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  1. C

    Wires near heating pipes

    had a full rewire in house come to find these wires sitting on top.of central heating pipes is it unreasonable to ask the electrician to mive these.he has been back once to put a save plate inbetween but im not entirely happy,just want some advice
  2. M

    Bonding combi boiler gas pipes

    From my understanding you need to run both a 10mm earth from CU to water stop clock and seperate 10mm to gas, exception being if cable is uncut can link both gas and water together. In a scenario where been asked to change consumer unit but getting to gas pipes of combi boiler is practically...
  3. D

    Metallic pipes and outbuildings!!

    Morning all. Couple of questions regarding the 18th in regards to outbuildings with metallic pipes in them, causing very different answers between a few of us in the pub! Right so. If a metallic pipe enters any building but has an 'insulating section' then it need not be earthed? I do not...
  4. S

    Volts running through water pipes

    I am currently doing a love job and found that the water pipes have 93.4v running through them? the problem i have is that this is intermittent, for about 5 mins at a time? so live for 5 mins then dead then live again? i wondered if anyone had advice before i take up floor and things. i thought...
  5. S

    LED downlights and heating pipes

    Evening all. New to the forum and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on installing downlights near plastic heating pipes ? I was planning to install some enlite E6 LED downlights in my hall way. I somehow managed to pick a spot right in between a couple of pipes. Looks like I'll need to...
  6. B

    EICR CODE too close to pipes

    What is the right code for: a) central heating pipes running directly below a socket (left to right). Could heat from the pipes slightly warm the socket and possibly warm a flex cord of a plugged in appliance if it touches the pipe? Would lagging the pipes solve this? b) electric cable...
  7. diyterry

    Domestic Earthing copper pipes .............

    While ripping the old bathroom fittings out I noticed that none of the pipework or fittings were earthed. Should they be earthed and if so what is the preferred method?
  8. J

    Electrical Cables on hot plumbing pipes

    Recently had an extension done. Noticed electrician had run mains electrical cables right on to the hot feed from the boiler which gets very hot. Is this a safety issue? Can the insulation stand the heat for hours on end?..
  9. Daniel Oake

    What are your opinions on bonding water pipes if main incoming is plastic?

    You turn up to a property that had recently had an EICR, reporting that the water had no bonding. The main water stop cock and on-wards was plastic push fits with maybe 400mm lengths here and there (downstairs), but upstairs is still all copper piping behind bath panel and sink pedestals to 2...
  10. Gary Tollison

    Power cables and hot water pipes.

    Hello :) Just been doing some investigations into running power from the CU in the house out to my shed. I lifted the floorboards on the upstairs landing and found that power cables have been laid right next to the central heating water pipes. This can’t be safe, surely?
  11. M

    OSG, bonding plastic pipes etc etc

    Hi all Having a thumb through the OSG and on section 4.5 Main protective bonding of plastic services, it says there is no need to bond an incoming service of the service pipe is plastic....thats kind of a given....my struggle lies on the next page; "Where there is a plastic incoming...
  12. captaincaveman

    Water pipes & wooden structure showing voltage

    Hi. Penny for a thought anyone. I'm still in holiday mode from yesterday... Just been to a house after a plumber refused to touch the boiler (not before getting his £200 call out charge) saying there was an electrical fault and showing the customer his voltage pen light up on the water pipes &...
  13. Bob Geldoff1234

    One way of earthing the pipes.....

    I was changing the consumer unit today and look how the previous person has earthed the main water and gas! I will give them 10 out 10 for ingenuity:confused: Here's how it looked after i had finished. On a totally different job i was called out to i came across this fitted by a so called...
  14. C

    Bonding to plastic pipes.No gas to dwellings

    Hi all Currently working at the block of flats(5).No gas supply to the building.Water all plastic from incoming supply to throughout the building.Can we omit the protective bonding to all the flats. Any information will be much appreciated.
  15. K

    Introducing Karnuvap

    Hi everyone, I am really happy to be here on the Electricians Forums. Despite my weird sounding handle I can assure you I am English born and bred. One day I'll explain the name but in the meanwhile let me say that I've been doing electrics for most of my life and I run a small domestic...
  16. A

    Looking for Advice on Earthing Heating & Hot Water in an old Non-earthed House

    Hi Folks. I joined the forum a couple of years back, knowing I'd probably end up here as I live in an old house with a non-earth supply running off one fuse supplying a maximum of 15 amps. Eventually I'd like to go off grid, but rebuilding the place has required machinery and hot water...
  17. J

    messed up lighting circuit issue

    hi guys new to the site got a problem with a circuit at a property im working on description council kitchen circuits rewire db- 10way main switch rcbos previously installed problem - 1 x lighting circuit on mcb due to it tripping the rcbo ( last electricians left the rcbo in ccu cupboard...
  18. R

    Shower shocks !!!

