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The volt (symbol: V) is the derived unit for electric potential, electric potential difference (voltage), and electromotive force. It is named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745–1827).

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  1. W

    Volts drop when 2.5kW (ish) load switched on

    hi This is just a starter because I haven't done any measurements yet (I was a guest there) and what I can do will be restricted as this has never been thought to be a problem by the owner who is a relative, but I'm more concerned than he is by what I've seen. Background: modern hugely...
  2. A

    Transformer to out put 27 volts

    Hi, I have 6 x 4.5 volts led lights. Each has a 3 x 1.5volt AAA battery. Total 27 volts. I want to use a transformer to connect the six lights instead of using batteries. Please advise me on what type of transformer and where to buy it from. Thank you.
  3. S

    Suitable LED bulb for rechargeable battery

    Hi I am trying to make a light fixture with an LED bulb and rechargeable battery so that it can sit on table without any cords. What LED volt light will work with 3.7V 750 mAh battery (see picture) or 4.8V rechargeable battery (see picture) I am only finding LED strips and bulbs that...
  4. Marshall Kidd

    Splitting 3-phase circuits for 3 high draw theater fixtures.

    Hello. I'm new here so my apologies if this post ended up in the wrong forum. I have a basic understanding of phases and voltage and the lot. Today I'm trying to wrap my head around how I might be able to split one 3-phase 240v 50a source to accommodate 3 high draw theater fixtures. Here's...
  5. S

    60 volts on an R2 long lead test?

    Testing today. Zs produced an Err 4 reading on the Fluke MFT, so I got the wander lead out and connected to the MET. No continuity but 60 (ish) volts difference showing on the display. Any ideas?
  6. B

    12 volts out when Engine Start

    hi, I want my car stereo can power when the engine start, not when the panel lights turned-on. in short I want the car stereo power when there is an engine acceleration. with that wiring I can also top other wires for example my dc electric fan. what are your ideas? suggestions?
  7. PLW

    Methods used to start a fluorescent tube

    Hi there, I am currently reading through the different methods used to start a fluorescent tube. I have come across the glow type starter and the thermal starter circuit. In my course book the glow type starter is described as follows "Contained within the starter can are a set of normally...
  8. PLW

    Explain the difference between a transformer and auto-transformer

    Hi there, I understand that a transformer is used to either step up or step down the supply voltage. I know that the basic principle is that if there are more windings in the primary coil than the secondary coil then, the voltage is stepped down and if there a more windings in the secondary coil...
  9. PLW

    How and why does voltage lag current in a purely capacitive AC circuit?

    Hi guys, I have no idea if this makes any sense, but I’ll give it ago with the hope of getting a better understanding. I know that a capacitor is a device used to store electric charge and that it charges and discharges at a rate determined by the frequency (50hz in the UK). As the supply...
  10. PLW

    Step up and Step down transformers

    Hi guys I am currently training to be an electrician and have only been at college about 6 months. So my understanding of things isn't particular great. Anyway I have recently come across transformers and whilst I understand the general idea is to either increase or decrease the voltage for a...
  11. the pict

    Commercial Horse box, well was, now catering trailer

    Where can I get a 12volt psu to power a sink water pump ala caravan, tried all the obvious, caravan, alarms, pc,s, aquariums. and I am at, turn next left for wits end. all because I said 230 Volts which somehow means 24 volts to some. being completed and used this weekend, but apart from the...
  12. B

    hot start problem

    I have an annoying problem with my Chevy Camper. When it is cold the starter turns nicely. When it is hot, the starter turns very very slowly and occasionally it will fire up. otherwise I have to leave it for ten minutes or so. I fitted a new starter and a new heavy duty battery and new...
  13. B


    This 16 year old boy believes he is resistant to electric shocks even high voltage Its claimed he mends supply problems without a shock and also show people he can put live wires in his mouth. He is nick named electricboy. see I'm a human lightbulb! The teen who survives a shocking...
  14. happyhippydad

    Honest Views On Volt Drop?

    I have just been asked to provide power to a large garage/workshop for a friend. The workshop is approx 55m away from the main CU and there will be a further run of approx 15m for the lights from sub board to end point of lighting circuit. It will be on a 32A MCB in the main CU. measured voltage...
  15. M

    Help With Diodes And Voltage Drop

    hi guys, im having a problem wiring some relays that need to be activated by 2 different signals, i try putting a diode on one of the signal wires so electricity wont flow thru the other signal wire, but now im having a huge voltage drop, and the relay is not activating by the wire that has the...
  16. P

    12volt Garden Lighting Circuit

    Sorry if this a very basic question But under your current electrical regulations are 12volt circuit exempt ? I have a 230volt socket outlet circuit in my garden tested and approved I wish to install garden lighting ..the whole of which is plug and play I plug the transformer into the...
  17. J

    Can I Get A 127 Volt Step Down Transformer?

    Hi there, Not all that knowledgeable on this kind of thing but I purchased four audio-visual appliances made in 1970. All are identical apart from the voltage requirements. One requires 117 volts - the other 3 units require 127 volts Can I get transformers for such voltages? Also what...
  18. Videodoctor

    Dangerous Work Exposed!

    Hi Guys, Have i been to a hum dinger of an installation today! Are we sitting comfortably then i'll begin. An electrician i was talking to in the wholesalers mentioned that he was having trouble tracing a fault where there was 60 volts on the pipework and he was having trouble tracing it.I...
  19. Videodoctor

    Domestic Dangerous Work Exposed.

    Hi Guys, Have i been to a hum dinger of an installation today! Are we sitting comfortably then i'll begin. An electrician i was talking to in the wholesalers mentioned that he was having trouble tracing a fault where there was 60 volts on the pipework and he was having trouble tracing it.I...