1. T

    Toyota 2H alternator output

    Hi I’ve got a 1985 HJ75 Toyota Landcruiser with a 2H 4.0 diesel. I’m having problems with either the alternator or the external regulator. Can anyone please help me with what the output should be at the alternator and also the output at the regulator? Both the alternator and regulator are new...
  2. T

    Domestic DIY Stepper motor output reducer

    Hi, Minor time DIYer mostly doing little fun projects, so my skill level is a bit limited. well, I also have a 3d printer. Now, I know all electrical motors generate AC power when freely spinning. Problem is, when there is a need to manually move the head or the build plate, this, of course...
  3. D

    PV Panel - Output Deterioration

    Hi all, Looking at a project whereby client wishes to use some second hand (approx. 8 years old) panels, inverter etc. he has acquired from a demolished property. Before getting subbies in to quote on re-installing them I am wondering your opinion on the output of the panels as someone has...
  4. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight camera light output

    Customer wants to change a 50w led floodlight to a ring dual light/camera. They have expressed concerns the ring won't deliver the same amount of light as the current 50w LED one. I have spoken with ring and they have said it's 45w per light (90w total). This figure seems alot. Anyone have...
  5. S

    Domestic Can I use a 3 pin plug with this LED batten?

    Hi I have seen a 4ft 36w LED Batten at Screwfix which looks ideal for my room where I need some temporary lighting. The description says "Self-contained, budget LED batten. Supplied with 1.5m pre-terminated cable."...
  6. A

    12v car battery. How to lower amperage output for a device?

    How do I lower the amperage output best for a device that will suck my car battery dry without loosing too much energy? There are several methods but I would like to know a way to say get around 1 ampere max out to my device the most energy efficient way. Not loosing too much to heat. The...
  7. Dean Theobald

    Dimmable Driver With 240v Output!!!

    Hi everyone!!! I need some help. I’m looking for a dimmable 1-10v driver with a 240v input and 240v output. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Many Thanks
  8. telectrix

    LED Driver. unusual output voltage.

    as pic. anyone know where I can source this? 60 -90V output.
  9. D

    Why, on a given turbine, a smaller generator would generate less output?

    Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineer with litle knowledge about electrical so I need advice from people knowing about electrical system. Having a wind turbine that I am testing at the moment, I first placed a big generator (PMG 500kW 690V @ 300RPM - 18000Nm) behind it and it could...
  10. T

    what determine the alternator output current

    Do alternators obey Ohm’s law? The alternator output voltage is proportional to the rotor excitation current. When reducing rotor excitation, the output voltage drops and the load resistance stays constant. Can why still use ohm law to determine the output current. Example alternator 480 v / 4...
  11. G

    Kitchen cooker connected to fan

    Hi Guys Currently doing some work In a hotel who are looking to re-open their kitchen for meals, ima, installing a new cooker and someone fro, HSE has been out and said the cooker must be connected so that it will not work unless the extractor fan is on. The fan is vent-axia 450-14 fan with a...
  12. U

    DEWALT Flexvolt 18v-54v batteries

    Been looking into these batteries from dewalt standard 18v battery but has an output equivalent to 54v. Bloody expensive but they look like they will last ages and produce some serious output...
  13. L

    What Lamp?

    Im still on this garden lighting lark at the moment and have come purchase some lamps. What would you guys use for gardens? GU10 Led(equiv 35w) -warm white -cool white What Lumen output would you go for?
  14. M

    Help with sourcing replacement power adapters

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice from all you guys who know your stuff when it comes to everything electrical. I'm a creative filmmaker so naturally not clued up on adapters and things but I have LED lighting panels we use to light scenes and interviews and things and...
  15. G


    Where would a Dd0 transformer be used in the UK? Or an IT supply outside of medical for that matter?
  16. K

    Question help

    any help with this greatly appreciated..the output of a series dc motor when connected to a 230v supply and running at 1320 rev/min is 3.5kw. the supply current for this loading is 20.5A 1.calculate torque developed 2. Operating efficiency
  17. simpson93

    Led tubes vs fluorescent

    Good evening guys I cant seem to find any led tubes that give out the same light output as fluorescents Anyone can point me in the right direction in particular looking for A 4ft led tube with 3k lumens+ Seems to me there's abit of a con where the manufacturers are saying 50% saving etc but...
  18. Phil Thompson

    Floods for a Golf Driving Range

    Hi guys, been asked at short notice to put in a price for a job. It's an existing driving range, they have put in an extra 6 covered bays. They are now looking those to be lit along with the area in front that users will be hitting onto. They are looking for the first 125yds to be well...
  19. G

    LED Problem, help please!!!

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help with the below and excuse my novices!!!! I have 8 Parathom LED spot 111 50 advanced lamps wired in series, they are each 8.5w and are replacing existing halogens. I am struggling to find a driver that is able to run them all and have spoken to Osram who were no...
  20. Rincewindwiz

    Panel Outputs. A newbie needs some advice please.

    Hi All I got a solar panel installation nearly a year ago. (Nov 2015) 12 panels (Sunmodule Plus SW250) on the roof and 4 on the garage roof (same direction nearly the same tilt) Faces S; minimal shade; I'd guess about 40 degree tilt. 12 panels are tied to 1 inverter (Afore HNS3000TL-1) and the 4...