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  1. D

    Do you need the 2391 course to certificate or is the 2330 enough?

    We did inspection and testing in college, and i'm wondering if I would need the 2391 course as well to certificate, or is this just to improve your ability to inspect and test? I remember filling out some sort of certificate on the exam. I have a fluke multifunction tester and it doesn't seem to...
  2. Stevetheaviato

    UK asked to do work alone that you dont feel competent enough for ? worried about losing my job

    So recently i have been given a lot of changes to the work im used to, quick example = im ok with single phase boards but i am not competent or confident enough in three phase. My boss is a very angry guy..... should i just go for it or should i refuse until i have training ? cheers
  3. B

    Will 208 volts be enough?

    I have 35 to 40 year old 230v 3 phase motors that run sanding, grinding operations. Can I run them on a 208 volt 3 phase system?
  4. T

    Can't install smart meter due to not enough space

    Hi recently moved into a house that has solar panels installed and Tesla power wall 2. It would appear some of the equipment is installed in the external meter box. E.on are not able to install smart meter due to not enough space. As the meter is alot bigger that old metet I would like to get...
  5. Dan

    OFTEC Self-Certification As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time?

    As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time? (Poll total results are publicly visible - but NOT the actual individual votes - those are private and cannot be accessed via the forum software once the vote is...
  6. T

    Need to extend a RFC - Zs not good enough

    Just after some thoughts on this. I need to extend a RFC, but the Zs isn't good enough to comply (it doesn't comply currently, but it becomes my problem when I touch it). It's currently about 0.70 ohms - what I need to extend it by will be minimal, maybe taking it up to 0.75 ohms. It's protected...
  7. A

    My solar array doesn't seem to generate enough energy

    Hi, I've recently had a 4KW PV array fitted in March this year however I don't believe it's producing the expected results. Yesterday 29/06/2019 was the hottest day so far with cloudless skies and the system at noon peaked at 2.2KW. I would expect to achieve around my peak which is set at 3.8KW...
  8. Moley

    Close enough to Xmas for this video

    Well, now that we are well into December it's time to play this video. Does contain some naughty words :eek::D:D
  9. Marcus Vaughan

    Are my notches big enough?

    Found this beauty today, a 5 inch notch in a 6 inch joist. It wasn’t me! I felt sorry for the homeowner - and remember finding the exact same thing under my bathroom floor years ago.
  10. S

    Electrician Are these qualifications enough to get a job?

    Good evening, New to this forum was looking for some advice of some electricians, I am currently in training to be a electrician, I have mymy level 3 award In requirements for electrical installations bs7671:2018 603/3298/0 also level 3 award In the building regulations for electrical...


    Hi all, I visited a property yesterday which consists of two shops with a flat above each shop. This was a preliminary visit on behalf of the new owners who are looking to refurbish and rent out. I went to check out the supply, bonding etc. and found a single phase supply feeding both shops and...
  12. C

    Not paid enough for what we do

    Do you guys have the same old crap,that seems to be the norm these days,bullsh..t of so many people. Just completed a job,under pressure from day 1,on my own when other trades have loads of labour on site,to do their job without hassle. Won’t bore you with all the details. Rant over,die anyone...
  13. Dillb

    Mobile app, ok is this enough words now?

    Does this site still support any mobile apps such as Tapatalk?
  14. Wilko

    There Is Hope !!! (but not enough characters)

    With a couple of gooseberries in charge and nuclear war once again a possibility, I saw this on social media this morning - made me smile and feel perhaps there is hope :) http://newsthump.com/2016/12/23/childproof-lock-added-to-white-house-nuclear-launch-button/
  15. Lou

    M J Electrical Engineering

    Home As a well established family business, we take pride in our work and are pleased to offer a comprehensive electrical service. Large enough to undertake significant house build projects or shop/restaurant refits in the south-east and London, yet small enough to provide a flexible local...
  16. B

    House wiring

    Hi All, Advice needed, we had someone round to modify a tumble dryer but first had to do an earth loop test but when plugging in his tester it kept tripping the switch on the CU. We have had occassional nuisance tripping and have had to unplug some things before being able to reset this. I have...
  17. J

    Domestic Laptop charger

    Hello, I had an animal bite through the wiring of my laptop charger and being an apprentice Electrician, decided to connector block the live and neutral cables (blue and brown) I just wanted to know if this is safe and will be okay to use? I believe it had a 240v input and a 19v output...
  18. L

    Private Work

    Hello All. Here's my situation, im currently NICEIC QS where I work, im earning a half decent wage but its never enough right. Im debating with the idea of setting up on my own but the thought of trying to replace my salary is frightening, mortgage and family so very risky. Not got enough...
  19. i=p/u

    18v drill

    My drill started smoking (not an e-cig) any of you wise men know if carbon brushes can cause this or is the windings coating breaking down. the brushes are wore but not completely. Small springs push them in and thinking maybe not enough push onto the armature/rotor
  20. A

    Medusa t2801 generator help!

    Hi all, My generator is only putting out about 50v when I start it up. After revving it for a bit it puts out 100v, but obviously still not enough for my 110v drills. It's quite old but don't really want to get rid of it. Anyone able to help with what's wrong with it? TIA Austin
  21. B

    Wind Farms

    Is it me or is this growth in wind farms just ridiculous? Doesn't this country have enough wind of its own without wasting electricity making more of it by running these big fans? Its a blatant Tory waste of the tax payers money ......
  22. PEG

    An old fashioned "Thankyou" to Megger...

