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  1. M

    DIY Help! Damaged Quick Connect 2 same color wires one side, Black & White the other

    A quick connect on the bottom of my farm tractor was snagged by a limb and one side of the connectors wires were pulled free from the housing. The good side with the wires still connected has a black wire (hot?) and a white wire (neutral?) but the 2 wires that were pulled free from the other end...
  2. M

    UK (IMAGES) Connect 20amp Isolator Switch (For Split AirCon) – Need Help.

    Images Now Included. Hi there, a new DIY member here based in Hong Kong, where getting reliable electricians can sometimes be a challenge! I've been finishing off a rennovation project and one of the last jobs is to attach a 20amp isolator switch for an indoor split AC unit (Panasonic). The...
  3. K

    Connect plugged bar/pub light to mains

    hi guys Before to having my conservatory I had an external security light, which was turned on and off by a light switch in the kitchen (light switch still present and wired in). When my conservatory was built the external connection was covered by a blanking box as the external wall became...
  4. D

    new cooker 5 years ago still in packaging

    5yr old cooker brand new still in packaging, been sat in the kitchen. Will it be safe to connect and use it now?
  5. A

    UK Qualified electrician to certify my work remotely?

    I currently have a free standing cooker hard wired into a single appliance outlet plate with a cut off switch nearby and a dedicated rcd in my CU (32amp rcd). I want to buy a built in hob and oven and then connect them to a dual appliance outlet plate using 10mm wiring. I’d look for a hob and...
  6. U

    How can I connect a three phase manuel change.

    I want to do connection for three different power source in my house. Community solar, Personal solar, and a Generator. They are all single phase. Please help me how to connect it in a three phase change over.
  7. S

    Can I use a switch to to Connect rear camera

    Hi, I am trying to wire my reverse camera with a switch so I can have it on all the time or off all the time until I reverse. Is this possible how would I wire the switch? And what switch would I need. The camera only has positive and earth. Would I take power from reverse light and constant...
  8. Chizzle

    Dewalt dcv584l how to connect the attachments provided

    hi all Hope everyone is keep safe in these sad times. Sorry for the stupid question but I wqs wondering if anyone has the dewalt dcv584l wet and dry vacuum. I just purchased a second hand one off ebay and the seller is not much help. But wqs wondering how the hell do I connect the...
  9. dogbob

    How to connect IP65 LED flood to wall box

    I'm looking at installing an imported IP65 LED floodlight with CE rating on the back of my house. I guess that IP65 + CE makes them relatively safe. This one has a cable gland and 0.5 meter vinyl jacket cable coming out of the back. Here's a photo of the back of this light, from the dealer's...
  10. Joe9009

    Where to connect power cord to induction single phase motor 240v

    (I would want it to run clockwise) Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  11. D

    How to connect multi function timer

    Stupid question I'm sure...but...I have this Timer (V0DDTS), a live and neutral wire coming from the wall, a live and neutral going to the fountain pump...how do I connect it? Once connected what setting would give me 1min of power on, and then 5min of power off? Feel kinda dumb must be honest...
  12. G

    Cord grip connection

    Good day, can i connect a pvc cord grip to a pvc conduit or pvc flexible conduit? The cord grip is also connected in a pvc junction box. Thanks everyone
  13. R

    Help with adding a circuit breaker

    I finished framing my bathroom and wired an outlet and switch. I want to connect a 20 amp circuit breaker to the panel. I know the black hot wire is connected to the circuit breaker and it snaps into the panel. Does the ground and nuetral wire connect to the bar on the left? I see there is a mix...
  14. V

    I need help to wire a light switch

    Hello guys! I need help to connect a light switch to a socket. I'll attach 2 pictures so you can see how it is supposed to be connected. I'm really sorry for my stupid question, I just have no idea how to do it. Thank you!
  15. meisy#

    How to connect fluorescent lights?

    All fluorescent lights in this house (230V) are connected "1 switch - 1 light". So I have no where to get inspiration how to connect second fluorescent light. Could I do this?
  16. gazdkw82

    RFC cross connect formula

    I may have asked this question before but I forgot what was said and the problem has reered it's ugly head again. I was doing some RFC testing the other day. Did my cross connecting but when I was doing the calcs I kept getting the wrong figure. It seemed I was not pressing = before dividing by...
  17. M

    SWB van or LWB Connect or Caddy

    hi guys, looking for some advice on van sizes was looking at getting a small connect/caddy more drawn towards a connect tho as they have solid doors/bulkhead im also unsure if a swb would be suitable as years went on, Anyone have a swb van and manage fine? I dont really like the look of the...
  18. S

    Domestic How to connect a single zone manifold into a multi-manifold system

    Hi Guys, I have a multi-manifold underfloor heating system. The multi-zone manifolds all operate nicely turning things on and off as appropriate according to the main timer and the zone thermostats. The single zone doesn't listen to the thermostat and only obeys the central timer (ie on or...
  19. M

    Do I Connect Clean Earth On Metal Switched Socket

    I’m replacing old plastic light switches and sockets for metal ones. I’ve gone with BG Nexus range but I’m a little confused as to whether or not I need to connect a wire to the clean earth connection. Looking at the wiring diagram it is not used. I know I need to run a fly lead from the switch...
  20. A

    Electrician Can i connect 2 sockets to a fused socket and this inturn to a other fused socket

    There is a double socket on the wall where the main feed comes in and this is then connected to a none switch fused socket. Iv'e been told i can add a other fused switched socket and connect both together then run 2 additional sockets off the fused switch one?
  21. J

    TVG Electrolock Problem Ford Transit Connect

    I have just purchased a 2017 Ford Transit Connect with TVG security locks. The locks work intermittently and I would like to disconnect them and just use the original central locking system. I have read a similar thread here which is now closed. TVG will not communicate with me on this...
  22. L

    Domestic To connect old turntable to mains earth or not?

