storage - asbestos?

    I am concerned that the attached night storage heater may contain asbestos, would anyone know 100% based on the attached picture of the model and serial number? I've checked the lists posted online and it looks like it isn't listed but it's a bit confusing as there are so many listed
  8. F

    job sites

    anyone herd or no what these web sites are called were the customer puts on the work they need doing and a price there prepared to pay and the apparently sparks quote etc new one on me
  9. Darkwood

    Dodgy trade pictures for your amusement!

    Right ... Just been nudged to set this up by Paul.M and sounds a good idea following recent threads I've done in the Arms.. Rules....No Offensive material... edit if required before posting as this is the public arena. Anything to do with the trade or in and around it ...H&S pic's welcome...
  10. G

    Help with room thermostat

    Hi not sure if this can be posted here but it wont let me post to the diy'er forum!! I have a ferroli domicondens f boiler which is volt free and i have a towerstat rf wireless thermostat to wire to it but am a little confused as how to wire it in!I have found the loop i need to wire to in the...
  11. P

    looking for work

    hi all, I have recently passed my 2382,2377 and acheived EAL level 3, i am looking for work in the darlington area as a mate to gain experience. is there anyone around that may need some help? thanks
  12. sjhall

    kewtech 1710 voltage tester

    For sale , unused kewtech 1710 voltage tester. Unused with instructions £70 is the cheapest I can find it... Offers
  13. M

    megger 1553

    for sale my personal megger 1553 18months old out of calibration and its genuinly hardly been used as it was bought for specific job then 2 weeks in I got teamed up with guy from firm and we used his firms tester used it a couple of times since but its in as new condition not had it...
  14. S

    which DNO?

    ive just completed an install in huntingdon near cambs i just want to verify what the DNO of this area is? its my first install and want it done right!!
  15. M

    Hi, Just a quick one which may have already been posted, just wondered if anyone has used websites such as for work leads? Can you leave me some feedback, good or bad on these. Im currently working as self employed for various agencies, but dont want to be to reliant on them for...