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    Suggestion for outdoor receptacle or USB port

    Under my garage eave, I have 2 floodlights. They are hard wired to the wiring and have larger round casings. I really want to remove one of these floodlights and replace it with a receptacle for a wifi camera. Ideally I'd be able to replace it with a USB port, but I guess I could always use an...
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    Could I add extra power to an usb hub in this way?

    Could I add extra power to an usb hub in this way?
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    Swapping a wall socket for one with usb charger slots

    Hi all, am swapping a kitchen double power socket so just hoping to get clarity on the wires and also to check if the new one having USB charged slots makes it any more complicated/incompatible. Much appreciated. I’ve uploaded pics of existing socket with wiring in place and the front and rear...
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    Car USB socket installation, excess wires.

    I’ve had a go at installing a USB dual socket in place of the factory fitted cigarette lighter in. VW Polo (2005). The old cigarette socket had three wires going into a connecter into the back. The new socket only has two terminals on the rear. How should i connect the new socket? Where should...
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    UK Multiple USB outlets in restaurant

    Hi everyone I'm busy rewiring a restaurant and the customer has asked for USB outlets at each table. I think it's a terrible idea - I'd be happy for my phone to go flat when eating out - but that's not the point! The type he has asked for are just USB outlets and not the ones combined with 13...
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    USB Voltage out of fused box

    I'm looking to run an led light directly from mains power. I currently have a socket with phone charger plugged in to power it. But it looks ugly and sticks out. I'd like to chop the plug off and wire it directly into a fused box. Any advice on what I'd need for this? 12v fused socket? Or do I...
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    Removing a switch component from a usb circuit board

    Hey guys, I have a set of lights that are USB powered. They have a push button switch. I would like to remove the switch component from the circuit board so that when I plug in the lights they come on automatically. Is this possible/safe to do? If so is it as simple are just soldering off...
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    USB Power Outlet on Switch

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to put in two Power Outlets with 2 USB sockets on either side of my bed upstairs. I bought some of these: TopGreener USB Power Outlets but when I go to install them they only have a screw for a Hot, Neutral and Ground wire, but the current outlets have Two Hot wires...
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