1. P

    Connect chandelier to the downlight power point

    Hello, We changed plans with lighting in one zone. Now instead of 4 downlights (square shape of 1400mm side) we want a chandelier. Since downlights are already wired and gyprock installed we cannot wire it up separately to the downlights. I asked the supervisor to not drill holes so we can do...
  2. O

    Connect Bell intercom to maglock.

    I used to fit Bell door entry systems all the while about 20 years ago but I'm a bit rusty on them now, am I correct in saying if you use a DC power supply the +12V goes straight to a yale type lock and the wire to the handset (Z) grounds the lock to the 0V rail completing the circuit and...
  3. M

    How to connect lights to one switch?

    Hi Folks, My unfinished basement has five light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with pull strings to turn each one on. I would like to add a switch somewhere so I can turn on all five with the one switch. I looked at all of the bulbs and they are all connected together, in series. Or at least a...
  4. D

    Diy: trying to connect enphase combiner 3 box

    Getting 120 volts between line 1 and neutral and getting 120 volts between line 2 and neutral but getting 0 volts between line 1 and line 2. Need help in figuring out what is missing?
  5. X

    Can I connect a 7pin tow bar to a 32A trailer socket to run a 2850kw machine?

    I have a 2850kw coffee machine and I need to keep it running whilst I am on the move. It is in a trailer that is set up at 32A so the inlet is a three pin 32A socket. Can I connect it to the 7 pin connector on my tow bar and if so will this produce enough juice to keep it running?
  6. Edgar1989

    Can i connect a relay to a jump start terminal.

    I am trying to add additional exterior lights to me car. The battery is located to the rear of the car, rather than trailing wires right through the car. Can I wire the relay into the jump start terminals that are present in the engine bay? Would this still provide power for this?
  7. R

    How to connect service to pool pump

    2 wires from motor to hi/lo switch. Where to connect power?
  8. S

    Back up generator to mains?

    What is the best way to do a back up generator installation? I have a guy who wants a 3KW generator (only to power some lights and a pump) but never done one of these installs before, I'm assuming commando socket outside wired to changeover switch?? Thanks
  9. O

    How to connect this toroidal transformer for a light fixture?

    Hi All, Hopefully someone knows the answer to this one. I have a toroidal transformer, which goes with a specific light fixture. However, when I purchased it (second hand) I did not get the install instructions. Attached are photos of the transformer, and the label, as well as the leads on the...
  10. Z

    install rosy lights-switch and connect in the box,I have a problem with o

    Hello everyone I hope you all well,, I have a question regarding old method install rosy lights-switch and connect in the box,I have a problem with one fault sort it ,the light doesn’t work,I needed help,I have experi connect in the switch…
  11. B

    has anyone managed to connect to a megger mft via bluetooth?

    i have purchased a second hand mft 1731 but i have had no luck in connecting to my iphone via bluetooth. Also, I have cd roms of the megger powersuite but unfortunately i do not have a cd drive in my laptop has anyone managed to get the software without the cd rom? Kind regards
  12. Quarath

    How to connect LED stripe with 5 LEDs per segment and no resistors?

    I got a lamp with LED stripe on the picture (no power source) and I'm bit confused what power source I could use?
  13. S

    Can I connect the neutral and ground when wiring a 3 wire cable to a 4 wire outlet?

    I recently purchased a steam sterilizer with a PID controller and I'm trying to figure out how to power it safely. The sterilizer requires 240v but the PID (if I understand it correctly) uses the return 120v on the neutral wire. My problem is that I have an old house and the neutral and ground...
  14. sajeel

    solar panel connect directly to consumer

    Have a client with solar panel setup with batteries fitted, they have asked if possible to store the electrical energy and then use for lighting, i was thinking of using a contactor or changeover switch as cannot feed both power sources into 1 lighting circuit all your replies and suggestions...
  15. J

    Caps? Pigtails? Why not direct Connect?

    Hi, I have an electrical noob question. I have six ceramic sockets with light bulbs in the basement, mounted on the joists. Single 15A circuit. I'm in the US. I'm considering installing a single gang electrical outlet (joist mount) on the same romex run as one of the lights for a small...

    How to connect: Yellow, Blue and Brown Wires?

  17. F

    Which power source can I run a cable from to connect a bathroom mirror/light?

    DIY: hi I’m looking for advice on how to connect an led bathroom mirror/light unit to a power source. I have a pull cord light switch and a fan switch in the bathroom and a light switch outside the bathroom that’s connected to a light switch at the foot of the stairs. Basically what I want to...
  18. R

    Power connection of unknown source connected to outdoor light. Can i disconnect the existing light. connect up RCD plug and then connect a switch

    Power connection of unknown source (prob socket spur) connected to outdoor light. Can i disconnect the existing light. Connect up RCD plug and then connect a switch to control a new outdoor light like pic
  19. T

    Best way to connect up air compressor

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance from more experienced hands. Have a friend who just bought a 2.2kw air compressor which is obviously blowing the fuse in the plug due to the start-up current. Manufacturers information suggests a 30a single phase motor DOL for the power rating whilst the...
  20. D

    5 x For SaleCrabtree Curved Double 2 Pole 2 Gang Switched Sockets CR1307/D Clamp Connect £13 Plus £3 P&P

    5 x For Sale Crabtree Curved Double 2 Pole 2 Gang Switched Sockets CR1307/D Clamp Connect £13 Plus £3 P&P
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