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  1. SJD

    Solar isolator (to distribution board)

    I don't do PV, so not overly familiar with specific regulations. Yesterday I was changing a consumer unit, and the isolator for the PV was adjacent to the consumer unit. Due to needing a bit more space, I had to move this isolator a few cm and noticed it was single pole, switching L only. A...
  2. Devil7

    Sub mains / distribution circuits

    Hi all, new here, just looking for a few pointers. I'm not doing this, just keeping my brain active in these weird times with things i've not learnt yet. How do you calculate cables etc for a single phase sub main (to a garage for instance) - is it the same as a cooker? Ib> In> etc etc?? TIA
  3. J

    IMMIGRATE (uk->nz)

    Hi there folks, names Jimmy, new to the forum. Am just after any advice anybody has or any contacts anybody has regarding resettlement in NZ from UK on the overhead distribution networks. My self and my family have discussed about immigrating to New Zealand for some time now and it’s time to...
  4. LewisM

    Fire sealant for back of distribution board?

    Anybody recommend a good intumescent sealant that can be applied directly to PVC cables?
  5. U

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?
  6. S

    LV Distribution Feeder Queries

    Hey there everyone, I'm currently an EE student doing my 4th year project. As part of my project, I am carrying out a literature review into the design rules DNOs apply to their LV distribution networks. I am trying to built up a reasonable understanding into how these networks are laid out...
  7. C

    UK Distribution

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has an alternative way of fusing sub mains other than fitting an MCCB panel? Basically I have a sub main to a laundry block, and one to a toilet block. There may be a db fitted next to the proposed panel in the future so I need to leave allowance. I can’t think...
  8. P

    Unknown MEM distribution board

    Can anyway identify the board and MCBs from the pictures? This installation is in a house in Tanzania - the actual installation has a much bigger 3 phase version in another house which I am helping to fix. These old boards used to be imported from China until about 2010. They are no longer...
  9. T

    Multiple distribution boards and earthing arrangements

    Hi all, first post, and it relates to quite a challenging installation. The short version is that I'm working through remedial work on a 75 page EICR on a site with 24 distribution boards, hit a very nasty C1, have resolved it, but now have max Zs issues that were actually there before but not...
  10. Steve888

    Industrial distribution board

    Hello I have a new warehouse with 100aA three phase supply. Can you recommend a switch board ? If any of you is near Coventry you can quote me for the full installation (lighting, sockets, etc)
  11. L

    Otter mill Distribution board

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a direct replacement for Ottermill system T MCB’s as from a quick search the company went out of business circa 2004? Thanks
  12. Simon-0116

    spd on 3ph distribution board

    Priced a job to change old 3ph board from pictures alone. No the firm so jobs good. Get there and situation is no spd fitted on existing. So I was going to fit one to my new db in trunking at side of board fed of 32a breaker. Will this act / cover / work for the whole site. Layout is main...
  13. Dean. Sinnett

    Cctv distribution to tvs

    Hi, I have been asked to distribute a Cctv system to multiple TVs in a customer property. What modulator would be best to do this as there are eight TVs in the property. Any recomerecommend will be appreciated as it's not a regular task for myself. Thanks
  14. A

    distribution power supply advice aprreciated

    I am hoping someone will have the knowledge, I have a pole in my garden to which I would like to take a 60amp supply to a new build plot. The supply is an 11kv supply 0.05 cu cable, over a distance of 120meters and currently supplies 3 properties,does it have the capacity to take a 60amp supply...
  15. L

    Distribution board question

    hi guys Question for the knowledgeable on here, I went to look at a possible board change last night after the couple had experienced the ring final circuit going down when the fuse wire burnt out due to s faulty socket outlet had burnt out The socket face had been replaced by the customers...
  16. soms

    RCBO for old Square D distribution board

    Hi, A relative has moved into a flat with a mid-80's Square D QO1 12F distribution board, which has MCBs on all outgoing ways. There are proposals to update the kitchen with a desire for some additional socket outlets. To meet the requirements of Part P and by extension, BS 7671, RCD protection...
  17. J

    Confused about the terminal numbers in a distribution board

    Recently I’ve started my level 3 electrical course but get confused with what the numbers mean for the earth and neutral terminals .
  18. J

    Cable entry question

    Hi all, I am installing a new 3 phase DB and 110V DB. The current installation needs new DBS due to thier age and condition. The cables used are all singles and ran in galvanised steel trunking and I am not replacing the single cores used. My question is, is it alright to cut out a section in...
  19. Arkenbang

    Are there any TT LV wooden pole monkey power distribution sparks on this forum ?

    If there is, maybe you can help me identify what these new boxes are that have recently appeared on all the overhead LV distribution poles/lines located in Devon.I have never seen them before on any overhead power distribution systems. Cheers.
  20. R

    TV distribution for block of flats

    Morning all, I need to split a TV signal for a large block of flats. Does anyone know who might make a large tv amplifier (4g coax)? the largest I've found is 8 ways. I don't mind taking a feed to 3 different 8 ways but I just wondered if there was a larger unit out there?
  21. M

    Need some help/guidance on 400A distribution board

    Morning! Trying to decide on the most appropriate/cost effective distribution board? Supply: 3 phase 400A Circuits: 7 x single phase (16 - 60A) 1 x 3 phase (80A) + 6 single for future proofing Setup: Main supply comes into pump house where fuse...
  22. ye oldie sparks

    Distribution board tails

    Just a quickie, if the cut out fuse and head is rated at 63amp can you still use 16mm tails for a 6way board. The reason for asking is, I have to change a board in a old flush internal metal cabinet and there is next to no room inside due to the meter and cut out taking up most of the space, its...
  23. M

    Glanding 3 phase into metal distribution board.