    Hi Guys, I am renovating an old vinyl turntable (Thorens TD-150 mkII is anyone cares) It is fitted with a 2-core mains cable, but there are lots of metal parts including sub-chassis and a 240v motor! Normally this is all earthed via the amplifier (phono leads), but I have swapped the 2-core for...
  23. V

    How to connect snap switch to this fan?

    Basically i have this 12v volt that goes on car battery, it has a speed controller that goes from 0 to like 50000 rpm if you turn it to the right. Red/black cable goes to the car 12v battery, and the controller switch is controlled by 3 tiny cables red/black/white. I want to solder a snap...
  24. S

    Suitable LED bulb for rechargeable battery

    Hi I am trying to make a light fixture with an LED bulb and rechargeable battery so that it can sit on table without any cords. What LED volt light will work with 3.7V 750 mAh battery (see picture) or 4.8V rechargeable battery (see picture) I am only finding LED strips and bulbs that...
  25. M

    Is this wiring in Denmark safe for a chandelier

    Hi, Appreciate any advice and help. I just moved from UK to an old house in Denmark and would like to install a large brass chandelier (1970s). There was no ceiling light when I moved here, but the wires are there. I attach here a photo. There is green/yellow wire that I presume is Earth, blue...
  26. TaffyDuck

    Caddy Maxi v Transit Connect L2

    Hi guys. Its been a while since I posted. I`m in the market for a new van and would welcome your thoughts. I work in an area with lots of narrow alleys and archways to drive through so a small van ( with well thought out racking) is needed. I gave up on Vivaro sized vans when I found myself...
  27. M

    Is it possible to connect 3 wire voltage regulator to bridge rectifier

    Hello All New to this forum so Hi to everyone. I just finished building a complicated device and I cannot seem to find much help elsewhere to complete the final stage. I had built a Hydrogen generator powered by 240 volt. The generator requires AC converted to DC for gas production so a bridge...
  28. E

    Please help !Need guidance howto connect light switch

    Hi Can you please tell me correct way to wire this single switch . does red goes in com hole and black above hole where is number 1? And does green remains attached to to old metal box?
  29. C

    Led lighting how to connect

    Usual problem,client wants led ground lights in lounge & dining rooms, Floor will be screed & tiles,how would you connect them,haven’t seen them yet,but they will most probably be pre flexed.
  30. H

    Is it OK to terminate switched fused spur with 13A socket?

    I am planning a new layout for our utility room and would appreciate some advice. We have three appliances (washer, dryer and freezer) that will sit under a worktop directly below the window. My intention is to feed this equipment via a row of three 13A fused spur switchplates located inside a...
  31. T

    Energy supplier refusing to connect up new PME supply?

    Afternoon all. Just had a weird one and was wondering if there was some regulation that I'm not aware of or if I've missed something stupid.... The DNO have brought in a new PME supply to a purpose built (permanent) shed in a field where there is going to be a new build domestic property later...
  32. M

    Connect 25 AA batteries in parallel and series

    Hello, I have 25 batteries that are AA using 1.5 volts each, that is total = 37. 5 volts for 25 batteries. I want to know please the right way to wire all the batteries together to make a parallel and series battery pack. Please tell how to wire each battery together to connect all 25 AA...
  33. R

    Electrician Garden Office - First Fit Advice and Electrician to connect up

    I am looking for an Electrician to advise on my first fit of lights and ring main for a garden office I am building. Once I have all the wires run in and the ceilings and walls on I require them to connect up to Consumer Unit and then connect an armoured cable to the house. Job is in SO45...
  34. Andy-1960

    How to connect cables - The American way!

    No wonder they have so many fires!!
  35. O

    Can I connect car alternator directly to the invertor

    Hi, please help! I want to make wind turbine with car alternator and put it on my caravan. Can I connect alternator directly to the invertor? I want to make my heater work from it. Or between alternator and invertor has to be something in between? Please advice. Thanks a lot!
  36. N

    Connecting a pyronix twin alert to a texecom panel

    I am trying to connect a pyronix internal twin Alert sounder to a texecom premier elite wireless panel but I am not sure how to connect it and don't want to start blowing fuses. Any help appreciated?
  37. C

    10mm t&e lsoh cable

    Is there anything on the market that will ease the connection of this ridiculous cable & size. At the moment us nutties are struggling to connect into a 45 amp cooker switch,fixed on a fast fix 2g box,then struggling with a cable outlet connection,are we mad or what. Something is gonna bust,madness.
  38. A

    Fixed wired testing in situ

    I have got some heaters etc to do and after reading my PAT420 manual it can test fixed wire equipment in situ. It will do continuity test @200mA and touch leakage. Would this be OK or do I need to connect it to my tester? I have read a lot but I would like some opinions from people that have...
  39. N

    WIFI Door Bell

    Hi guys Merry Christmas I have an E Prance WIFI door bell system but the batteries hardly last a week, the bell takes 3 x AAA batteries, Can I connect a mains to 4.5 volt DC transformer onto the bell without blowing the thing up. Many thanks Nick
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