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low voltage

  1. N

    Extremely low voltage on 120v line

    Extremely low voltage on 120v line Hi, I’m not an electrician but my home has 20 amp breaker that has only one outdoor outlet on it with a GFCI. I had a low voltage lighting transformer as the only thing plugged into this outlet and I noticed that the lights were off and not coming on. I...
  2. J

    Just need some guidance

    Hey Everyone Just need some advice and what to look out for. I've installed some rocker switches 24vdc for a project and they keep blowing after a period of time. Any chance you can point us in the right direction and what to look out for? Thank you
  3. G

    EICR - C2 for low voltage cable

    Hi, I have just had an EICR carried out and it has comeback with a few C2s. The only one I disagree with is the electrician raised as a C2 the fact that under the kitchen cabinets there are some LED strips with exposed single insulated cables. All these exposed cables are low voltage (24v)...
  4. L

    12v Caravan circuitry

    I have a portable fridge in the caravan. It errors when connected to the fridge circuit in the van but does not error if I connect it directly to the andersson plug input to the van. The fridge has L/M/H cutout circuit and if the voltage gets low the fridge is designed to cut out and error...
  5. F

    Low Voltage Dimmer Help

    I recently purchased these pathway lights: https://a.co/d/f08tuaE After installing them I realized they're too bright, so I installed one of these dimmers: https://a.co/d/3tf17Su The dimmer doesn't dim the lights very much. They go from extremely bright to very bright. They are on a 14v...
  6. S

    Load Balancing / Voltage stabilization

    Hello, I live in Mexico, where I have a small, un-official trailer park on my property. The property is serviced by my privately owned, 650amp transformer with two hot wires coming from the main lines on the highway. The transformer case is designed with a 3rd possible hot connection...
  7. R

    Low voltage light mystery

    I have undercabinet lights that are low voltage. They work xenon pucks just fine. I want to convert to low voltage LEDS. Supposedly these are 12V DC but when I hook 12V DC LED pucks up, they don't work. There is a switch to turn these on that is 120 volts. Somewhere buried behind the wall...
  8. N

    Low voltage from a 120 v breaker box, sometimes

    I'm taking a look at the 120v wiring in an old travel trailer that I recently bought, and plan to live in full time soon. It has some quirks that I will explain below, but first here's a pic and diagram of what's going on: Here's the breaker box as it sits now And of course, a diagram to...
  9. M

    Malibu Light Timer photocell function not working

    Hi all, I have a Malibu 120W Light timer for low voltage outdoor lights. When I manually set to ON, the lights go on, so I know the lights are wired correctly. But the timer is set to run off the photocell: lights on at dusk, and off 4 hours after dark. However the lights do not turn on at...
  10. rbbmcghee

    Low voltage in 120 circuit ?

    I have a voltage of 23v coming through a light socket in my house (There is a rely that is likely the cause but I’m not certain 1950s house) when I look up charts on how much energy it takes to power a light bulb it’s very low- or I’m not understanding something. I know the resistance on the...
  11. S

    Is there an outdoor socket for this type of low voltage plug?

    I have bought some net led lights that are permanently installed outside. The problem is, I don't have an outdoor socket. And the socket in the shed is too far away. I can buy an extension to the low voltage lead, for around £10 delivered, but I'd ideally like to plug it in outside. All the...
  12. G

    2010 Ford Taurus SHO - Low 5V Reference Circuit low voltage was fixed but back

    I could really use some guidance as I'm at my witts end... I have a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO with a low 5V Reference Signal (P0642). I first had this issue a couple months ago. I ruled out the three sensors on this circuit as I still had <1V with all sensors unplugged. I changed the computer but...
  13. T

    Power transformer Low voltage supply

    I recently installed a 200kva, 33/0.400 KV transformer for a small commercial hostel, so after powering the transformer, we checked all the output of the 3 phase at the secondary side and it was ok but whenever a single air conditioner is powered , then the voltage becomes low. Please guide me...
  14. Jackalope

    USA Chaining extension cords with low voltage devices

    I know there is a risk of chaining extension cords and everyone recommends against it. But I've also read all extension cords should be temporary and not used for more than 90 days - if you want something permanent you needs to install electrical receptacles (outlets). I know a lot of people use...
  15. G

    Honeywell Galaxy G2 low voltage problem

    hello all, I have a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 burglar installed in my home (about 9 years old). Recently I got a Battery Miss fault showing on the keypad. So I replaced the battery in the main panel with a new one. It was ok for a few days, then the fault re-occured. So I checked the main...
  16. R

    Multiple low voltage chargers 1 circuit

    Hi All Thanks for your help in advance. I am working on a project to wire a number of low voltage charging units on one circuit. The power will be supplied will be 20amp mains power through 2.5mm cable, each charger is 42V and I wanted to wire them about 2 foot apart. My question is how do I do...
  17. G

    Connecting a low voltage transformer using a external switch?

    Currently I have 4 small low voltage transformers connected to 4 circuits of low voltage yard lights. They are under my deck, and I turn then on and off using switches above the deck. I want to consolidate those transformers into one transformer...
  18. L

    Low voltage to GU10 cost per point ?

    Customer has leads . SO its test , remove transformers .Hook up fly leads etc . Nothing to high and not bad access etc . What price per point do you think ? (30 in total )
  19. A

    high voltage three wire to low voltage 4 wire?

    Can someone explain to me please how a substation converts high voltage three wire to low voltage 4 wire?
  20. C

    Why are my LEDs so dim?

    I have 5 x 5W LEDs connected to a 12V transformer powering the lights in my kitchen. The transformer is described as 20 - 60W so at 25W I'm above the minimum load requirement. The lamps are described as 10 - 30V 5W LEDs so with the transformer output at a stated 11.6V I'm within the tolerances...
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