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low voltage

  1. B

    UK Running conduit in walls to knockout boxes for low voltage cables?

    Background I'm running some low voltage cable (e.g. CAT6A data cable; coax cable; HDMI cable and speaker cable) to a number of rooms of the house and would like advice on the best way to do this to avoid plastering the cables into the walls - to give me flexibility to remove / pull new cables...
  2. S

    LV Distribution Feeder Queries

    Hey there everyone, I'm currently an EE student doing my 4th year project. As part of my project, I am carrying out a literature review into the design rules DNOs apply to their LV distribution networks. I am trying to built up a reasonable understanding into how these networks are laid out...
  3. S

    UK Low Voltage Garden Lights/CCTV

    Hello all, I’m pretty uninitiated in electrics and wonder if this garden installation is possible and what I might need to achieve it. I have a garden room which I am finishing and having wiring put in. I will have 240v external sockets and bare cable that can be wired directly to a transformer...
  4. M

    Commercial 6 core flex mains and low voltage

    CP electricians supply a 6 core cable from their lighting control boxes that supplies a mains voltage emergency light,, 2 cores of this are 18v dimmable switching. A led lighting company have provided the led lights and drivers that connects to the 6 core flex however their emergency pack and...
  5. J

    Domestic 18th Ed. 715.422.107.2 Extra Low Voltage Lighting Question

    Hi Re the above on page 295 of the 18th Ed. regs, it states that for prevention of fire from a short circuit... One of these areas is a device that protects against short circuit should disconnect within 0.3 seconds when a power increase of 60W (2.5A) occurs. I have looked at a few...
  6. M

    Using low voltage lamps and Selv power supplies in domestic livghting

    Hi, I have a ceiling rose which doesn't have an earth wire and I want to connect a light fitting which requires an earth connection. It's not possible to rewire the ceiling rose at the moment so I am considering the possibility of using a low voltage (12 - 85 volt DC) E27 led lamp connected to a...
  7. S

    Stray voltage in Neutral - help

    I have an installation that I maintain and the DNO have recently changed their pole transformer. Since this change I have been unable to do earth loop tests. The supply comes from a HV to LV transformer and there is a HV earth rod right next to the neutral/earth rod for the HV to LV transformer...
  8. R

    Reduced low voltage?

    3. An a.c. voltage of 90V between conductors is classified as a. extra-low voltage b. low voltage c. safety extra-low voltage d. reduced low voltage Why cant this voltage fall into the category reduced low voltage, defined as a voltage the doesn't exceed 110v (the answer however is low.)
  9. S

    Low voltage with data cables

    Morning I am am looking for some guidance from the experts. My business is building control systems etc. I am installing a system in a small office complex to control the radiators, each radiator is fitted with a 24 V operated actuator (6W) to turn the radiator on and off. These are switched...
  10. J

    Stapling low voltage cables

    Witnessed today a security company staple all his Cat 6 cables, coax and alarm cables on a 1st fix new build with un-insulated clips, exactly like virgin media etc install there coax on your skirting board. Surely this is wrong or just bad practice? Asked him why and he just said there’s...
  11. M

    Low voltage Leds for serial loop.

    Hi folks. I'm guessing this forum is for larger electrical applications than this, and if anyone can point me to a more relevant site please do. But I thought I'd give you guys a punt. I have a need to put 5 leds in a 1:10 remote controlled vehicle. There isn't room (without it looking...
  12. rolyberkin

    Low Voltage Garden Spike Lights

    Anyone used any that they can recommend, as always client doesn't want to break the bank so mid range would be good.
  13. R

    Dimming low voltage lights?

    Hi, I have two of these under cabinet lighting kits: I want to change out the on/off switch with one of these dimmers : Safe to do so? output is only 12 volts. cheers.
  14. R

    AC mains and low voltage DC in same cable?

    Is it acceptable to use a spare core in a 4 core armoured cable to carry 12volts DC when other cores in the same cable are carrying AC mains?
  15. H

    Low voltage halogen stops working but bulb not blown

    Hi, I've got 8x 50w 12v halogen lights each with individual transformers in the bathroom. Two of the lights occasionally stop working. If you pull out the bulb and re-seat it, they start working again. The bulbs are fine. Only they stop working again in a few days and you have to do the same...
  16. G

    Just an idea for making a waterproof low voltage inline joint

    You know how your tube of silicon sealer has gone solid just when you most need it!? Do you think that one could use this problem to make a permanent water tight joint, eg using twisted conductors secured in the usual connectors and placed in a suitable small plastic tubelike container and then...
  17. S

    Please help me regarding these topics.

    I have an assignment on Saturday. There are somethings that I do not understand. So Please help me to figure them out. 1)What is the exact value as mentioned by regulations for High Voltage and Low Voltage? 2)If an insulation is good three people should sign to verify. What are those people...
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