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  1. M

    Meter tails and capping

    Hi guys came across meter tails buried less than 50mm no rcd protection but did have some red capping over and they are in prescribed zone about a meter between main fuse and consumer unit. TNS system. C2 or no code??
  2. bonjovi

    capping is it illegal

    hi everyone I have just visited my besties mums house which he is getting ready for sale after she passed , hes having a fair amount of work done including wiring ,contractor has first fixed and clipped cables to wall no capping , metal or plastic, throughout the property chasers not wide enough...
  3. 123

    Domestic - What do you normally use?

    If doing a domestic rewire, refurb or additions - what do you normally use to protect the cable?
  4. gazdkw82

    Capping installation methods

    I know it's the basic of questions but I'm starting to question how I install capping. I do much work with it as most work that involes domestic work is usually just for friends or family. However, Everytime I do it I always think there must be an easier way. I've tried mortar nails through...
  5. happyhippydad

    Which capping do you use in a wide chase down to consumer unit?

    I haven't done many rewires and have not come across the scenario where I need to bring all the cables down to a consumer unit in a chase. I expect there will be around 10-15 cables of varying sizes. I can find 50mm capping but is there a better way to cover a large amount of cables in a chase...
  6. G

    Channel (capping) for tails.

    HI all, got some tails to run down a wall, i can and will run with 50mm depth but would also like some channel to protect aswell, seen some on another job, bloke said it was tophat channel or something like that said it was from eddy's. done a google search but cant find it, any ideas? cheers...
  7. L

    Capping ducting above ground?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I'm running a new supply to my garage, 6mm2 armoured over a 14m run. Most of this will be underground, and will be in 50mm ducting. I can't find much information on how best to cap/terminate/seal the end of the ducting once it emerges above ground...
  8. M

    Domestic other trades

    ok so... 2 things i have seen 1: putting a toilet and a sink in the same room as the consumer unit.. room must of been 2 meter squire.. any one else think that's weird? 2: go to do a job adding some new leds..... i see the ring circuit clipped to the brick wall..then dot and dabbed with...
  9. cprfenom

    cable behind polystyrene plasterboard

    Evening guys. T&E with plastic capping. Is this ok behind polystyrene plasterboard or does it still require to be tin? Getting conflicting messages from the suppliers. Regards, chris
  10. N

    Oval conduit or capping?

    What's everyone's preferred method?
  11. W

    RCD and Earth Rod?

    Looking for help. I had a look at a friends flat, he said the walls in his flat were live when he put a Pen type voltage indictaor to the wall. This was after there had been a flood in the flat next door and his walls are soaked, literally. Sure enough the Pen stick did light up but I tested...
  12. D

    Domestic plasterboard adhesive

    Hi guys first ever post be gentle!! needed to move a single plug socket an inch no more to the right but the horrid builders used plasterboard adhesive and have glued everything! Any suggestions?
  13. P

    Domestic Protection for cables leaving building

    I'm running an 'armoured' cable from a fused spur in the main building to a garage 5mtrs away. The cable emerges from the main building about 300mm above soil level and will be secured to the wall with saddle clips before going underground. I've seen on other sites a capping which is secured to...
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