1. O

    UKPN smart connect split phase new devices application

    Gents has anyone done an application using the UKPN smart connect portal for a split phase supply and addition of multiple single phase battery storage? It doesn't seem to take into account the fact that the maximum demand per phase is doubled. I've used 71 amps per phase and Split/Two Phase in...
  2. G

    Garo Entity Pro

    I have a Garo Entity Pro and my phone cannot find the Garo-CU to connect my wifi to the Garo app so at the moment it is charging at 16A and I would like to change it to 32A, is there a manual way to change the amperage inside the charging unit. Thanks for any advice.
  3. N

    Can we connect the 2 phases lines ( 110 V each ) to RCD breaker?

    Can we connect the 2 phases lines (110 V each) to RCD breaker? please advise ?
  4. R

    Connect Led fixture 2 wires, to ceiling light with 4 wires.

    I have 2 lights connected to 1 switch. I installed a led light fixture on one light, it had one red wire and one black wires. It was easy to match the wires to the led light fixture. The 2nd light has 2 red and 2 black. Because the 2 lights are wired together. How do I put a led light fixture on...
  5. 4

    Connect new recessed lighting to outlet or a switch

    Hi, I installed 6 recessed lights in my living room. I’m now up to the wiring part of the project. There is an outlet in the room that is half-hot. The switch just outside the room controls the bottom part of the outlet. The switch has 2 red wires and 1 black. The black is always hot and located...
  6. R

    Connect 25mm Adaptaflex to Galv Conduit

    I’m running a some Adaptaflex 25mm underground and I’m just wondering where the top of the Adaptaflex meets the Pavement how could I join that on to some 25mm Galv Conduit?
  7. G

    How to connect 50 amp inlet box to a Siemens 200 amp outdoor combination panel

    Trying to connect a 50 amp inlet box to my Siemens outdoor combination panel 200 amp cutoffs. Can’t figure out where to insert the 50 amp breaker since the 200 amp breakers appear to cover the whole panel. The panel has two 200 amp breakers, but want to connect it to just one of the panel...
  8. P

    Connect chandelier to the downlight power point

    Hello, We changed plans with lighting in one zone. Now instead of 4 downlights (square shape of 1400mm side) we want a chandelier. Since downlights are already wired and gyprock installed we cannot wire it up separately to the downlights. I asked the supervisor to not drill holes so we can do...
  9. O

    Connect Bell intercom to maglock.

    I used to fit Bell door entry systems all the while about 20 years ago but I'm a bit rusty on them now, am I correct in saying if you use a DC power supply the +12V goes straight to a yale type lock and the wire to the handset (Z) grounds the lock to the 0V rail completing the circuit and...
  10. A

    Blink video doorbell connect with 12v mechanical bell UK

    Hi. I have a blink video doorbell and want to connect a 12v mechanical bell (pic attached below). I know Blink only allow 16v-24v AC transformers for wired connection. I know I can attach only a few mechanical door chimes but the one below is preferred as the bell is loud (90db) and I have used...
  11. M

    How to connect lights to one switch?

    Hi Folks, My unfinished basement has five light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with pull strings to turn each one on. I would like to add a switch somewhere so I can turn on all five with the one switch. I looked at all of the bulbs and they are all connected together, in series. Or at least a...
  12. A

    Is it OK to connect a PIR in parallel with a wall switch?

    Hi, I want to add a PIR to a porch light but I want the original light switch to still behave as it always has. i.e. both the light switch and the PIR can switch on the light. The diagram shows what I want to do. The circuit is pretty simple and will work as I want. My question is this... Is it...
  13. D

    Diy: trying to connect enphase combiner 3 box

    Getting 120 volts between line 1 and neutral and getting 120 volts between line 2 and neutral but getting 0 volts between line 1 and line 2. Need help in figuring out what is missing?
  14. M

    Is is possible to connect a used Lithium Ion Battery from a Two Seater Smart car to an inverter?

    The idea of having electrical power from 240volt AC sockets in a sectional building not on the national grid is becoming popular among those who want to live in a tiny house. Is it possible to connect somehow a used lithium ion battery from a Two seater Smart Car to an inverter? Then to connect...
  15. X

    Can I connect a 7pin tow bar to a 32A trailer socket to run a 2850kw machine?

    I have a 2850kw coffee machine and I need to keep it running whilst I am on the move. It is in a trailer that is set up at 32A so the inlet is a three pin 32A socket. Can I connect it to the 7 pin connector on my tow bar and if so will this produce enough juice to keep it running?
  16. Raj0089

    Solution needed!!!!…I used a Contactor instead of an ATS to connect 2 power sources (main and ups) for power redundancy

    I used a Contactor instead of an ATS to connect 2 power sources (main and ups) for power redundancy and the output is connect to a Dell server. i.e, if main power is lost contactor will changeover to ups power and there should be continuous power supply for the dell server… but i have a...
  17. Edgar1989

    Can i connect a relay to a jump start terminal.

    I am trying to add additional exterior lights to me car. The battery is located to the rear of the car, rather than trailing wires right through the car. Can I wire the relay into the jump start terminals that are present in the engine bay? Would this still provide power for this?
  18. B

    How to connect exhaust fan switch to bathroom light switch?

    Hi, how to connect the exhaust fan switch to the light switch? I have opened the exhaust fan before, there are: 2 permanent live wires 1 blue wire connected to neutral 1 black wire connected to switched live As I am new to electrical, can anyone advise me what can I do to connect the wires...
  19. S

    Can you connect an FCU directly into a ring main?

    Hi, Can you connect an FCU directly into a ring main? Rather than splitting the ring main and installing a JB I would rather fit the FCU direct. Cheers
  20. R

    How to connect service to pool pump

    2 wires from motor to hi/lo switch. Where to connect power?


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