    Quick question, have a small caravan site to wire up. Have 3 phase supply and TT earthing, 30ma RCD in each individual pods. Was planning on using a 100ma type S incomer in the main DB to protect the sub feeds. ( this should stop a dodgy caravan tripping the whole site being 100ma time...
  24. D

    Mains distribution upgrade work, 3 phase,old isolators, steel conduit & trunking providing CPC

    Hello everyone I'm picking up some remedial works from an EICR fail in a commercial property. Its a 3 phase supply with old steel conduits , trunking & coupled metal equipment, that provides the earth to the various locations. At present the earthing is insufficient, every earth in the...
  25. A

    Low level distribution board located in toilet.

    Hi Guys I need your thoughts on a job which I’ve been asked to quote for. This is a commercial shop and I’ve being asked to install a toilet and hand basin right next to the distribution board. There is a cupboard around the distribution board however this is low-level. Would this meet...
  26. A

    Audio Distribution System Recommendations

    Hi All, Was hoping if peeps can give me some advice. I have an upcoming installation, 5 bed house new build and the customer has requested for the full works, electrics, tv, sat, data in every room, 16 channel CCTV (possibly home automation) and lastly mentioned about an audio distribution...
  27. T

    New Distribution Circuit to existing consumer unit

    Do not know all details but Contracts Manager we know has had EICR done (not seen it yet) but the attached garage has a socket in it not sure if it is on ring or just spurred off ring into garage but a plastic 2/4 way PLASTIC consumer unit has been installed fed from this circuit containing 2 x...
  28. L

    Distribution board question

    Hi I've been looking at a drawing of an installation. It says it's a 4 way 32A HRC fuse distribution board. Way one is a three phase load and has 40A fuses on each of the phases. The second way has 3 single phase circuits fused at 16A Each, the others are spare. Is it me missing something or...
  29. D

    SY cable for distribution circuits and final circuits

    Hi all, Just a question relating to SY cable and the use of SY cable. My boss his carrying out a EICR for a industrial premise and coming across a lot of SY cable. These cables are used for final circuits and distribution circuits. I know that BS7671 list SY cable as non - standard cables and...
  30. K

    Query - Distribution Board to Isolator

    Hello! Im an AC/Fridge Engineer just gone Sole Trader. So Im trying to price up an AC install package for Domestic and Commercial Customers and im scratching my head when in comes to the cost of wiring some Twin & Earth from the Distribution Board to an Isolator on the Outdoor unit. First of...
  31. Mark1977

    Running of distribution cables

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding running of distribution cable around a warehouse. My client is having a new 200A supply installed but this will be on a different wall approx 20m away from the existing 100A supply. I need to run a cable from the new supply to the existing busbar chamber...
  32. J

    Tests for replacement consmer unit

    Could you tell me whether most of the tests carried out for a Domestic Electrical Installation Report would have to be repeated if a replacement consumer unit is subsequently fitted?
  33. J

    40 Amp MCB supply to a 100 Amp Distribution Panel Help!!!!!!!!

    My industrial unit is supplied via solar power. All the switchgear and mains supply etc. for the solar is in the unit next to mine to which I have no access unless the tenant is in. The landlord has got the supply coming from the solar unit through a 40amp MCB into our main distribution panel...
  34. J

    max demand for flats

    Just double checking calcs if anyone bored! So for a block of 3 flats with no gas services- all flats same. +communal stairs over 2 floors (LED light few small panel heaters) Flat: Kitchen Ring (32a) (32) Ring (32a) (12.8) Oven (20a) (13) Hob (32a) (16.6) Immersion (16a) (16) Lights1 (6a)...
  35. happyhippydad

    SWA or tails?

    I know I have started another thread in the past with an almost identical title but this one is asking different questions! The DNO are moving the meter box and I will need to extend the tails to approx 8m. The present earthing arrangement is TT, I have asked the DNO to change to TN-C-S and...
  36. A

    ryefield board confusion

    i am only a second year apprentice so please bear this in mind if this question comes across as stupid.. i am currently working on a site where one property (old pub) is being converted into 8 seperate flats, and at the minute we are working on the power distrobution to each individual flat...
  37. R

    Commercial On-Site Event Generators

    Hello Everyone, I am after a bit of advice, which I am sure to you guru's is simple but to someone who has absolutely NO ideas on electrics, I am calling on your help. I am looking to use 20 x Electrolux W555H Washing Machines & 20 x Electroluc T5130 Dryers and need them to be powered by...
  38. M

    Life Safety Services Generator

    Hi, I have a 50kva generator, it will only be used to supply the life safety services loads (water pump, vent openers, vent fan). Each item is connected to an ATS, one supply to the ATS is from a ‘normal supply’ distribution board, and the other supply is from a generator supplied distribution...
  39. S

    Fluke 2042 Cable Tracer or similar - Any good?

    Hi All, there are several threads on here about cable tracers with a very mixed bag of reviews/opinions about them. Has anyone used them in similar circumstances to below & if so how did they perform? I've been asked to carry out a full validation survey & produce a distribution schematic of...
  40. E

    Maximum Zs for distribution circuits protected by 60947-2 MCCB's

    Anyone know where I can view up to date reference documents etc to acquire the Maximum Zs for distribution circuits protected by 60947-2 MCCB's? Regards David
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