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  1. X

    Can anyone tell me what bulb this is?

    There was a spotlight in the back yard when i moved in but for whatever reason it has never worked. Now i want to get it sorted but have no idea what kind of bulb it is. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. W

    Halogen replacement bulb suggestion

    Newbie question. I have a 42W Philips E14 SES Halogen small Edison screw fit Dimmable Golf ball bulb. I understand one cannot buy halogen bulbs anymore. What is the best LED replacement option please? Has to be dimmable.
  3. L

    Can anybody identify what bulb i need for this fitting?

    Sorry if this isn't what this forums for but I'm at a loss and any help would be greatly appreciated, can anybody identify what bulb i need for this fitting? It's an outdoor light if that's any help,
  4. King Mustard

    Can I use a dimmable LED bulb in this table lamp?

    We have just bought this dimmable (three-stage) lamp. The descriptions states: "Bulbs required 1 x golfball SES small edison eco halogen bulb" Do you think it has to be an E14 dimmable "eco halogen" bulb? Or do you think I can I get an E14 dimmable LED bulb?
  5. M

    What type of bulb will fit into this light socket

    Hi guys, I am a DIY homeowner and the light in my bathroom went out. I stupidly threw away the bulb without checking the connector but I noted down the model number. It was an osram dulux el longlife 20w/41-827 but I can't for the life of me find it online. I have attatched 2 pictures of what...
  6. R

    Bayonet bulb base stuck in light fixture

    So I was changing a lightbulb with a wide bayonet base to it. The actual glass bulb itself has come away completely, but the bayonet base and contact wires are still stuck in the light. How do I remove this?
  7. A

    Can you put a150w bulb into a 250w floodlight fitting please?

    I know the 250w halogen bulb is bigger. But can you buy a longer 150w one to fit please?
  8. J

    Flashing LED Bulb in combined extractor unit

    Hello, I have recently had a Led downright/ extractor fan combination unit installed. After approx 10 mins the light begins to flash intermittently (as attached). The bulb installed is a 3 watt bulb. I swapped this out to a 4 watt bulb and the flashing increased. The electrician whom installed...
  9. G

    USA LED bulb safety

    Hi all. We're going to be replacing some edison bulbs in our patio with LED lights. I'm not very familiar with safety when it comes to LED's. This article from LED Lights Unlimited was pretty good about checking the bulbs and wiring, but I'm interested in knowing how they'll do outside this...
  10. O

    Replacement bulb fails

    Hi, I've "inherited" a light fitting which I believe used to work okay but then stopped. I've tried swapping the "bulb" (it's not a bulb!) but it's still not working. I'm unfamiliar with the fitting so I'm concerned if I've bought the wrong sort of bulb, which I tried to match with the old one...
  11. H

    Changing downlight bulb

    Hi, One of the downlights in my bathroom started to flicker and I tried to turn it around. Is this possible to change? How?
  12. H

    USA What is this?!

    This Bulb is attatched to a pendant style light over a center island. What style is it and whats the best route to replacing it?
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