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  1. richy3333

    Lights for a swimming pool - ideas?

    Existing customer has swimming pool that extends 4/5 feet above ground (sits on a concrete base). It's one of those where you swim against the waves. All well done and was very expensive. Because its outside he has built a timber building over the top of it (looks like a posh workshop) -...
  2. B

    DIY question..20a or 15a for swimming pool

    Hey there, My swimming pool has a 1.5 HP motor (120v,15a) that is plugged into a 15a duplex outlet. It's on a dedicated 20a GFCI (in the breaker panel) and it's fed using 12 gauge wire. I recently bought a new timer (sight unseen) that turned out to be a 120v,20a timer with twist lock...
  3. Leeroy

    Help with swimming pool

    Hi All Have a job where i need to reconnect the electrics associated with heating the swimming pool , sounds easy enough but all previous equipment has been ripped out and misplaced . Im left with a conventional gas boiler and a pump ant thats it ! What I'm planning is to control the boiler...
  4. P

    Indoor swimming pool lights

    Looking at a job where the customer has an indoor semi-raised swimming pool (large Jacuzzi half buried in the floor) & they want down lighters in the ceiling which will be about 2.1m from FFL. The question is, do theses have to be SELV or can i get away with mains class 2 IP65. Every time i...
  5. happyhippydad

    A few questions regarding domestic swimming pool..

    I have been asked to price for a supply to an outdoor swimming pool (domestic). The electric supply will be for a air source heat pump and the pool pump. (see pics) The pool is above the ground rather than buried in it (so figure 702.2 applies with regards zones). It has metal sides and metal...
  6. F

    swimming pool cleaner

    Hello all. Is it possible (allowed) to run a US 110v robotic swimming pool cleaner transformer from a UK 240 t0 110v site transformer, via a dedicated RCBO? TIA Jon
  7. A

    Swimming Pool Building in a Building

    Hi guys, Another question for those who've ever had this issue or experience with pool installations. I'm due to begin work on a timber framed building inside a steel framed building housing a swimming pool. The cabin would be mostly in Zone 2, potentially overlapping Zone 1. Would this cabin...
  8. C

    230v hair dryer swimming pool.

    Standard 230 v hairdryers wired into rcbo protected spurs poolside, id say zone 2 but didnt measure. Hair dryer cable is 2 core, the cable had been damaged leaving the neutral snapped and exposed at the hairdryer end, floating neutral... Someone apparently grabbed the cable and received a shock...
  9. S

    Swimming pool help please

    Hi, I’m not an electrician- just looking for some advice please - thanks. I’m looking at putting a small swimming pool in an industrial unit to open a swim school. The existing RCD board is currently in zone 1 and has lots of surface mounted cabling serving the existing lights etc, some also in...
  10. dlt27

    Swimming Pool Starter Help!

    Hi and thanks in advance. I have been called to a job to look at a faulty starter for a swimming pool. The starter apparently has never worked and swimming company has agreed to pay for it to be fixed ( there electrician has had 2 goes already). The starter is supposed to be wired so that if...
  11. D

    3 phase regs in proximity to swimming pool

    I have been trawling tge regs looking for clear rega concerning the proximity that a 3 phase mobile device can be installed in a swimmimg pool area. A client wants a cooking unit installed that has 3x 3kw cooking appliances. The 3 phase main switches are 32amp each as the incomming feeds are...
  12. dlt27

    Swimming pool help needed.

    Hi and thanks in advance for any help. I am currently wiring a residential swimming pool and wondered if anybody could advise on lighting. 1. Agood downlight to use because of the environment (chlorine etc). I was thinking die cast aluminium, but not sure. 2. Best way to do 50m of Led strip...
  13. L

    Swimming Pool Light - Wiring Question

    Hi everyone. A Sparky came and disconnected where my pool light from its 12V transformer. I stupidly didn't watch him do it, so am not sure how to reconnect. The light shares the same loop as my garden lights, and the garden lights still work through their separate 12V transformer. One...
  14. Edtwozeronine

    Rules for lighting above swimming pools

    I'm doing this as part of my course work for college. We're designing the layout of lighting circuits for a Hotel swimming pool. I've found some info that under-water lights and lights that water can easily get onto in Zones 0, 1 and 2 need to be SELV and 12V circuits (a.c.) Zones seem to stop...
  15. J

    Domestic Swimming pool pump controls

    Hi All, New to the forum. Have experience with some control systems but mainly experienced in sensor systems (pressure, temperature), control signals (0-10, 4-20) and data aquisition, dabbling in some automation. I'd like to connect my pool pump into a control system I'm building. The current...
  16. B

    Swimming pool help

    Could someone please give me some advice on a friends swimming pool installation. It is an indoor pool, one Side wall is approx 1.5m from the edge of the pool and the other is just over 2m from the edge. He wants to put some heating in and is talking about haverland rc12e electric oil rads...
  17. N

    EICR on local swimming pool

    Hi Guys First EICR I have done on a swimming pool, any advice would be great. Cheers
  18. S

    RCD trip out

    I've been called to a job for a friend as his swimming pool pump keep tripping the RCD, it took me a while to work out how the other electrician had wired it but of what I see, it's a bit of a mess. I'll do my best to explain for the pool I can see 3 MCB's used 1st is a 6A type b in to a time...
  19. S

    5 Min Survey at Customer's House

    Can someone please explain to me how you can do a survey in 5 minutes? I've just been to a job - we're the third installer to visit. The guy was a builder, his son in law is a farmer, neither are stupid. The previous installers had looked around the house, told him which panels they installed...
  20. S

    PV/RCD problem

    Hello, This one is a real head scratcher and I would appreciate any help. We have installed a 4kw PV system in a field. We ran a 10mm 3 core SWA from the inverter in the field down to a DB in an outbuilding. The outbuilding DB is a 10 way Wylex with a 100 amp main switch. The cable...
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