    No,biggee,but we all whinge when a corporate reams us,so,when i receive a good bit of service,respect is due. Rang up Megger UK,last week,asking for a replacement case for a DCM330,explain that i have a few items of their kit,and cannot find case for sale singularly. Nice gent in product...
  23. S

    Is 2394/2395 changing

    Hi everyone, can anyone confirm if the time scale on doing the written exams is going from hour and a half to two hours soon or is not true.
  24. B

    How do you supply V.2 Form to a customer?

    So I am kind of lazy person, and in reality I tend to overthink every choice I make. Do you guys write V.2 form with pen or print this on Laptop? Because if you fill this with hand writing, I think it is best to get simplest portable PAT Tester with batteries, which will only do insulation and...
  25. stidge

    Domestic Isolator overheating

    Hi ! Situation is this , 10mm t&e approx run 10 M , 10-10.5kw Shower, 60898 40 amp , I recently( February) replaced isolator due to overheating( neutral load side) . Installed a mid price range (45a)new one , made sure off good tight connections , but now have same problem overheating load...
  26. W

    2394-2395 or 2391 past paper sought by a nervous candidate

    I have just enrolled on a 2394 course for my second attempt as the last try under 2391 knocked my confidence and I didn't ever have enough spare cash to try until now. Also not able to afford a third try with my mates salary barely covering child support. I feel like a lamb getting ready for...
  27. P

    RCD tripping. Give me a clue!

    Hi Guys A Happy 2014 to you all. I've recently had two calls to trace the cause of intermittent tripping in domestic installations, and failed miserably! The latest - 4 way box feeding garage, utility room, garden shed. Customer reckons it sometimes trips when they switch the light on, but can...
  28. H

    Advice on plan (diagram included) to remotely turn on an amplifier using CAT5

    Hi all, I am currently have an amplifier that is powered by an ac/dc adapter (as shown in diagram below). In my house I have CAT5 cable run from where the amplifier is to a position on the wall (it is currently not being used). I want to be able to push a button on the wall where the CAT5 cable...
  29. M

    SolarImmersion + de-strat = do i need it?

    4kwpa system and a new solarimmersion...working surprisingly nicely even though it's December. family of 5 who bath and shower a lot. therefore might benefit from a full tank as it is always used and we work from home and shower in day after sport etc etc would I benefit from a de-strat pump...
  30. D

    Rcd- mcb

    Hi guys in installing a 16mm submain with a 10mm earth and I'm going to install a 80amp time delay RCD with a 63amp MCB to protect it. Some one said I could just use a 63amp RCD to protect it? Never done this before and wouldn't think you could. Also should I just use a 63amp RCD with a 63amp MCB
  31. S

    doing 2394/2395 need help

    hey doing my 2394/2395 on Monday any advise or must reads or test question or inside knowlegde
  32. T

    SDS drill options

    Looking for my first SDS for chasing out etc and looking for some advice. Definitely going corded route, domestic stuff with capability for handling brick, concrete and stone. First query is how much difference does the kg make? ie some say 2kg, 3kg 4kg and even 5kg. I am guessing each is a step...
  33. A

    5 kitchen sockets from 1 FSU

    I recently asked my electrician to add 4 new sockets to my kitchen, following a re-arrangement of my kitchen appliances. These supply a kettle, toaster, microwave, George foreman and a fridge. The issue he had was there was no ring main in a convenient place, only a spur to a single socket...
  34. M

    House alarms

    Tried to get into the alarm section but think I need to post more. Any one in the Southend on Sea area want to give me a quote on a wired alarm for my house. I have a few things I want from this alarm but will discuss that later.
  35. R

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa HELP!!

    Hi gents Looking to gain my elecsa accreditation for my private jobs so I can set up on my own, have chosen elecsa as i am already a NICEIC QS for my day to day company. My question is... I want to carry out a DB change at home for my assessment but the existing install is only about 2 years old...
  36. D

    hand dryer distance from sink

    good afternoon, does anyone know if there is a minimum distance required between a hand dryer and the sink ? thanks in advance
  37. E

    Domestic Can anyone help me find the right replacement LED bulb?

    Hi - I'm new to site so please bear with me. I need to replace a bulb in my white walled bathroom. I need a bright, blue-white lighting. I have tried a couple (warm white, cool white) but they are not bright / white enough. One from Tool Station (CED GU10 replacement lamp GU35W cool white)...
  38. M

    Is this going to work.

    Not very good with heating controls really do want to learn but never done enough to really get the hang of them. Got to go sort a job for a client that sparks have gone missing on. Had a look the other day the situation they have is. They have ran 2.5 t/e instead of 3 core between the...
  39. T

    rcbos tripping out for no apparent reason

    i installed a new db into a office 2 weeks ago ,there is a total of 4 circuits , 32a ring main ,16a radial, 6a lights x2 everthing came on allright and i just had time to do zs test on circuits and rcd test both tests where satisfactory ,not enough time to to do ins/res owing the urgency of...
  40. H

    12v ac relay not pulling in

    Hi I've installed a 12v ac relay but the 12v supply won't pull the relay coil in. It gets it signal from a disabled alarm kit. Multimeter shows a healthy 12v when alarm is activated but relay won't energise. Tried a couple of different relays but no joy. ????
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