    Hi guys, in need of some advice, this is my first time on here so be gentle..! I had a client call me to ask to look at a shower in one of his properties as the tennants are complaining of little shocks from the shower taps?? i immediately told them to isolate until i can have a look. Once i...
  19. S

    Ghost voltage

    Hi guys, what is the method you use to discharge ghost voltages, reason I'm asking is I have being given a job by a heating engineer who is saying they are getting 23v across the heating pipes, he has informed me that the voltage disappears when the lighting circuit is switched off which leads...
  20. S

    Extraneous conductive parts in outbuildings

    Hi, i am after a bit of advice. I went to a property which had 3 outbuilding, all were separate from the main building, one garage, one shed, & a workshop. Circuits all supplied from main building. Earthing system is TT. In all of the 3 outbuilding there is a separate water supply with...
  21. L

    Supplementary bonding required with RCD's?

    Much discussed issue this one. Appreciate any comments. I let a small one bed flat out. Electric only ie no gas. Year back I had a new CU put in with all circuits on RCD's (RCBO for lighting). Accompanied by an EICR. Registered ECA sparks did the work. The EICR documents that the mains...
  22. P

    no earth at board

    can anyone explain why and how there is no incoming earth at the board. its a victorian terrace the distributors feed from u/g up the outside of the property,:rockstar: through the loft to the ist floor landing. into a connecting block .the line is fed into a 60a fuse block...the two tails into...
  23. T

    Domestic how close to pipe work

    pic shows some pipework enclosed in trunking can i route cables over pipework enclosed in mini trunking? thanks
  24. K

    cutting tongue and groove chipboard flooring?

    Hello folks, I was wondering if i could get some tips from you all for cutting up tongue and groove chipboard flooring,Because today when the joiner took up a section off the floor there was pipes very very close to the tops of the joists and right underneath the flooring.. Whats the best way...
  25. S


    Carried out an EICR today few things noted down to do,there is a 10mm equipotential bond on water and gas services. BUT the gas is bonded at the meter under the stairs and 2 inches down it enters the solid floor. also in the lounge there is a small gas pipe that comes out the wall to the fire...
  26. D

    is it a regulation to cross bond the heating pipes under the boiler?

    is it a regulation to cross bond the heating pipes under the boiler?
  27. L

    Domestic House rewired - find cables were run just under floorboards

    Hello, A few years ago I had my house rewired and received a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate from the installer. I've recently had to raise some floorboards and now see that the installer in many cases ran cables through notches in the joists and these cables are not protected from...
  28. O

    Communal Heating System - bonding

    Been to look at a job today in a council property where there are about 6 flats which are all heated by a communal heating system. Only had a quick glance at the board but couldn't see any obvious equipotential bonding. So my question is, if you can't bond at gas entry as its in a different...
  29. A

    Domestic rogue eletrical voltage

    volt stick picking up voltage on pipes,radiators and walls. there is an rccb on the installtion and it is tripping when you test it but not in the normal conditions with this volt stick situation.any ideas please.
  30. A

    Bonding central heating pipes

    Cross bonding central heating pipes, good practice to wire in 4mm2 ? any thoughts...
  31. I

    central heating pipe over capped cables

    common sense tells me that over time a hot central heating pipe over my capping for socket is bad news,an is there a minimum distance a socket should be from radiator?i av put my points were builder asked then plumber has come along an done this ready to be plastered over.way i see it 1st in...
  32. Amp David

    Supp bonding on a new job.

    Have to put in a fused spur for a underfloor heating mat in a bathroom. The spur will be an RCD type, but the CU has no RCD protection. The only bit of supp bonding is from the shower pull switch to the cold pipe supplying the shower, which is in the loft space. The problem for me is that...
  33. tuckermot

    floroboardsaw ,jig saw or circular saw

    Hi all at the moment i use a hand floorboard saw to cut floorboards .due to the time factor and the loss of skin on my hands i am considering using power tools. can any tell me if they use jig saws or circular saws to do this job and why and what deth to set blade on cicular saw, and the pro...
  34. S

    Socket Near Gas Pipe

    Is there a regulation on how far a socket should be from a gas pipe or gas meter? Thanks
  35. S

    trace heating

    hello, i have got a job to install heat trace round pipes in caravans but have never used it before. looking for tips to install. cheers. what cable? any thermostat?
  36. S

    Bonding of central heating boiler

    Hi all, Do I have to bond all the copper pipes at the combi boiler if the 3 conditions below are met? i) 30mA rcd protection on all circuits ii) Disconection times are met iii) Main bonding to gas and water in place. Regards
  37. A

    Bonding central heating

    Hi all, I've just spent most of my Sunday trying to answer this question: what bonding is required for a gas central heating system where some pipes are under the suspended timber floor? I have to consider this in connection with a consumer unit change, the gas and water main bonding is in 10mm...
  38. R

    Moving bathroom water pipes under floorboards - earth bonding req`d??

    In my bathroom & toilet I have unsightly hot/cold copper pipes above floor. There is no earth bonding on them. If I move them to under the floorboards, do I have to have them earth bonded? Do I have to use a qualified electrician to do them if so? Thank`s.
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